This Viral Tantric Sensory Practice Will Strengthen Physical Intimacy

“It was honestly transcendent, y’all NEED to try this.”

Try this viral tantric sensory practice to strengthen intimacy in your relationship.
FilippoBacci/E+/Getty Images

You might be familiar with tantric sex, a sexual practice that emphasizes slow and intimate connections, but how much do you know about other kinds of tantric exercises? If the answer is none, a great place to start is with this sensory practice that’s gone viral on TikTok. Not only does it make for a tantalizing experience, but it can also strengthen your relationship in just 15 minutes.

The sensual exercise began circulating around the FYP after the couple behind the account @thebennettgang made a video demonstrating how it works back in September 2021. “This is one of our favorite tantra practices,” the duo captioned the video. “We use it when we feel distant, after an argument, or before getting ‘intimate.’” In the TikTok, one partner helps remove the other’s shirt before they both put on blindfolds. They recommend doing this as a way to use their other senses to “connect with each others energy.” Then, they spend the next 15 to 20 minutes running their hands up and down the other person’s body. Per the video, it appears the practice eventually leads to kissing and cuddling, effectively helping them get even closer than they were before.

“During this time we focus on trying to connect through simple touch,” wrote the couple.

To enhance their other senses, the Bennett’s typically fill the room with a specific scent, either by using a candle or incense, and listening to music out loud or through headphones. Though the pair uses the practice to build intimacy, they share it also functions as a trauma-healing tool. From their own experience, the couple reveals the exercise has helped them strengthen their bond, build passion, align their heart and sacral chakras, and more.

Before you assume your other half won’t be open-minded enough to try something like this, the video’s 625.3K likes and 53.3K bookmarks might beg to differ. But if they are hesitant to test out the titillating tantra exercise, maybe the testimonials in the comments will change their mind.

“This is one of my favorite practices with my partner. Builds the intimacy, trust, and heals us both,” writes @moonlitgemsco. “My partner and I just did this w handpan music on and it was honestly [transcendent], y’all NEED to try this,” replied @stevie_bea.

The duo admits that your first few attempts may feel awkward or uncomfortable, but once you embrace the level of vulnerability that you and your partner are displaying, it becomes a “deeply connecting experience” for both parties.