How To Use Snapchat Filters On Zoom To Turn Into A Cat, Dog, Toilet Paper Pile, & More

JimmyFam/E+/Getty Images

Your work and social life might be fully virtual these days, but that doesn't mean you can't have a little bit of fun with it. Snapchat filters are actually available on Zoom, which means that any standard work meeting can look like it's taking place in a scene from The Office, and any virtual happy hour can include flaming skulls, cat faces, and more. It might not cure your restlessness entirely, but it'll definitely make you laugh.

To use Snapchat filters on Zoom, you have to have both the Zoom and Snap Camera apps on your desktop. In case you're wondering, Snap Camera is a desktop app from Snapchat that provides filters for you to use when video-chatting on your computer.

Once you've downloaded both of them, the rest of the steps are easy: just open Zoom, select the upwards arrow next to the video camera icon at the bottom of the screen, and choose "Snap Camera" as your video source. From there, you can use any filter you like to spice up your Zoom video call. Whatever filter you choose on Snap Camera should translate to your Zoom conference, as well.

It's worth noting that Zoom does have one of its own filters, separate from Snap Camera. Specifically, it gives you an option to "touch up" your appearance, in the form of a filter that evens out skin tone. That way, you might have an easier time hiding the fact that you were up all night scrolling through Twitter, or watching the entire season of Love is Blind in one sitting.

There are tons more fun filter collections to choose from on Snap Camera, once you've got it all set up. The app has even established a "WFH" collection of filters, specifically designed to help you have some fun with video calls while you're social distancing for days on end in your home.

The "WFH" collection, which is an acronym for "Win From Home," includes the following filters: a cat that sits on your head; toilet paper binoculars; a brick wall background; a background with plants everywhere; a filter that makes you look like you're relaxing on the beach, and more.

Zoom's Snap Camera capabilities are just one of many aspects that make the video conferencing software so easy and fun to use. If you don't have a Zoom account, you can sign up for free; you can also join a Zoom call without a user account, as long as someone has provided you with a link or a meeting key ID to join.

As social distancing measures continue, chances are video conferencing will become an even more important aspect of people's daily lives. Besides, who doesn't love a filter of a cat on your head every once in a while?