Professional Cleaners Say You Could Make Your Home Look A Hell Of A Lot Better With Any Of These Genius Tricks

Your place is about to sparkle and shine.

Written by Claire Epting
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If you’ve been putting off getting down and dirty with your chores, worry not — there are plenty of genius housekeeping hacks that are so easy and don’t cost a lot of money. Even better, they’re backed by professional cleaners who have all sorts of experience tackling household messes, large and small. Whether you want to restore the shine of your wooden floors and furniture, or scrape off that stubborn grease from your stovetop, the experts swear by these clever cleaning things that make your living space look so much better.


Invest In A Microfiber Cloth That Deep Cleans So Many Things

“Our rags are our most important tools,” says Erika Sheridan, owner of The Cleanest House in Denver, Colorado. Her pro advice? “Invest in some thick microfiber rags and use two to three light spritzes of water or a glass cleaner on both sides of a dry, clean rag to use on all glass, mirrors and objects that need polishing like picture frames and vases.” This deep-cleaning cloth is extra thick and big, and works to absorb dust and dirt from your household surfaces with minimal effort. Not to mention, it’s machine-washable, so you can use it over and over again.


Use A Natural Wood Cleaner To Give Floors & Furniture A Lustrous Shine

Ready to clean wood floors and furniture? “Take a terry cloth rag and get it pretty wet with water and add a drop of Murphy's Wood Cleaner, or spray the wet rag down with furniture polish,” Sheridan advises. Murphy’s oil soap is Sheridan’s go-to for a reason: The 98% naturally derived formula safely cleans wood floors and furniture while restoring their shine. A little goes a long way, so a single bottle will last you a long time.


Tackle The Floors With This Highly Rated 2-In-1 Mop

“For the middle part of the floor, use a Bona mop or something similar with a clean but wet mop head,” Sheridan says. A reviewer favorite as well, Bona’s microfiber mop has an extra-large head that’s safe to use on hardwood and other hard-surface floors. You get both a machine-washable wet pad as well as a fluffy dusting pad, allowing you to achieve immaculate floors with just one cleaning tool. Pair this mop with whichever cleaner is suitable for your floor, but Sheridan advises that “less product is more” — too much liquid, and your floors will be left with streaky residue.


Use A Plant-Based Floor Cleaning Solution That Smells Amazing

If you’re not sure which floor cleaner to use, Sheridan recommends a favorite: this ultra-concentrated cleaner mixed with hot water. It’s formulated with natural, plant-based ingredients and essential oils, which work together to remove dirt, grime, and stains. Plus, it boasts the signature Thieves scent — an inviting blend of lemon, clove, and rosemary. According to Sheridan, the key is to “dilute like crazy” to prevent an excess of product left behind on your floors.


Scrape Burnt Food Crust Off Glass Stovetops With This Tool

“Cleaning glass stovetops is a problem area for many,” says TikTok cleaning expert, former professional housekeeper, and Clorox spokesperson Vanesa Amaro. “My go-to method to tackle the crust from cooking spills and splatters is to use a dual-sided scraper to lift the crust up before spraying and wiping down the surface with a degreaser.” This scraper tool kit comes with two double-ended tools — one side features a metal blade, while the other is plastic. You also get a long-handled scraper that allows you to access hard-to-reach crevices where there may be food buildup. Besides your stove, these scrapers are also super helpful for removing paint from your walls when you’re doing renovations.


Degrease & Polish Your Glass Stovetop With This Fan-Favorite Kit

Following Amaro’s advice for cleaning glass stovetops, you can use this cooktop cleaner kit — complete with disinfectant spray and a bottle of cleaner-slash-polish. Both formulas are designed to cut through the stubborn grease on your glass cooktop, removing burned-on food without scratching up the smooth surface. Combined with the mini scrapers, your stove will look spotless in no time.


Squeegee Your Shower Walls To Prevent Hard Water Buildup

“If your shower is prone to hard water stains and soap scum, one easy way to prevent buildup is by squeegeeing your shower walls dry after use,” says Amaro. This stainless steel squeegee has the benefit of looking sharp and sophisticated as well as being functional. Take your pick from one of four sleek finishes: silver, brass, bronze, and black. Not to mention, the cleaning tool stores easily on your wall with a set of adhesive, waterproof hooks.

  • Available sizes: 10 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches
  • Available colors: 4


Add Clorox To A Vase To Keep Flowers Fresh For Longer

While you might be familiar with Clorox concentrated bleach for whitening your clothes or cleaning the bathtub, Amaro explains that it has another unexpected purpose. “I love having fresh flowers in my home, and one of my favorite hacks to keep them fresher longer is to add a few drops of Clorox disinfecting bleach to the vase water!” she explains. A little goes a long way — all you need is a quarter-teaspoon of bleach per one-third gallon of water. Since each jug is generously sized, you’ll have plenty left over for the rest of your household tasks.


Scrub With A Melamine Sponge To Remove Soap Scum & Tough Stains

“My most favorite product for bathroom cleaning is a white foam sponge,” says Irina Nikiforova, owner of Rocket Maids in Los Angeles. “It not only helps in the bathroom to clean soap scum and tough stains, it also is useful in the kitchen to clean walls and baseboards.” These melamine cleaning sponges will help you tackle the dirt and grime that accumulates along your shower, sink, and stove — and many other surfaces, too. Even better, the sponges don’t require any harsh cleaning fluids to work — just a little bit of water will suffice. You get 20 sponges in a pack for a wallet-friendly price.


Scour The Oven With These Pumice Sticks — & Use Them In The Bathroom, Too

“When it comes to cleaning an oven, the most helpful tool is a scouring stick,” informs Nikiforova. “It will remove some tough spots that can’t be cleaned with oven cleaner.” Made out of natural pumice stone, these handheld scrubbing sticks can’t be beat for removing cooked-on residue from your oven. They’re also incredibly useful for removing hard water stains from your tub or toilet — just wet whichever surface you’re working on before you start to scrub.


Use This All-Purpose Cleanser On Sinks, Showers & Countertops

Barkeeper’s Friend is another great, versatile, and safe product to use in the kitchen or bathroom,” says Nikiforova. She uses it on stainless steel sinks, and says that it’s also “great for removing any kind of stains from quartz or tile countertops.” The soft cleanser from Barkeeper’s Friend has earned a stellar 4.-7-star overall rating after 5,000 reviews on Amazon.


Eliminate Pet Odors With This Enzymatic Spray That Breaks Down Stains

Nikiforova is a pet owner, which is why she recommends picking up this odor-eliminating enzymatic cleaner in the case of an indoor accident. “I love Angry Orange not only because it’s so strong that it can fight pet’s urine, but it also leaves homes smelling like an orange orchard!” she says. In addition to urine, Angry Orange’s fast-acting formula also tackles pet vomit and feces. And, once it dries, it’s entirely pet-safe.


Remove Pet Hair With These Reviewer-Approved Sticky Rollers

If your pet has short, coarse hair, Nikiforova recommends using sticky lint rollers to clean your furniture — her preferred brand is Scotch-Brite, which reviewers have given a 4.6-star overall rating on Amazon. Each roller is equipped with 300 adhesive sheets that lift the stray fur from your couches, bedspread, and even your clothes. The sheets tear away easily and cleanly, so you can use several in one cleaning session.


Scrub The Shower With These Brushes That Attach To Your Cordless Drill

“Cleaning the bathtub and showers can be a real chore, especially when there's built-up grime and soap scum,” says Ryan Knoll, owner of Tidy Casa in Phoenix. “Instead of using more elbow grease, the job becomes a lot easier by using a brush bit for a drill.” Indeed, these scrubbing brushes can be attached directly to the head of your power drill, and each of the three brushes in the set is a different shape, allowing you to tackle a variety of projects with ease. Plus, with the extra pressure from the drill, you may not even need to use any extra cleaning products to get the job done.

  • Available colors: 5


Load Dirty Plates Into The Dishwasher Instead Of Leaving Them In The Sink

“In the kitchen, tucking your dirty dishes into the dishwasher can do wonders for making your home look clean,” says Katrina Keith, owner of Molly Maid in Dallas-Fort Worth. If you share your home with others, this reversible magnet gives everyone a heads up on whether the kitchenware inside the dishwasher is dirty or clean. Featuring an elegant handwritten font, it’s a much more aesthetically pleasing option than using a sticky note. For those with non-magnetic washing machines, you can use the included self-adhesive magnetic pad to mount the sign.


Keep Your Kitchen Counters Free Of Clutter

“No matter how clean your house may be, too much clutter can be a distraction,” says Keith. “Keep the counters clutter free to make your home look cleaner!” An easy way to start? Get these tall food canisters that look so much nicer than a bunch of random boxes filling up your cupboard or countertop. Each one comes with an airtight lid that ensures your dry goods stay fresh for as long as possible. Plus, a set of chalkboard labels allows you to better organize your containers.


Create Extra Space For Condiments, Snacks & Spices

One place you might never have thought to keep your spices and condiments? The back of your pantry door. These clear pocket organizers feature three sturdy metal hooks that hang over the door, creating extra storage space that’s hidden from view — perfect for reducing clutter even further. Each pocket organizer has 15 individual slots that are just the right size for your jars, bottles, and snacks.


Neutralize Household Odors With These Bamboo Charcoal Bags

“A fresh-smelling room is a sign of a clean home,” Keith says. “You should work to neutralize common household odors instead of covering them up.” So instead of reaching for that heavily fragranced mist, try these bamboo charcoal deodorizers instead. Each pouch contains nothing but ultra-absorbent charcoal — place them in your fridge, your gym bag, and your shoes to soak up any unpleasant smells. A metal ring at the top of the pouch even allows you to hang it in your closet or car.


Light A Scented Candle To Add Inviting Atmosphere To Your Space

Once you’ve eliminated the bad odors from your home, Keith recommends adding a light scent to set your desired mood. This hand-poured soy wax candle comes in dozens of enticing fragrance options, ranging from spiced vanilla to ocean breeze and fresh linen. “Try spices and sugary scents for a warm and welcoming ambiance, or clean and airy scents for a calm and inviting atmosphere,” Keith suggests. Not to mention, the streamlined, minimalist vessel looks lovely on any coffee table or shelf.

  • Available scents: 33


Tackle Spills & Stains The Moment They Happen

“Tackle spill and stains ASAP,” says Toby Schulz, CEO and cofounder of Australian housecleaning service Maid2Match. “The longer you let something sit, the more it’ll seep into fibers or settle onto surfaces, which makes it harder to clean off.” That’s why it’s a good idea to keep this stain treater spray on hand — it works on fruit juice, baby food, ketchup, and even ink. The water-based, fragrance-free formula is safe for most carpets, upholstery, and linens. Just spritz the stain as soon as you notice it, blot, and rinse.


Clean The Smaller Stuff Before Dirt Buildup Gets Out Of Control

“Remember the smaller stuff,” advises Schulz. “If you keep telling yourself you don’t need to clean these areas yet, you’ll risk things building up and becoming more difficult to tackle later on.” For example, if your sink fixtures need some attention, or your grout lines are caked with grime, it may be time to clean them with this handheld power scrubber from Rubbermaid. With an oscillating brush head that rotates 60 times per second, the small but mighty tool clears away crud from your home’s tight crevices. A textured, anti-slip grip ensures the tool stays securely in your hand.


Descale Faucets, Showerheads & Kettles With This Solution

Your faucet, showerhead, kettle, and small appliances can all develop limescale and mineral buildup over time. Luckily, this universal descaling solution can restore them to their original shiny condition. The professional-grade decalcifier uses sulfamic acid to break up the tough mineral deposits, which can even help your appliances run more efficiently.


Perform Detail Work On Window Tracks, Blinds & So Much More

Your regular brushes and dusters may not be able to reach the narrow corners of your home, but this set of detail tools can. Complete with multiple brushes, two narrow scrubbing sponges, and a blind duster, this kit is ideal for touching up those tiny crevices along your windows, shelves, and appliances.


Label Items To Bring Order To Your Pantry & Storage Areas

“The best way to organize and maintain an organized space is to have a designated place for every item,” says Jennifer Rodriguez, Chief Hygiene Officer at booking agency Pro Housekeepers. “If memory is not your greatest strength, try using labels.” This set of chalkboard labels includes a variety of different shapes and sizes — 96 in total. With a self-adhesive backing, they’re perfect for sticking on your canisters of coffee, tea, sugar, flour, and more. Not to mention, the labels are completely reusable — the liquid chalk marker wipes cleanly off with a damp towel.


Organize Kitchen & Desk Drawers With This 25-Piece Tray Set

“Use drawer organizers for office supplies, toys, kitchen [supplies], and small pieces of clothes,” says Rodriguez. “This trick will help you take advantage of space and reduce clutter, giving an aesthetic look.” This collection of plastic trays fits neatly inside your drawers, maximizing the amount of objects you can store inside them. You get 25 trays in a set, in a variety of square and rectangular shapes. In addition, the drawer organizers come with sticky rubber feet that keep them securely in place.


Tidy Up Kitchen & Dresser Drawers With These Extendable Dividers

If you prefer the natural look and feel of bamboo wood, these drawer dividers are an excellent choice. And, since they extend from 17.5 inches to 22 inches, they’re suitable for a wide range of drawers. Use them to organize your cooking utensils, folded shirts, tools, or anything else you might find strewn about. Thanks to the scratch-resistant pads on either end, you can rest assured they won’t damage the insides of your drawers, either.

  • Available colors: Natural, Gray, White


Make Any Room More Organized With These Stackable Cubes

These fabric cubes serve so many different purposes: They can hold spare blankets in the closet, books in the living room, toys in the playroom, and so much more. You can even stack the bins on top of one another to maximize your space. Plus, they have convenient handles, and when the cubes aren’t in use, they fold down flat for compact storage.

  • Available colors: 6


Tidy Your Space With These Floating Wall Shelves

“For tidying, we recommend the use of vertical shelving, wall-mounted shelves or hooks, and desk organizers!” says Adam Moore, president and owner of Paradise Cleaners in Toronto, Ontario. Moore’s personal favorite is a set of floating shelves, because they have a “slick” look that elevates your living space. Available in black, brown, gray, and white, the wooden shelves install easily with the included screws and drywall anchors. Each one holds up to 11 pounds, so they’re perfect for displaying multiple picture frames, houseplants, or other knickknacks.

  • Available colors: Espresso, Gray, Walnut, White


Mount Some Sleek Hooks To Your Wall For Extra Storage

Following Moore’s advice, these floating wall hooks are a space-effective way to add storage to any room or hallway. Made of stainless steel, the self-adhesive hooks have a sleek, lustrous finish that lends a sophisticated feel to your home. They’re designed to hold up to 15 pounds apiece, so you can hang your towels, purses, jackets, and dog leashes with ease.

  • Available colors: Silver, Black


Declutter Your Shower With These Sturdy Shelves

Paulo Filho, owner of Celestial Cleaning Service in San Francisco, recommends leaning into home organizing tricks such as this pair of wall-mounted shower caddies that boast a near-perfect 4.8-star overall rating on Amazon. “We've seen this mostly in our clients' homes and loved the idea about organizing the shower,” he says. Made of rust-resistant stainless steel, the shelves are easy to install on your tile wall with the included strong adhesive strips. Each caddy holds up to 40 pounds, so feel free to load them up with your shampoo, conditioner, soap, and shaving cream. A set of four movable hooks provides a spot for your loofahs, brushes, and washcloths.

  • Available colors: Black, Bronze, Brown


Keep Your Closet Shelves In Shape With These Slide-On Dividers

A shelf divider like this one by CY craft “saves us a lot of headache as it keeps our tiny but tidy closet in shape,” says Filho. Featuring a chic-looking clear acrylic material, each divider slides right onto your closet shelf and stays securely in place. Use them to separate sweaters, blankets, purses, books, or any other items you like to stow away for safekeeping. They’re available in black, white, and clear.


Get A Streak-Free Shine On Windows With This Highly Rated Glass Cleaner

To wipe down glass surfaces, Diana Rodriguez-Zaba, president of cleaning and disaster restoration company ServiceMaster of Lake Shore in Chicago, recommends using Hope’s Perfect Glass. “This glass cleaner not only leaves glass and mirrors streak-free, but it also cuts down on cleaning time significantly by eliminating the need to go over surfaces multiple times,” she explains. The ammonia-free formula is safe for a variety of household surfaces, including tinted windows and smartphone screens. No matter what you use it on, you can rest assured there won’t be any residue left behind.


Add Extra Kitchen Storage With This Under-Shelf Pantry Organizer

“These sliding pantry organizers are a fantastic addition to any household, allowing for easy access to your essentials,” says Rodriguez-Zaba. Made from sturdy steel wire, the drawer securely latches onto your cabinet shelf. Rodriguez-Zaba adds, “Their compact design also makes them a great fit for kitchen cabinets where space is limited.” Not to mention, a rectangular plate on the front allows you to add your own label to maximize organization. The basket comes in two finishes: shiny chrome and matte black.

  • Available colors: Chrome, Matte Black


Create More Closet Space With These Organizers That Stack Shoes

“Shoe slot organizers are a total game changer — they are adjustable and can accommodate almost any type of shoe, freeing up more shelf space for additional pairs,” says Rodriguez-Zaba. These stacking shoe slot organizers have four different height levels you can easily switch between, so they accommodate everything from sneakers to high heels. The top level has a textured surface that keeps your shoe in place when storing it at an angle. And for less than $40, you get 20 shoe slots for ample storage.


A Spacious Cleaning Caddy That’s Easy To Carry From Room To Room

“Having a cleaning caddy stocked with all your essential supplies — like an all-purpose cleaner, paper towels, and a scrub brush — can make cleaning faster and more efficient, since you won't have to constantly hunt down supplies as you go,” says Emma Rostron, General Manager at U.K. cleaning service One Less Thing. This particular storage caddy is great because it’s designed with a center handle that allows you to carry it with just one hand, and a divider that helps keep supplies upright. Store it in the hall closet or underneath the kitchen sink for convenient access.

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