If You’re A Worrier, You’ll Wish You Knew About These 44 Things On Amazon Sooner

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If you’re a frequent worrier, preparing in advance for different scenarios might just offer you the peace of mind you need. Fortunately, the internet is chock-full of practical products to help you prepare for — and even help to prevent — different unfortunate scenarios. Whether you're worried about losing your keys or responding to an emergency situation, these products can help — and you might wish you’d known about them way sooner.

The list below includes products across a wide array of categories. I’ve included a handful of must-have supplies that can come in handy (and potentially save your life) in the event of a major emergency. These include an extensive first aid kit, a pair of fiberglass blankets, and a 13-foot-long escape ladder. You’ll also find a slew of gadgets to amp up your security, such as a miniature motion-detecting camera, clip-on personal alarm, and portable door lock. Accessories like nonslip bath mats, eye-catching bike lights, and cooking oil splash-guard can prevent accidents before they happen and help keep you safe. On the other hand, items like a waterproof phone pouch or Bluetooth-enabled location tracker can keep your property from getting damaged or permanently lost.

So, what’re you waiting for? Stay ahead of the game and stock up on a few of these Amazon products that are great for worriers.


This Personal Safety Alarm For Solo Walks

For an added sense of security when you’re on the move, consider purchasing this tiny battery-operated personal alarm, which has an overall rating of 4.8 out of five stars. It packs a powerful punch with its blaring siren and bright flashing light — and all you have to do to turn it on is pull out the pin at the top. One reviewer described it as: “Easy to use, loud, and lights are strong and flashing. Portable and easily attached to whatever.” Choose from five colors.


A Ceramic Blade To Help Prevent Paper Cuts

Cutting through other paper can be less treacherous for your fingers if you have this compact ceramic blade that’s safe to touch with bare hands. It offers a nonslip, ergonomic grip — plus more than 8,000 Amazon ratings to date. It’s designed to be used by both right- and left-handed folks, and reviewers have used it to cut everything from cutting out coupons to opening boxes. One fan raved, “This is the handiest little tool! To see it you’d never believe it can cut as easily & precisely as it does with no danger of nicked fingers!”


This Hand-Crank Radio With A Built-In Power Bank & Flashlight

This handy device functions as a power bank, LED flashlight, and radio — all in one. With both solar panels and hand-crank functionality, it’s especially great for emergency situations where you might not have access to power. It has a rain-friendly water-resistance rating of IPX3. One reviewer described, “I feel so much better and safer with it around and even in a general power outage, I can make sure everything's okay.” Plus, it has more than 18,000 ratings on Amazon.


A Compact Indoor Security Camera With 118,000-Plus Ratings

The Blink Mini has amassed more than 86,000 perfect reviews and makes a great addition to your home security setup. It offers detection capability and two-way audio functionality — allowing you to see and hear everything that’s occurring inside your home in real-time. Use the Blink App to watch, listen, and even talk to your household through your smartphone. Or, pair the device with your Amazon Alexa for seamless voice control capability.


This 85-Piece First Aid & Survival Kit

This portable first aid kit may look small, but it’s packed with everything you need in the event of an accident or injury. The 85-piece set includes gauze pads, bandages, tweezers, gloves, tape, cleaning wipes, scissors, and dozens of other essentials. Unlike your standard first aid kit, it also includes some survival tools, including an emergency whistle and carabiner. Consider stashing it in your car or keeping it in your backpack so that you have it on hand at all times.


A Pair Of Bike Lights To Keep You Visible On The Road

These bright LED bike lights make it easy for drivers and other pedestrians to spot you when you’re riding in low light conditions. The waterproof lights fit rims as small as 12 inches and as large as 29 inches, and you can choose from two different lighting options: a constant “on” and a flashing mode.


These Wildly Popular Cut-Resistant Gloves For Chopping

These durable, cut-resistant gloves have more than 28,000 ratings on Amazon and have collected quite the fan base among shoppers. They’re designed to prevent potential injuries when using knives. One reviewer described them as “great for peace of mind in the kitchen.” The gloves are available in four sizes, ranging from small to extra large.


This Silicone Guard That Keeps Cooking Oil From Splattering

The Frywall guard serves as a barrier to stop hot oil or grease from splattering on you or building up around your stovetop. Its silicone material can handle up to 450 degrees of heat and is dishwasher-safe. Reviewers especially love how easy it is to clean. Plus, when you’re not using it, you can roll it up and tuck it away.


An Anti-Skid Bath Mat Made With Memory Foam

Boasting more than 42,000 Amazon ratings, this fan-favorite bath mat is made with plush memory foam and an anti-skid design to keep you on your feet and comfortable. One reviewer wrote that it’s “like walking on a cloud,” while another attested that the mat “absorbs all water off my feet so I don't slip.” It comes in eight sizes and 20 colors, so you should be able to find one that matches your bathroom layout and decor.


This Car Safety Net That Keeps Your Dog In The Backseat

Driving with a four-legged friend in tow? If so, consider snagging this DYKESON dog car net. The polyester and mesh barrier, which is stretchy enough to fit between most car seats, prevents your pup from hopping up front and distracting you as you drive. As an added bonus, it doubles as a mesh pocket for holding essentials like snacks, drinks, and toys.


A Shower Footrest For Fuss-Free Shaving

Shaving in the shower can be a balancing act. Fortunately, this adhesive footrest can help. It’s designed to fit in the corner of your shower or tub and is even equipped with a built-in razor holder. One reviewer remarked, “Love how I can now put my foot on this and shave my leg without it slipping all the time.”


This Portable Door Lock That’s Ideal For Travel

If you worry about security when you’re staying in a hotel or rental, this portable door lock can offer some peace of mind. Made with a sturdy steel, the temporary lock is easy to both put in place and remove — in seconds and without tools. “Really easy to use and sturdy,” wrote one reviewer, adding: “Makes me feel so safe.”


A Multifunctional Tool For Car Emergencies

This emergency car device combines multiple tools in one, acting as an LED flashlight, seatbelt cutter, window breaker, and more. It even has a USB port and a hand crank so that you can charge your devices. One reviewer who appreciated the multifunctional and eye-catching orange design wrote: “I feel safer in case of an emergency- and feel this should be in all cars!”


The 13-Foot Emergency Ladder For Escaping From The Second Story

If fires are a worry and you live in a two-story home, this 13-foot escape ladder might be just what you need. It has amassed an overall rating of 4.7 stars, as well as more than 10,000 ratings, and its flame-resistant, durable construction is designed to hold up to 1,000 pounds. Plus, it’s designed to quickly be attached to most windows, according to the manufacturer. One reviewer reported: “Easy to take out and hang on window. We did a practice run and all went well. It was also easy to put back togerther. I hope never to use it in an emergency but I'm glad I have it.”


These Door-Stopper Alarms That Can Notify You Of Intruders

Place one of these battery-operated door stopper alarms in front of an entrance to be notified if the door opens. You can choose from three different volume settings: low, medium, and high. Reviewers have reported that the alarms are loud enough to wake you from your sleep and ideal for travel.


A Set Of Budget-Friendly Wireless Alarms For Windows & Doors

Looking for a budget-friendly way to install alarms on your windows and doors? Try these convenient wireless alarms, which are available in packs of two for under $15. “These are a great alternative to an expensive alarm system,” raved one reviewer.” The best part? No wires, cords, or power tools are required to install — just the double-sided adhesive that comes with them. Batteries are included, too.


These Ultra-Bright Tactical LED Flashlights

Whether you’re facing an unexpected power outage or in the middle of a camping excursion, these waterproof LED flashlights — which have an overall rating of 4.7 stars — are sure to come in handy. According to the manufacturer, each one offers a nine-hour battery life and 20,000-hour-plus total life span. Reviewers have appreciated how bright and compact the 400-lumen flashlights are.


The Amazon Echo That’s Designed Specifically For Your Car

Just because your car’s stereo system doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity, it doesn’t mean you can’t add it. Enter the Amazon Echo Auto. Just plug the cord into your car’s aux port and connect the Echo Auto to your phone with the corresponding app. The device features eight built-in microphones and Alexa voice assistant technology, allowing you to answer calls and turn on music without taking your eyes off the road.


A Set Of Nonslip Grippers To Keep Rugs In Place

These rug grippers are a great way to keep your rugs in place and keep you from tripping over and sliding on them. The thin grippers have an adhesive on one side to attach to the rug, and equipped with the tiniest suction cup-like “pores” to attach to the floor without damaging them. One reviewer wrote: “Surprise!! These little babies settled right onto the hardwood floors and their grippy action is in full effect now. I have roommates, dogs, a handy man was even here today and typically without fail the rug slides or folds up. Not today!!”


This Digital Tire Pressure Gauge With Built-In Emergency Tools

Check your tire pressure with ease using this digital tire pressure gauge, which also doubles as a flashlight, seatbelt cutter, and window breaker for emergency situations. Its nonslip surface is sturdy and comfortable to grip, too. One shopper summarized: “Accurate and easy to use. What more can you ask for?”


The Silicone Strips To Cover Gaps Between Appliances & Counters

If there’s a gap between your counter and appliances, you’ve probably spilled or dropped something down there. But you can prevent that from happening with these gap covers, which you can cut down to the right size for your space. Their silicone construction is heat-resistant, and they have a nonslip back to keep them in place. One reviewer wrote, “Very simple to install. Easy to clean and wide enough to cover the gap between my stove and counter.”


This Motion-Activated Night Lights For Under The Bed

These motion-activated strip lights can guide you safely back to bed after middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom or kitchen. Users have the option to set an automatic timer that lasts anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes, and the lights have a life span of up to 100,000 hours. One reviewer described, “The lights were easy to install and work perfectly in the space. My husband works nights and is able to navigate the room in the dark without turning on the light switch and disturbing my sleep.”


A Digital Timer For Setting Outlets On A Schedule

If you find yourself worrying about what you might have left on when you’re away from home, check out this digital outlet timer, which has more than 16,000 Amazon ratings. It provides an easy way to upgrade the outlets around your home and put devices on a customizable schedule. It can be turned on or off with a press of a button and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


This Tool That Safely & Efficiently Chops Produce

This handy chopper lets you cut fruits and veggies safely and quickly, thanks to its practical and sturdy construction. It comes with five interchangeable stainless steel blades for different chop styles, and a rubber bottom keeps the chopper from skidding or sliding on your counter as you use it. It’s even dishwasher-safe for convenient cleaning.


A Rechargeable Flameless Lighter For Candles

Not only is this electronic candle lighter incredibly easy to use, but it’s also flameless for added safety. It has an automatic shut-off feature (which turns off after 10 seconds) and a built-in locking mechanism that prevents it from accidentally turning on. It’s long-lasting, too: It can be used up to 60 times on a single charge.


This Nonslip Mat For The Inside Of Your Shower Or Tub

Stick this skid-resistant mat inside your tub or shower to prevent yourself from slipping as you bathe. It’s equipped with suction cups to stick it firmly to the floor, and it has small drainage holes to prevent water from pooling on it. Choose from three colors, including this neutral gray hue.


A Pack Of Smart Light Bulbs That You Can Control From Afar

These smart light bulbs can connect to Wi-Fi and be controlled via remote (included), smartphone (just download the corresponding app), or via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant (both of which allow you to use your voice to set commands). Additionally, you have the option to set timers on the bulbs or set them on schedules from anywhere, a feature that some shoppers called out as a big perk. The bulbs also offer a whopping 16 million colors to choose from.


These Easy-To-Grip Holders For Grocery Bags

The struggle is definitely real when it comes to schlepping all of your groceries in one single trip — and not dropping them all. That’s where these holders, which can hold up to 80 pounds each, come into play. The lightweight cushiony material is designed to help you to carry more with less of a struggle. Just clip your grocery bags (including reusable ones!) into place and off you go.


A Set Of Reusable Totes You Can Prop Inside Grocery Carts

These reusable totes are ideal for carrying food and drinks from the grocery store, and they’re each strong enough to hold more than 50 pounds’ worth of items. They have removable rods that you can place over the grocery cart to keep the bags upright as you load them up. Each set comes with three bags with a mesh bottom and one lined with insulation to keep contents cool. Other features include shoulder-length handles and a collapsible, machine-washable design construction.


A Fast-Heating Steam Iron That Will Automatically Turn Off

This stainless steel steam iron heats up in less than a minute, which is super convenient when you’re getting ready to unwrinkle something — but you might rest easier knowing that it’s also equipped with an automatic shutoff feature that kicks in after 30 seconds when face-down or eight minutes when upright. One shopper explained, “I love that this gives a warning alert and blinks and then shuts off if we forget to unplug it and shut off ourselves.”


These Pretty Flameless Candles That Flicker Like The Real Deal

These remote control-operated flameless LED candles offer a warm, glowing light sans the threat of hot wax and fire. Depending on your preference, you can also adjust the brightness level, toggle between two lighting modes (flickering and steady), and set them on timers. One fan raved, “Absolutely gorgeous! They look like real candles in a glass holder and flickers like a real flame.”


A Floating Timer That Sings When Your Pasta’s Ready

If you’ve ever forgotten a pot of sad, overcooked pasta on the stove, you’re not alone. Fortunately, this singing pasta timer, which floats right inside the pot, is a great solution. The adorable device belts out four different Italian tunes, depending on how long it’s boiled — once the song ends, your pasta is ready to be eaten. According to one reviewer, “I love my little opera man! I bought him 10 months ago and have had perfect pasta ever since.”


This Little Location Tracker For Keeping Track Of Your Essentials

Losing your essentials is always stressful, but this location-tracking Tile can help ensure that they’ll be found. Attach the Bluetooth-enabled gadget to your wallet, keys, or whatever else you need to keep track of — if the item gets misplaced, you’ll be able to detect its location using the corresponding app.


The Cult-Favorite Waterproof Pouches That Protect Your Phone

These waterproof phone pouches have an IPX8 rating, meaning they can be safely submerged in more than 1 meter of water. According to the manufacturer, they’re designed to help you actually use your phone to text and take photos underwater. It can feel like a leap of faith to test a product like this at home, but this pouch has a whopping 20,000-plus five-star ratings on Amazon so far. A detachable lanyard is also included for hands-free carrying on your next trip to the beach, lake, or pool.


These Stain Removal Pens You Can Carry With You

These Tide stain-removing pens have garnered more than 31,500 Amazon reviews and an overall rating of 4.8 stars — partly because they’re super convenient to carry and can remove stains from your clothing. Their small size makes them especially convenient for on-the-go use, and they’re formulated without bleach. According to one reviewer, “These things are amazing. Get stains out so well. Absolute life-saver.”


A Digital Scale To Weight Your Luggage Before You Travel

Avoid the anxiety about whether or not your bag is over an airline’s weight limit by snagging this handheld luggage scale. It boasts nearly 25,000 reviews and a 4.7-star overall rating. Just take it from one reviewer, who wrote: “It’s honestly the best thing ever! I don’t have to stress over not knowing what my luggage weighs and u can take it along anywhere.” Batteries are also included, and the device even doubles as a thermometer as an added bonus.


This Water-Repellent Spray For Furniture, Clothing & Accessories

Spritzing this fabric spray on linens, couches, garments, and footwear can help protect them from water-based liquid stains. One reviewer exclaimed, “I purchased this for my new chair. It was very easy to spray on, and absolutely worked when water was accidentally spilled.” With this, the next time you spill something on your fabric couch, you can just wipe it up before it sinks in.


A Waterproof Mattress Protector For Your Bed

Mattresses can be pricey, but one way to keep them feeling new longer is adding a waterproof mattress cover like this one. Made with a blend of hypoallergenic and breathable materials, it can work with mattresses measuring up to 14 inches deep. Choose from six sizes, ranging from twin to California king.


The Cord Cover To Prevent Accidental Trips & Falls

In an ideal world, you’d never need to have a cord running across a space with a lot of foot traffic — but sometimes it’s inevitable. Instead of constantly risking falls, you can use this silicone cable cover to keep the cords flush against the floor. The underside of the 5-foot cover has adhesive tape that keeps the cord secure. One reviewer remarked, “I really like the fact that the item keeps the cords and cables all organized so that you don't trip over it.” It comes in transparent and black versions.


This Electric Kettle With Automatic Shut-Off Feature

No need to worry about water boiling over — this cordless electric kettle instantly shuts off 30 seconds after the water begins to boil. It’s made with durable stainless steel and scratch-resistant glass, it can heat up in under seven minutes, and it even has an LED light that illuminates when it’s on so you don’t accidentally touch it while it’s hot.


A Fiberglass Blanket That’s Designed to Put Out Flames

In the event of a fire, it’s important to be prepared — which is where these fire emergency blankets can come in handy. They are made with flame-resistant fiberglass and can withstand temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. In an emergency, they can be used to stifle and extinguish fires or protect yourself from flames.


This Flameless Device That Drives Mosquitoes Away

Despite its compact size, this outdoor insect repeller can keep mosquitos away — and its range has a 15-foot diameter. The odorless and flameless repellent technology offers up to 12 hours of protection — plus, the Thermacell device comes in 12 fun colors. One reviewer reported, “Love this thing. No smell and you can hardly tell it's on, because it's so subtle.”


A Waterproof Notepad To Jot Down To-Dos In The Shower

If keeping track of your to-do list is worrying you, get this waterproof notepad to jot down reminders and thoughts in the shower or tub. It has 40 sheets of paper, and the suction cup attachment allows you to mount it right to the wall. One reviewer remarked, “Can't really believe I lived so long without this. I always remember things in the shower and this has helped.”


An Alarm Clock With A Vibrating Buzzer For Heavy Sleepers

No need to fret about sleeping through your alarm — this alarm clock is designed with heavy sleepers in mind. In addition to the large LED display and adjustable volume, it comes with a bed shaker that you can slide beneath your pillow to jostle you awake in the morning. One fan attested, “I’m a heavy sleepy and trust me this clock wakes me up immediately and on time.”

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