If Your Bathroom Is Gross, These 40 Cheap & Easy Hacks Will Be Life-Changing

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Bathroom cleaning is rarely fun (if you have some sort of magical trick that helps with that, please let me know), but like many chores, it feels great when it’s done. The satisfaction you get when you can step back and admire a sparkling sink, a shiny toilet, and a pristine shower is almost worth it. And when it comes to cleaning a bathroom, “easy” is good. “Cheap and easy” is even better. Luckily, all of these life-changing bathroom hacks (and they are life-changing) fulfill both of those criteria — they make the dreaded chore a breeze, and they won’t put a dent in your wallet. Even better? Some of them actually upgrade the design of your bathroom.

Although I’m not technically an expert, I have found some pretty clever ways to spruce up a bathroom over the years. Some of them make certain chores go faster — like a deep-cleaning power scrubber — and some make the space more aesthetically pleasing, like these peel-and-stick floor tiles that don’t require professional installation. And of course, there are a few ideas here that help you keep your bathroom looking good, so clutter and grime don’t collect as quickly.

So, if you’ve been putting off cleaning your bathroom, maybe wait just until you’ve finished browsing this list, so you can be sure you’re fully stocked with supplies and gadgets to make it as painless as possible.


A Pumice Scrubber That Gets Your Porcelain Squeaky Clean

You might know of pumice — which is actually lava rock — as a great foot scrubber. Turns out, it’s also an excellent bathroom scouring tool. This pumice cleaning stone has a handle that makes it easy to use in sinks and toilets without requiring any surface contact from your hands. Perfect for removing hard water rings and mineral buildup, you can buy a single scrubber, or packs of two or four.


This Memory Foam Bath Mat That’s Super Soft On Your Feet

With seven sizes and more than 30 colors to choose from — plus a cushy surface — you’ll appreciate the look and feel of this memory foam bath mat every time you use it. Besides protecting your floors from extra drips and splashes, it’s far nicer to step on than cold tile. It has a nonslip backing and is machine-washable.

  • Available sizes: 7
  • Available colors: 33


A Grout Pen That Brightens Up Tile In Seconds

When you’ve tried all that there is to try, and your tile grout still looks grimy, you may want to let a grout pen finish the job for you. It’s available with either a narrow or a wide tip, and using it is as simple as coloring with a marker. The water-reistant paint dries over your grout, making it look fresh and new.


This Hard Water Stain Remover That Seems To Do The Impossible

If you’ve ever lived somewhere with hard water, then you know the struggle of the mineral deposits and stains it can leave behind. This hard water cleaner works in sinks, on windows, in showers, tubs and more. Buyers rave that it handles stains that other products can’t, and even better, it leaves behind the fresh scent of mint.


These Charcoal Air Fresheners That Are Earth-Friendly

These subtle, nondescript charcoal air fresheners blend in like normal decor, only they absorb moisture and odors from the air. They come in a set of 12, and you can stick one in the bathroom, and others in your closet, gym bag, or car. With regular sunlight to “recharge” them, each bag can last up to two years.


A Power Scrubber That Cleans With The Press Of A Button

If you tend to run low on elbow grease, you may want to consider this power scrubbing tool. It has a similar size and shape as an electric toothbrush, and interchangeable brush heads, only it’s designed for grout, tile, fixtures, and other difficult cleaning jobs. Plus, it’s battery-powered, so you’re not limited by outlets and cords when you’re using it.


This Drain Protector That Prevents Hair Clogs

This TubShroom drain protector prevents messes and clogs before they start, by catching hair and other debris on its way down your pipes. It comes in subtle colors that blend in with your tub, like white and clear, or in bright colors, so you never forget to clean it. It’s easy to remove and wash with a simple rinse.


These Drain Clog Removers That Save Your Pipes When Something’s Stuck

When you know there’s a mess in your drain, but you can’t necessarily see it, a drain clog remover might be your next step. This pack of five 22-inch tools works great for grabbing hair and other obstructions out of your drains, and each one is reusable (just be sure to rinse it off when you’re done).


A Pair Of Shower Shelves For Easy Storage & Organization

Available in black and silver, these adhesive bathroom shelves are made out of rustproof stainless steel, so you can hang them almost anywhere — including your shower. Each caddy has a wire bottom, so water easily drains and doesn’t collect on your bottles or other items. Plus, four hooks are included, which you can hang from either shelf.


These Peel & Stick Floor Tiles For An Instant Design Upgrade

If you’ve been wanting a quick and simple way to update your bathroom, look no further. These peel-and-stick floor tile stickers have the look of designer flooring, without the cost or disruption of a remodel. Plus, they’re even water-resistant. Each package contains ten tile sheets.


A Classic Shower Curtain That’s Washable & Durable

Why do waffle-weave shower curtains feel so luxe? Is it because we associate them with high-end hotels? Of spas? Either way, this washable shower curtain rivals what you’d find at your favorite vacation spot, and it’s accessible for almost any home bathroom, too. It’s available in soft colors like sand, blush, and lake blue.

  • Available sizes: 5
  • Available colors: 17


This Toilet Paper Holder That Keeps Spare Rolls On Hand

Instead of stashing spare rolls in your linen closet — where they’re not easily accessible — place this freestanding toilet paper holder in your bathroom, and you’ll always have extras nearby. Both simple and sleek, it holds up to three rolls, and comes in six different colors, so you can easily match your bathroom’s hardware and decor.

  • Available colors: 6


A Weighted Shower Curtain Liner That Resists Soap Scum

A shower curtain liner may not be the sexiest of purchases, but this one resists soap scum, so you won’t have to scrub or replace it any time soon. Thanks to the sewn-in weighted magnets, it helps water stay in your shower where you want it, and not on the floor or the rest of your bathroom. This curtain fits a range of showers, and has durable, rustproof metal grommets.


An Under-Sink Shelf For Extra Storage Space & Tidiness

Maybe you’re better than I am at keeping the area under your sink clean, but it’s often the last place on my list to tidy. This two-tier under-sink shelf is expandable, and it even has a space so you can position it around your pipes. Perfect for cosmetics and cleaning supplies, it comes in bronze, silver, and white.


A Self-Draining Soap Dish That Gives Off Spa Vibes

As tempting as it is to store your bar of soap in the corner of your sink, don’t do it — consider this self-draining soap dish instead. Made of slotted wood that drains water directly into the sink, it looks great next to your faucet and prevents puddles and buildup on your counter. It comes in a set of two, or as a single dish.


These Apothecary Jars You’ll Find So Many Uses For

These acrylic apothecary jars have the transparent look of glass, but they’re more durable, so you don’t have to worry about knocking them over. Each jar is perfect for swabs, cotton balls, sponges, makeup, and more. They come in clear, amber, white, or black colors, and various combinations of 15-ounce and 20-ounce jars are available. Chalkboard-style labels are included, too.


The Extendable Shower Scrubber That’s Angled For Corners

If bending and reaching is your least favorite part of cleaning your bathroom, then guess what: This extendable tub and tile scrubber is about to be your new go-to cleaning tool. It goes from 26 inches to nearly 42 inches, and the antimicrobial scrubbing head is angled to reach into corners


This Space-Saving Soap Dispenser That Installs On Your Shower Wall

You don’t have to worry about bottles cluttering up your shower or tub area when you have a three-compartment soap dispenser. It can fit in the corner or flat against the wall of your shower, and requires only the included adhesive for hanging. Plus, labels allow you to tell your shampoo apart from your body wash, so you never mistake the two.


A Set Of Turkish Hand Towels That Are Pretty & Practical

These Turkish cotton hand towels are so stylish and decorative, you’ll be surprised at how soft and useful they are. Each towel in this pack of two is 16 by 40 inches, and 13 different colors are available, each with neutral undertones and fringed edges. They’re fast-drying, and an easy way to upgrade the look of your bathroom.


This Sleek Shelf Unit That Fits Over Your Toilet

If you could use more storage space in your bathroom (can’t we all?), then this four-tier shelf unit could be a game-changer. It’s sized to fit over and around your toilet, giving you four 24-inch shelves that are perfect for baskets, towels, cosmetics, and more. You can buy the shelf on its own, or with coordinating pieces.


A Toilet Brush With Fast-Drying Silicone Bristles

The silicone bristles on this toilet brush are fast-drying and easy to rinse, so they won’t get gross over time, and the 16-inch handle is just the right length to keep your hands a comfortable distance from what you’re scrubbing. Plus, a pair of tweezers come tucked inside the handle, so you can remove debris from the brush quickly and easily when you’re done with it.


This Wall-Mounted Rack That Stores Extra Towels

This six-rung towel rack keeps towels perfectly in place, so not only does your bathroom stay tidy and organized, but you always have a fresh towel ready, too. It comes in nine colors — both metallics and matte options — so you’ll have no trouble matching your bathroom. Plus, it’s easy to install, and hardware is included.

  • Available colors: 9


A Contemporary Trash Can That’s Subtle & Sleek

This compact, stainless steel trash bin is modern and stylish, and features a step pedal so you can open and close it without touching or slamming it. Three sizes and seven colors are available, including brass and rose gold, and the inner chamber can be easily removed and emptied.


The Fresh-Smelling Toilet Spray That Prevents Odors

Unlike traditional air fresheners, this highly rated toilet spray is meant to go directly on top of the water, essentially blocking odors before they start. The sea salt-scented formula is made with essential oils, and each bottle offers up to 100 uses. You can use it elsewhere that odors are bothersome, too, including trash cans, near laundry hampers, and more.


A Set Of Shower Curtain Hooks That Slide More Easily

No more wrestling with your shower curtain first thing in the morning when you have these metal shower curtain hooks. The roller balls help them glide smoothly and easily, so you never have to struggle, and dual hooks have room for a curtain and liner. Each set comes with 12 hooks, and 10 different colors are available.


These Brushes That Turn Power Tools Into Power Scrubbers

This drill brush set will make your power scrubbing dreams into a reality. Each of the three brushes (plus one extender rod) can be used with most standard cordless drills, so you can scrub and scour various surfaces like countertops, tubs, and floors with the press of a button. The brushes come in six different colors.


This Rotating Makeup Organizer So Your Counter Feels Like Sephora

If you like your makeup collection to look as great when it’s not in use (because who doesn’t?) then this adjustable, rotating makeup organizer may be for you. It comes with six trays, plus a top rack, and the necessary rings to attach them to the spinning base, giving you plenty of options for organizing. It’s made with acrylic, and six different colors are available.


The Miracle Paste That Handles All Your Toughest Cleaning Jobs

Your expectations are allowed to be high when a product has “miracle” in its description — especially if it has 64,000 five-star ratings. In the case of this cleaning paste, the reviews and best-selling status seem to match the hype. It’s a multipurpose cleaning agent that works on some of the grimiest parts of the home, including bathroom and cooking surfaces, and then simply wipes away, taking grime and stains with it.


This Squeegee That Gives You Spotless Showers & Mirrors

Squeegees can be useful for more than just windshields, it turns out. Available in 10-, 12- and 14-inch sizes, this stainless steel squeegee comes in four colors, and with a holder so you can store it in your shower, at the ready. Use it for a crystal-clear mirror, or wipe down your shower after use to prevent mold and mildew growth.


The Hair Tool Organizer That Fits Over A Cabinet Door

You can mount this hair tool organizer to your wall, or hang it over a cabinet door, and either way, it’ll be the perfect spot for a dryer, curling iron, brush, and more. It comes in chrome or bronze, and is made of metal with soft padding, so your tools and cabinet door remain in good condition and damage-free.


A Holder That Keeps Your Counters Clear & Toothbrushes Clean

This adhesive toothbrush holder can hang on your wall, keeping toothbrushes close but off the counters where they take up space and can get knocked over or splashed. There are multiple sizes, as well as a coordinating toothpaste dispenser available, too. The cups can be removed for drinking or rinsing, and there are also storage compartments on the top.


These 2 Foaming Soap Dispensers That Will Make You Feel Fancy

These pretty, foaming soap dispensers will look great next to your sink, and the refillable design is more eco-friendly than buying one plastic soap dispenser after another. They’re made from durable glass with metallic pumps in your choice of finishes, like chrome, brass, or black.


A Set Of Floating Shelves That Make Stylish Storage Space Out Of Thin Air

These floating shelves are versatile and stylish, with 16.5-inch wooden shelves in five colors, and metal accents. Each shelf has a rim to keep your items secure, plus there’s one towel rack, too. Metal screws for hanging are included, and a number of buyers noted that they’re easy to mount.


These Mirror Lights That Stick On With Adhesive

Get a little extra lighting in your bathroom — and make the atmosphere a little more glam — with these mirror lights that install with simple, damage-free adhesive. They can be trimmed to fit, and they’re brightness-adjustable. One reviewer wrote, “This was soooo easy to put the lights up. I put them around my bathroom mirror to give the bathroom some more light and it did exactly that!!”


A Set Of Brass Pulls For Cabinets & Drawers

A new set of furniture pulls can transform your space in just a few minutes (you’d be surprised). These pulls work with both drawers and cabinets, and according to buyers, are a cinch to install. They’re stainless steel with a brass finish, and you can buy them in sets of five all the way up to 50.


This Color-Adjustable Night Light For Your Toilet

What’s better than a subtly lit bathroom that won’t be hard on your eyes but still helps you find your way in the middle of the night? A bathroom that’s subtly lit with a color-changing toilet night light. You have the option of setting it to a single color, or allowing it to change on a cycle, and it comes in a pack of two.


A Bathtub Mat With A Strong Grip That Stays Put

This 16-by-35-inch gripping bath mat covers the majority of most tubs, and adheres with hundreds of suction cups, so you don’t have to worry about it sliding around. It’s a great way to prevent your feet from slipping in the shower, and the myriad drainage holes ensure water will still flow through. It comes in more than 20 colors, with both opaque and transparent options available.


This Showerhead That Filters & Softens Water

This filtered showerhead has a number of extra features that will feel like an upgrade from a standard shower. It has three settings (jet, massage, and rainfall) and a handheld wand. The visible beads also serve as the filter, working to soften hard water and remove impurities. The best part? It saves water compared to regular showerheads, but you won’t notice a reduction in pressure.


A Chic Towel Ring That Comes In 4 Finishes

This simple and sophisticated towel ring will elevate almost any bathroom space. It’s made of durable stainless steel, and comes in four elegant and metallic colors (brushed gold, brushed steel, matte black, and polished chrome). The necessary hardware is included, and according to buyers, it’s easy to install and looks great once it’s up.

  • Available colors: 4


These Hair Brush Cleaners That Get Rid Of Residue

If you hesitate to use your favorite brushes because they’re full of hair and styling residue, then these brush cleaning tools are for you. They quickly and efficiently clear hair from bristles without damaging the integrity of your brush. The double-ended tool make it easy to work out strands, and then sweep away product gunk and oil.