40 Mistakes That Are Making Your Home Look Ugly

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Outside of work, your home is likely where you spend the most time. It’s where you rest your head after a long day, soak in the tub after an intense workout, or even eat a quick meal before heading out the door. That’s why it’s important to make it look as nice as possible — but there are some easy-to-do mistakes that could be making your home look less than great.

For example, clutter can be a big culprit when it comes to making your home look messy. That’s why I’ve made sure to fill this list with a variety of products that can help keep you organized, like these storage bags with space for up to 12 pairs of shoes. Not only are they easy ways to open up space on your closet shelves, but they also slide underneath your bed so that they’re out of sight until you need them. There are also curtain lights to brighten up dark rooms and stylish coasters that’ll help prevent water stains on your tables — but those are just a small taste of what you’ll find below.

Keeping your home looking nice can be hard. But with help from all the clever products I’ve gathered, sprucing it up is just a few clicks away. Keep scrolling for more.


Mistake: Cluttering Up Closets With Unneeded Shoes

Solution: Stashing The Spares Inside These Under-The-Bed Organizers

You probably don’t wear every pair of shoes in your closet on a weekly basis, so why not de-clutter with help from these storage bags? Each one fits up to 12 pairs of shoes, and they easily slide underneath your bed so they’re out of sight. Plus, the transparent lids make it easy to see what’s inside without having to unpack anything.


Mistake: Letting Forks & Knives Sit Loose In Your Drawers

Solution: This Bamboo Organizer That’s Shockingly Versatile

Whether you’ve got a drawer full of jumbled forks and knives, arts and crafts tools, or even office supplies, this organizer can help tidy things up. It expands out to 20 inches wide, allowing it to fit into most drawers — and the bamboo wood is even water-resistant. Choose from three sizes: 3 to 5 slots, 6 to 8 slots, or 7 to 9 slots.


Mistake: Old Countertops Making Your Home Look Dated

Solution: Covering Them With This Marble Contact Paper

I’m a huge fan of this white marble contact paper. It goes on just like a sticker and peels off like one, too. That way, many renters and owners alike can use it. And since it’s made from tough PVC, it’s even resistant to water. Speaking from personal experience, I’ve left puddles on it overnight without any issues come morning — and it even looks like genuine white marble when you’re up close.


Mistake: Having A Closet Cluttered With Clothes

Solution: Adding These Shelves To Help Space Things Out

Too many clothes in your closet can make it look like a mess — even if they’re hung up properly. The solution? Adding these shelves to help break up the space. They also feature pockets on the side where you can stash smaller accessories, like socks, sunglasses, and more. Choose from two colors: black or grey.


Mistake: Stashing Plastic Bags Inside Cabinets

Solution: Putting Them In This Dispenser Instead

You don’t have to clutter up a whole cabinet with loose plastic bags — stuff them inside of this dispenser instead. It mounts onto walls to help you save space, and each order comes with screws included. You can also use your own double-sided adhesive to put it up if you’d rather not drill into your walls. Plus, its brushed stainless steel exterior is even fingerprint-resistant.


Mistake: Puddles Of Water All Over Your Bathroom

Solution: This Absorbent Bath Mat Filled With Memory Foam

This bath mat is made from ultra-absorbent material that soaks up water from your feet before it can hit the ground. It’s also filled with soft memory foam for comfort, and you even have the choice of seven designs as well as five sizes. Plus, it’s machine washable.


Mistake: Not Utilizing Empty Wall Space While Decorating

Solution: These Gallery Frames To Help Create A Statement Wall

You don’t need to buy pricy art to decorate your home — just arrange these picture frames to create a stunning accent wall. They’re made with real glass and wood instead of plastic, while their metal back tabs help keep them stable when hung up. Choose from four finishes: white, black, brown, or burlywood.


Mistake: Using Clunky Hangers That Take Up Tons Of Room

Solution: Upgrading To These Space-Saving Ones

With enough hooks to fit up to eight garments, these hangers make it easy to save space, thereby opening up some extra room on your closet rod. The ends are flipped upwards to help keep your clothes from sliding off, and the rubber-coated edges also work to help prevent any snags or rips.


Mistake: Not Scrubbing Your Stove Clean

Solution: Using These Melamine Cleaners To Get It Sparkling Like New

You don’t have to clean your stove after every meal — but if you wait too long, all that burnt-on food might glue itself down, making it difficult to clean. Luckily, these magic erasers are so powerful that they only require a little water to wash away all sorts of messes — including your stove.


Mistake: The Lighting In Your Room Is Too Harsh

Solution: These Curtain Lights That Cast A Warm Glow

Sometimes, harsh lighting can feel unwelcoming — and that’s why these curtain lights are total game-changers. They add a warm, soothing glow to any room — but if your patio could use a little more light, you can also hang them outside since they’re waterproof. They’re also available in seven colors.


Mistake: Faded Wood Furniture Is Making Your Home Look Outdated

Solution: Using This Polish To Give It A Brightening Refresh

Not only can this polish breathe new life into tired pieces of furniture, but it also helps protect wood against the sun’s damaging UV rays. It’s made without any silicones or artificial glosses — and unlike some polishes, this one leaves your furniture glowing without leaving any greasy residues behind.


Mistake: Letting Water Stains Damage Your Tables

Solution: Protecting Them With These Stylish Coasters

Not only is this set of coasters an easy way to help prevent water stains on your tables, but each one is also made from sleek ceramic that’s been designed to look just like marble — even up close. And if you’re just as worried about scuffs as you are about watermarks, that’s not a problem; as each one is also backed with soft cork to help prevent scratches.


Mistake: Stale Rooms That Don’t Quite Flow

Solution: Breaking Up The Monotony With These Wall Decals

Whether you rent or own your home, you can probably use these decals to add a little visual interest to plain, blank walls. The adhesive backing makes for stress-free installation — and unlike regular stickers, you can easily peel them off if you ever need to move out. They shouldn’t leave behind sticky residues, and you can even reposition them as needed.


Mistake: Cramming Utensils Into A Container On The Counter

Solution: Stashing Them Inside This Gorgeous Caddy Instead

With its removable dividers and ability to rotate 360 degrees, this caddy makes it easy to keep all your kitchen utensils organized. The base is weighted to help keep it from tipping over with taller utensils — and since it’s made from stainless steel, it’s highly unlikely that it’ll develop rust over time.


Mistake: Disorganized Pots & Pans Making Your Kitchen Look Messy

Solution: Using This Organizer To Tidy Things Up

Your cabinets don’t have to be a jumbled mess of pots and pans — just use this organizer to straighten them all out. The shelves are adjustable, allowing you to use them with cookware of nearly any size. And unlike some organizers, you can use this one horizontally or vertically.


Mistake: Loose Wires Hanging Out All Over Your Desk

Solution: Securing Them Down With These Cable Clips

Loose wires can make any desk look messy — that’s why I’m a big fan of these cable clips. The slots are large enough to fit all sorts of wires, while the adhesive backing helps keep them secured down to your desk. And since they’re made from flexible silicone, the slots shouldn’t damage your wires whenever you pull them out.


Mistake: Leaving Coats & Purses On Your Furniture

Solution: Hanging Them Up On This Coat Rack

Tossing jackets onto your couch can make any room look disorganized, so why not grab this coat rack for your entryway? Two tiers of hooks give you ample room for jackets, hats, purses, and more, while the sturdy feet help keep heavier items from tipping it over. Plus, the black finish gives it a sleek look.


Mistake: Letting Laundry Pile Up On Your Floor

Solution: Tossing It Into This Hamper Instead

Whether you’ve got worn clothes or toys cluttering up your floors, this hamper can help keep it all stashed away out of sight. Its lightweight frame makes it easy to carry when it’s time to do a load of laundry, and it even collapses down to a fraction of its size so that it takes up hardly any space when you aren’t using it.


Mistake: Leaving The Wall Behind Your Stove Bare

Solution: Putting Up This Peel & Stick Backsplash

Food splatter can make the wall behind your stove look dirty, making this peel-and-stick backsplash a smart upgrade in any kitchen. Simply peel off the adhesive backing, then press it into place the same way you would a sticker. And since it’s made from tough vinyl, you can even wipe it down with a damp rag when it gets dirty.


Mistake: Having Nowhere To Place Your Keys & Mail

Solution: Adding This Organizer To Your Entryway

With four double hooks and a dedicated basket for mail, this organizer is a must-have if you need somewhere to put all your stuff after you come home. There’s also a little bonus shelf space where you can place small plants or other pieces of decor, and you even have the choice of three finishes: white gray, black, or dark brown.


Mistake: Having Outdated House Numbers Outside

Solution: Replacing Them With These Stylish Alternatives

Why not use these stylish numbers to make the outside of your house look nicer? They can be installed so that they look like they’re floating, or you can have them sit flush against your door. Plus, each one is made from UV-resistant resin that shouldn’t rust.


Mistake: Letting The Tile Grout Get Grimy

Solution: Painting With This Grout Pen So It Looks Like New

If your grout still looks dirty after a good round of scrubbing, you might want to try simply painting it over using this pen. The water-based formula is nontoxic, yet potent enough that it can make dirty grout look almost new. The best part? One pen is enough to cover up to 150 feet of grout.


Mistake: Streaks Making Glass Look Cloudy

Solution: Using These Cloths To Wipe Them Clean

Some cloths will leave windows and mirrors looking streaky, whereas these ones are made from soft microfiber that latches onto dirt, leaving you with a streak-free finish. They’re also more cost-effective than paper towels, as you can reuse them as many times as you like — and many reviewers wrote about how they’re completely “lint free.”


Mistake: Furniture Legs Scratching Up Your Floors

Solution: Covering Them With These Protective Pads

Furniture legs scratching up your floors? Cover them with these protective pads to help prevent damage. There are no screws or nails required to put them on; simply stretch them over your furniture legs like a sock, and they’re ready to go. Choose from three colors: black, brown, or transparent.


Mistake: Cluttering Up Your Pantry With Half-Open Boxes

Solution: Transferring Everything Into These Food Bins

Not only can the airtight lids on these food storage bins help keep your snacks fresher for longer, but each order comes with 24 in varying sizes for all sorts of ingredients. They’re perfect for everything from brown sugar to marshmallows, and you even get a set of chalkboard labels to help you keep everything organized in style.


Mistake: Letting Your Ceiling Fan Fill Up With Dust

Solution: Wipe Them Clean With This Adjustable Duster

With its fluffy fibers that attract and latch onto dust, this duster won’t send particles scattering all over the room when you drag it across your fan blades. The telescopic handle makes it easy to reach the blades without help from a ladder — and the duster head is even wide enough to fit blades up to 7 inches wide.


Mistake: A Cramped Home Office With No Room To Spare

Solution: Putting Your Laptop On This Helpful Stand

It can be hard to avoid cluttering up your home office — especially if it’s on the smaller side. Thankfully, this laptop stand can open up a little extra room on your desk, as the space underneath it gives you tons of room to store notebooks, office supplies, and more. Plus, it even comes in nine colorful finishes, all of which are made from sturdy aluminum.


Mistake: Pet Accidents Dirtying Up Your Carpets

Solution: Erasing Stains Using This Powerful Spray

Even though it’s without any harsh chemicals, this spray is still so potent that it can erase stains from pet accidents, ink, crayon, and more. It also has a fresh scent that eliminates unwanted odors from your carpets, and one reviewer even wrote, “I used it on a stain that had been set in for 3 days, and within 2 rounds of spraying & wiping it was totally gone!”


Mistake: Not Lining The Floor Under The Litter Box

Solution: This Mat That Collects Litter When It’s Kicked Out

Tired of sweeping up kitty litter that’s been tracked throughout the house? Just place this mat underneath the litter box. It’ll latch onto any bits of loose litter from your cat’s paws once they step onto it, while the waterproof layer absorbs any urine to help keep your floors clean. And with its double-layer design, you only need a few light shakes to empty out the collected litter.


Mistake: Putting Up With Scuffs & Scratches On Your Furniture

Solution: Coloring Them In With These Wood-Toned Markers

Repairing scuffs on wood furniture can cost a pretty penny, whereas these markers are available for less than $15. From personal experience? They work much better than you’d expect, as each one is made to match a different variety of wood, ranging from light oak to dark mahogany. Simply color in the scratches, and the ink will help blend them away so that they’re hardly noticeable.


Mistake: Hanging Crooked Pictures On Your Walls

Solution: Straightening Them Out With This Laser Level

While it’s tempting to eyeball your picture frames, this laser level is an easy way to make sure that they don’t come out looking crooked when you’re hanging them up. It also features an 8-foot measuring tape — just in case you want to make sure they’re spaced apart evenly — and each order even comes with batteries included.


Mistake: Chipping Paint On Your Walls & Doors

Solution: Making Small Touchups With These Paint Pens

Fill these pens with paint that matches your walls, doors, or any other surface that needs a few scratches filled in. Their airtight design helps keep the paint inside fresh for up to two years, so there’s no need to empty them out once you’re done making touchups — and each order includes a syringe to help you fill them up with minimal mess.


Mistake: Nails Leaving Small Holes All Over Your Walls

Solution: Filling Them In With This Easy-To-Use Putty

You don’t need a tub of spackle to repair small holes in your walls — just grab this tube of putty. It shouldn’t shrink, crack, or sag due to changes in humidity or temperature, nor will it flash when painted over. There’s no additional sanding required, and you can use it with holes up to 3 inches in diameter.


Mistake: Broken Window Blinds Making Your Home Look Tired

Solution: Replacing Them With These Fabric Shades

Old blinds making your windows look outdated? Now’s your chance to swap them out with these easy-to-install fabric shades. They give you extra privacy while still letting some natural light through — and the adhesive strip at the top lets you stick them right into place. Plus, you can even trim them to fit smaller windows.


Mistake: Your Bathtub Walls Are Overflowing With Bottles

Solution: Transferring Everything Onto These Shelves

Instead of cluttering up your bathtub walls with bottles and soaps, why not keep everything on these gorgeous shelves? The adjustable wire baskets allow water to drain away in order to help prevent bacterial growth, while the supportive tension rod helps keep them from shifting out of place. Plus, each shelf can support up to 7 pounds without sliding down. Choose from two finishes: chrome or bronze.


Mistake: Dark Hallways Making Your Home Feel Unwelcoming

Solution: Brightening Them Up With These Night Lights

Not only are these night lights an easy way to brighten up your home, but each one also features a dusk-to-dawn sensor that prevents them from turning on during the daytime. The LED bulbs also have a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours — so it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever need to switch them out.


Mistake: Keeping Outdated Fixtures In Your Bathrooms

Solution: Swapping Out Your Towel Bar With This Matte Black Version

Made from rust-resistant stainless steel with a fashionable matte black finish, this double-towel bar is almost guaranteed to look good in your bathroom. And if black doesn’t suit your style? It’s also available in brushed nickel and gold finishes. “Easy to assemble and looks sleek, modern and elegant,” wrote one reviewer. They continued, “Couldn't be happier with it!”


Mistake: Stains Making Your Granite Counters Look Dirty

Solution: Making Them Shine With Help From This Polish

Whether your counters are made from granite, marble, or nearly any other type of stone, this polish can help get them sparkling like new. The streak-free formula shouldn’t leave behind any unsightly residues once wiped — and unlike some polishes, this one is gentle enough for everyday use.


Mistake: Leaving Your Curtains Wrinkled After Hanging Them Up

Solution: Using This Powerful Steamer To De-Wrinkle Your Drapery

Sure, this steamer can help de-wrinkle your clothing, but it can also help take those hard-to-remove wrinkles off your curtains after hanging them up for the first time. The steamer itself takes about 25 seconds to heat up and can hold 120 milliliters of water — and once it’s working, it can emit steam for up to 10 minutes.


Mistake: Unwanted Odors Floating Through Your Home

Solution: Letting These Reed Diffusers Freshen The Place Up

Add these reed diffusers to bathrooms or any other room in your home where unwanted odors tend to build up. They’re available in 17 different scents, ranging from refreshing citrus lavender to breezy pure cotton — and the oil is so potent that it can stay smelling good for up to two months.