The 7 Best Snow Shovels For Your Car

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best snow shovels for your car

They may not be ideal for clearing your entire driveway, but the best snow shovels for your car can help keep you mobile when winter weather hits. Made from materials like aluminum and carbon steel, these tools are collapsible or detachable for compact storage in your trunk or back seat, and some have other helpful features, like integrated pickaxes or serrated blades to chip through ice.

Since you’ll likely be storing these snow shovels in your car, you’ll want to look for portable options that easily stow. The options on this list range in size, but they all fold down or come apart, so that they don’t take up much storage space between uses. Keep in mind that options with longer poles will help you reach farther under the car, while the option to shorten the pole means you’ll get better leverage around tires.

Steel and aluminum are durable material options for snow shovels generally; you'll see a few picks below that use those materials for either the handle, the blade, or both. But for a car snow shovel, plastic is also budget-friendly and a lightweight choice.

As far as upgrades go, it’s good idea to look for shovels with handles that are easy to grasp, either due to an ergonomic shape grip, padding, or a mixture of these features. You may also want to consider integrated tools like pickaxes to break up ice, or a shovel that doubles as a snow brush and squeegee, so you can remove snow from on top of your car, as well as around it.

Take a look at the best snow shovels for your car. All of them are easy to stow and highly rated on Amazon.


The Overall Best Collapsible Snow Shovel

Yukon Charlie’s compact aluminum snow shovel features adjustable blade angles that make it easy to remove snow from tough spots, so it’s especially useful around tires. The pole expands from 24 to 30 inches when in use, but collapses to a compact 13 inches, taking up minimal storage space in your trunk. The T-shaped handle has a slip-proof design, making it comfortable to use during long digging sessions.

What fans say: “I am quite impressed with the quality of this shovel. I like to carry a shovel in my car during winter for emergencies, like getting stuck in the inevitable snow bank. [...] As with any telescoping emergency shovel, the total length of this shovel is quite short, so you’re not going to want to shovel a driveway or sidewalk with it. But for clearing snow out from your car wheels, or getting out of a parking space after getting plowed in, this will do the trick.”


The Runner-Up

Also made form sturdy aluminum, this portable option is a solid pick, but doesn’t have as much size versatility as the top option — it extends out to a length of 25.6 inches and collapses to 17.7 inches. It's an easy fit for your trunk or back seat, and the T-shaped handle makes for a comfortable shoveling experience. However, unlike the overall best pick, this emergency automotive snow shovel can also be detached into two separate pieces, giving you more storage options when you’re tight on space.

What fans say: “I was doubting about the size, I was looking for something that I could take everywhere! That is exactly what I was looking for! Strong and effective! Great quality!"


The Best Handle Design

This multipurpose shovel has an extra-large D-shaped handle that can be used vertically or horizontally for optimal leverage, and also folds into the body of the shovel for compact storage between uses. When expanded, the shovel has an overall length of 25.6 inches and collapses to an impressively compact length of 11.9 inches. The main joint connecting the handle to the blade has a twisting design that can be locked in a 90-degree position, allowing you to use the shovel as a scoop for digging your car out of extra heavy or deep snow. Ribs on the durable polypropylene blade provide reinforcement under heavy loads, and an aluminum edge can be used to chip through icy spots with ease.

What fans say: “Great! Folds up on the back of my truck when I don't need it, ready for action when I go. Very convenient and strong enough. Highly recommended.”


The Best 3-Piece Detachable Snow Shovel

The Lifeline snow shovel is made of sturdy aluminum and breaks down into three pieces for maximum portability and compact storage. Depending on how you configure it, you can use the shovel at a 25- or 32-inch length, or you can forego the extra attachments altogether and use the shovel as a shorter scoop for more leverage. Reviewers have noted that the T-shaped handle is sturdy and provides a great grip, and this pick has earned a 4.6-star rating after over 3,000 reviews. It also comes in some fun colors like gold, olive, orange, and blue.

What fans say: “This is a great tool to have BEFORE you need it. It's a strong adjustable little shovel and that has taken on lake-effect winters with no problem. My car isn't the strongest so if it ever got stuck I'd whip out this shovel and dig it out The metal blade is great and useful for dealing with ice! Not effective for clearing driveways at all but great to keep in the car just in case."


The Best Heavy-Duty Snow Shovel & Survival Tool

This rugged foldable shovel is made from heavy-duty carbon steel and features a three-fold design that allows you to collapse it from a full length of 23.1 inches to a mere 8.35 inches for storage. It’s super versatile, and you can use it as a flat shovel, or position it at a 90-degree angle to dig or chip through ice dams using the integrated pickaxe, or simply use the sawtooth edges to work your way through tough ice. The heavy-duty snow shovel has a large D-shaped handle that prevents fatigue, and it collapses almost flat for storage in the included carrying pouch.

What fans say: “The tool is surprisingly compact when folded, and can be configured to be shovel, hoe and pickaxe. The size makes it a very convenient tool on the road for any unforeseen situation. It's not a full time shovel or hoe for gardening, but I no longer have to worry about getting stuck in the snow with it in the car.”


The Best Traction Tracks That Double As Shovels

If your vehicle gets stuck in extra deep snow, a shovel will only get you so far. This set of two traction tracks from traction tracks are made of heavy-duty nylon, and perform as small shovels before providing tires with a grippy surface to help you out of sticky situations, whether that’s in snow, sand, or mud. Designed to be used with vehicles as heavy as 10 tons, they have small shovel noses for removing snow and slightly concave undersides with spikes to prevent your vehicle from side slipping when accelerating.

What fans say: “These things helped me get my Toyota Tacoma out of deep snow on a trail. It held up nicely and comes with a nice carrying back to keep things clean.”


The Best All-In-One Snow Removal Kit

This four-in-one snow removal kit utilizes a single telescoping pole with separate attachments for shoveling, sweeping, squeegeeing, and scraping snow on and around your vehicle. Each of the parts clicks securely onto the pole, which has a foam grip and extends as long as 39 inches — but only collapses to 31 inches. The durable shovel has a sawtooth edge, and an optional handle provides a stable place for your hand when digging into deep pockets of snow. In addition to the shovel, the kit comes with a dual-sided bristle and squeegee head for removing snow and precipitation, and an ice scraper for difficult spots.

What fans say: “Definitely a must have during the winter. The extendable pole for scraping and brushing the rooftop of cars is great. The shovel attachment is also a great option. The narrow but deep scoop is great for removing snow enough for your tires to make some traction.”


Also Great: A Snow Brush & Windshield Scraper

Even when you've finished shoveling snow from around your car, to really get going you need a solid snow brush to clear your windows and windshield. This pick measures 27 inches long for plenty of reach to easily clear your car, and the 4-inch-wide blade means even the toughest of ice can be chipped away. Plus the contoured foam grip gives you comfortable control, and the brush detaches into two pieces for easy storage. With a 4.6-star rating after over 14,000 reviews, this pick is a no-brainer.

What fans say: "This is a durable and easy to hold brush. It's long enough to make cleaning snow off your roof very easy. It's sturdiness is good for moving the big heavy snow off your car."


Also Nice To Have: A Heavy-Duty Snow Pusher

The heavy-duty snow pusher is great to store in your garage or basement, and it's exactly what you want to have around when it's time to clear the driveway. Boasting an impressive 4.7-star rating, it has a 48-inch wide base that efficiently pushes snow out of the way, without you having to scoop and lift — which means it may go just a bit easier on your back. It's made from ultra-strong fiberglass with a cutting edge that's excellent for breaking up ice.

What fans say: "Awesome pusher for 1-3 inches of powder or slush. More than this can sometimes get heavy to push (simple physics). I wish I bought this years ago! My driveway can hold 6 cars and I clear it in 5 minutes!”

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