The 7 Best Milk Frothers For Almond Milk

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Whether you’re vegan, lactose-intolerant, or just like almond milk, the best milk frothers for almond milk can make creamy, frothy almond milk for your go-to drinks. You’ll find three types: automatic, battery-operated, and manual, so there’s bound to be a pick to meet your needs.

The best frothers for almond milk are just the best milk frothers in general. However, successfully frothing almond milk is all about preparation, whether you’re topping a fancy drink from your espresso machine or an ordinary cup of joe from a cheap coffee maker. Since almond milk contains more water than dairy milk, it can be more difficult to texturize, needing gentler steaming than dairy milk to avoid overheating (which can split almond milk). You’ll want to be especially careful when preparing drinks like cappuccinos. When you're done, pour slowly to avoid breaking the crema.

Frother Types

  • Automatic are the most convenient, since they heat and froth milk with the push of a button, but are bulkier and the most expensive.
  • Handheld devices are more compact, battery-operated, and so quite convenient as they don't require an outlet or cord for use. However, you’ll have to heat milk separately and keep batteries on hand.
  • Manual ones are the most labor-intensive, since you heat milk separately and then froth milk by hand. However, they tend to be more affordable than automatic. They don’t require electricity or batteries, or take up much space either making them a good choice for travel.

The picks below are either durable stainless-steel (naturally BPA-free) or glass (also BPA-free) and easy-to-clean, though only the manual options are dishwasher-safe.

For speed, the battery-operated selection is the quickest at 20 seconds. At 60 seconds, the manual pick comes next. However, the automatic device is the least hands-on option, since it heats and froths in two minutes or less with a press of a button.

With that, here are the best milk frothers for almond milk available on Amazon.


The Best Automatic Frother For Almond Milk That Heats & Froths

This automatic electric milk frother is capable of heating and frothing your almond milk with the push of a button in about two minutes, according to reviewers. It's made from stainless steel with vacuum insulation and a detachable base, and its capacity is about 4.2 ounces for milk froth preparation and 8.45 ounces for hot milk preparation. This pick is hand-wash only, but comes with a cleaning brush. It also boasts a 4.4-star rating on Amazon and over 7,000 reviews.

Helpful Amazon review: “Love, Love, Love my new Secura Automatic Milk Frother. It heats and froths the milk very fast and it make the most delicious, creamy milk clouds I have ever had. Works on all types of milk and non milk products (almond, coconut, and oat). I brought it to a beach weekend event with my girlfriends and two of the ladies were going to [purchase] the frother when they got home. It sells [itself]!”


A Budget-Friendly Handheld Frother For Almond Milk

This battery-operated handheld electric frother features a stainless steel whisk, ergonomic handle, and a 4.5-star rating after more than 64,000 reviews. Although this option can’t heat milk, you can preheat milk in your mug and then just place the whisk in your cup and turn it on ⁠— the frother creates creamy froth almost instantly. Within 15 to 20 seconds, you should have a cupful. To clean, simply stick the whisk in a glass with hot soapy water and turn it on — just avoid immersing the frother completely in water..

Helpful Amazon review: “So glad I bought this! I froth a bit of warm almond milk and a pinch of sugar - takes just a few seconds and makes my boring cup of coffee a little fancy and so tasty! I might buy another for the office. It’s nice and small and the little stand is really handy for storage.”


The Best Stainless-Steel Manual Frother For Almond Milk

Fino’s HIC stainless-steel manual milk frother creates a frothy rich foam in 60 seconds or less. It works without electricity or batteries, making it ideal for travel. Its mesh-screen plunger froths beautifully, but you’ll need to heat your almond milk in a container before or after frothing. It's top rack dishwasher-safe, and works for all kinds of dairy and dairy-alternative milks. Amazon shoppers give this pick a 4.6-star rating and over 1,100 reviews.

Helpful Amazon review: “this is one of ,y all time favorite purchases on Amazon. My husband and I recently bought a new Bialetti stove top espresso maker and paired with this: I have never enjoyed my morning coffee more. This frother is gorgeous on the stove, easy to use, works well even with almond milk (which we use) and easy to clean. Takes about four minutes total to steam milk. Love this product! Will get one for family members in the future who drink coffee this way for presents.”


The Best Glass Manual Frother For Almond Milk

This manual milk frother by Bodum creates an airy foam in less than 30 seconds and holds 8 ounces (1 cup) of milk. Made of durable, heat-resistant, dishwasher-safe borosilicate glass, you can heat milk in the frother's pitcher. The included plunger with mesh screen is where the frothing magic happens.

Helpful Amazon review: “We have tried both regular almond milk, and almond milk creamer and they both froth excellently. No tilting the cup, no batteries, no cords, no motors. It takes maybe 15 to 20 seconds to froth every time. The only tip I can give is to make sure you lift the mesh paddle above the liquid, foam with each pump to ensure you’re adding more air into the foam.”


The Handheld Frother With Over 43,000 Five-Star Ratings On Amazon

Fans on Amazon are obsessed with this handheld milk frother, which has garnered over 43,000 perfect five-star ratings. Powered by two AA batteries, which are not included, it froths milk quickly and easily — and it’s backed by a brand guarantee to never get rusty. It comes with a metal stand for easy storage, and can be cleaned by running it briefly in warm water before hanging it on the stand to dry. It comes in more than 30 colors, including neons, metallics, and matte black and white options.

Helpful Amazon review: “This is hands down the best frother!!! I have used it every day since getting it. So easy to use and clean. I have bought 2 more as gifts for people. I love lattes and this device makes them an everyday morning drink for me!! I literally use 1/2 cup almond milk which froths to 2 cups. It's truly amazing!! And the price?? Incredibly affordable!!”


The Manual Frother With A Slim Design

If you’re looking for a manual frother that won’t take up too much counter space, this frother from Norpro is a solid pick. It’s made from glass, and can hold up to 16 ounces of milk at a time. The beaker-style spout is easy to pour from, and it can be used with both warm and cold milks, making it an especially good choice for anyone who wants to make cold foam lattes or cold brew beverages. Amazon reviewers report that it creates a light, airy foam in around 30 seconds.

Helpful Amazon review: “I was looking for a milk frother but I appreciate the art of drink making so I wanted something more manual but more effective than a wisk. I admit, when I saw this, it looked 'too easy to be effective' but reviews were good so I snagged one. I love it! It is super easy to use, it's really easy to clean, it doesn't take up a bunch of space and it produces fantasic froth from almond milk. It was exactly what I needed.”


The Best Luxury Milk Frother

If you want the Cadillac of milk frothers, get this Souvia frother and steamer. If the price point seems a bit steep, it’s worth reading the tons of glowing reviews this milk frother has on Amazon from fans who report that it’s a game-changer. Made from durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel, the removable pitcher can make up to 3 cups of frothed milk. It has interchangeable discs for making either cappuccino-style or latte-style foam, and you can adjust the temperature with the dial on the front to get your milk exactly the way you want it. Bonus point: this will also make the best almond milk hot chocolate you’ve ever had.

Helpful Amazon review: “I would give this frother 10 stars if I could. [...] The capacity is HUGE, I can make lattes for 2. The temp gauge is dead on, and at the hottest temp is exactly how I Like it, which is VERY hot. You can add the matcha or cocoa right in the frother, which is a GAME CHANGER if you like Matcha lattes [...] Honestly, this little machine has changed our lives. do not HESITATE, buy this. Oh, I have now used coconut, almond and 2 percent milk. All come out perfectly. Washing is nothing more than a rinse. The carafe has a pour spout. They thought of everything.”

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