If You're Cheap But Want A Nicer Home, You'll Wish You Got These 43 Things Years Ago

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Having a nicer home and spending money are not mutually exclusive. You just have to know a few tricks to get that high-end look. I’ve made a list of what you’ll need on Amazon to get the job done. These hacks are affordable and shockingly easy to implement. If you’re cheap but want a nicer home, you’ll wish you got these 47 things years ago.

Being on a strict budget doesn’t mean you have to settle. On this list, I’ve included home items that look expensive but aren’t. You’ll find an elegant rug runner that’s under $40 and a magnetic utensil set that looks stylish on your countertop. These small upgrades, like replacing your shower curtain hooks or old knife set, can make a huge difference in how chic, organized, and expensive your home feels.

A spotless home just feels more luxurious so I’ve jam-packed this list with tools that make it easier to keep your home sparkling clean. Check out the unique microfiber duster that’s designed for cleaning blinds or crowd-favorite scrubbing sponges that smell like lemons. Increase your home’s value in an afternoon just with a little dusting.

These products come highly rated and reviewed. In fact, they’re so good, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.


A Screen Cleaning Kit That Leaves Your Devices Sparkling

If your house is anything like mine, there are lots of screens, with lots of fingerprints. This screen cleaner kit leaves your laptop, phone, LED screens, and glasses spotless, so they look brand new. This $16 set comes with a spray bottle of the screen cleaner formula, as well as two microfiber cloths. This powerful cleaner is safe for all of your tech devices and instantly removes dust, dirt, oil, gunk, and fingerprints.


This Stand That Cradles Smartphones While Charging

Stop losing track of your phone charger and create a designated charging station by your bed with this phone stand that has a cult following. The $11 phone dock cradles Apple and Android phones, leaving room to feed their charging cables discretely under the stand. It’s great for Facetiming or just keeping your phone safe while it charges. It’s earned more than 77,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating.


The Fridge Deodorizers That Last Up To Six Months

A smelly home often begins in the refrigerator, but these affordable deodorizers will change all of that. Within hours, you’ll notice odors disappear and stay gone. The non-toxic deodorizers last for six months and can even keep your fruits and veggies fresher for twice as long. They’re compact and leakproof and can be placed anywhere in your fridge.


This Outlet Shelf That Creates Practical Storage

This $10 fix gives you a little extra counter space right where you need it. This home outlet shelf turns any ordinary outlet into a convenient stand for speakers, beauty products, or voice-activated smart devices. The shelves can sit above an outlet and hold up to 10 pounds. It’s available in white, black, and almond to match your home, as well as packs of two and four.


A Cutlery Organizer That Takes Up Less Space

Giving your utensils a proper home will make your kitchen feel nicer, and this simple and compact cutlery organizer is a crowd-favorite. This kitchen drawer organizer saves space by stacking your cutlery and keeping it orderly. It holds 24 pieces despite its slim design; however, your drawer will need to be at least 3.25 inches in height to accommodate both the organizer and the cutlery that goes in it, so be sure to measure before ordering this tray.


The $12 Flexible Sponges That Are Tough On All Messes

A quality sponge can make a huge difference when it comes to keeping your home looking nice, but usually, they have a steep price tag and aren’t durable enough to hold up for very long. This quality sponge set, however, has earned a 4.7-star rating because it works so well, for so little. This two-pack is made of a proprietary foam that stays firm in cold water and soft in warm water. They’re resistant to odors for up to eight weeks and can clean glass, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, and even leather without worrying about scratches.


A Stainless Steel “Soap” Bar That Eliminates Odors

Get rid of lingering odors with this stainless steel bar. It’s perfect for eliminating pungent smells lingering after cutting up onions, fish, or garlic. Just rub it in your hands with or without water, like you would with normal soap. The bar itself is dishwasher-safe and this pack even comes with a soap dish to keep the bar of soap on your counter.


These Compostable Bags For Food Scraps And Leaves

Many of the food scraps you throw away can be composted, but separating your trash can be a messy job. Keep things clean and separate with these compostable trash bags. This pack of 50 includes large six-gallon biodegradable bags that are thick, strong, and better for the planet. You can place lawn clippings, leaves, and plant-based materials like food scraps in these bags and compost the entire thing.


A Mini Crock-Pot To Keep Your Lunch Warm All Day

Keep your food warm until lunch in this personal-sized Crock-Pot. The 24-ounce bowl is cordless and evenly heats itself thanks to its electric kettle base. It has a vented lid and a handle that make it perfect for taking to work. Pack your favorite soups, dips, or hot lunches in this little gadget for home-cooked meals on the go.


These Glass Food Containers That Are Stackable

The secret to an Instagram-worthy pantry is matching storage. These matching glass food containers are a sleek alternative to storing your cereal, snacks, and baking ingredients in their store-bought containers. These stackable jars have an airtight closure that keeps your food fresh, with jars and lids that are dishwasher safe. These come in 10, 20, and 34-ounce containers with light grey, dark gray, and dark mint-colored lids.


This Password Journal To Keep Info Safe

Keep all of your important passwords safe in one place, like this password journal. The small journal features space for you to enter website names, usernames, passwords, and any notes. The side wire-O binder allows the journal to lay flat, so you can easily store it in a safe. This acid-free paper is archival safe to stand the test of time and it’s available in four sizes, depending on your preference.


These Dusters Designed For Cleaning Between Blinds

No matter how well you clean your home, those window blinds are tricky to get spotless. This is the tool you need to get this tough job done: it’s a handled window blind duster with three blades that you cover with microfiber sleeves to capture every speck of dust and dirt from blinds. This nifty little tool is so helpful it has more than 13,000 reviews and comes with five washable microfiber cloths.


The Tub Drain That Catches Hair To Protect Drains

Skip the expensive plumber bills and prevent clogged drains before they happen with this drain protector. The stainless steel protector nestles inside of the drain so it won’t float away in your tub or sink and it has a mushroom-shaped top that filters your shower water, trapping hair and debris before it washes away. Empty the protector every couple of showers by simply pulling up on the filter. It couldn’t be easier to use — or cheaper.


A Dishwasher Magnet To Indicate Dirty Dishes

Avoid dishwasher mixups with this simple dishwasher magnet that indicates whether the load is clean or dirty. The small, hexagon magnet is convenient, durable, and easy to read. It’s earned more than 9,000 reviews and you’ll wish you ordered one years ago. Plus, it’s only $9 — how can you go wrong? Your family or roommates will be more likely to help out if they see the dishes are dirty.


These Clever Nesting Utensils And Storage Stand

These nesting utensils are both stylish and practical. The set includes a slotted spatula, spaghetti server, slotted spoon, solid spoon, and ladle, all of which fit into each other and nearly stack on the storage stand. The secret is the magnetic handles, which securely attach the utensils together. Each spoon is dishwasher safe and can withstand heat up to 392-degrees Fahrenheit. Choose between a subtle blue set or a brightly-colored option.


This Matching Mixing Bowl Set That’s Affordable

This matching mixing bowl set is another kitchen upgrade you’ll wish you made years ago. This set comes with six prep bowls, in varying sizes, along with their lids. They nest together and, thanks to their BPA-free plastic construction, they’re dishwasher, microwave, and freezer-safe. This set is available in 10 colors.


A Family Meal Planning Calendar For The Fridge

Tired of answering “what’s for dinner,” a million times each day? Snag this $10 solution: a weekly meal planning pad. The tear-off sheets feature a box for each day of the week. To the left, there’s room for a shopping list. This pad will keep you and your family informed and organized. The 6-by-9-inch pad features 60 pages that are easy to tear off each week and feature strong magnets to attach to your fridge.


These Shower Curtain Hooks That Easily Slide

These plastic shower curtain hooks are so affordable and simple to use. The double shower curtain hooks can hold both a liner and curtain at the same time, without having to connect each curtain together. The plastic material won’t rust and is easy to glide across your curtain rod. This set comes with 12 hooks, each sturdy enough to hold heavier-style curtains. They’re available in five colors.


This Clip-On Cup Holder For Your Couch

No room for a side table? Make your couch more practical by adding one of these drink holders. It clips onto the arm of your sofa or chair to provide a safe place to set your drink. It holds mugs, cups, flasks, and tumblers of a variety of sizes, plus it’s flexible enough to fit on couch arms of differing shapes. The tacky base contains concealed weights, which ensure spills never happen. They come in five stylish colors to complement your couch.


A Sunrise Alarm Clock You’ll Wish You Bought Earlier

Wake up to the rising “sun” with this sunlight alarm clock. It simulates a sunrise to gently wake you up in the morning. This clock also features a radio and seven natural alarm sounds. Choose from eight different light colors and three brightness settings. It also boasts a USB charging cord to charge your phone while you sleep.


This Wireless Charger That Won’t Take Up Space

This wireless charger is ultra-slim so you can charge up without the extra bulk of a charging dock. Just sit your wireless charging device on top of the circular, mirrored panel. Choose from three charging modes: standard (5 watts), fast (7.5 watts) for iPhones, or even faster (10 watts) for Samsungs.


The Durable Rug That Offers Warmth And Style

A classic rug can warm up any space in your home, making it feel cozier and more welcoming. This distressed rug runner is a steal and has earned more than 7,000 reviews. The machine-woven rug is made with durable fibers that are resistant to stains and will not shed. It’s ideal for high-traffic areas since it’s so easy to clean. Choose from 41 sizes and 16 colors to fit your space.


A Rotating Budget Mirror With 10x Magnification

Make your bathroom more functional with this magnifying makeup mirror. The rotating mirror features a 10x magnification, which is ideal for eyebrow tweezing, applying makeup, or taking out contacts. This cordless mirror features a natural LED light that illuminates your face with just the flip of a switch. You can mount this mirror in your bathroom or keep it on its stand, which makes it easy to travel with. This one has earned more than 12,000 reviews.


These Sleek, Modern Knives That Are Under $35

It’s probably time to upgrade your knives and this set won’t break the bank. It comes with seven black blade knives: chef knife, carving knife, bread knife, utility knife, and paring knife. These stainless steel knives come with a sharpener, safety finger guard, and cutlery stand. This is a budget-friendly set to kickstart your kitchen collection or replace an old one.


This Shirt Folding Board That Makes Laundry So Easy

How many clean loads of laundry do you have currently sitting in a basket waiting to be folded? Clear that clutter for a nicer home by folding these clothes with a folding board. The board works with T-shirts, polos, and dress shirts, and folds these items into perfect, compact squares that fit neatly into your drawers. You’ll feel like you’re shopping at your favorite store every morning when you get ready.


The Jar Opener That You Mount Under Your Cabinets

Stop struggling to open jars and snag one of these $15 tools that you can install directly in your kitchen. This grip jar opener is designed to be fixed under your kitchen cabinet, disguised when not in use, but handy whenever you need it. The V-shaped design opens any lids, including child-proof medicine bottles, water bottles, milk jugs, laundry detergent, and more. Attach the jar opener to your cabinets with the included adhesives. This tool is perfect for anyone with arthritis.


A Wooden Hanger Designed To Store 20 Neckties

Tired of keeping your ties in a drawer, where they’re hard to see? Try this necktie hanger, that’s designed with 20 non-slip hooks for holding belts, ties, or scarves. The walnut finish is elegant and high-end looking, even though this find is just $13. It holds 20 ties while allowing you to see and access them all at once. One reviewer cited, “Holds the ties tight, saves space and is visually appealing compared to just draping them on a hanger like we used to do.”


The Silicone Back Scrubber Your Guests Will Love

Add one of these silicone back scrubbers to your guest bath to treat visitors to a spa-like experience. The long scrubber features two handles on either side of the pad so you can easily hold them while scrubbing your back. It has dual sides, one that’s ideal for exfoliating and the other side is soft for a massage. It dries easily and, unlike with a fabric scrubber, you won’t have to worry about mildew or mold.


These Cable Protectors That Come In Bold Colors

This 12-pack of charging cable protectors ensure your cords don’t get damaged and helps each member of your family keep track of their charger. It comes with six different colored spiral sleeves that protect cords from pets, dirt, fraying, or shorts. These cord sleeves work on iPhone or comparable cables. A five-star reviewer noted, “These are great for protecting the ends of the cord from age-related wear.”


An Ergonomic Laptop Stand For Sitting Or Standing

This laptop desk stand is designed so you can comfortably work anywhere without your work taking over the dining room table. It’s lightweight, portable, and collapses for easy transportation. Choose from a variety of heights and arm lengths for the perfect fit whether you’re sitting or standing. It’s easy to travel with or store away at home before guests arrive. And it costs a lot less than a home office or desk.


This Electronics Organizer That Keeps Cords Safe

This accessory organizer is ideal for tech gadgets, tools, and cords you need to keep safely stored. Whether it organizes your household electronics like phone chargers and HDMI cords or keeps a grip on your photography gear, this case offers an endless number of configurations to fit your needs. One reviewer noted, “Came in handy to keep all my phone charging cords and plugs in one place. I love that it came with tape to wrap wires.”


This Bathroom Organizer That Has Room For Everything

This multi-functional toothbrush organizer has everything you need to keep your bathroom counters clear. This gadget is just $24 and features four toothbrush slots to protect them from dust and a toothpaste dispenser, as well as three cups that can be stored behind a cover. It also features a cell phone holder, towel bar, four hooks, and shelves for additional storage. Best of all, you can attach it to the wall with adhesives and it will hold up to 15 pounds.


The Broom Holder That Keeps Tools Off The Ground

Save space and keep cleaning supplies up, up, and away from dirty floors with this mounted mop holder. It’s a simple upgrade that can make your closet, utility room, or laundry space feel more organized. There are slots for up to five tools, as well as six hooks between them where you can hang towels, scrubbers, and smaller accessories. You can also use it for gardening tools, sporting equipment, or any other cleaning supplies.


These Stove Gap Covers That Keep Crumbs Away

Cover the space between your stove and countertop to keep it free from messes with this set of stove gap fillers. The flexible silicone is easy to cut to match the depth of your appliance, and the T-shaped profile slides easily into place for a super-simple setup. Its nonslip construction won’t slip or slide for a seamless fit.


A Misting Humidifier That Can Run For 24 Hours

Keep your home from getting too dry with this cool misting humidifier. It holds 2.5-liters and runs for up to 24 hours before needing to be refilled. The nozzle sprayer rotates 360-degrees to evenly humidify your living room, bedroom, or baby’s nursery. A humidifier can help you sleep better, assist with allergies, and moisturize dry skin or lips. You’ll wonder how you lived without this powerful humidifier, however, it’s so quiet, you may forget it’s even there.


The Three-Tier Cart That’s Narrow For Unused Space

If you are frugal but need some additional storage, check out this rolling three-tier cart. The trolley-style cart is simple to move from room to room, and the durable wheel brakes keep it from rolling away on its own. It’s made of plastic and stainless steel so it's easy to wipe down, plus its narrow size is perfect for storing in your bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen.


This Monitor Riser That Hides Cords And Fixes Your Posture

Not only will this monitor stand riser make your office look neater, but it will also help with your posture. The riser lifts your monitor 5.6-inches off your desk, helping to alleviate fatigue, eye strain, neck, and back pain. It also features a hub on the side of the riser that organizes and keeps your cords safe, as well as a place for your smartphone and its charger. It’s available in two sizes.


A Flexible Electric Lighter That Makes Life Easier

Light your fire — even on the windiest days — with this flame-less and flexible lighter. The lighter has a gooseneck that can be adjusted 360 degrees to reach any candle or light source and it creates a flame using an LED light, so there's no need to tinker with butane. The rechargeable lighter comes with a USB charging cable. It’s just $10 and has earned more than 2,000 reviews.


The Faux Marble Food Wrap Dispenser With Cutter

The least appealing thing in your pantry is most likely your kitchen wraps. Tinfoil, plastic wrap, and wax paper are crucial kitchen tools, but their long, narrow boxes are a pain to store and don’t always look so nice. This kitchen wrap dispenser is designed to hold most wraps and even has a slide cutter that makes life easier. The faux marble exterior is a stylish way to hide this kitchen must-have.


A Cast Iron Skillet That Comes Pre-Seasoned

This cast-iron skillet is ideal for cooking and just looks better on your stovetop. This 12-inch option comes pre-seasoned so it’s ready for searing, sautéing, baking, broiling, or frying. You can even stick this pan in the oven, on the grill, or over a campfire. This $30 find has earned more than 116,000 reviews and comes with a red, heat-resistant silicone handle holder.


These Hotel-Like Bed Sheets That Are Only $33

Luxurious linens may seem like an expensive upgrade, but these hotel-inspired bed sheets are a steal at just $33. Not only are they affordable, but they are also highly rated with more than 265,000 reviews. They’re made of brushed microfiber, so they are breathable and feel soft and silky. The four-piece set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. These sheets are low-maintenance, too, since they’re resistant to fading, stains, and shrinking. They’re available in 42 colors and patterns like stripes and checks.


A French Press Coffee Maker With Four Filters

This easy-to-use French press makes delicious coffee every time. The secret is its four-layer filter, complete with two stainless steel screens, a spring-loaded base, a lid strainer, and an insulated design with double walls. The French press is rust and corrosion-resistant and features durable borosilicate glass, which can withstand boiling temps without cracking. This crowd favorite is just over $20 and has earned more than 24,000 reviews.


The Massage Cane That Gets Hard-To-Reach Muscles

This massage cane is a lifesaver when it comes to tight muscles. The ergonomic massager makes it easy to reach those tough aches and pain. On one end, it features a firm teardrop tip that gives you control to eliminate deep tissue knots. The other end is designed with a double massage ball that targets muscles around your spine. One reviewer noted, “I can easily reach everywhere on my back, and even in easy-to-reach spots, allows greater pressure without hands getting tired. The pressure is easy to control and go fairly deep, and the cane is comfortable to handle.”