The 9 Best Wedge Pillows For Sex

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by Shayna Murphy
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Sometimes your sex life just needs a good lift. Whether it's due to aches and pains or a simple difference in size between you and your partner, investing in one of the best wedge pillows for sex can help make some otherwise-awkward positions feel more comfortable. And according to some of the experts I spoke to for this article, that's just where the fun begins.

The Pros and Cons of Wedge Pillows

"Wedges are a great aid in the bedroom because they help people maintain a position without expending energy that would be better placed elsewhere," says Felice Lopez, a Boston-based sex educator.

While ordinary pillows can do in a pinch, using a wedge for sex is the way to go if you regularly crave more depth from every thrust. Since wedges are made from high-density foam, they won't lose their shape as easily as most ordinary pillows. This makes wedges great for both vaginal and anal sex, since they support your entire weight and offer more balance for different positions. It also makes them a game-changer for oral sex and non-penetrative forms of play, too, like spanking and other BDSM practices, because they help take pressure off the knees and other sensitive areas.

While wedges come with a few notable cons — namely, the leading models are expensive, and some are too bulky to hide away easily after use — the benefits of using one, especially for those with mobility issues, can be immense.

"A wedge under the hips can make sex more enjoyable for people with different degrees of mobility, and sometimes it makes new positions possible," says Stella Harris, sex coach and author of Tongue Tied: Untangling Communication in Sex, Kink, and Relationships.

Ready to elevate your sex game and take things to a whole new level? Below, find a list of the best sex wedges that you can leverage for more pleasure in the bedroom.

Shop The Best Wedge Pillows For Sex

In a hurry? These are the best wedge pillows for sex.

1. The Overall Best Wedge Pillow For Sex: Liberator 24-Inch Wedge

2. The Best For Anal: Drive Medical 10-Inch Folding Bed Wedge

3. The Best For Travel: NaEnsen Inflatable Wedge Sex Pillow

4. The Most Versatile: Liberator Wedge & Ramp Combo

5. The Best Budget: Xtreme Comforts Memory Foam Wedge Pillow

6. The Best For Kink: Dehigh Sex Pillow With Handcuffs

7. The Best For Missionary: Deluxe Comfort Lovers Cushion

8. The Best For Solo Play: Liberator Bonbon Sex Toy Mount

9. The Cutest Pick: Liberator Decor Heart Wedge


The Overall Best Wedge Pillow For Sex

If you're exploring wedges for sex, this classic 24-inch Liberator sex pillow should be the first one you try. The reason? It's simply the best. Angled at 27 degrees to give you the perfect pedestal for a variety of positions, including missionary or anal, the Liberator pillow offers a crucial degree of firmness that provides exceptional lift and support. Additionally, the pillow is sloped at such an angle that not only makes it great for G-spot stimulation, but for other types of play (like oral sex) too, since it helps take pressure off the neck. The removable and machine-washable microfiber cover is soft against skin, and the moisture-resistant polyester line keeps the wedge dry.

There are a few downsides to this highly rated wedge, however. Apart from the price tag — which can be prohibitive if you're shopping on a tight budget — it can also be a pain in the neck to store once it's out of its vacuum-sealed packaging.

A reviewer wrote: “Other wedges are too soft and compress. This guy holds its shape to provide the desired effect. If you have considered adding a wedge to your toy box, this is the one.”


The Best For Anal: This Wedge That You Can Fold Up And Use As A Stool

Want to enhance the already unbelievable sensations you get during anal sex with something that makes everything feel even more pronounced? Say hello to this folding bed wedge, which gives you (during solo play) or your partner even more access to your backdoor. Spoiler alert: the kinds of sensations you're liable to feel as a result could very well blow your mind. Since this wedge folds down into a standard slope shape, you can use it for other positions as well, and the cover is removable and washable. But when it folds up, it's not only good for storage, but can also open up a whole new world of experiences. Another perk? This wedge also makes for a terrific spanking bench — so long as you're doing it safely and consensually, of course.

A reviewer wrote: “Bought it for sex position support which works great but also works as intended very well. Had to sleep at an angle when I was sick and it was very comfortable and soft.”


The Best For Travel: This Inflatable Wedge Pillow That Packs Away Easily

Looking for a budget-friendly alternative to standard wedges that you can also travel with or store easily? An inflatable sex wedge pillow like this one is a good gateway option because it’s cheap, portable, and ideal for small spaces with minimal storage. Reviewers have reported that this wedge, which supports up to 330 pounds, is more durable than others and can be inflated quickly. Made from PVC and coated with a velvety material, it doesn't come with a machine-washable or moisture-resistant cover like the Liberator wedge, but it does come at a fraction of the price. To keep an inflatable pillow like this one in good shape, Lopez suggests covering it with a towel while in use. That way you can extend its life to keep it in the mix for plenty of future adventures.

A reviewer wrote: “I bought this with the intention to use for sex only but it has multiple purposes now. [...] You can even use it as a cowboy pillow if you play with toys solo! I’ve used it to elevate my leg during sleep when I sprained my ankle, used it as a back pillow and as a regular pillow at night [because it] helps with my heartburn.”


The Most Versatile: This Pillow & Ramp Combo

If it’s versatility you’re after, it doesn’t get any better than the Liberator wedge and ramp combo. The two-piece set includes a larger and smaller wedge with interlocking threads that keep them together, empowering you to get down with everything from oral to missionary to from-behind positions (and the fact that the smaller wedge can support the head only adds to its appeal). Made from high-density foam, the pillows can also be used separately, making this a pick that truly helps you find the best positioning for deep penetration and less strain.

The soft microfiber covers are removable and machine-washable, and the moisture-resistant lining keeps everything dry.

A reviewer wrote: “I understand the price can be a turnoff especially knowing that it's pretty much just a foam pillow. But this isn't your grandma's foam reading pillow for back support. This thing was made for and specifically designed for f*****g. The sturdiness, support and leverage cannot possibly be obtained with everyday pillows. The variety of angles are also something in our 10yrs of marriage we've never been able to achieve before this.”


Felice Lopez, a Boston-based sex educator

Stella Harris, a sex coach and author of Tongue Tied: Untangling Communication in Sex, Kink, and Relationships


The Best Budget: A Memory Foam Pillow With A 30-Degree Incline

If you don’t want something inflatable — but aren’t willing to invest in the Liberator — the Xtreme Comforts wedge pillow is a great compromise, even if it isn’t designed specifically for sex. At 7 inches, it’s the same height as the top pick, and the 30-degree angle is also in the same ballpark. It’s made from body-conforming memory foam, a material some people might like the feel of, but keep in mind that it won’t provide as much support as the Liberator’s high-density foam, so you might get a little less lift and may have a tendency to sink in. That being said, the general shape and design of this pick will also be conducive to a variety of fun positions, from oral to doggy style to missionary. The bamboo cover is soft, removable, and machine-washable, but note that there’s no moisture-resistant lining.

A reviewer wrote: “It helps with back support [...] during the missionary position especially if your partner likes it deep. (Legs can go further behind the head without pain.) Also in the doggy style position it helps arch the back a little more especially if your partner is short.”


The Best For Kink: This Wedge That Comes With Restraints

"For non-penetrative sex, wedges can be great for positioning a sub who is tied up or otherwise restrained," says Lopez. And when it comes to melding kink with pleasure, this sex position pillow does it like nobody’s business. That's because it comes with restraints itself, so you can spice things up by keeping your partner's ankles or wrists bound while you play. The pillow itself is made from dense foam, while the plush velvet cover can be removed and machine-washed. Just as good, it comes at a wallet-friendly price, making it a great option for anyone wanting to explore without spending too much money.

A reviewer wrote: “The pillow is very solid and supportive. Definitely tall enough.”


The Best For Missionary: This Cushion That Angles Your Hips Just Right

Unlike other wedges and cushions featured here, this sex cushion doesn't offer a slope. As a result, it's best when used for one position in particular: missionary. Using this ergonomically designed cushion can help make this type of lovemaking more intimate because it angles the hips up, taking penetration to new depths that a pillow alone just can’t. Because of the way this cushion is constructed, you get plenty of hip and tailbone support while you're getting busy, and since it's less bulky than a standard wedge, it's actually very easy to store, comparably. If you're looking for a mid-level pick that's more durable than an inflatable option, yet not as expensive as a Liberator product, this is a great choice.

A reviewer wrote: “It is especially good for those who have lower back or hip pain. The angle is perfect for both partners. It enhances intercourse by making it more pleasurable for both partners. It's the best $30.00 we spent.”


The Best For Solo Play: This Mount That You Can Use With Your Favorite Dildo Or Vibrator

Want to go hands-free while you're masturbating and still get the kind of support and leverage you normally would from a positioning pillow? Harris recommends using a mount like this sex toy pillow from Liberator, which has an opening for a toy. Built to provide support while you straddle it, the BonBon comes with an innovative squeeze design so that your favorite vibrator or dildo can actually fit into it and hit your sweet spot. Like all Liberator models, it comes with a moisture-resistant liner that protects the integrity of the dense foam interior within, plus a removable and machine-washable cover as well. While you can definitely use this with a partner the same as you would an ordinary wedge, its special sex toy mount makes it ideal for solo play.

A reviewer wrote: “Perfect alternative to the motor bunny. We stick a vibrating toy inside and does the same thing minus the $1000.00 price tag.”


The Cutest Pick: This Heart-Shaped Wedge That'll Blend Right Into Your Decor

Compact and perfectly contoured for intense G-spot stimulation during sex, this heart-shaped Liberator sex wedge is the sweetest little positioning pillow in this round-up. It's smaller than most of the other wedges featured here, so it's not necessarily ideal for more elaborate positions. But with its rich velvet-like material and adorable shape, this heart wedge doubles as a decorative throw pillow, which makes it the most discreet pick of all — and it comes in nine fun colors. You can also wash the cover and, since it comes with a moisture-proof liner, it'll stay intact, no matter how much you try to break it.

A reviewer wrote: “The wedge can be used for front or rear entry. No, there are no instructions on how to use it, but there is a photo on the removable tag. That photo addresses rear entry. For front entry, have the point of the heart facing you. It tilts you up and supports your back. I have lower back problems and this allowed me to enjoy myself without being in pain afterward.”

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