13 Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Make For St. Patrick's Day 2022

Step away from the green beer.

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Green non-alcoholic mocktail for St. Patrick's Day 2022.
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Picture this: A few years ago, it was a surprising 60 degrees in Chicago on St. Patrick’s Day, so a few friends and I decided to take advantage of it. I’m sure you can just imagine how terrible we all felt the next day... and ever since then, I’ve avoided heading back down that road by drinking non-alcoholic drinks on St. Patrick’s Day. Similarly, the rise of sober curious individuals who prefer mocktails over booze is steadily trending upward, so it makes sense to have some non-alcoholic options in mind during such a big drinking holiday like St. Patrick’s Day. This list of non-alcoholic St. Patrick’s Day drinks are a great place to start.

One of the biggest challenges of opting out of alcohol on St. Patrick’s Day is avoiding any drinks with whiskey or Irish cream. Because although those things are delicious, if you’re trying to stay away from the alcohol, then it may be hard to have a specific St. Patrick’s Day mocktail that is iconic as an Irish whiskey. Knowing this, there are several ways to get creative.

Some of these drinks fit the theme of the occasion by being bright green in color. But other ones are just fun mocktails to try. This list includes tons of different spritzers, a Shamrock Shake copycat recipe, and even a virgin margarita.

So if you’re looking to cut out drinking this St. Patrick’s Day, or even just try something new, her are a few mocktails to try:

Pear & Thyme Spritzer

This recipe does have you making a thyme simple syrup if you want to get fancy in the kitchen.

Spicy Cucumber Mocktail

For a super refreshing drink with an added kick, this spicy cucumber number is the way to go.

Cold Brew Irish Coffee

Accomplish that Irish coffee taste minus the booze.

Kiwi Mocktail

The bright green color of this Kiwi Mocktail is totally festive with a fresh flavor.

Cucumber Basil Sparkling Lemonade

The basil gives this mocktail an herby flavor you’ll love.

St. Paddy’s Surprise

The use of non-alcoholic gin makes for a botanical taste without the next-day recovery.

Matcha Mojito Mocktail

Matcha lovers will be all over the “mojito” that can be made with whatever matcha powder you have on hand.

Green Apple No-Jito

No rum needed for this green apple “no-jito.”

Green Tea Sangria Mocktail

If you’re hosting friends for St. Patty’s, this big batch of green tea sangria will do the trick.

Mint Juleps

This mint julep is made with a “spiritless” bourbon that offers a familiar taste.

Copycat Shamrock Shake

Keep it sweet by making your own Shamrock Shakes at home.

Minty Mango Mocktail

For people who prefer fruitier options, this minty mango mocktail has a little bit of everything.

Non-Alcoholic Margarita

Margaritas are a crowd favorite, and people online have found ways to make them at home minus the alcohol with special ingredients like non-alcoholic agave reserve, a splash of pickle juice, or even a dash of apple cider vinegar.

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