The 35 Most Clever Storage Solutions Under $15 On Amazon

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There's nothing I love more than those photos on Instagram of aesthetically organized closets and refrigerators with matching containers, handwritten labels, and a sleek little spot for every item. I always thought you had to spend a bunch of money to even come close to creating those well-designed storage solutions. But guess what? I've found the 35 most clever storage solutions that are all under $15 on Amazon. These finds will get us all to photo-worthy storage and organization.

Pantries and kitchen cabinets are wide open spaces just waiting for clutter. But I've found stackable white wire shelves that let you stack ingredients. That way, you actually see them all when you open your pantry in search of something to cook. On this list, there's a bamboo mug rack that comes in a two-pack for your many coffee and tea mugs. There are also adhesive spice rack strips for your pantry or cabinet door. Plus, I've even found a grocery bag holder that helps save plastic bags from ending up in the trash (while also keeping them organized).

Remember those matching and labeled containers I mentioned? I found a pack of three matching clear containers for your kitchen or bathroom. They even come with a set of pre-printed labels and blank labels if you prefer that handwritten look. There are also a few closet organizers on this list, including a shelf system that hangs on your clothing rack and even clip-on shelf organizers. There's also a colorful and expandable file folder for your home office storage problems.

No matter where you're feeling a little jumbled, there's something on this list that will store the clutter for under $15. Your new aesthetically organized space will look like all those pleasing social media photos in no time — and without spending too much.


This Pantry Storage Shelf For Easy-To-See Storage

This tiered shelf organizer for your pantry lets you stack your cans and jars so you can see them, making it way easier to meal prep at dinnertime. You can use the drawer for small ingredients or utensils — and it’s made of plastic, so it’s easy to dust or clean if a jar of pasta sauce spills.


These Stackable Wire Shelves For Vertical Storage

Stack these wire shelves in your kitchen cabinets to use up all your vertical storage space. This two-pack comes with one sightly smaller shelf so you can nestle them under each other to save space when you're not using them. They have over 8,500 five-star ratings, and reviewers love how easy they are to assemble.


An Over-The-Door Organizer & Paper Towel Holder

This kitchen-organizing kit comes with an over-the-door organizer, a paper towel holder, and even installation tools. Not looking for kitchen organization? This set is also perfect for your bathroom storage because the paper towel holder doubles as a spot for your hand towel.


These Bamboo Holders For Storing & Drying Coffee Mugs

These bamboo mug racks are the perfect spots to display your mugs or even hang them to dry after your morning coffee, and they have nonslip pads to help keep them in place on your counter. Plus, they come in a two-pack in case you have a lot of favorite mugs to display.


An Oversized Over-The-Door Organizer With Fabric Pockets

This over-the-door organizer has four large fabric pockets for any small to medium items that need a little tidying. Its gray and white fabric will go with any home decor, it has over 2,500 five-star ratings, and there’s no need for tools because it simply hangs over your door.


A U-Shaped & Expandable Organizer With 6 Hooks

This wrought iron hook organizer has a unique U-shaped design that clips onto furniture or shelves. It securely stays on with its clip design, but there’s also a spot for a screw. It has six hooks on the bottom to hang small items — and it even expands, so it could fit on multiple surfaces.


This Pull-Out Storage Drawer For Your Refrigerator

This small sliding drawer clips onto the shelves in your refrigerator. It’s slim enough not to block the entire shelf, and it’s the perfect size for small items like berries or small snack cheeses. One reviewer raved that they’re the perfect size for leftover sticks of butter, too.


A Refrigerator Can Holder With A Handle

With this space-saving refrigerator can organizer, you can actually see all of your sparkling water and seltzers. It has holes on the side for airflow and colder cans. There’s even a handle on the front so you can pull it out and quickly grab a can when you’re thirsty.


This Tiered Drawer Organizer That Secures All Of Your Kitchen Knives

This knife organizer holds up to nine knives and fits in your kitchen drawer. That means you can stop reaching into a drawer full of scattered utensils and organize them all blade-down in this two-tier drawer insert. It has a nonslip bottom and over 12,000 five-star ratings.


This Clear Acrylic Tabletop Organizer With Drawers

Organize jewelry, makeup, or even office supplies in this tabletop storage organizer. The clear acrylic lets you see all your things, and it has matching acrylic handles on each of the four drawers. Plus, the top shelf has organized compartments for your most-used items.


This Stainless Steel Tooth Brush Holder With Extra Storage

This sleek wire toothbrush holder has seven slots for toothpaste, lotion, small skincare essentials, flossers, toothbrushes, and more. The slots range in sizes, so you can even fit an electric toothbrush. The wire bottom means excess water drains through, and the stainless steel is rust resistant.


A Grocery Bag Holder That Mounts To Your Wall

Mount this grocery bag storage holder to your wall, pantry, or even inside a kitchen cabinet door with the included screws or adhesive strips. The entire organizer opens for easy access, and it has circular holes to pull out a single bag quickly. Plus, you can stop throwing away those plastic bags — yay.


A Slim Multi-Sized Battery Organizer

You’ll always know what size batteries you’re running low on with this slim and simple battery organizer that holds multiple sizes and types of batteries. It comes in black or white, has over 4,500 five-star ratings, and it even includes a battery tester.


This Acrylic Makeup Brush Holder With Three Slots

Not into makeup? This makeup brush holder and organizer can be used for any small items like pencils, toothbrushes, compact kitchen utensils, and more. Some reviewers even raved that it's so versatile, they came back for more than one — and one person wrote, "These hold more than one would think. Very sturdy and great quality."


A Hanging Jewelry Organizer With 80 Pockets

This double-sided non-woven fabric jewelry organizer has 80 clear vinyl compartments so you can see every tiny stud earring. You can easily display it in your closet with the removable hanger. Plus, it comes in 15 colors, including neutrals, pink, blue, and an embossed pattern option. It even has over 17,000 five-star ratings.


These Adhesive Strips That Hold Your Spice Jars

These plastic spice gripper strips have 3M adhesive on the back so you can mount them in your cabinet or pantry. They’re constructed with secure plastic holders that make it easy to grab your spices while you cook and then pop them back into place. You can choose from a four-pack or six-pack.


A Broom Holder With Six Hooks For Cleaning Supplies

Hang extra cleaning rags, a dustpan, or even your spare tote bags from this broom holder with six storage hooks. It mounts to your wall and has five spots for brooms, mops, extendable dusters, and more. This plastic cleaning storage station holds your mops in place, but they’re also quick to grab with an easy-release design.


This Pack Of Adhesive Cable Clips With 5 Sizes

Trust me — you’ll find a size that’s perfect for your cluttered cords in this 16-pack of adhesive cord clips and organizers. These simple black cord clips come in five sizes, including a few to keep single charging cords in place (and even a long clip with enough slots to hold five cords).


A Sleek Adhesive Wall Organizer

This sleek white organizer comes with four double-sided adhesive pads — and once it’s mounted, it lies completely flat against the wall. It has two small shelves, including one that’s a little deeper for your phone or larger items. One reviewer raved, “It holds the weight of my phone and glasses and even a snack.”


This BPA-Free Herb Keeper For Hydrated Herbs

Fill up this BPA-free and dishwasher-safe herb keeper with water to the fill line and stick a bundle of herbs in it to keep them fresh and hydrated. Its compact size won’t crowd your refrigerator, and you can even use it for small-enough vegetables like asparagus.


These Fabric Organizers For Your Closet Or Drawers

These flexible fabric closet organizers have 16 slots each and come in a two-pack. The small compartments are perfect for underwear, socks, scarves, or any small clothing items that always get jumbled in your drawer. Plus, many reviewers love how they arrive flat but are easy to assemble and start organizing.


An Easy-To-Clean Cabinet Lazy Susan

Spin this plastic lazy Susan tray around to find whatever spice or cooking essential you’re looking for in your cabinet. It has a grippy nonslip surface and a ridged edge so your cooking supplies don’t fly off when you spin it. It also comes in plain white, colorful pastels, and more.


This Mesh Desk Organizer With 5 Compartments

This desk supplies organizer isn’t only for your pencils, because it has five compartments in different sizes. It features a metal mesh design, and the small drawer can fit sticky notes. One reviewer raved, “The price was hard to argue, and the size was just right for the desk. Now all the clutter is gone!”


A Steel Pantry Organizer For Pans & More

You can protect your cabinets and organize your pans with this bronze pantry organizer that has sturdy rubber feet. It’s made of durable steel and has three wide slots to organize or stack cutting boards, baking trays, shallow pots, lids, and more. Choose from a bronze or silver finish — both are sleek enough to display on your counter.


These Clear Plastic Apothecary Jars With Labels

This four-pack of clear apothecary jars for your bathroom comes with four transparent, adhesive pre-printed labels (and four blank white ones to write your own labels). Plus, they’re made of clear plastic — not glass — in case they get knocked off the counter. They come with matching lids, and they have over 3,500 five-star ratings.


This Organizer With 13 Pockets For Your Purse

You can organize all of your keys and spare pens in this fabric purse organizer. Simply place it in your bag that doesn’t have pockets; it has 13 pockets and compartments, including two zipper pockets and a few outer mesh slots. It comes in 27 colors and patterns, and they’re all machine washable.


A Hanging & Collapsible Fabric Closet Organizer

This closet organizer has three shelves so you can store folded clothes in nearly any space. It’s also made of polyester fabric, so you can collapse it flat and also clean it in the washing machine. Plus, it has two hooks, so it stays stable when you grab your clothes — and it comes in seven colors.


An Expandable File Folder With Color-Coded Labels

This letter-size accordion expandable file folder comes in 10 bright colors and has eight colorful labels for all your color-coding projects. It has five pockets, a snap-button closure, and a smiley face detail on the front. One reviewer raved, "I love the vibrant color and that everything is in one place."


This Wall-Mounted Mail Catcher With Hooks

This mail organizer is plastic (which means it’s shatter-resistant), and it’s even BPA-free as well as chlorine-free. The slim design holds all your letters and small packages but also your phone, sunglasses, and more. Plus, it has five hooks and comes with installation materials to mount it in your entryway.


An Over-The-Door Ironing Station Caddy

You don’t even have to assemble this simple, wire ironing caddy for a ready-to-go ironing station. It has screw slots to mount it to a wall or hang it over the door. It also holds even most irons — including some oversized styles — and the bottom hooks are adjustable to fit both T-leg or four-leg ironing boards.


These Adhesive Pen Holders For Your Computer

These pen holders attache directly to your computer with 3M adhesive so you always have a pen while you’re working — and they won’t clutter your desk drawer. They come in two slim styles, including a rectangular shape and a triangle shape.


These Wood-Grain Floating Shelves In Walnut

Mount this two-pack of floating shelves onto your wall with the included black metal brackets, installation hardware, and even a level to make sure they’re straight. They’re finished with a wood grain texture and a walnut wood tone. They’re also moisture-resistant and hold a max weight of 50 pounds each.


A Set Of Adjustable Cloth Shelf Dividers

You can slide these soft shelf dividers onto your closet shelves because the epoxy-coated wire bends and adjusts to fit. They’re made with non-woven fabric, so they’re gentle on your clothes, linens, or even your bags. They also come in silver or bronze and are 12 inches tall, so you can even stack your fluffy sweaters.


This Huge Set Of BPA-Free Reusable Food Storage Bags

Pack these BPA-free reusable food storage bags with travel snacks or picnic charcuterie board supplies. This 12-pack comes with two sizes — and all of these food-grade bags have a zipper closure that’s air-tight, leak-proof, and water-proof. You can put them in the freezer, and they’re clear so you can see your snacks.


This Sleek Organizer Where You Can Keep Your Remotes

This sleek organizer gives you a spot to keep your collection of remotes when you’re not watching TV. There are two compartments available, both of which are separated by wood. You can even use it to store things like desk supplies and beauty products. One customer wrote, “It holds my four remotes and still have room to put my phone so its not just on the night stand.”