These Clever Beauty Products Are 10x Better Than What You Usually Use

Once you start using these hair and skin products, there’s no looking back.

Written by Allison Bolt
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We all have those products in our routine that we always use simply because we’re used to them. I completely admit that I buy the same hair mask every time just because I’ve used it before — but not anymore. These clever beauty products are 10 times better than what you usually use, so you can all upgrade your routines without searching for hours for new products.

Swap out your usual cream eye shadow that feels way too sticky for the crease-proof eyeshadow stick on this list. There’s also a talc-free dry shampoo on this list with a trendy printed bottle that looks adorable on your bathroom countertop. There’s even a set of waterproof and trendy hair ties that won’t get grimy in your makeup bag.

So, the next time you start to grab that beauty product you’ve used for way too long, turn to this list of beauty routine upgrades instead.


This Bulk Pack Of Pimple Patches That Eliminate Unwanted Zits Overnight

This set of hydrocolloid pimple patches come on perforated sheets that make it easy to pull off one patch (or as many as you need that night). Simply wear them for at least six hours, and these transparent dots will extract pus and help to prevent skin irritation. This pack comes with a whopping 60 patches, so you won’t run out for a while.


This Nourishing Hair Mask That’s Infused With A Castor Oil Formula

This keratin hair mask lets you skip a few moisturizing steps in your routine because it has plenty of castor oil in the formula, which promotes hair growth and provides tons of nourishment. In addition to that powerhouse ingredient, this mask also has a bunch of argan oil, coconut oil, biotin, and more that give you silkier, smoother locks.


This Luxurious Glitter Lip Balm That Gives You A Custom Color

With that glittery finish, rose gold tube, and lipstick-like packaging, this moisturizing, vitamin E-infused lip balm looks and feels so expensive. It’s also way better than a classic balm because the clear formula actually works with your unique pH levels for a pink tint that’s perfect for you. That you don’t have to search for your perfect pink with this shimmery balm.


A Foaming Clay Mask To Replace Boring Exfoliating Products

This clay mask wins out over all of those boring exfoliating serums because it has a fun foaming formula. It’s actually an exfoliating and a cleansing mask infused with natural clay and activated charcoal to deep-clean your pores while you get time to relax. Plus, the bubbles are so lightweight and easy to wash off.


This Moisturizing Nail Strengthener With A Zero-Mess Formula

Applying this nail-strengthening cream is way easier than painting on a classic polish-like formula. Instead, it has a lotion-like formula with jojoba oil, so you don’t have to wait on it to dry. It also has calcium and plenty of vitamins to prevent your nails from cracking or splitting, all while moisturizing them.


This Airbrush Foundation Kit With A Unique & Easy Application

This airbrush foundation has a unique mineral formula that you mist right over your skin. This misting application makes it feel super lightweight, but it’s also sweat-proof, waterproof, and even buildable. It’s infused with fan-favorite skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid for extra nourishment, but it gives you a classic matte finish. To make it even easier to apply, this silky-smooth foundation comes with a kabuki brush for blending.


These Chic Silk Scrunchies That Are Gentler On Your Hair

These mulberry silk scrunchies are the perfect swap for the classic cotton scrunchies we’re all used to. The silky finish looks so much nicer sitting on your vanity or bedside table, and it makes them extra gentle on your hair, so there will be no tugging, breakage, or friction because you put your hair up.

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A Caffeine-Infused Under-Eye Serum With A Massaging Roller Applicator

This adorable tube of hydrating eye serum is completely mess-free because it has a cooling and massaging roller ball applicator. The actual serum has plenty of hyaluronic acid, peptides, and antioxidants in it to keep your under-eye area bright and hydrated. If you really need to wake up, this formula also has caffiene in it for a truly awake look.


A Trendy Soap Brow Set That’s Easy To Use

This soap brow set is the easiest way to create an on-trend soap brow look that’s super long-lasting. The actual brow-shaping paste is waterproof, smudge-proof, and completely transparent for a natural look. You also get two soap tins that are perfect for traveling and plenty of brow brushes in this kit.


These Deodorant Wipes With Refreshing Coconut Milk

This pack of coconut-scented deodorant wipes are way better than carrying around bulky deodorant in your bag. Not only are they super compact, but the aluminum-free wipe design is also more refreshing than classic deodorant. These wipes also have coconut milk and essential oils in their easy-to-use formula for a subtle added scent.


A Rinse-Out Hair Treatment That Gives You Softer Locks In 8 Seconds

There are easy measurements right on the back of this hair mask bottle, so it’s easy to use the perfect amount of this moisturizing formula in the shower. This lightweight hair treatment with amino acids and lamellar water also works in only eight seconds, so it’s way better than the overnight masks we’re all used to.


This Concentrated Hand Cream That Has 64,000 Five-Star Reviews

This super moisturizing hand cream has a concentrated formula, so this compact container will last a long, long time. It’s completely unscented, and it creates a protective barrier on painful and cracked skin to lock in hydration. Plus, it has a non-greasy formula, so you’ll reach for it way more often than that moisturizer that leaves your hands oily.


These Reusable Bamboo Pads For Your Cleansing Routine

It’s obvious why these natural bamboo and cotton makeup removing pads are better than the cotton rounds we’re all used to — they’re reusable and washable. Each soft, gentle round is finished with stitching, so they’re durable enough to use in your double-cleansing routine every night. Simply drop them in the included mesh laundry bag after washing your face.


A Compact Facial Hair Remover That’s So Gentle

This sleek battery-powered hair remover is so compact, it won’t clutter up your bathroom drawers, purse, or makeup bag. The 18-karat rose gold-plated tool is precise and completely hypoallergenic. Unlike wax strips or ineffective razors, this hair remover works quickly to painlessly remove unwanted hair and fuzz.


These Foot Peel Masks That Work In Less Than 2 Weeks

Reach for these foot peel masks instead of a classic pumice stone because they require way less effort — and the results are longer lasting. You wear them like socks once for one hour, and the fruit extract formula will work for 11 days to peel away dry, cracked skin, leaving you with baby soft feet. This budget-friendly pack comes with two pairs of booties and have over 47,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


This Super Hydrating Oil Lip Treatment With A Subtle Pink Tint

This tinted oil lip treatment will replace your lip balm, and you might even toss your favorite gloss for it. The moisturizing formula is made with agave nectar, Hawaiian kukui nut oil, shea butter (of course), and more to treat dry lips and keep them nice and hydrated. Reviewers note a little goes a long way, so this tiny tube will last a good long time.


This Conditioning Cuticle Oil That’s Super Easy To Use

This cuticle treatment has a bunch of conditioning jojoba oil and sweet almond oil, so it helps out damaged or painfully dry cuticles. This paint-on formula also works as a cuticle-softening step in your nail care routine. There’s also plenty of vitamin E to add antioxidants to this lightweight daily treatment.


A Cream Eyeshadow Stick That Glides On Easily

This easy-to-apply eyeshadow stick will make you want to toss the other eyeshadows in your makeup bag. It has a waterproof cream formula that dries with a powder finish to avoid a creasing situation. This highly pigmented eyeshadow also has vitamin C, vitamin E, and a little blending tool on the end, so you don’t need any other brushes or tools with this.


This Soothing Skincare Set That Helps You Avoid Painful Chafing

This skincare set comes with a hypoallergenic cream and a talc-free anti-friction powder. Basically — it’s an easy way to avoid painful chafing during a workout or on a hot day, and this duo even soothes your skin. Plus, both of these moisture-absorbing formulas feel cooling and super calming as they absorb sweat and prevent rubbing.


A Quick-Working Mask That Coats Your Hair In Protective Proteins

This unique collagen hair treatment because it sticks around in your hair (in a good way). Instead of simply rinsing out all of the helpful ingredients, this protein-rich mask leaves behind a ceramide coating, which leaves you with super soft, healthy hair — even if your mane was damaged before. Plus, it only takes five minutes after shampooing, and it has a detangling formula.


This Citrus-Scented Moisturizer With Brightening Snail Mucin

The unique ingredients in this moisturizer include 97.5% snail mucin extract, which is actually quite luxurious and moisturizing — I promise. It’s super brightening, and it’s even paired with green tea, vitamin B5, vitamin E, and more to revive dull skin. This nighttime moisturizer is also finished off with a citrus scent to make it feel even more luxe.


This Primer That Makes Your Eyeshadow Look Brighter & Bolder

Avoid tossing out all of your eyeshadows with this lightweight eyeshadow primer. No matter how much that cream shadow creases, this non-greasy formula will take care of it, all while preventing oily lids too. This zero-fallout formula also helps out with concealing, so you don’t have to layer your makeup.


This Heatless & Comfy Curler That’ll Have You Waking Up With Styled Hair

This heatless curling kit for wet or dry hair comes with a secure claw clip, so it won’t slide around while you snooze. To make this set even comfier, the curler and the matching scrunchies have a silky finish that’s gentle on your hair. This set is also so lightweight that you won’t mind reaching for it instead of your hot tools.


An Adorable Skincare Tool That Makes Your Facial Cleanser Lightweight & Foamy

This aesthetic little skincare tool is way better than buying a foaming facial cleanser because it whips up your favorite cleanser. This BPA-free tool creates a bunch of bubbles, so your face wash feels fun and super lightweight. Plus, your new fluffed-up face wash saves you from using too much, making your go-tos last longer.


These Chic Sheet Masks With Brightening Pearl Extract

With luxurious pearl extract, these sheet masks obviously feel chicer than other options out there. These brightening and conditioning masks are made with a super durable tencel material, and they’re absolutely soaked with serum. There’s also a unique probiotic ingredient built right in to renew your skin barrier.


This Moisturizing Concealer With A Built-In Sponge

Everything about this medium-coverage concealer makes it super easy to apply. It has a moisturizing formula and a built-in sponge on top to quickly blend it in, saving you other skincare tools. This versatile concealer also moisturizes for up to 12 hours, so your under eyes stay hydrated between your skincare. All of these reasons are why this fan-favorite makeup has over 113,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


An Ergonomic Detangling Brush That Minimizes Breakage

This tie-dye hair brush looks trendy on your bathroom countertop, and the unique bristles make detangling your hair so easy. These bristles are sturdy enough to keep their shape, but they’re also gentle and flexible on wet or dry hair, so they won’t cause breakage or frizz. This ergonomic brush is also compact enough to fit in your favorite toiletry bag, making it a great travel companion.


A Precise Nail Pen Set To Amp Up Your Nail Polish Bag

Instead of attempting nail art with the brush your polish came with, grab this budget-friendly nail pen set. Each one is double-sided, so you get a six different nail tools without taking up a bunch of space in your bathroom drawer. Each brush has a super precise brush on one side and a slightly wider brush on the other, allowing you to make endless designs.


This Cleanable Makeup Brush That’s Super Long-Lasting

This versatile flat-top foundation brush might look like your classic kabuki brush, but it’s way easier to clean than the one in your makeup bag. This shed-free brush is topped off with dense bristles, so this long-lasting brush won’t absorb your foundation or get caked-up with liquid blush.


This Exfoliating Brush That Is Easy To Hold & Use

This is the easy-to-clean exfoliator to replace those worn-out exfoliating gloves hanging out in the shower. It has flexible and gentle bristles to help with uncomfortable ingrown hairs and razor bumps, all while unclogging your pores. This brush also has an easy-to-grip handle, and the ergonomic design will keep your hands comfortable.


These On-Trend Hair Ties That Won’t Cause Creases Or Get Grimy

These unique hair ties won’t get gross in your makeup bag or all tangled with hair because they’re made of waterproof and non-absorbent plastic. They also have a spiral design that’s a great go-to because it won’t crease or break your hair. These on-trend hair ties also help you avoid a painful ponytail that’s way too tight.


This Softening Foot Balm With Cold-Pressed Lavender Oil

This repairing foot balm will help soften calluses and painfully dry skin. It’s all about the vitamin E and cold-pressed oils in this balm, including lavender, olive, sweet almond, and even sunflower, which moisturize dry, scaly foot skin. For extra exfoliation and even softer feet, this balm even comes with a pumice stone.


These Compact Teeth Whitening Pens That Gently Remove Unwanted Stains

These gentle teeth-whitening pens let you toss bulky boxes of whitening strips and treatments. Each one of these painless and super compact pens gives you over 30 whitening sessions and will make your smile four to eight shades whiter. They also have a mint flavor, and are easy-to-use, which is why they have nearly 13,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


A Talc-Free Dry Shampoo That Won’t Leave A Residue

This colorful bottle of dry shampoo is completely talc-free, so you don’t even have to think about white residue in your hair. The refreshing formula has volumizing rice starch and nourishing sea buckthorn. Plus, this oil-absorbing product looks way trendier than your usual dry shampoo on your bathroom vanity.


A Facial Cleansing Brush With A Chic Charging Station

Swap those disposable exfoliating pads for this reusable, rechargable facial cleansing brush. It has massaging silicone bristles to pair with your favorite facial cleanser. There are even grippy accents on this waterproof brush, so it’s easy to hold onto. When you’re not doing your skincare, this lightweight brush comes with a sleek wireless charging station.


This Unique Body Scrub With A Pore-Decongesting Formula

This sensitive-skin-friendly body scrub will replace chemical exfoliating products and even those sugar scrubs in your shower. The fragrance-free formula acts like a super easy microdermabrasion treatment to smooth unwanted bumpy skin. There are also chemical and physical exfoliators that help decongest your pores, and it even work on keratosis pilaris.


This Comfy Press-On Nail Set That You Can Apply Quickly

You can basically toss all of your at-home manicure supplies for this quick press-on manicure set that’s way easier than trying to paint with your non-dominant hand. These fake nails are completely smudge-proof and chip-proof the second you stick them on. Plus, they’re super comfy, and you get all of the prep tools you need.


A Massaging Scalp Brush That’s Easy To Keep Clean

This scalp brush elevates your usual hair-washing routine because it helps out your scalp and your hair. It comes with two different silicone brush heads, and both of them are perfect for a scalp massage with dry hair or in the shower to really wash out your product. Plus, the tops easily twist off to keep this hair-washing tool clean.


This Exfoliating Sugar Mask That’s Hydrating As Well

Made with unrefined, mineral-enriched black sugar, this wash-off face mask is both exfoliating to eliminate unwanted blackheads and hydrating to leave your skin feeling smooth and supple. It’s soft, easy-to-spread, and surprisingly gentle on your skin, which makes this a great alternative to tired, rough coffee scrubs.


This Gentle Eyelash Curling Set With A Chic Bag

This chic eyelash curler comes with comfy silicone pads, so it won’t tug on your lashes or hurt your eyelids. You can also pop them off when they get worn down because this curler comes with refill pads. Plus, it comes with a satin bag to keep this gentle lash set all together in your makeup bag.