The 8 Best Shower Cleaners For Mold & Mildew

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by Macy Daniela Martin and Danielle Calma
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Whether you enjoy cleaning your bathroom or tend to put it off as long as possible, the best shower cleaners for mold and mildew will make the job significantly easier. These products cut through the grime to lift those stains and prevent them from building back up as quickly. As you shop, keep in mind the specific types of materials your shower features, as well as whether you’re in need of a liquid spray for larger surfaces, a gel formula that won’t drip, or a scrubbing tool to tackle the mess.

Though the best cleaners will be successful at removing pesky mold and mildew in your shower, it’s important to know why it’s there in the first place. The biggest source for both is moisture. If your bathroom has minimal ventilation, consider investing in a small dehumidifier or a window fan with an exhaust function, as they’ll help draw out any residual dampness from your shower. Another great thing to have handy is a plastic squeegee. Regularly using one to wipe away the water droplets on your shower tiles and/or door eliminates the breeding ground for mold and mildew.

With the problem under control, use a shower cleaner on a schedule to prevent excessive buildup between deep cleans. To tackle pre-existing stains, consider using a cleaner or stain remover that can eliminate mold and mildew spores. Though it’s important to note that most mold and mildew cleaners contain bleach so always ventilate the area and wear personal protective equipment (e.g. rubber gloves) to be safe.

With all this in mind, below you’ll find a few different kinds of shower cleaners to keep your bathroom free of mold and mildew, each with a four-star rating or higher on Amazon. Keep reading to shop ’em all.


This Heavy-Duty Stain Remover With 33,000+ Ratings

This powerful, bleach-based spray from RMR will cover larger problem areas with ease — and it works within 15 seconds, according to the manufacturer, no scrubbing necessary. It boasts more than 33,000 reviews and a 4.4-star overall rating on Amazon, and reviewers have reported that it smells strongly of bleach but does work wonders on shower mold and mildew. "I wish I'd taken before and after photos. It was like magic," wrote one satisfied customer. "The mildew that was nearly untouchable with an inferior product, magic cleaning sponges, and a ton of elbow grease was gone in 10 minutes after a thorough soaking with this spray. I couldn't recommend it enough!"


  • Cleans most surfaces
  • Works quickly, according to reviewers


  • Strong bleach smell
  • Reviewers have reported it can discolor some surfaces

Positive Amazon review: “Used for mold above kids shower – within seconds it totally got rid of the mold & the mold stains that I was fighting with for a year! Very strong bleach smell but I was expecting that so, if you can handle that, then you will be fine!”


A Budget-Friendly Shower Cleaner That’s Under $5

For under $5, this multipurpose cleaner works to remove tough stains on everything from the shower to the bathroom sink and countertops. The cleaner is formulated with bleach to eliminate mold and mildew spores and inhibit their growth. One reviewer raved, “This is the only cleaner that works in soap grime and mildew stains!” To use it, all you have to do is apply the formula (which is thicker than a liquid) with a sponge, let it sit for three minutes, and scrub. Make sure to scrub well — otherwise, it can leave a thin layer of residue on your surfaces.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Removes stains from most bathroom surfaces, including sealed fiberglass, glass, stainless steel, and sealed granite


  • Takes a few minutes to work
  • Isn’t designed to be sprayed on surfaces

Positive Amazon review: “Nothing gets a tub clean and white like this stuff! It works great in sinks too. I had an ink stain on my countertop and I tried a few things but this got it out in one second. I also used it on my white plastic kitchen trash can, which gets stained on the edges. I tried different cleaners on it but this is what worked. Soft Scrub with bleach WORKS.”


This Gel Stain Remover For Mold & Mildew

For more concentrated areas, this mold- and mildew-removing gel, which has more than 8,100 Amazon reviews, won't disappoint. Unlike the previous two sprays, this product requires a longer wait time (five to six hours) but will literally lift away stains you didn't even know were liftable — even on caulk. The gel applies cleanly and won't go anywhere you don’t want it to, plus its thin top and squeezable body ensures a precise application. Though it doesn't have a strong bleach smell, the brand does recommend applying it with gloves.


  • Can remove stains from hard-to-reach places, like the caulk around tubs and between tiles
  • Will drip less than a thinner liquid formula


  • Unsuitable for large jobs
  • Longer wait time

Positive Amazon review: “This is a great product and one of those rare ones that actually does what it advertised. I have used it on my bathtub and it has cleared months of mold overnight. [...] No nasty smell or fumes or colors. Just leave it on overnight and the mold disappears [...] So glad I bought it.”


A 2-Pack Of Mold & Mildew Remover Spray

Clorox Plus Tilex mold and mildew remover spray is a bargain considering you get each 16-ounce bottle for about $10. The formula eliminates 99.9% of mold and mildew and, just like the one above, works super quickly. The manufacturer recommends leaving it on for about five minutes for really tough stains. According to Macy Daniela Martin, it really works and a few squirts of the bleach-based product plus the allotted wait time, can melt the mildew right off shower walls. Also, a great thing about these particular spray bottles is that they’re designed to get every drop out.


  • Works on tubs, grout, vinyl shower curtains, and more
  • Easy to apply and use


  • Not made for use on painted or wood surfaces, and might discolor metal or porcelain surfaces
  • Odor is strong, according to reviewers

Positive Amazon review: “We get terrible mold that grows on the shower tile. I usually have to scrub it with bleach but this stuff worked like magic. Be advised it does smell pretty toxic, recommend you wear a mask when you use this. [...] I sprayed this on the mold and walked away. Came back 10-15 minutes later and all I had to do was rinse it off! The mold disappeared!”


The Preventative Shower Spray For Mold & Mildew

Method’s Daily Shower Spray won’t get rid of mold like the other products on this list, but it will help prevent it. With more than 2,800 Amazon ratings, this eco-friendly formula is designed to spray on after each shower. It has a refreshing eucalyptus mint scent that's safe to use without personal protective wear and works to eliminate mildew and soap scum daily.


  • Easy to use and doesn’t require gloves
  • Prevents the growth of mold and mildew


  • Won’t remove mold and mildew stains
  • Most cost-efficient option is to go with a multipack

Positive Amazon review: “This product is not for deep cleaning but for daily shower upkeep. Once we started using this spray every day, our shower never saw grime or dirt or mold again. This has definitely made our life easier and the smell is great too.”


This Stain-Removing Eraser For Scrubbing Showers

The Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are specially made to lift away stubborn soap scum, but several reviewers have reported that it also works to remove mold and mildew stains. One reviewer even wrote that it managed to tackle mold between tiles in the shower. This pack comes with 10 erasers, and to use an eraser, all you have to do is add water and scrub your shower or tub. (Just keep in mind that it doesn’t contain bleach or any other cleaning agent — it’s made for physically scrubbing the tub.) As a bonus, the erasers are scented with a Febreze lavender scent.


  • All-in-one design — no extra brush or sponge needed
  • Can tackle lingering soap scum


  • Doesn’t disinfect surfaces
  • Requires some elbow grease

Positive Amazon review: “This scrubber did what YEARS of cleaners and elbow grade could not. Seriously transformed my tub and shower. I don’t know how I was living without it.”


A Shower Cleaner That’s Made For Stone Surfaces

This stain remover is a great option for those with natural stone tiles in their shower. Though gentle on surfaces, reviewers have attested the bleach-based formula is strong enough to cut through stains induced by mold and mildew. Just note that some reviews indicated that it discolored their marble surfaces, so be sure to test the cleaner on a small area before use. To use this product, apply it directly on the surface you want to clean, let it sit for 10 minutes, and then scrub it with a sponge or brush. According to reviewers, it whisks away stains with little to no effort.


  • Suitable for natural stone surfaces
  • Removes stains with little to no scrubbing


  • On the pricier side
  • Some reviewers have found the scent to be pungent

Positive Amazon review: “This stuff is awesome! Have been been looking for a stone cleaner forever, literally sprayed it one waited 5 mins and got years of stain off just rinsed away! Love this stuff. Going to order the polish. Got mildew and mold stains off that was in the grout for years.”


A Combo Set With Stain Remover & Disinfectant

This RMR cleaning set packs a one-two punch against mold and mildew. The stain remover works to banish unsightly stains, and the disinfectant eliminates mold and mildew spores to inhibit their growth. Both formulas contain bleach, but are safe to use on most surfaces. So far, over 4,500 reviewers have weighed in, so you can be assured it’s been put to the test. One tradeoff is that some reviewers have reported it has a strong odor — so it might not be ideal for those with sensitive noses.


  • Removes stains and prevents growth of mold and mildew
  • Doesn’t require scrubbing


  • Strong bleach smell
  • May bleach some surfaces, according to reviews

Positive Amazon review: “This stuff really worked on the mold we had in the shower. Kind of like the movie? Gone in 60 Seconds (almost). It did get it all in just a short time. I will buy it again, it might be a while though as there is plenty left in the bottles.”

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