35 Mistakes You Didn't Realize Wear Out Your Stuff & Make It Look Old

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Written by Allison Bolt

Do you ever bake something on a baking sheet and quickly realize it was a serious mistake? That sheet tray is now covered in crispy and caked-on food, and you’re left wondering how to clean it. After scrubbing away at too many baking sheets in the sink myself, I put together a list of 35 mistakes you didn’t realize wear out your stuff and make it look old.

To tackle that baking sheet, let’s all agree to stop cooking everything right on the sheet tray. Instead, I found a pack of dishwasher-safe silicone baking mats that fix the entire situation. This list also has a bunch of solutions for your laundry, furniture, and other essentials, like a dryer cleaning kit to keep your machine in tip-top shape or mineral oil to save your favorite dried-out wooden cutting boards.

No matter what mistakes you’re making or how many times you’ve cleaned an annoying baking sheet, this list has all of the fixes to keep your stuff looking and working like new.

Mistake: You Cook Food Right On Your Baking Sheets

Solution: Cook On These Durable Non-Stick Mats That You Can Reuse

Instead of cluttering your dishwasher with messy sheet trays or risking burnt-on food ruining your non-stick coating, grab this set of silicone baking mats. They have a non-stick design and multiple sizes to fit right on top of all of your baking trays. These microwave-safe mats also take up way less space in your dishwasher when it’s time to clean up dinner.

Mistake: You Move Furniture & Scratch Wood Floors

Solution: Slip On These Protective Covers That Make Furniture Easy To Scoot

These protective chair leg covers are perfect for whatever furniture you have a habit of scooting around and rearranging all the time, whether it’s a dining room chair or coffee table. The silicone design is completely clear and discreet, and it stretches to fit a bunch of different furniture legs, no matter their shape. With the soft felt pad on the bottom, these covers are also nice to your floor.

Mistake: You Don’t Take Care Of Stains Before Sticking Clothes In The Wash

Solution: Use An Allergen-Free Stain Remover To Eliminate Messes

Grab this natural, biodegradable stain remover before you toss that stained top in the hamper. Actually, this unscented formula is worth using on all of the stained clothes that have spent a lot of time in the hamper because this quick-to-use spray even works on set-in stains of all kinds, including blood. It’s also allergen-free, so it easily pairs with other sensitive-skin laundry products.

Mistake: You Put Drinks Right On The Table, Leaving Rings

Solution: Put This Printed Coaster Set On Your Coffee Table

These ceramic coasters have the best minimalist prints, so you’ll actually want to stick them on your coffee table before you put a glass down. The ceramic surface absorbs all of the excess water while the cork backing protects your trendy furniture. Plus, they come with a chic holder to neatly stack them when you’re not using them.

Mistake: You Ignore The Fact That Your Jewelry Is Dull

Solution: Make Your Jewelry Shine With This Easy-To-Use Cleaner

Stop ignoring your daily jewelry and dunk it in this gentle jewelry cleaner once in a while. It comes with an easy-to-use tray that fits perfectly inside the jar full of cleaning solution, so you can quickly dip your jewelry in. Plus, this biodegradable formula comes with a brush for intricate pieces and a more thorough washing.

Mistake: You Put Sweaters & Delicates In The Dryer

Solution: Air Dry Your Clothes On This Compact, Over-The-Door Drying Rack

The dryer is quick, but it can cause damage sweaters, intimates, and other articles of clothing. Don’t settle for shrunken shirts, and use this over-the-door drying rack instead. The hanging design keeps your drying rack off the floor, and it gives you three breathable mesh shelves to dry all of your leggings and lay out your wool socks and sweaters. When not in use, the mesh shelves fold down to lay flat against the door.

Mistake: You Slam Kitchen Cabinets, Causing Damage

Solution: Apply These Clear Bumpers That Protect Your Cabinets

If you grab these rubber bumpers, it doesn’t matter if you have a habit of accidentally slamming your kitchen cabinets shut. These waterproof bumpers basically add a bit of cushioning to protect your cabinets from damage, and they also dampen noise. Plus, you get 100 of these compact and transparent stickers to protect all of the cabinets in your house.

Mistake: You Let Dirt Build Up On Your Shoes

Solution: Scrub Your Sneakers With A Long-Lasting Cleaning Kit

This budget-friendly shoe cleaning kit lasts for so many cleanings of your favorite chunky sneakers. It comes with a concentrated cleaning formula, so you don’t need much of this versatile solution to get the dirt off of your trendy shoes, and it works on canvas, leather, vinyl, suede, and more. Plus, this pink cleaner is paired with a compact brush.

Mistake: Your Chargers Snap & Fray

Solution: Put Some Compact Cord Protectors You’ll Barely Notice On Your Chargers

These cord protectors won’t make your go-to chargers super bulky, but they will keep them from snapping and fraying. They have a twisted design in a neutral light gray hue that blends right into your charger. This set also clips onto all types of chargers, earbuds, and more while staying flexible enough, so you stop putting up with broken cords.

Mistake: You Toss Bras & Underwear In The Wash Like Your Other Clothes

Solution: Wash Delicates In These Protective Mesh Laundry Bags

Using these mesh laundry bags doesn’t add a big extra step to your laundry routine, but bras, underwear, and activewear will be protected in the wash. The breathable fabric is paired with a zipper design, so they’re super quick to zip up and throw in the washing machine.

Mistake: You Put Hot Pans & Pots Right On Your Countertop

Solution: Set Things On These Durable Silicone Trivets That Look *So* Nice

Avoid scorching your cute fabric pot holder (or your countertop) with this unique trivet set. They’re made of 100% BPA-free silicone that’s heat-resistant up to 428 degrees, so you can stick all of your hot pots, pans, and kettles right on top. Plus, each one has a unique design that looks adorable on your countertop.

Mistake: You Avoid Dealing With Oil-Based Stains On Your Clothes ASAP

Solution: Use A Stain Removing Bar That Doesn’t Need A Washing Machine

With this stain-removing bar, you can instantly take care of that oil-based makeup or sweat stain instead of changing your top. It’s shaped like a bar of soap, so you can scrub off all types of oil-based stains, even on hard-to-watch spots like collars and armpits. Plus, this clean laundry-scented bar works on dry clean-only clothes that you can’t throw in the wash.

Mistake: Your Trousers Drag On The Ground Because They’re Way Too Long

Solution: Hem Your Clothes With This Iron-On Adhesive

This hemming adhesive is way easier and cheaper than sewing your trendy trousers that are a bit too long and drag on the ground. It has a double-sided design that only requires your iron to create your perfect trouser length. Plus, this heat-activated solution is completely permanent, so you can go ahead and wash your newly hemmed clothes.

Mistake: You Don’t Take Care Of Furniture Scratches Before They Get Worse

Solution: Use These Markers To Fill In Ugly Wood Scratches

You don’t have to live with that scratched furniture situation if you grab this wood furniture repair kit. With six touch-up markers and six fill-in wax sticks, it’s you can fill in deep scratches or color over smaller scuffs, preventing more wear and making old furniture look new again. This easy-to-use kit comes with the wood colors, sharpener, and everything you need to fix scratches before they get worse.

Mistake: Your Hangers Stretch Your Clothes & Drop Them On The Floor

Solution: Hang Up Your Delicates & Sweaters On These Grippy, Slim Hangers

Take care of your clothes (especially the pieces you splurged on) with this 50-pack of gentle velvert hangers. They have a slim, sloped design that won’t stretch out the shoulders of your go-to cardigans or jackets. They’re also finished off with a velvety fabric that’s grippy and non-slip, so your clothes stay secure.

Mistake: You Spritz Some Cleaner Without Scrubbing Your Shower Drain & Tile

Solution: Clean With This Deep Cleaning Brush Set That Can Reach Nooks & Crannies

This precise cleaning brush set is better than scrubbing your shower with a classic brush and way better than spraying cleaner and walking away. It comes with two slim nylon brushes that are perfect for precisely scrubbing away at tile grout, tub corners, shower heads, and more. Plus, there’s a flexible end that cleans up around shower and sink drains, which are notoriously hard-to-clean spots.

Mistake: You Toss Towels On The Floor Or Counter

Solution: Install An Adhesive Towel Bar & Hooks For Towel-Hanging Options

If your towel is constantly bunched up on your bathroom countertop (or even your floor), it can get musty and gross. This adhesive towel bar set with a stainless steel finish is an easy-to-install solution. It comes as a set with a 16-inch bar and two versatile hooks, so you get plenty of towel and robe-hanging options in your bathroom or kitchen.

Mistake: You Forget To Condition Your Leather Furniture & Accessories

Solution: Clean & Condition With This Leather Spray That’s Super Versatile

This big bottle of leather conditioning spray is super versatile because you can use it on all of your furniture, the seats in your car, and your leather accessories. Spritz it on, and it’ll make your leather soft and new-looking, all while it prevents cracking and fading. This easy-to-use spray even adds UV protection while you’re out and about with your leather purse.

Mistake: You Don’t Protect Dress Clothes From Dust

Solution: Keep Suits & Dresses In These Garment Bags That Let Your Clothes Breathe

This set comes with five garment bags to store dresses, suits, and all of the pieces you splurged on and keep them protected while they’re in the closet. Each bag has a little window to see which piece is in each breathable zip-up bag. Plus, the top has a reinforced, anti-moth design, so you won’t have to worry about your hanger ripping it or about pests ruining your suit.

Mistake: You Ignore Scuffed & Smudged Appliances

Solution: Take Care Of Your Appliances With A Stainless Steel Spray

Instead of ignoring smudges on your fridge, add this plant-based stainless steel spray to your kitchen cleaning supplies. It’s made with natural coconut oil and has a pH-neutral formula to quickly handle all of the fingerprints on your appliances and give them a good polish. Plus, it leaves behind a lavender essential oil scent in your kitchen and a protective finish on your appliances.

Mistake: You Crease Your Trendy Shoes When You Pull Them On

Solution: Use These Extra-Long Shoe Horns That Even Work While You Stand

Avoid creasing your trendy sneakers with this pack of durable plastic shoe horns. They have an extra-long, 30-inch design that’s way easier to use than the classic short shoe horns. Plus, there’s even a handle on top, so you can pull on your sneakers without sitting down.

Mistake: You Put Your Computer Right In Your Bag

Solution: Avoid A Scratched Laptop With This Protective & Shock-Absorbing Case

Slip your laptop into this shock-absorbing laptop case instead of directly into your bag, where it will likely get scratched up. This slim case has a zip-up design and handles, so you can even carry this case as a bag all on its own. It has three protective layers — a water-resistant outer layer, a shockproof layer, and a soft inner layer — to keep your computer nestled and safe in the sleeve. The other side has convenient mesh pockets for your mouse, charger, power bank, and more.

Mistake: You Let Plates & Glasses Scratch Up Your Table

Solution: Set Down These Vinyl Placemats That Are Easy To Wash Off & Dry

This placemat set protects your table from scratches caused by plates, glasses, your phone, and random things you toss it. They’re also heat-resistant up to 176 degrees to protect your table from hot plates and bowls. If they happen to catch a spill, they are easy to wash off and air dry quickly, so your table always looks clean.

Mistake: You Let Your Favorite Wooden Cutting Board Crack

Solution: Save Your Dried Out Cutting Board With A Highly-Rated Mineral Oil

Store this budget-friendly bottle of mineral oil in your kitchen cabinet next to your go-to wooden cutting boards. It has a food-grade formula that restores dried-out wood and prevents those dreaded cracks in your favorite charcuterie boards. Plus, this colorless and odorless oil also works on stainless steel appliances, marble counters, and more. There’s a reason this bottle has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.

Mistake: You Don’t Deep Clean Your Dryer

Solution: A Dryer Cleaning Attachment That Fits Onto Your Vacuum

This vacuum attachment kit cleans out your dryer to keep it running efficiently, preventing home disasters and pilled clothing. Beyond that, the slim tube and extra-long brush is handy for cleaning small spots all around your home, like behind your refrigerator. Plus, the vacuum attachment comes apart, so it’s super easy to store in your laundry room.

Mistake: You Leave Gunk & Stains On Cookware

Solution: Use Some Elbow Grease & A Set Of Versatile, Durable Pan Scrapers

Instead of accepting stains on your baking sheets or gunk on your cast iron skillet, grab this pack of dishwasher-safe pan scrapers. They have a unique shape that fits into the corners of all types of pots, baking dishes, and more. Plus, they’re heat-resistant up to 275 degrees if you need to wash a sticky pan before it cools off.

Mistake: You Scratch Your Desk By Sliding Your Mouse & Laptop Around

Solution: Put This Chic Faux-Leather Mat On Top To Protect Your Desk

With this non-slip desk protector pad, you can totally rearrange your entire desk without leaving scratches behind. This budget-friendly yet totally chic faux leather mat even makes it easier to slide your mouse or laptop around while you work. Plus, this desk add-on is waterproof, protecting your furniture from coffee spills, and you can clean it simply by wiping it with a wet cloth.

Mistake: You Don’t Know How To Treat A Red Wine Stain

Solution: Use This Stain Remover To Remove Spilled Wine From Clothes & Furniture

Keep this red wine stain remover in your cleaning closet, and you’ll know exactly what to do when a glass tips over. It’s a pH-neutral remover that works on new and old stains on whatever surface you happen to spill wine on, whether it’s your shirt, couch, or carpet. It’s even allergen-friendly if you need to take care of a wine stain on your clothes.

Mistake: You Forget To Put On Socks, Which Wears Out Your Shoes

Solution: Stock Up On These Breathable Socks With a 4.8-Star Rating

With this bulk pack of cushioned athletic socks, you won’t have to search around for socks to pair with your trendy sneakers (or leave the house without any on). They have a low profile that won’t mess with your style, and each pair has breathable mesh ventilation details built into their stretchy design to keep your feet cool. Plus, the heel tabs and unique seams make them even comfier and easier to put on than other socks.

  • Available styles: 32
  • Available sizes: 5-7 — 10-13

Mistake: You Let Your Furniture Get Stained

Solution: Cover It Up With A Waterproof Sofa Cover That Has A Chic Quilted Finish

Pop this reversible cover on your sofa or chair instead of relying on a throw blanket to protect your furniture from pet accidents or food spills. The microfiber fabric has a quilted finish that looks super chic paired with all styles of sofa upholstery, and the elastic back strap makes this easier to put on than other sofa covers. You can also wash this tear-proof and waterproof cover — yay.

Mistake: You Wash Everything With The Same Water Temperature & Detergent

Solution: Sort Your Clothes & Linens In A Hamper With 3 Distinct Sections

This laundry hamper makes it easier to sort your clothes as you wear them so you remember to use different water temperatures depending on what you’re washing. It’s made of a breathable, waterproof linen fabric and holds up to two standard size loads of laundry. You can pull this oversized bag off of the foldable frame and carry it to the wash when it’s laundry day.

Mistake: You Ignore Dust In Corners Or Above Cabinets

Solution: Clean With An Extendable Duster That Rotates 270 Degrees

The extendable design of this duster makes it compact and super easy to store next to your broom and mop. When you’re ready to tackle those dusty corners, this duster simply twists up from 24 inches to a handy 53 inches long. You can even snap the washable duster head to the perfect angle to dust above cabinets, keeping your furniture spick-and-span.

Mistake: You Don’t Clean Foundation-Coated Makeup Brushes

Solution: Keep Them Looking & Working Like New With An Electric Brush Cleaner

You won’t have to scrape dried makeup off your brushes if you regularly use this spinning electric brush cleaning kit. It comes with a compact bowl to catch all of the leftover eyeshadow, cream blush, foundation, and more that spins right off of your brush. All you have to do is press a button, and this machine washes and dries your brushes. There are eight collars to fit your brushes and a cleansing soap, of course.

Mistake: You Meal Prep With Not-So-Safe Knives

Solution: Sharpen Your Knives With An Easy-To-Use Kit

This knife-sharpening kit makes meal prep a little easier, and it makes your dull knives look way nicer and work way better. It has a three-slot design with numbers, so you always know what order to sharpen your knife in, and this sharpener works to revive, sharpen, and polish your cutlery. Plus, it’s topped off with a sturdy handle and comes with a cut-resistant glove to make the process safer.

Mistake: You Wash Your Black Clothes In Whatever Detergent You Usually Use

Solution: Take Care Of Your Black Clothing With This Unique Detergent

This color-preserving detergent is an easy way to take care of your favorite black clothing pieces. It’s made with color guarding technology and special enzymes, which means it’s super versatile, so you can toss this allergen-free formula in with your darks and color laundry loads. This plant-based detergent is concentrated too, so it will last for 64 washes.