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13 Selfie Instagram Caption Ideas That Exude Main Character Energy

Say cheese without being cheesy.

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Instagram selfie caption ideas
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From the days of craning your wrists to take a duck-faced selfie on a digital camera, to the ease of front-facing cameras, and back to cumbersome shots with the .5 selfie trend, the selfie is always evolving. Even in today’s ever-changing climate, the selfie is one of the few facets of social media that seems to have an eternal shelf life – at least, if you frame it correctly.

Sure, the 2010s Photobooth selfie with a Taylor Swift lyric edited onto it may be cringe nowadays, but it can also be camp. And that blurry selfie you tried to take at Coachella might be low-quality, but in a photo dump it’s the ultimate flex of your ironic sense of humor. When it comes to mastering the perfect self-aware selfie, a lot of it really comes down to the caption. Which, of course, can add some major pressure.

How do you say, “Here’s a picture of myself that I think I look good in,” while also trying to seem humble, but ultimately trying to announce that you’re in your main character era? What caption captures, “I hate being perceived,” while also saying, “Please perceive me”? If you’re struggling to sum up your selfie, here are some caption ideas to get you inspired.

Interrupting your scheduled programming…

Stop people’s scroll in its tracks with this bold caption.

It was this or another photo dump.

Take it or leave it.

Sent from my iPhone

A playful nod at the Mail app’s weird automated signature. (Bonus points if you don’t own an iPhone.)

Admin reveal

This one’s a bit more for the very online crowd, but nothing will bring a chuckle to your fellow meme-ers quite like pretending your Instagram is an anonymous meme page.

Behind every person’s selfie is approximately 37 nearly identical photos that didn't make the cut.

Every once in a while, you take one picture and it looks great, and you're happy. Most of the time, though, you end up overthinking something silly, take more photos, and then end up with a million pics that look almost identical to each other.

I no longer remember what I'm supposed to do when someone other than me takes my picture.

How do you pose if you're not posing for a selfie? What are the angles if you aren't holding a camera out in front of your face? Do we even know anymore?

The only thing that could stop me from taking selfies is a photo of what I look like when taking selfies.

Nothing says “candid” like picturing yourself in the ultimate moment of vulnerability.

Here's hoping I someday find someone who loves me as much as I love my selfies.

That is the type of love you deserve!

Be as picky with your lovers as you are with your selfies.

Honestly, why wouldn't you be?

You're only as old as your most recent selfie looks.

This is scientifically accurate.

No job is complete until the selfie is posted

It doesn't count if you don't take a selfie before, during, and after. Right? Right.

Confidence level: selfie with no filter

Filters are fun, and all, but sometimes it's so liberating to post a photo without one.

Life is short. Make each selfie fabulous.

Honestly, yes.

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