These Cheap Things With Near-Perfect Amazon Reviews Will Make Your Home Look SO Much Better

These will make your home look much better with minimal effort.

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If you’ve ever had the urge to spruce up your space, but you didn’t want to spend a lot and you weren’t quite sure where to start, then this list of cheap things with near-perfect Amazon reviews is for you. These items will help make your home look much better with minimal effort required.

That’s right: You’ll find products here ranging from clever organizers (yes, you can better utilize that space under your sink, I promise) to shelves and storage containers and multi-tasking products that offer both form and function. So kick up your feet and get comfortable, because you’ll want to take a close look at many of the ideas here.

And if you don’t have something handy for your feet, might I suggest the ottoman you’ll see about halfway through the list?


This Dry Erase Chore Chart That Will Keep You On Top Of Tasks & Events

If your family or housemates — or your own memory — can’t be trusted, this magnetic chore chart will help you stay organized. Hang it on your fridge, or keep it near another busy spot in your home to track progress. It comes with six colorful markers plus an eraser, so you have everything you need to get started as soon as it arrives.


A Big, Durable Door Mat To Keep Dust & Debris At Bay

Position this versatile, universal door mat inside or out, and you’ll be a step ahead of dirt in your home (pun intended). It comes in seven neutral colors, so it’ll be easy to match to your space, plus there’s nonslip backing for stability. There are two sizes to choose from, too.


This Airtight Coffee Canister To Keep Grounds Fresh & Delicious

With an airtight lid, date tracker, stainless steel scoop, and silicone base for stability, this coffee canister checks all the boxes. Not only will it store and seal your grounds like the precious treasure that they are, but it’ll look sleek and sophisticated in your kitchen, too. You’ll feel good every time you reach in (and not just because your coffee is moments away).


An Oven Mitt With Two Pockets To Help Keep Both Hands Protected At Once

The future is here: This double oven mitt has room for both of your hands to fit comfortably, plus it’s as simple and sleek as they come. The single color design (there are five to choose from) and rounded shape will look contemporary and clean draped over your oven handle. And, so conveniently, it’s machine washable.


This Clever Folding Hamper Made Of Attractive & Durable Bamboo

Pop up this foldable double hamper in a flash, and enjoy saving yourself an extra step of sorting, thanks to the double inner compartments. It also features rope handles for easy carrying, plus a flip-top lid to ensure your dirty laundry isn’t visible. Made with sturdy and stylish bamboo, it’ll blend into your space perfectly.


These Classic Swing-Top Glass Bottles With Chalkboard Labels

Fill these glass bottles with your beverage, oil, or syrup of choice for easy yet elegant storage and display. They’re dishwasher safe, available in clear or amber glass, and the set of six includes chalkboard labels and a marker. But the best part? With swing top lids, you never have to worry about losing a cap.


A Pair Of Floating Picture Shelves That Create Decorative Space Out Of Thin Air

You know that blank wall you’ve been meaning to fix up? This set of floating picture shelves is just the thing for it. Available in walnut, espresso, grey, or white colors, each shelf has a ledge to keep your pictures and trinkets safe and secure. All necessary hardware for installation is included, and buyers confirm that they’re super easy to install (a few recommended using your own anchor screws, but the choice is yours for that).


This Chalk-Style Paint That Revitalizes Your Space & Works Without Primer Or Topcoat

This best-selling chalk-style paint does it all. You can use it on walls, furniture, art projects, crafts, and more, and it contains a primer and topcoat so you can save multiple steps. It comes in 50 rich colors, and there are three container sizes to choose from, ranging from a sample-sized 4-ounce jar up to a 32-ounce container.


This Reusable Pet Hair Remover That Works Without Sticky Tape

I love my dog, but I don’t want to snuggle with his fur all over my couch. Enter this roller pet hair remover that uses a textured brush to pick up shed, and holds it within an attached compartment until you’re ready to clear it. It’s easy, efficient, and you’re also saved the trouble of purchasing extra tape or sticky pads (so there’s less waste, too).


A Hotel-Quality Pair Of Fitted Sheets That Instantly Elevates Your Bedroom

This pair of fitted sheets makes the perfect replacement when half of your current set is no longer cutting it. With four versatile colors to choose from, they’re made of soft and comfy microfiber, and they come in sizes twin through California king. Note that this is two bottom sheets and not a full set, so plan accordingly.


These Super Practical Storage Cubes That Fold Down & Have Handles

These foldable storage cubes are so practical and versatile, that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. With six to a set, you can use them throughout your home, position them together in cube organizers, or both. The handles make it easy to use them like drawers, and the bright and neutral color options give you plenty of flexibility in styling, too.


This Over-Door Organizer That’s Designed For Purses & Handbags

Hang this purse organizer over your bedroom or closet door and enjoy the convenience of having your purse collection within view and within reach. It has six transparent pockets, four of which comfortably fit medium to large purses, and two more suited for smaller items like clutches. It comes in four neutral colors.


These Underbed Storage Bags That Are Perfect For Off-Season Clothes

Don’t let their low profile fool you, these zippered storage bags can hold even your bulkiest blankets or jackets to get them out of sight. At 6 inches tall, they’re perfectly sized to slide under your bed (or fit on an upper closet shelf), and the transparent lid lets you see contents without unzipping and digging into your whole bag. They come in black, grey, or brown.


A Splash Mat That Helps Keep Your Floor Clear From Pet Messes

If your fur baby is prone to messes, a splash mat could save you lots of future headaches. It catches splashes and spills, and has a lip at the edge to prevent leaks onto your floors. With sizes ranging from 20 to 30 inches wide, and three versatile colors (beige, black, grey), you’ll be able to find the perfect one to suit your pet and your space.


A Classic Stainless Steel Colander With Sturdy Handles

If you’re still using a flimsy strainer, you may want to consider this sleek and shiny stainless steel colander. The bottom lip keeps it off whatever surface you’re using it on, and the wide handles make it use to grip and pour. Plus, you can pop it into your dishwasher for easy cleaning in between uses.


This Litter Box Mat That Catches & Keeps Litter Leaks

If your cat is prone to kicking and trailing litter with them — or making other messes — when they’re using the box, this litter trapping mat might be a game changer for you. The hole pattern catches and traps stray litter or liquid, while still being sturdy enough for paws to step on. It also can fit a puppy pad, too.


These Luxe Velvet Hangers That Keep Clothes Secure & Look Super Nice While They’re At It

Imagine opening your closet to find rows of tidy clothes all facing the same direction, and all securely in place. The dream could be your reality with a set of velvet hangers. Not only do they look luxe, but the soft texture of velvet helps even your most delicate clothes stay in place. The hangers also swivel, and feature small notches for spaghetti straps, too.


This Hanging Organizer For Pots, Pans, Kitchen Utensils, & More

No more cluttered cupboards thanks to this wall mounted pot and pan organizer. It’s easy to hang on your wall of choice, and has plenty of space for up to 35 pounds of pots, pans, or skillets. Plus, 10 S-hooks fit on the lower railing for utensils, towels, and more. All necessary hardware for installation is included, too.


These Soft Pads That Help Keep Your Furniture In Place

These rubber and felt furniture pads grip your furniture without any sticky glue, adhesive, or residue. Simply slide the 2-inch round pads them under your furniture legs and — ta-da! — your pieces will stay securely in place thanks to the weight of your furniture holding the pads. Your floors stay protected from scratches and scrapes, too.


This 5-Tier Bookshelf That You Can Use In Any Room

It is no surprise that this five-tier bookshelf is a best-seller. It’s simple and practical, and there are dozens of coordinating pieces for reasonable prices that you can use around your home too, including colorful corner shelves and cube organizers. Plus, according to happy buyers, it’s a breeze to assemble.


A Cute Set Of Ceramic Planters That Are Perfect For Succulents & Herbs

These adorable ceramic planters look great positioned together or apart. Each set comes with two planters each in a unique size (5.5- and 6.7 inches tall), with coordinating patterns. Not only are they attractive, but they’re functional, too; a subtle drain hole is drilled into the bottom of each one.


A Jar Candle With A Sophisiticated Design & Amazing Smell

Not all candles are created equal. This soy blend jar candle from Lulu candles is elegantly packaged, cleanly designed, and available in a multitude of delightful scents, like Lemon Biscotti, Ocean Breeze, and Tobacco, Spice, & Vanilla. Yes, please. They come in sizes ranging from 6 ounces to 11 ounces, and they make a great gift, too.


This Cube Ottoman That Doubles As Subtle Storage

Why settle for a regular old cube ottoman when you could have a cube ottoman with storage? Made in a versatile size of 12 by 12 by 12 inches, the lid easily lifts to hold shoes, toys, blankets, and more. Choose between black, grey, or cream styles — or go for a full tufted bench design if you prefer.


These Best-Selling Linen Hand Towels With Over 15,000 Five-Star Ratings

These chic and sleek white hand towels give your bathroom or kitchen an instant refresh. Made with Turkish cotton, you can opt for crisp white for a clean aesthetic, or pick one of the other 11 colors to match your space. Multiple sizes are available too, so if your bath towels need replacing, you’re covered.


A Trio Of Organizers That Turns Your Sock Drawer Into A Thing Of Beauty

If your dresser drawers are chaos (no judgment), these fabric drawer organizers will be a game changer. Each three-pack comes with two medium-sized organizers with 24 compartments and one large with 16, giving you a whopping 64 spaces perfect for socks, underwear, bras, accessories, and more. Choose from 10 different colors.


This Set Of Pretty & Practical Apothecary Jars For A Bathroom Counter Update

Finally, a good-looking solution for storing those cotton swabs and floss picks. These transparent apothecary jars come in a 2-, 3-, or 4-pack, so you have tons of options for where and how to use them. The coordinating lids ensure that their contents stay dust-free and clean, and the durable, clear plastic is more practical than glass (but just as attractive). Sticker labels are included, too.


These Photo & Art Frames That You Can Use Throughout Your Home

This 10-pack of matching picture frames is a shortcut to a dreamy gallery wall, or to coordinating displays around your space. With 10 different colors available, they come in four different sizes, each of which can be used matted or unmatted to accommodate multiple shapes and sizes of prints.


This Sleek, Multi-Compartment Tea Box Made Of Bamboo

While this bamboo tea box may not change the way your tea tastes, it can keep your stash organized and make your preparation feel more enjoyable. With five compartments, it can comfortably store up to 100 traditionally-packaged bags of tea — or, it doubles as a trinket holder or jewelry organizer.


This Modern Plant Stand That Holds Several Green Friends At Once

No matter how you felt about high school chemistry, you’ll agree that this science lab-inspired plant stand is a vibe. Two sizes are available, accommodating three or five plants in beaker-like bulb vases. The wooden frame comes in black, beige, or brown. Once you set it up, be ready for “Where did you get that?” from all your friends.


A Set Of Two-Tone Ceramic Vases In 3 Unique Sizes

Can’t decide what color vases you want? This trio of two-tone ceramic vases is the answer. It comes in beige and white or blue and white pairings, and they range in size from roughly 6 to 12 inches tall. Position them together on your windowsill or bookshelf, or display them separately as solo pieces — you can’t go wrong.


A K-Cup Holder To Make Your Coffee Station Feel Super Fancy

This rotating coffee pod rack looks super sleek, has room for up to 40 K-Cups or coffee pods, and allows you to keep an eye on your stash — so no reaching into an empty box first thing in the morning when you’re wanting coffee. Plus, it’s just over 13 inches tall, a versatile, counter-friendly height.


This Simple & Chic Lattice Tablecloth That’s Perfect For Everyday & Formal Use

Few things can instantly elevate your table like a versatile tablecloth can. This rustic-chic choice has a rectangle shape, fringed edges and a classic embroidered pattern, or you can opt for stripes or a leaf design — there are 11 styles to choose from, and four sizes available.


A Huge Set Of Airtight Containers To Transform Your Pantry & Cupboards

These best-selling airtight food storage containers will have your pantry looking like a pro organized it. Made of transparent plastic, each of the 14 containers has a matching, silicone-lined lid and are stackable, too. The set also includes blackboard-style reusable labels, a chalkboard pen, and a measuring set. Three choices are offered for the lid accent color.


A Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish To Get Your Appliances Sparkling

Few things show smudges like refrigerators do. If you know the struggle, consider this stainless steel cleaning kit. It comes with a 16-ounce spray bottle of plant-based, lavender-scented cleaner for easy application, plus a cloth for wiping and applying. One five-star reviewer raved, “This cleaner doesn’t leave a residue and actually works! Highly recommend!!”


A Wood Furniture Repair Kit To Easily Extend The Life Of Your Fave Pieces

If your wood furniture is showing wear and tear, don’t rush to expensive repairs or replacement options. Instead, you can snag this furniture repair kit and hide scratches and scrapes with a few swipes of a marker or crayon-shaped wax stick. With six colors of each, you’ll have plenty of options. It also works on floors, too.


This Fruit Basket That’s Designed With A Hanging Hook For Bananas

Facts are facts; bananas can take up too much room in your fruit bowl. Enter this basket with a banana hanger that gives you the best of both worlds. There’s a sturdy, metallic basket with decorative details, plus a space-saving hook that holds — you guessed it! — bananas. Choose between bronze and chrome finishes.


A Clever Under-Sink Organizer That Utilizes That Awkward Space

This two-tiered organizer is designed to fit under your kitchen or bathroom sink — so no more knocking over spray bottles when you’re reaching for a scrub brush. It comes in white and black, has hooks, and it’s practical enough that if your under-sink area is already organized, it makes a great shelf addition, too.


This Super Easy Touch-Up Paint That Refreshes Your Space In Seconds

Once you notice chipped paint on your walls or furniture, it’s hard to unsee it. This multi-surface touch-up paint comes in small bottles for simple fixes around your home. There are 12 colors available, including four shades of white, and the packaging is 98% plastic free. The best part? A nice brush is built into the cap (like nail polish!).


A Rustic Mail & Key Holder With Room For All Your Essentials

A one-stop spot for keys, mail, your phone, and more, this wall-mounted mail holder is both form and function. It has eight hooks in total, a sizable basket for mail and papers, plus a shelf for small trinkets or devices. Multiple buyers declare it to be “perfect!” and rave about how easy it is to install, too.


This Versatile Vacuum That’s Lightweight & A Breeze To Use

Your days of hauling a heavy vacuum around your home are behind you when you have this lightweight, bagless vacuum. For such a modest price, it still still offers multiple settings and makes it easy to clear dust and debris from your floors and furniture. The best part? It comes in fun colors like blue and lime green and purple.

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