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15 National Best Friend Day Memes To Send To Your Group Chat

Like a valentine to the person who never ignores your DMs.

by Chelsey Grasso and Courtney Young
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National Best Friends Day is here again. When the clock strikes June 8, the marathon begins — you have 24 hours to celebrate your bestie. If you need a little help putting your relationship into words, let the internet do it for you. Sometimes, a viral tweet or TikTok trend can say more than words — and what better way to tell your bestie, “I appreciate you,” than through a SpongeBob meme?

As June 8 approaches, it’s important to remember that best friends are the backbone of society (read: the internet). They are the people who actually watch every TikTok you send them, even though they haven’t downloaded the app. They are the people who can decode which emojis you use ironically and unironically. They are the people who will share Instagram posts unpacking the latest Real Housewives of Beverly Hills drama even though they only watch RHONJ.

On TikTok, best friends are celebrated daily, not annually. The tag #bestie has more than 25 billion views, with hundreds of thousands of videos of users invoking the spirit of their besties on fake Facetime calls, imaginary funerals, and satirical kidnappings. For the internet age, the ultimate romance happens between a pair of besties who share an algorithm.

This year, don’t let National Best Friends Day pass without showing your besties some love in the internet’s native tongue, the meme. Scroll on for the internet’s most relatable, and hilarious, best friend memes to share with the group chat this year.

For the bestie on the other side of the couch. Like, way over there.

For the bestie whose enemies are your enemies.

For the bestie sending GIFs in the side chat during the team meeting.

For the bestie in a different time zone, whose morning coffee matches your lunch break.

For the bestie talking about that movie again. (It’s me, I’m bestie).

For the only bestie you need — quality over quantity, right?

For the bestie who’s never met your boss but knows their star sign, leadership style, and hometown.

For the bestie who knows everything.

For the bestie who always picks up.

For the “life of the party” bestie.

For the bestie who shares your sense of humor.

For the competitive bestie.

For the bestie who always gives you something to talk about.

For the bestie whose job you just can’t explain.

For the bestie who can validate any purchase.

Whether it’s a work bestie, a long distance BFF, or a beloved friendship held together by Instagram DMs, take a moment to show some love on National Best Friends Day.

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