The 8 Best Space Heaters For Your Office

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If you’ve run out of sweaters, blankets, and parkas to bring to work, it might be time to try another heating option: an office-friendly space heater. Ranging in size and output, the best space heaters for your office can keep you comfortably warm as you work. Plus, they have important safety features to keep you — and your coworkers — safe.

All of these space heaters have safety measures like automatic shutoff and cool touch exteriors, which make them better candidates for close proximity. If you need just a little bit of heat, you can get a compact space heater that plugs into an outlet like a night light, but gives just enough heat to warm up a small space — and it doesn’t have any cords for people to trip over. Or, if you’ve got a lot of square footage to fill, consider an infrared heater that’s designed to warm up large spaces. There are also heaters with digital readouts that maintain a precise temperature of your choosing, and smart heaters that you can turn on and off even when you’re away from your desk.

So, put your heated blanket and mittens away. Any of these fantastic space heaters will keep you toasty from nine to five.


A Fan-Favorite Space Heater With 25,000+ Ratings

This best-selling space heater is popular for a reason. It’s extremely quiet and comes with two heat settings (high and low), plus a fan-only option to keep you at the right temperature. It produces a maximum of 1,500 watts, making it a compact but mighty contraption. One shopper described it as “small but strong” and “great for under a work desk.” For safety, it has an automatic shutoff and a carrying handle, so you can move it from place to place without burning your fingers.

One reviewer wrote: “This work better than expected, I bought it for a small office upstairs which is always chilly because it doesn’t have enough vents. This small heater makes the whole room toasty in minutes, and has a nice safety feature where it immediately shuts off the minute it is not level on the floor.”


Editor’s Choice: A Small Ceramic Heater That Saves Power

This little ceramic heater is a favorite of Bustle editor Amy Biggart. Biggart explains, “I have had this Lasko space heater for years to stay warm in our chilly office.” It uses only 200 watts of power, which is ideal in an office setting and prevents the risk of tripping the circuits. Plus, according to Biggart, “it’s super tiny and virtually silent, so it is great for open-floor plan offices and won’t disrupt any meetings or calls you have.” On top of all that, Biggart says it is also easy to operate: “Just plug it in and flip the switch, and you’ll start warming up in no time. I love it.” It gets warm quickly, but doesn’t create hot spots or overheat — and, it even stays cool to the touch.

One reviewer wrote: “I'm loving this little heater! I have a space heater for my feet, but my hands get so cold on top of my desk. This heater is perfect for that! Small, doesn't take up much space on my desk. Puts out quite a bit of heat, so my hands aren't freezing while I'm working on my mouse or keyboard. It's a lifesaver for productivity!”


A Tower Heater With A Programmable Thermostat

Between the programmable digital temperature setting and the oscillating design, this 1,500-watt ceramic tower heater makes it easy to keep your office at the perfect temperature. There’s also a timer you can set for up to eight hours and a multi-function remote so you don’t even have to get up to change the settings. Plus, it has a built-in auto shutoff feature for safety.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought this heater for my office where the AC seems to stay on year-round. I’ve been using it for about a month now and I have no complaints. It keeps my office nice and warm. I love that it has a timer and a temperature setting [...] I’m even thinking about picking up another one for home.”


A Powerful Heater With Vortex Technology

While this space heater may look small, it fully circulates the air for consistent heating throughout an entire room. Its thermostatic temperature control allows you to get your ideal room temperature. Not only will the 1,500-watt device heat a large space, but it has automatic shutoff to keep it from running for hours and if it’s ever tipped over, it shuts down immediately to keep you safe.

One reviewer wrote: “I ordered this for my basement office because I needed just a little more heat in one area. This heater does the job perfectly. It heats the office area well, and I don’t have to heat the rest of the house just to keep the basement warmer. I also appreciate how quietly this operates. Money well spent in my opinion.”


A Compact Heater That Plugs Right Into An Outlet

This miniature heater might look unusual, but it’s actually kind of genius. It plugs into the wall just like a night light and heats up to 100 square feet. Sure, it’s small — but it heats up quickly while staying cool to the touch. You can adjust the heat from 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, the programmable timer can last from one to 12 hours, preventing it from running too long.

One reviewer wrote: “Best little heater in the office. Works great under my desk. Never thought it could, but this one will run me out of my coat quick!”


A Portable Heater With Cooling Fan Settings

With high and low heat settings and two cooling fan-only options, you can keep this portable fan heater under your desk through every season for optimal temperature control all year long. It features three adjustable angles, so you can direct the hot (or cold) breeze in the direction of your choosing, plus a carrying handle for easy portability. If it ever runs too hot, the automatic shutoff function kicks in to prevent it from overheating. And the 1,500-watt machine switches off when tipped over for your safety.

One reviewer wrote: “For the price, nothing really beats it. Kept my small office warm. I love that it has two heat settings, can be used as a fan, and tilts. There’s a trigger on the base so if it gets knocked over it will shut off automatically. I actually have two of these since the first one performed so well.”


A Smart Space Heater You Can Control From Your Phone

If you’re looking for an option you can control remotely, this smart space heater is a great option. It connects to your Wi-Fi so that you can adjust its various settings — including setting the device to run on a regular schedule — from a corresponding app on your phone. Or use your voice to have your Alexa or Google Assistant turn it on and off. The 1,500-watt space heater oscillates and has a coverage area of up to 750 square feet. It also has tip-over and overheat protection, and it’s constructed to stay cool to the touch.

One reviewer wrote: “I use this in my office space and don’t even notice it’s there. It starts quietly. The oscillation is the perfect span. I love that you can set a numeric temperature. Great value and super lightweight!”


A Powerful Heater That Heats Up To 750 Square Feet

This powerful heater uses infrared technology to heat up to 1,000 square feet. Despite the major heating power, it uses 1,500 watts — no more energy than a traditional unit. It has an adjustable thermostat with three heat settings, including an energy-efficient ECO-Smart setting, and comes with a remote control. The space heater also has a sensor to prevent overheating and automatic shut-off, and reviewers have reported that the exterior stays cool. Choose from this all black version or one with a wood-like finish.

One reviewer wrote: “Keeps my downstairs family room/office toasty [...] It gets chilly down there in the fall and winter. This heater was the perfect solution and it doesn’t kill my electric Bill.”

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