The 75 Most Popular Gifts For Men On Amazon Under $35

Things they’ll love (that won’t break the bank).

Written by Claire Epting
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Finding the right present for someone isn’t always easy. How do you go about picking something thoughtful and useful... that the person doesn’t already have? That’s why I’ve gathered some of the most popular gifts on Amazon that anyone would be genuinely excited to receive. Even better, these products are easy on the wallet — each one costs less than $35. From practical, everyday tools to ingenious gadgets, this list includes tons of fan-favorite items on Amazon that are a hit among shoppers (and their lucky recipients).


This Heavy-Duty Grill Cover That’s Waterproof & Wind-Resistant

Made of hard-wearing 600-denier polyester, this grill cover from Grillman stands up to all kinds of weather. It has an anti-UV and water-repellent coating, shielding your barbecue from both the sun and the rain. A set of adjustable loop straps allows you to tighten the cover for a secure, windproof fit.

  • Available colors: 4
  • Available sizes: 6


A Cupholder Expander That Accommodates Hefty Water Bottles

It’s annoying when a hefty water bottle doesn’t fit inside your vehicle’s cupholder — this expander attachment fixes that problem in an instant. The extendable base stretches to snugly fit your car’s cupholder, while the upper compartment offers a suitable spot for your Hydro Flask, Yeti, or other large canteen. A set of built-in rubber tabs ensures your bottle stays securely in place while you drive.

  • Available colors: Black, Gray


These Hard-Wearing Cable Straps That Tidy Up The Garage

No one likes looking at a mess of tangled power cords. These durable storage straps wrangle your thick cables, keeping them tidy and organized. Each one features a strong Velcro closure, along with a small tab at the bottom for easy opening. A sturdy metal grommet at the top allows you to hang the wrapped cords on a hook, so they won’t clutter up the garage floor.

  • Available multipacks: 9


This Multi-Pocket Organizer That Wrangles Electronic Accessories

The last thing you want to worry about while traveling is the location of your electronics. This organizing case is designed with two open pockets, three mesh pouches, and six elastic bands, providing plenty of space for your charging cables, power bank, earphones, and more. Plus, the water-resistant nylon exterior protects your valuables while traveling.

  • Available colors: 6


A Handy Laser Level That Makes Hanging Pictures A Breeze

Using a powerful laser, this leveling tool takes the guesswork out of installing picture frames, mirrors, and shelves. The battery-operated gadget temporarily mounts to your wall and rotates a full 360 degrees, allowing you to hang multiple pieces at just the right angle. A pair of backlit bubble vials boosts the laser’s visibility, making it possible to get an accurate line, every single time.


The Magnetic Wristband That Holds Nuts, Bolts & Nails

Equipped with 10 ultra-strong magnets, this hard-wearing nylon wristband proves to be so handy while working on a DIY project. It holds nails, screws, washers, nuts, bolts, and more — keeping them secure and within arm’s reach. With an average score of 4.7 out of five stars on Amazon after more than 17,000 reviews, it’s clear that buyers are more than pleased with its functionality.


These Wallet-Friendly Bluetooth Earbuds That Are Fully Waterproof

An incredibly useful gift doesn’t have to cost a lot of money — these Bluetooth earbuds are proof. With a long battery life of 10 hours on a single charge, they give your loved one the ability to take their tunes and podcasts with them wherever they go — to the gym, the office, the hiking trail, and more. They’re fully waterproof (and sweat-proof), so your recipient doesn’t have to worry about accidentally getting them wet.

  • Available colors: 5


This 2-In-1 Grill Brush & Scraper Made From Durable Stainless Steel

The stainless steel bristles on this grill brush allow any outdoor cook to scrub the residue off their barbecue with minimal effort. A built-in scraper assists you in removing stubborn grease from the grill’s surface, while the extra-long acacia wood handle keeps your hands at a safe distance. Even better, you can easily replace the brush head once the bristles wear down.


A Touch-Enabled Phone Case That Mounts To A Bike

Designed with a touch-accessible front window, this bicycle-mounted phone holder gives you easy access to your device while you ride. The zippered pouch is made of durable, waterproof fabric — plus, it has a built-in pocket for your small essentials, such as your wallet and keys. It’s compatible with most smartphones, so your favorite cyclist can slip their device in and hit the road.


This Relaxed-Fit Tee From A Fan-Favorite Brand

Carhartt has a strong reputation for its hard-wearing workwear — and their relaxed-fit tee is a favorite among loyal customers, having racked up 85,000 five-star ratings. Made of a soft, breathable blend of cotton and polyester, the shirt features a classic crew neckline and a left chest pocket emblazoned with the brand’s iconic logo. It comes in dozens of shades and a wide range of sizes — you might want to pick up a few.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — 5X-Large
  • Available colors: 72


The Mirror-Attaching Apron That Catches Beard Trimmings

Securing to your mirror with a pair of suction cups, this oversized apron serves as a catchall for your beard and mustache trimmings. Made of a slick, easy-to-clean material, the apron attaches at the back of the neck with a hook-and-loop closure. To dispose of the hair, simply remove the ends of the apron and hold them over your wastebasket. No more trimmings all over the sink.

  • Available colors and styles: 4


A Battery Organizer With A Built-In Tester

This organizing case holds up to 93 batteries of various sizes, keeping your utility drawer clutter-free. The transparent lid allows you to quickly take stock of the types of batteries you have on hand. As an added bonus, the case is equipped with a testing device — so you can check the potency of your batteries before you put them into your various appliances.

  • Available colors: 6


This Highly Rated Hammock For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Boasting an average score of 4.8 out of five stars on Amazon after over 47,000 reviews, this outdoor hammock from Wise Owl Outfitters is a fantastic gift for camping enthusiasts (even if they’re just camping in the backyard). While the hammock can support up to 400 pounds, it packs down to a surprisingly small size, making it ideal for transporting in a backpack. The 9-foot-long talon straps are length-adjustable, so you can set the hammock up in a wide variety of outdoor spaces.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 15


The Slim, No-Bulk Wallet That’s Surprisingly Spacious Inside

Despite its slim, minimalist profile, this faux leather wallet surprisingly holds a lot. Designed with seven card slots and a durable metal clip for a small stack of bills, the compact wallet holds all of the essentials without adding bulk your jacket or pair of pants. Choose from classic neutral shades of black and brown.

  • Available colors: 9


This Sleek Cocktail Shaker Set For The Aspiring Mixologist

Complete with a stainless steel shaker, jigger, and strainer, this cocktail making kit is great for anyone who wants to try their hand at mixology. For those who need a bit of inspiration, the sleek set is accompanied by a set of illustrated recipe cards with step-by-step instructions. Choose from four colors: silver, gold, rose gold, and black.

  • Available colors: 4


A Pair Of Wall-Mounted Racks For Organizing A Hat Collection

Know someone with an impressive hat collection? These stainless steel racks come with 20 S-shaped hooks for displaying baseball caps on any wall. You also get 10 clips that are designed to securely clamp onto cowboy hats, fedoras, beanies, and more. The two racks can be installed together or separately.

  • Available colors: Black, White


This 12-In-1 Multitool That’ll Come In Handy Again & Again

The best gifts are ones that your recipient will get a ton of use out of, such as this multitool with 12 different functions. The ingenious little tool acts as a hammer, pliers, utility knife, bottle opener, screwdriver, and more. Made from hardened stainless steel, this compact tool comes with a carrying case that fits neatly on a belt loop.


A Triple-Insulated Can Cooler That Doubles As A Tumbler

Made of triple-insulated stainless steel, this handheld cooler keeps your 12-ounce cans of beer, soda, or seltzer ice cold while you sip. Even better, it also doubles as a tumbler on its own — just fill it with your favorite chilled beverage and secure the lid on top. Pick from over a dozen hues and patterns, including matte black, army green, and camouflage.

  • Available colors and patterns: 14


The Electric Toothbrush With 5 Unique Cleaning Modes

The gift of healthy, shiny teeth? Priceless. This electric toothbrush goes above and beyond by offering five different cleaning modes, and a built-in timer that vibrates at 30-second intervals — so you know exactly how long you should brush for. Also, you get a set of six replacement heads to keep those bristles feeling fresh.

  • Available colors: 10


An Easy-To-Install Ring Toss Game That Livens Up Any Gathering

Easy to set up on any wall with the included hardware, the Tiki Toss is a great way to liven up any family gathering or friend hangout. With a simple objective — to swing the ring and land it on the hook — the beach-inspired game is surprisingly fun. Play one on one, or separate your group into teams for some friendly competition.


This Sandalwood Beard Oil That Moisturizes & Strengthens

Formulated with hair-strengthening argan and jojoba oils, this conditioning treatment will leave any beard feeling smooth and soft. A few drops a day will also help moisturize dry, irritated patches of skin. As an added bonus, it has an earthy sandalwood scent that lingers lightly for hours after it’s applied.


The Aerating Bottle Attachment For Wine Aficionados

For those who appreciate a nice, robust glass of wine, this aerator attachment is a must-have. It infuses your beverage with the optimal amount of oxygen as you pour, bringing out the nuanced notes from any white or red. As an added bonus, the aerator is accompanied by a rubber stopper that seals up your uncorked bottle for maximum freshness.

  • Available colors and styles: 4


A 15-Piece Nail Trimming Set That’s Packed In A Portable Case

Equipped with clippers, scissors, tweezers, and more, this 15-piece nail-trimming set includes everything needed to keep fingernails and toenails in good shape. Each piece rests in the sleek faux leather organizer when not in use — and, since the case has a locking closure, this set is also incredibly easy to travel with and store.

  • Available colors: 7


This Portable Table Tennis Kit That Can Be Set Up Anywhere

Complete with a retractable net, two paddles, and four lightweight balls, this table tennis set turns any table or flat surface into an instant mini court. Simply clamp the extendable net’s brackets onto either side of the table, pick your teams, and get playing. All of the pieces can be packed away inside the included carrying case for easy portability.


The Small Tracking Tile That Keeps Tabs On The Most Important Items

When you gift someone with a Tile Mate tracker, what you’re really giving them is peace of mind. The small Bluetooth-enabled square can be hooked onto your keys, attached to your backpack, or slipped inside your wallet — once it’s paired with your smartphone, it’ll track the location of your important item up to 250 feet away. Or, for those who are constantly misplacing their phone, the Tile Mate can be pressed to set off their device’s ringer — even when it’s on silent.


A Digital Meat Thermometer That Takes The Guesswork Out Of Grilling

For those who love to grill or cook, this digital meat thermometer is a practical gift that takes the guesswork out of knowing when the meat is done. The large LCD screen displays the internal temperature of your food in a matter of seconds — simply stick the metal prong into your chicken, pork roast, or fish filet. Plus, the battery-powered gadget has a magnetic base, so you can easily store it on the fridge when not in use.

  • Available colors: Red/Black, Red/White


This Sturdy Little Phone Dock With Tons Of Rave Reviews

Made of lightweight yet sturdy aluminum, this phone stand keeps your device propped up while you watch TV, video chat with a family member, or scroll through a recipe. It has over 19,000 five-star ratings to its name — one reviewer raved, “This little dude is amazing! Comes very nicely packaged so it's awesome for gifts.” Not to mention, it’s compatible with all 4- to 8-inch smartphones, and even includes a slot at the bottom for a charging cable.

  • Available colors: 10


These Granite Stones That Chill Whiskey Without Removing The Bite

Perfect for the whiskey lover in your life, these granite cubes are designed to cool down distilled spirits without diluting them the way ice does. The six stones sit in a sleek wooden holder — place the entire set in your freezer for a few hours before serving. In addition to chilling your liquor, the cubes add a sophisticated look to any cocktail.

  • Available colors: 4


This Cool Wooden Organizer For Up To 50 Vinyl Records

Any analog music lover would appreciate this sleek wooden vinyl holder. With enough slots to accommodate up to 50 records, the tabletop shelf keeps your collection organized and easily accessible. A pair of acrylic panels keeps the albums from spilling out of the holder without covering up that cool artwork.

  • Available colors: 8


A Set Of Shatterproof Wine Glasses For Outdoor Sipping

Because they’re made of shatterproof stainless steel, these stemless wine glasses are perfect for accompanying you and your crew on your patio. Even better, the insulated walls will keep your beverage perfectly chilled. The set of four glasses comes in dozens of color options — from classic silver to cool ombré patterns.

  • Available colors and patterns: 26


The Convenient Vegetable Chopper That Cuts Down On Meal Prep Time

Whether it’s used for dicing onions or crushing tomatoes, this vegetable cutting tool will save any avid home chef valuable meal prep time. Equipped with three blades of different sizes, this convenient gadget allows you to slice through large pieces of produce with a single motion. The evenly chopped food collects in the bottom chamber, allowing you to easily transport it to your pan or baking dish.


This Space-Efficient Charging Station That Powers Up To 6 Devices At Once

Great for families or roommates, this charging dock allows you to power up to six devices — from smartphones to tablets — all at once. The space-saving unit also comes with three USB-C cords and three micro-USB cables, so you can begin charging right away. A set of removable plastic dividers keeps each device from toppling over one another.


This Pancake Batter Dispenser For Mess-Free Breakfasts

If you’re lucky enough to have a dad, S.O., or roommate who whips up pancakes on the regular, get them this handheld batter dispenser. With a single squeeze of the handle, you can control exactly how much batter is released onto your griddle — without any drips or mess. Pro tip: This kitchen gadget is also great for making other breakfast favorites, such as waffles and muffins.


A Roomy Laptop Backpack With A Built-In Charging Cable

Spacious enough to hold your laptop, this durable nylon backpack is a great gift for students, commuters, or avid travelers. It’s designed with helpful features such as a combination lock that adds an extra layer of security, as well as a built-in USB charging cable that can be paired with your power bank. A set of padded straps ensures that the pack is ultra-comfy on your shoulders, as well.

  • Available colors: Gray, Black, Blue


These Fiberglass Grill Mats That Are So Easy To Clean

These flexible grill mats allow you to achieve the smoky, fresh flavor of outdoor cooking without having to scrub greasy barbecue grates afterward. Withstanding temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, the nonstick mats are thin enough to leave grill marks intact while shielding your barbecue from drips. Even better, they’re easy to clean with just a bit of soap and water.


The Cooling Towel That Brings The Heat Down On Sweltering Days

If you know someone who loves hitting the gym or working outdoors, this cooling towel is a pretty amazing gift. The water-activated fibers provide cooling relief for up to two hours — just wet the towel, wring it out, and snap. Not to mention, this cool towel also offers UPF-50 sun protection when you drape it around your neck, and packs up into a small pouch for portability.

  • Available colors: 9


This Rotating Remote Control Caddy That Should Be In Every Living Room

What living room wouldn’t benefit from this rotating remote control caddy? Made of sleek faux leather, the tabletop organizer is designed with multiple compartments for your TV remote, tablet, video game controller, and more. It comes in over a dozen different shades and textures, including rustic brown and classic black.

  • Available colors and patterns: 17


The Backlighting That Upgrades A Home Entertainment Setup

Here’s a gift your loved one never knew they needed — a self-adhesive LED light strip that affixes to the back of their TV monitor. Plugging directly into your TV’s USB port, the lights illuminate the space behind your screen, creating better contrast and a more vibrant picture. An in-line control allows you to easily adjust the brightness to your liking.

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large


These Color-Coded Labels That Organize Cords

Useful and practical, this set of color-coded tags is the key to organizing any power strip, whether it’s under your desk or in back of your TV. Complete with 36 pieces in a full spectrum of hues, the Velcro cable labels allow you to know exactly which plug leads where. Simply write the name of the corresponding appliance on the tag and attach it to the base of the cord.


A No-Bounce Running Pouch That Offers Compact Storage For Essentials

Keeping one’s wallet, keys, and phone close by while running is a must — and the Running Buddy pouch provides just enough space for important items without adding too much bulk. It attaches to the waist, and has a strong magnetic closure for easy access. Plus, the pouch comes in multiple sizes, so you can pick one that will accommodate the exact dimensions of your recipient’s smartphone.

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large


This Memory Foam Seat Cushion That Makes Any Chair Ergonomic

Made out of thick, curved memory foam, this seat cushion helps provide lower back pain relief and encourages better posture overall. The lightweight pillow is also easily portable with a built-in handle, so your recipient can use it in the office, the car, or even at a sporting event.

  • Available colors: 4


These Lightweight Luggage Cubes That Make Packing So Much Easier

Any frequent traveler would benefit from this set of packing cubes. Lightweight yet durable, they allow you to organize your luggage while keeping your suitcase tidy. A transparent window on the top panel allows you to view your clothes without having to zip it open. This pack of five cubes is designed to hold enough for a two-week vacation.

  • Available colors: 10


A Cold Brew Coffee Maker For Caffeine Enthusiasts

Once your loved one discovers how easy it is to make delicious cold brew at home, they may stop going to the coffee shop altogether. This thick glass carafe is designed with an ultra-fine mesh filter that infuses your water with your favorite grounds in as little as eight hours. A sturdy handle and built-in spout makes pouring a glass a breeze. Plus, a bonus scoop and funnel ensure the cold brew-making process is mess-free.


Some Elegant Whiskey Glasses With A Unique, Twisted Design

These elegant whiskey glasses are perfect for someone who enjoys the finer things in life — and they’re surprisingly wallet-friendly. Designed with a twisted base, the artful glasses add a unique touch to any bar cart. Multiple reviewers reported that they have a pleasantly heavyweight feel, making them easy to hold while sipping.


The Garden Hose Nozzle With 8 Different Spray Patterns

Know someone who loves to garden? This hose nozzle will make their life so much easier. It’s equipped with eight different spraying functions, including shower, mist, and stream settings. The flow of water is easily started by pulling the front trigger, which fits comfortably in your hand as you move throughout your garden. The attachment is compatible with all U.S. standard garden hoses — just twist the metal end into the bottom of the nozzle.


This Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker That Can Go In The Shower

Your favorite tunes make any activity more enjoyable — even something as routine as taking a shower. This portable Bluetooth speaker is fully waterproof, and it even includes a strap for hanging it on your shower hook. The hard-wearing construction means you can bring it just about anywhere else, too — from the beach to the campground.

  • Available colors: 6


A Cordless Beard Trimmer For Anyone Who Rocks Facial Hair

Equipped with three different sizes of attachment heads, this cordless beard trimmer makes grooming oh-so easy. The USB-rechargeable unit has a one-touch power button located on the bottom. The heads can be swapped out depending on the desired look, and fine lines can be cleaned up with the included straight-edge razor.


This Set Of Waterproof Playing Cards With A Durable Feel

Unlike a flimsy pack of conventional playing cards, these waterproof cards are designed to stand up to shuffling, bending, and even accidental spills — and you can even take them in the pool. Their slightly textured surface ensures they won’t slip out of the hand, while the silver and gold symbols add a sophisticated touch to the all-black set.


The Light-Up Chopsticks That Turn Dinner Into A Jedi Battle

Star Wars fans are sure to appreciate this whimsical gift — a pair of light-up chopsticks that look like lightsabers. The battery-powered utensils transform a simple meal into an opportunity for Jedi training. Might I suggest picking up a second pair so you can battle it out over the last of the noodles?

  • Available colors and styles: 8


A Nonstick Panini Press For Melty, Toasted Sandwiches

Know a sandwich aficionado? This panini press is for them; it makes tuna melts, Reubens, and good old grilled cheeses — in just five minutes. The nonstick copper plates toast bread to perfection, and the diagonal indentations make slicing afterward a breeze. It cleans up with just a damp cloth, so lunch is a low-effort affair.


This Cult-Favorite Cream For Dry, Cracked Hands

Those who constantly work with their hands are likely no stranger to dry, cracked skin. This nourishing hand cream from O’Keeffe’s is formulated to instantly boost moisture levels, while also creating a protective layer that keeps skin from drying out in the future. It boasts a 4.7-star overall rating after over 67,000 reviews, with reviewers who have raved over its next-level soothing properties.


These “Magical” Flame Packets That Add Colorful Hues To A Fire

There’s nothing like a good novelty gift, especially when it’s something as cool as these “magical” flame packets. Each one can be tossed directly into your fireplace or campfire — then you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the show. The packets slowly release vibrant hues into your flames, creating a spectacular display of rainbow colors.


The Durable Seat Cover That Protects Vehicles From Dirt & Dog Hair

Bringing Fido along in the car can be a fun adventure, but no one wants to see their back seat covered in dog hair, dirt, and claw marks. This hard-wearing cover is made out of waterproof 600-denier Oxford fabric, repelling scratches and stains with ease. It hooks onto your car seat’s headrests, creating a hammock that helps keep your dog safe while you drive around.

  • Available sizes: Standard, X-Large
  • Available colors: 6


A Tabletop Phone Stand With A Built-In Bluetooth Speaker

Thanks to this tabletop phone stand, your loved one can watch their favorite movies and TV shows anywhere — or take video calls with better audio. The sturdy stand is designed with a built-in Bluetooth speaker, amplifying your phone for a better listening experience. You can adjust the dock’s angle to your liking — a nonslip silicone panel keeps your device in place.

  • Available colors: 8


This Highly Rated Mug That Keeps Coffee Piping Hot

Durable enough to stand up to the great outdoors, this insulated mug from YETI maintains the temperature of your beverage while protecting your hands from extreme temperatures — and it’s earned a 4.7-star overall rating after 10,000 reviews. A magnetic closure on the plastic lid allows for easy opening and closing, while also preventing any liquid from spilling out. It comes in two dozen different hues, so there’s something for every taste.

  • Available colors: 24


A Travel Cocktail Kit That Makes A Mean Old Fashioned

If you know someone who loves a good craft drink, this mini cocktail kit will make their day. Minus the whiskey, it comes with everything you need to make six Old Fashioneds: lemon zest, bitters, sugar cubes, and a bar muddler. The travel-size design means it’s perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time in hotels, but it’s also ideal for anyone experimenting with at-home cocktail-making.


A 2-Pack Of Mini Flashlights Made From Military-Grade Aluminum

Pretty much indestructible, these mini flashlights are made from military-grade aluminum, and can withstand water and drops up to 10 feet. Despite their sturdy design, each flashlight measures just 4 inches long — perfect for stashing in a jacket pocket. Gift this to anyone that wants to be prepared for camping, power outages, or DIY projects that require some quality illumination.


This Handheld Vacuum That Clears Crumbs & Dirt From The Car

It’s nearly impossible to keep your car free of dirt, crumbs, and dust — which is why this handheld vacuum makes such a brilliant gift. It plugs directly into your car’s 12-volt outlet, with a 16-foot power cord that lets you reach all of your vehicle’s crevices. The set also includes three detachable heads for hard-to-reach spaces, all of which can be packed away in the included carrying case.


A Milk Frother That Whips Up Clouds Of Fluffy Foam In Seconds

An amazing cappuccino or tea latte doesn’t have to come from a coffee shop — in fact, it can be made right at home. This handheld milk frother whips up clouds of fluffy foam in just seconds, giving every mug of homemade coffee or hot cocoa a special touch. It doesn’t just help you make cafe-style beverages, either — you can also use it to mix a protein shake or whisk eggs for an omelet.

  • Available colors: 6


This Neck Reading Light That Doesn’t Disturb Anyone Else’s Sleep

For when someone wants to squeeze in a few extra pages before bed, this flexible reading light is priceless. With flexible silicone arms that drape around the neck, the adjustable LED light shines down directly onto the book without disturbing anyone trying to catch some shut-eye. For this reason, it’s also great to bring along on a flight.


The Smart Light Bulb For The Fan Of Cool Tech Gadgets

Giving a high-tech gift doesn’t have to cost a fortune — case in point? This smart light bulb from Kasa. The color-changing bulb pairs with any Amazon Alexa or Google assistant device, giving you the ability to control the brightness and hue with a simple voice command. Or, if your recipient would rather, they can adjust any settings or create timed schedules using the accompanying Kasa mobile app.


These Metal Shoehorns That Keeps Kicks Looking New

Not only does this metal shoehorn make it easier to slip boots and loafers on your feet without straining, it also keeps your shoes looking newer for longer. The curved stick holds the ankle collar taut as you slip your shoe on, helping to prevent any bending or crumpling. As an added bonus, your loved one will also receive a smaller, travel-size shoehorn to bring along on business trips and vacations.


This Shower Mirror That Won’t Fog Up In The Steam

With powerful suction cups that attach it to your bathroom wall, this compact mirror makes it easy to get a close shave in the shower. And the best part? It has an anti-fog coating, so you get a clear view while shaving. The mirror can be adjusted to get just the right angle — plus, a built-in razor rack keeps your shaving tool readily on hand. Choose from sleek silver, crisp white, and classic black frame options.

  • Available colors and styles: 4


A Stainless Steel Ice Bucket For Chilling Beer & Champagne

Constructed from sleek, durable stainless steel, this insulated ice bucket is equal parts sophisticated and functional. Perfect for chilling beer, champagne, or white wine, the bucket keeps your ice cubes frozen solid for hours. A built-in strainer at the bottom separates melted runoff from your ice, while the convenient handle makes it easy to carry the bucket from room to room. You even get a pair of tongs for effortless serving.


The Gel-Infused Pillows That Are The Perfect Thickness

When it comes to sleeping, the right pillow can make a world of difference. Made with plush gel fibers, these bed pillows provide a soft and supportive night’s sleep — one reviewer raved, “The best pillows I’ve ever bought. I’ve been searching for a pillow that gave my head and neck the support I needed and I finally found one. I fall asleep on my side and usually wake up on my back and this pillow is comfortable in either position. I highly recommend it!” Not too thick and not too thin, the pillows are covered in soft cotton for lots of breathability.

  • Available sizes: Standard, Queen, King


A Pair Of Triple-Insulated Water Bottles That Come In Cool Colors & Patterns

With designs ranging from ombré to marble to wood grain, these stainless steel water bottles are anything but boring. The triple-insulated walls keep hot beverages warm for up to 12 hours and cold drinks chilled for up to 24 hours. And, since you get two bottles in a set, so you could even keep one for yourself.

  • Available colors and patterns: 10


This Airtight Coffee Canister That Keeps Beans Fresh

Any at-home coffee enthusiast knows how important it is to brew with fresh beans. This airtight canister ensures that freshness, thanks to a tight seal and a CO2 valve. Plus, a built-in date tracker on the lid is a good reminder of how old the beans are. The stainless steel jar also features a convenient scoop that’s stored on the side.

  • Available colors: Blue, Red, Silver


The Silicone Popcorn Maker That Doesn’t Need Any Butter Or Oil

When it comes to snack-time convenience, it doesn’t get much better than this silicone popcorn popper. The microwave-safe bowl doesn’t require any butter or oil — just some kernels and your desired seasonings. Plus, it collapses flat when not in use, so it’s a great gift for anyone with limited shelf space.

  • Available colors and styles: 20


A Knife-Sharpening Tool That Keeps Blades In Great Shape

Avid home chefs will appreciate this small but indispensable gift — a countertop knife sharpener. Suited for dull blades that have lost their edge as well as sharp knives that just need some touching up, the compact gadget proves its usefulness over and over again. The tungsten carbide sharpener works with nearly any knife, including serrated blades.

  • Available colors: 4


This Comfy Lap Desk For Working Anywhere

Thanks to its dual bolster cushions, this lap desk allows your recipient to work in comfort virtually anywhere. It’s thoughtfully designed with a mouse pad and smart phone slot, as well as a carrying handle at the top for easy portability. In addition to this sleek silver design, there are aesthetically appealing marble and wood-grain styles to pick from, too.

  • Available colors and styles: 6


The Ice Cream Maker That’ll Satisfy Any Sweet Tooth

Is anything sweeter than receiving the gift of homemade ice cream? With a retro-inspired design, the Americana Collection ice cream maker makes whipping up a batch of ice cream hassle-free — and fun. After bringing together a few simple ingredients, simply pour the mixture into the frozen churning base and wait for your delectable treat to thicken. This is truly one gift that keeps on giving.


A Hanging Closet Organizer For A Collection Of Belts & Ties

Featuring 12 individual metal hooks, this hanging organizer keeps belts and ties tidy and easy to access. The hooks are fastened to a sturdy wooden bar that fits over a closet rod, keeping any accessories up and off the floor. This ingenious storage solution has an average score of 4.7 out of five stars on Amazon after 2,000 ratings, with several customers praising its slim, sturdy design.


This Luggage Tag With A Personalized Touch

A customized gift — such as this monogrammed luggage tag — is such a thoughtful gesture. Made of flexible yet sturdy rubber, the tag securely attaches to your bag with a stainless steel loop, and features a brightly colored initial that makes it easy to spot on the baggage carousel. There’s even a panel for your recipient to write their name and contact information in case their luggage gets misplaced.

  • Available styles: 24


A Pop-Up Lantern That Seriously Comes In Handy

This USB-rechargeable lantern is entirely collapsible, packing down to a portable size when not in use. Perfect for everything from camping trips to late-night study sessions, the small but mighty lantern sheds plenty of light wherever you might be. There’s even a manual hand crank that powers up the lamp in the case of an emergency.

  • Available colors: 4


This Complete Skin-Care Set Formulated For Sensitive Skin

Skin care can be overwhelming, especially when someone doesn’t know where to start. Luckily, you can make your loved one’s life easier by gifting this set of soothing essentials from Nivea Men. It’s complete with face wash, body wash, lotion, shave gel, and even a foot wash — all of which are formulated with sensitive skin in mind. The products come in a zip-top travel case for easy portability.