Starbucks Just Added A Pistachio Latte To Its Winter 2021 Lineup

It features Starbucks' signature espresso.

Starbucks' Winter Drinks 2021 Include A New Pistachio Latte
Courtesy Of Starbucks

With peppermint mochas and pumpkin spice lattes officially behind us, Starbucks is adding a Pistachio Latte to its winter menu to help ring in the new year. Debuting back in 2019 at the Starbucks Reserve Roasteries, the Pistacho Latte features the chain's signature espresso, as well as steamed milk and the sweet flavors of pistachio topped with a brown butter froth that will make your taste buds dance. Starting January 5, the Pistachio Latte will be available at all Starbucks nationwide and you too can sip on the creamy goodness that is this new drink.

Yes, a pistachio latte. I know you’re still thinking, "Who actually likes pistachios?" There’s many of us pistachio lovers roaming the earth and for quite some time now, the pistachio has gotten some slander in the dessert world and enough is enough. Pistachio ice cream? Delectable. Pistachio turkish delight? You wish your other nut-based treats were that delightful. Not to mention, pistachios are versatile as heck as they can be used in both sweet and savory foods. Starbucks’ carefully crafted this new drink as working with lightly flavored nuts like pistachios and cashews is delicate work and they definitely put in work. Thankfully, this drink passed the bar and is here to stay, joining the other hot menu items.

Courtesy Of Starbucks

Still not sold on pistachio? No worries. Starbucks also just introduced their Honey Almondmilk Cold Brew. Too chilly? As we work from home this winter, you can also try Starbucks Reserve Coffee, Reserve Guatemala Huehuetenango, and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Chelelektu blends to warm you up.

Obviously now is the time where you stop reading this and go grab yourself one of these amazing new drinks. Too chilly to run out of the house? Starbucks Delivers is now powered by Uber Eats so you can keep toasty while you wait for your even toastier treat or head over to the Starbucks' app and order curbside pick-up at your nearest store.