47 Inexpensive Ways To Make Your Home Look 10x Better

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My home is my sanctuary. After a long day of work, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be — unless it’s looking a little worse for wear. I mean, outdated appliances and old carpets can put anyone into a funk, right? Personally, my mood instantly sours when I walk into a messy kitchen. Luckily for both of us, there are tons of inexpensive ways to make your home look 10 times better — and you can find them on this list.

Speaking of outdated appliances, I’ve searched high and low for a solution that doesn’t involve buying new ones — and the answer is contact paper. Not only does the roll I’ve included look like real stainless steel, but it’s also waterproof. As for stains? It’s never a bad idea to keep a red wine remover in your cleaning tool arsenal. And because not everybody drinks red wine, the one you’ll find below is effective on a variety of stains, including dark chocolate.

With so many inexpensive ways to make your home look nicer, there’s no need to spend an arm and a leg to turn it into the cozy sanctuary you’ve always wanted. Keep scrolling for some of my favorites.


The Bed Sheets Made From Soft Bamboo

Updating your bedding is an easy way to make your bedroom look nicer, so why not try out these sheets? They’re made from soft bamboo fibers that let your skin breathe as you sleep. And unlike some sheets, these ones are also stain-, shrink-, as well as fade-resistant.


A Marker That Cleans Up Old Grout

When no amount of scrubbing will get your grout clean, you may as well paint it white with this pen. The formula is non-toxic, making it suitable for use around pets and kids. Plus, each pen comes with enough paint for up to 150 feet of grout.


This Caddy That Fits Into The Corner Of Your Shower

Not only will this caddy fit perfectly into the corner of your shower, but it’s also made from sleek stainless steel that won’t rust over time. Multiple hooks give you ample space to store scrubbers, shavers, and more. Plus, it’s an easy way to reduce bottle clutter around the edge of your tub.


A Gripper That Stops Rugs From Curling Up

Tired of tripping over curled rugs? Secure them down using this gripper. It’s soft and spongy, which adds to how cushioned your rug feels as you walk over it — and each one is even made right here in the United States.


The Putty That Repairs Small Holes Quickly

You don’t need to call a handyman to fix small holes in your walls — just use this putty. There’s no sanding or priming required, as the tube doubles as a stress-free applicator — and it’s even formulated to resist flashback in photos.


A Sleek Power Strip That Plugs Flat Into Outlets

Some power strips have bulky plugs that jut out from the wall, whereas this one lays nearly flat against your outlet. The result? You’re able to press furniture up closer to your walls, which can in turn make your home look neater. Choose from 3-, 6-, or 8-foot lengths.


These Leg Protectors That Fit Onto All Types Of Furniture

Looking for ways to avoid scratched floors? Search no further than these furniture leg protectors. They’re made from flexible silicone that stretches to fit nearly any leg, and they can even help reduce noise. Choose from three colors: transparent, brown, or black.


A Kit That Helps You Repair Broken Tile & Ceramic

Whether your tile floor has cracks, chips, or holes, this kit can help get it looking like almost new. Sprucing up your floors only takes a few short minutes, as the filler dries quickly — and one reviewer even wrote that “not only can I not see the cracks any more, I can't feel them, either.”


The Desk Lamp That’s Easily Dimmable

This table lamp doesn’t require a dimmer switch. In fact, all you need to do is tap the base in order to adjust its brightness up to three levels. It also features two USB ports in the back for easy charging — and each order comes with a vintage bulb included to get you started.


A Lamp Made From Real Himalayan Salt

Add this Himalayan salt lamp to your nightstand or bookshelf for a warm, relaxing glow when you’re trying to de-compress. The base is made from natural neem wood — not plastic — and it’s even resistant to termites. “I've had it for a few years now,” explained one reviewer. “The lightbulb still works, and the salt is still in good shape.”


These Hangers Coated In Soft Velvet

The soft velvet on these hangers doesn’t just make them look good — it also helps keep your clothes from slipping off. Each one is sturdy enough to hold up to 10 pounds, making them suitable for heavy pairs of jeans, while the slim profile takes up minimal space on your closet rod.


The LED Candles That Flicker Like Real Flames

You don’t have to spend money on real candles whenever you want a little ambient lighting — just turn on these LED ones. The bulbs flicker just like real flames, and each tea light comes with batteries included. One reviewer even raved, “I turn on these LED candles every day, and they are still going strong after using for several months.”


This Contact Paper That Looks Like Brushed Stainless Steel

Don’t replace your appliances with new stainless ones — just give the ones you have a makeover with this brushed stainless contact paper. It applies just like a giant sticker, making it easy to apply on everything from refrigerators to cabinets. Plus, it’s even waterproof in the event of spills.


These Cabinet Pulls With A Matte Black Finish

Sometimes it’s the little details that make the biggest impact — like these cabinet pulls. They’re made from stainless steel with a matte black finish, giving them an ultra-modern appearance that complements nearly any kitchen. “Replacing all of them in the kitchen took maybe 15 minutes between my spouse and I,” wrote one reviewer. “They look nice and are good quality.”


A Cushioned Mat That Can Help Prevent Fatigue

Standing at your counters for a while? You might want to put this mat down. The cushioning absorbs shock in order to help prevent muscle fatigue, while the waterproof surface won’t absorb stains from spills. Choose from five colors: grey, chocolate, black, green, or red.


The String Lights That Are Suitable For Outdoor Use

These string lights are waterproof, which means you can use them outside as well as indoors. They’re also dimmable when connected to a dimmer switch, and you can connect up to three strings together for a longer set of lights. You can choose from three lengths: 25, 50, and 100 feet.


A Roll-Up Drying Rack That Takes Up Hardly Any Space

If your kitchen is low on counter space, you might want to switch to this over-the-sink drying rack. It’s made from tough steel that’s been covered with non-slip silicone in order to keep your glass and cookware safe. And since any water fall right into your sink basin, there’s no need to clean up any messy drip trays.


This Ledge That Gives You A Place To Keep Plants

Indoor plants not getting enough sun? Try putting them up against your window using this ledge. Four suction cups keep it firmly secured to your glass — and they’re so sturdy that they can even support up to 10 pounds. Plus, it’s made from clear acrylic that blends in with the glass.


The Blackout Curtains With Thousands Of Reviews

Not only are these blackout curtains great for sleeping in late, but they can also help insulate your home against the sun’s warming rays. Each order comes with two panels — and one reviewer even wrote that “these are some of the nicest inexpensive curtains I have ever owned. The material is almost silky feeling, but they are made of a nice heavy fabric.”


These Smart Bulbs That Are Compatible With Alexa

Whether you pair these smart bulbs with Alexa or Google Home is up to you, but either way you’ll be able to set them up so that you can control them using voice commands. Or, you can use the free downloadable app to change their color, adjust the brightness, or even set schedules so that they’re on when you come home.


A Pair Of Wall Sconces You Can Control Via Remote

There’s no need for any complicated wiring when you’re putting up these wall sconces, as each one is powered using three AA batteries (not included.) You also get two remotes so that you can turn them on and off without getting up from the couch — and reviewers raved about how they’re “worth the money.”


These Flameless Candles That Last A Long Time

Always having to go out and buy candles quickly adds up, so why not switch over to these flameless ones? As long as you keep replacing the AA batteries (not included), they’ll last nearly forever — and you can even set them on timers so that they turn off automatically.


A Throw Blanket You Can Snuggle Under Year-Round

Some throw blankets are too heavy to sleep with year-round — but not this one. Made from 100% soft acrylic, it’s light enough for the summer, yet just heavy enough that you’ll still reach for it in the fall and winter months. The best part? The cable knitting gives it a timeless look.


This Ottoman With Hidden Storage On The Inside

Pull the top off of this ottoman to reveal a hidden storage bin. It’s large enough for throw blankets, family games, or even books. And with its cushioned top, you can even use it as a seat when friends are over — a true steal for less than $30.


A Caddy That Won’t Let Your Remotes Go Missing

Always losing your remotes? Not a problem when you’ve got this gorgeous caddy. The faux leather exterior makes it look way more expensive than it is, while multiple compartments help you keep everything sorted. And unlike some caddies, this one even rotates — just for the sake of convenience.


These Mirror Tiles You Can Arrange However You Like

You’ve got options when it comes to these mirror tiles. Use them to create an accent wall, or even arrange them throughout a dark room to help bounce around light. Each order comes with double-sided adhesive for easy installation — and the frosted edges also help protect your hands.


A Scroll-Style Frame Made With Natural Teak Wood

Simply place your own print inside of this scroll-style frame, and it’s instantly framed in a cute, boho-chic way. The edges are made from natural teak wood — not plastic — and one reviewer even wrote that “the leather hanging strap looks great.”


This Shelf That Fits Neatly Into Corners

Got an awkwardly-bare corner in your home? Add this little standing shelf for a little extra storage. It’s perfect for books, picture frames, or even small plants — and many reviewers raved about how it’s “easy to assemble.” Choose from three colors: white, black, or brown.


A Sofa Slipcover That’s Resistant To Spills

With its water-repellent surface that can resist stains and spills, this slipcover is a cost-effective way to breathe new life into tired sofas. It’s made from a soft polyester-spandex blend for plenty of stretch, making it easy to fit over your furniture — and it even comes in 15 different shades.


The Shoe Shelf That Would Look Great In Your Entryway

Still kicking your shoes off into a corner pile when you get home? Tidy up your entryway with this tiered shoe rack. It’s made from sleek bamboo — not plastic — and can hold about eight pairs of adult-sized shoes when completely full.


A Biodegradable Shampoo That Gets Your Carpets Clean

You might not need to replace that old carpet — try giving it a wash with this extra-strength shampoo before you throw it out. Designed for carpet cleaning machines, the formula is nontoxic as well as biodegradable. “This worked much better than previous carpet cleaners we have purchased,” raved one reviewer. “Smells really good, too!”


This Laundry Hamper That Takes Up Hardly Any Space

Need all the floor space you can get? This hamper comes with suction cup hooks that let you hang it up to help save space — and it even collapses down flat when you’re not using it. Plus, the mesh walls allow air to circulate in order to prevent unwanted odors from building up.


A Light-Up Letter That Reviewers Can’t Get Enough Of

Not only are all 26 letters of the alphabet available, but this light-up letter is also a fun way to make any party Instagram-worthy. Spell out messages for guests to read, or even hang your initials in your room. And since the bulbs are LED, they won’t get too hot if placed near decorations.


The Under-Cabinet Lights That Won’t Break The Bank

Having lights professionally installed under your cabinets can put a real strain on your wallet, whereas this set looks just as good — but at a fraction of the price. Each light strip is backed with adhesive for easy installation, while the dimmer switch and remote allow you to adjust their brightness.


A Faux Fur Rug That Comes In More Than 15 Shades

Made from high-quality Mongolian faux fur, this accent rug adds a touch of luxury no matter where you put it. The leather-feel bottom keeps it from shifting around underneath your feet — and many reviewers even wrote about how it’s “super soft.” Choose from more than 15 shades.


These LEDs That Turn Any Mirror Into A Gorgeous Vanity

Add these LED bulbs to your mirror, and you’ll instantly have a gorgeous, Hollywood-style vanity to do your makeup. The lights are dimmable, and can even be switched between 12 different colors when setting a mood. “It’s bright perfect for makeup and pictures,” wrote one reviewer. “Simple to install and the adhesive is strong.”


This Plant Pot With Chic Gold Detailing

Not only is this little plant pot gorgeous on its own, but it’s also the perfect size for a cramped desktop. The gold detailing gives it a chic feel, while the drainage hole in the bottom helps prevent overwatering. One reviewer even raved that “it looks stunning on my coffee table.”


A Rainfall Shower Head That’s Easy To Install

Still using the shower head that came with your home? Consider upgrading to this rainfall one. Zero tools are required for installation, with most reviewers getting theirs up and running in as little as 10 minutes. And since it’s made from rustproof ABS, there’s no need to worry about corrosion.


These Disposable Cleaning Brushes That Fit Into Tight Spaces

With ultra-slim heads that easily slip into tight spaces, these brushes are must-haves for dirty keyboards, crevices, and more. You can use them wet or dry, and they’re disposable once you’re done cleaning. Choose from three colors: yellow, red, or blue.


An Electric Scrubber That Does The Work For You

Grout, shower door tracks, faucets — this scrubber’s narrow head is perfect for cleaning tight nooks and crannies all over your home. The electronic brush head does the scrubbing for you, and it’s even water-resistant so that you don’t have to worry about getting it wet.


This Telescopic Duster That Latches Onto Dirt

When your light fixtures are too tall for you to safely reach, try using this duster to get rid of those pesky cobwebs. The telescopic handle extends out further than 4 feet, while the microfiber head latches onto dust and dirt — no cleaning spray necessary. Plus, the head can even rotate so that you can reach overtop tight corners.


A Tray Table That Lets You Eat Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast in bed, snacks on the sofa — wherever you like to eat, this tray table can help you do it with minimal mess. It’s made from eco-friendly bamboo, with a short lip around the edges to help prevent items from sliding off. Plus, the built-in handles help you carry it from room to room.


The Stain Remover That’s Effective On Red Wine

Red wine can be one of the toughest stains to remove — unless you’ve got this concentrated stain remover. Not only is it effective on red wine, but it also powers through nearly any type of stain, including everything from blood to dark chocolate. And unlike some cleaners, this one is features a nontoxic formula.


A Pair Of Throw Pillow Covers Made With Soft Velvet

I’ve been sleeping with these throw pillow covers for more than a year, and the velvet fabric is just as soft today as it was the day they arrived. The hidden zipper won’t snag on clothes — and they even come in dozens of colors to suit any style, as well as nine different sizes.


These Airtight Containers That Come With Stylish Labels

Flour, pasta, cookies, cereal — these containers can help keep all of them (and more) fresh. The lids are airtight, making them perfect for all sorts of dry ingredients. The best pat? Each order comes with 24 reusable labels that make your pantry look noticeably more organized.


A Dimmer Switch That You Can Plug Into Lamps

If your regular lamp isn’t dimmable, this dimmer switch is likely able to help. Simply plug your lamp into it, then plug the switch into the wall — moving the slider should instantly adjust how bright your lamp is. Plus, the power cable is 6 feet long.


This Bath Mat Made With Soft Memory Foam

Step out of that hard bathtub and onto this luxurious bath mat. Not only is it filled with soft memory foam, but the microfiber top feels oh-so soft against your skin. And if it ever gets dirty? Simply toss it into the wash for an easy clean — just make sure it lays flat to dry afterwards.