The 9 Best Diptyque Candle Alternatives For Luxury On A Budget

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For candle-lovers, the French-made Diptyque candles are as glam as it gets. Diptyque candles are beloved because they are hand-poured using quality materials, but they also come with a premium price tag. If you crave luxury but are on a budget, the best Diptyque candle alternatives offer a similarly long-lasting burn and unique, natural scents, but won't break the bank.

Burn Times & Wax Types

Diptyque candles have a burn time of between 50 to 60 hours and all of the alternatives on this list boast a similarly long-lasting burn (one even burns up to 85 hours). When choosing a scented candle, it's also important to consider the materials used. Many candles use paraffin wax, which is petroleum based and has long been the standard for candles, but has been called into question for containing possible toxins (though there’s currently no conclusive evidence for this). Alternatives to paraffin include soy, which is a nontoxic candle wax that can burn up to 50% longer than paraffin, and beeswax, which can be pricier but burns cleanly. Some candles are made of hybrid blends of soy, paraffin, beeswax, and even coconut, so be sure to look for "100%" of an ingredient if this is important to you.


Many candles contain wicks made from fibers, often braided cotton or sometimes paper. Some candle wicks have metal cores, but candles made or sold in the U.S. don’t contain lead.


A great Diptyque candle alternative can't skimp when it comes to aesthetics and scent. The classic Diptyque packaging is fresh, modern, and minimalist, with a simple black and white label. The luxury candles below mimic that classic, sleek aesthetic. They also have excellent throw and boast fragrances found in nature; several picks are direct alternatives to famous Diptyque scents like Figuier and Ambre.

These affordable candles — some of which boast thousands of reviews on Amazon — replicate the charm and premium scents found in Diptyque candles, but at a much lower price point.


A $20 Candle That Comes In So Many Scents

This highly rated Lulu Candles is hand-poured in the U.S. and made of soy wax that burns cleanly, producing a burn that reviewers suggest lasts anywhere from 40 to 70 hours. These vegan candles have cotton wicks and sleek, minimalist packaging that mimics Diptyque's sophisticated aesthetic, but they do not come with lids. You can snag this candle in three sizes in packs of one or two, and in your choice of all kinds of scents (like the jasmine, oud, and sandalwood featured here), including wild lemongrass, vanilla oak, and ocean mist and salt. Fans on Amazon rave about its natural, long-lasting scent.

One fan raved: “The candle arrives is beautiful chic packaging which is easily giftable. The candle smells like the much more expensive luxury candles and the scent lasts unlike those candles of similar pricing. Highly recommend this candle to anyone.”


A Fig-Scented Candle That's So Elegant

This Mediterranean fig-scented candle is the perfect alternative to Diptyque's immensely popular Figuier candle. The soy-blend candle has a cotton and paper wick and will burn for 70 hours. The candle comes in two sizes (8.75 ounces and 3.75 ounces), and is packaged in a simple, minimalist glass jar, though it does not come with a lid. Reviewers report that the sophisticated scent is so impressive it leaves its mark in your home even when it is not lit. And it comes in 11 additional scents like lemongrass verbena and jasmine gardenia.

One fan raved: “Mediterranean Fig is my absolute favorite Trapp scent! Not too sweet, not too floral...just right! Always pleased with the consistency of their products!”


An Amber-Scented Candle Made From 100% Soy Wax

This amber-scented candle is hand poured in California using 100% soy wax. At around $20, it’s an excellent alternative to Diptyque’s popular Ambre candle. It is vegan with a cotton wick and features a hint of lavender, orange, and sage. It will burn for up to 50 hours inside an apothecary-inspired amber jar with a lid. Many reviewers report that they were pleasantly surprised by how well it burned and how long it lasted. If you prefer a larger candle, you can purchase a 12.5 ounce version for around $30. The candle is available in a range of alternative scents, like black fig, patchouli sweetgrass, and sandalwood rose.

One fan raved: “Smells amazing and lasts a long time despite the size. Love the aesthetic of the jar. Simple and clean.”


An Oversized Candle That Burns For 85 Hours

If you are searching for a large candle with a cult following, reviewers report the Capri Blue volcano candle is worth every penny. This is a paraffin-soy blend candle that is hand-poured in the U.S. and has cotton wicks that burn for up to 85 hours. It comes in a classic brightly colored package with a lid, making it an excellent choice for gift-giving. Many reviewers explain that the scent, described as a blend of citrus and sugar, lingers even after you blow the candle out. If blue isn’t your favorite color, this candle also comes in black, white, or pink.

One fan raved: "Absolutely love this candle. The scent is amazing, it smells like every boutique you've ever shopped in and it makes my entire house smell good. It lasts for a long time too.”


A Berry Rose Candle In A Pretty Floral Jar

A great alternative to Dyptique’s wildly popular Baies scent, La Jolíe Muse’s Sunkissed Rose candle has notes of berry and rose that will fill your home with a light fruity, floral scent that’s just as good for everyday use as it is for setting the mood on a special occasion. It’s made from a natural wax that’s free from parabens, and has a cotton wick. It comes in a metal jar with a lid and an elegant floral pattern, and will burn for around 25 to 35 hours with proper care and trimming. If rose and berry isn’t your preferred fragrance, choose from a handful of different scents, including cypress/cedarwood and orange/bergamot, in two different sizes.

One fan raved: “The smell is intoxicating, clean burning, long-lasting, and even unlit and on the bed stand I can smell roses. Love it.”


A Fan-Favorite Candle That Smells Like A Crackling Fire

Amazon shoppers have given this Nest candle thousands of perfect five-star ratings thanks to the pretty decorative jar and warm, cozy scent. The Hearth scent combines smoky notes of of frankincense, oud, and embers for an aroma that’s an excellent alternative to Diptyque’s Feu de Bois scent. All of Nest’s candles are made from a proprietary wax blend that can burn for as long as 60 hours, and they come in pretty tapered glass containers with chic decorative accents.

One fan raved: “it’s FABULOUS! I have always bought Nest candles but I had never heard of this particular scent! It’s musky, it’s earthy, it’s strong and long lasting. I love the way Nest candles burn evenly! Expensive but worth it! Already bought an extra because everything I love seems to get discontinued!”


A Minimalist Candle That Smells Like A Vacation In France

The Marseille Memoir candle from Glasshouse Fragrances comes in an elegant glass jar with an apothecary-style lid, so it will look great sitting out around your home even before you light it. The scent, which is designed to evoke the feeling of being the in the south of France, combines floral top and mid-notes like tuberose and apple blossom with a base of sandalwood, incense, and clove bud. The candle has a cotton wick, is made from a soy-blend wax, and boasts a long 65-hour burn time.

One fan raved: “This Glasshouse Candle is WONDERFUL! The fragrance is absolutely delicious! What I love most about it, is even after the flame is out the fragrance last long after! It’s always challenging buying a candle online but this one is perfect! Makes a great gift and looks very luxe!”


A Popular Hand-Poured Candle With A Spicy, Mysterious Scent

This candle from Benevolence LA blends notes found in a number of Dyptique’s popular scents at a fraction for he price. The Benevolence Oud Wood candle combines the deep, resinous scents of oud, amber, and patchouli with lighter notes of jasmine, cedar, and vanilla to create mysterious, intoxicating aroma that fans are obsessed with. The candle is hand-poured, made from a soy wax blend with a cotton wick, and can burn for as long as 45 hours.

One fan raved: “First off.... WOW. This packaging... the gift box the candle comes in is stunning and of high end quality.... the matte black candle aesthetic is just gorgeous. So rich and elegant. My husband raved over this scent (Oud) as being the best candle he’s ever smelled... so much sophistication! I’m in love.”


A Smoky Rose Candle From A Cult-Favorite Brand

Boy Smells candles are known for their sleek jars and sophisticated scents, and Cinderose is no exception. It combines delicate tuberose with oakmoss and smoke to create a fragrance that will instantly make you feel cozy and relaxed — so be prepared to want to burn it all the time. The candle has a cotton wick, and is made from a blend of coconut and beeswax that can burn for as long as 50 hours. The candle comes packaged in a pretty pink box that matches the label, which makes it great for gifting, too.

One fan raved: “This candle has a lovely scent that is strong but not chemically or over powering! It has lovely floral notes of rose and jasmine but this is made super complex by smoke, tar and cedar [...] Even when the candle is not lit I gave it on my nightstand and it has that amazing smokey smell!Absolutely great candle that smells simply amazing ! Love it.”

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