These Clever Home Upgrades Are All The Rage With People On A Budget

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“Home upgrade” and “cost-efficient” aren’t necessarily an obvious pairing, but if you know where to look you’ll find plenty of worthy examples. Case in point: these clever home upgrades that are all the rage with people on a budget. Not only are these versatile and practical products well-reviewed by thousands of buyers, but you’ll also find tons of happy reviewers pointing out the price and touting how worth it they truly are. Even better, everything is readily available on Amazon, so it’ll be on your doorstep with the click of a button. Whether you’re looking for organizational tools, outdoor accessories, or stylish and functional products that make your life a little easier (looking at you, two-toned rope basket with handles) you’ll find plenty of options ahead.


These Puck Lights That Fit Perfectly Under Your Cabinets

For a pop of light and vibes, install these LED lights under your kitchen cabinets. They’re easy to mount, since each set comes with both tape and screws, and they’re controlled by an included remote so you can turn on and adjust them from across the room.

Positive Review: “These lights literally took me only three minutes to install and they look amazing under my cabinets. They make my kitchen look so fancy. I put 4 under my cabinets and two in the window above my sink. The remote works to control all lights at once, but you can also manually turn on/off light individually. [...]”


A Wireless Doorbell Set To Give You A Custom Ring

If your current doorbell situation leaves something to be desired, rest assured there’s an easy, inexpensive fix. This wireless doorbell set is battery operated, lights up so guests can easily spot the button, and boasts a range of up to 1,000 feet. The best part? There are more than 50 chimes and sounds to choose from.

Positive Review: “A great wireless doorbell that is very easy to install. [...] I don't think you can find a better wireless doorbell for the price. Tons of chimes to choose from and adjustable volume control. It's a winner!”


This Set Of LED Night Lights For Subtle Light Around Your Home At Night

Available in budget-friendly multipacks, these LED night lights turn on when your room starts to dim, providing you with automatic illumination. The bulbs promise a lifespan of up to 10,000 hours, giving you years of usage, and the slim square shape ensures that you can still access the other plugs on your chosen outlets.

Positive Review: “I was blown away when I found these because you're getting six awesome LED nightlights for an amazing price! [...] there is no reason why you should not buy these. Every single one worked as expected and I am very pleased with my purchase! So worth your money!”


A Pair Of Under-The-Bed Bags For Easy & Efficient Storage

Perfect for off-season clothes, blankets, towels, and other bulky belongings, these under-the-bed storage bags are super versatile. Each bag has a transparent, zippered lid so you can see contents without fully removing or opening them. Plus, there’s s a sturdy handle for easy pulling and positioning. You’ll want one under every bed in your home.

Positive Review: “Love these!!! Great deal for the price!! I was moving and just stored a huge portion of clothes and shoes in these to transport. So sturdy and fit so much items!!”


These Glass Bottles To Spruce Up Your Counter Space & Better Dispense Oils

These glass oil and vinegar dispensers might feel like a small and subtle change, but you’ll love their simplicity and elegance. Each set comes with two bottles in either green, amber, or clear glass, along with a funnel, chalkboard-style labels, and four spouts (two flip-tops and two caps).

Positive Review: “The bottles are wonderful, the accessories (spouts, closures) are very functional, and the price is incredible! A real value!”


A Sleek & Shiny Paper Towel Holder For Your Kitchen Counter

Instead of installing a permanent paper towel holder, why not try this chrome paper towel stand that can go anywhere you need it to? It’s versatile, practical, and the elegant metallic finish adds a pop of shine to your space. Better yet, it works with most towel rolls and brand sizes.

Positive Review: “I truly wasn't expecting much given the low price point, but ... [t]his product more than exceeded my expectations. It's solid and durable. The design is modern but simple. I'm beyond pleased with this purchase. Exceptional value.”


These Airtight Glass Containers For Meal Prep & Storage

Whether you’re a seasoned lunch packer or a curious meal prepper, these glass food containers will check all the boxes for you. Each set comes with three containers and three locking, leakproof lids. They’re safe for the freezer, fridge, microwave, and oven, and you can pop them in the dishwasher for easy cleaning, too.

Positive Review: “These are a great size, and are very well made. The price is reasonable and I highly recommend them.”


These Velvet Hangers With A Near-Perfect Rating For An Elegant Closet Upgrade

With 30, 50, or 100 to a pack, these velvet hangers can transform your entire closet. Not only are they simple and sophisticated, but the soft texture of the material helps even your most delicate clothes stay on the hanger. They come in a variety of fun colors, too. You’ll wonder how you (and your clothes) ever managed without them. It’s no surprise they are a shopper favorite with an impressive 4.8-star rating after almost 25,000 reviews on Amazon.

Positive Review: “By far the best deal I found was on Amazon, the quality is great and the product overall is perfect and sturdy. It gives my closet a nicer more organized look.”


This Bamboo Lazy Susan To Keep Essentials Within Reach

This bamboo lazy Susan rack has two practical shelves and each one features a subtle lip at the edge to keep your items in place. The 10-inch diameter and 7-inch height also make it super versatile, and it can comfortably fit on a shelf or in a cupboard.

Positive Review: “In terms of quality for the price it exceeded my expectations. I'm very pleased with how easy it was to assemble and how sturdy it is once put together. Excellent product.”


An Over-Door Purse Holder That Can Fit Handbags, Clutches, & More

The only downside to a healthy handbag collection is the need to store it. That’s where this over-the-door purse organizer comes in. It has six pockets (two clutch-sized and four larger) transparent windows so you can see your bags, and sturdy chrome hooks to keep it secure as it hangs. It also doubles as a towel or scarf holder.

Positive Review: “The little things to make your life a little more organized! Love this purse organizer! Works really well for the price! Clear pockets for easy viewing, impressed by the pocket sizes.”


This Farmhouse Chic Soap Dispenser You’ll Want By Every Sink

Few things can destroy the vibe of a tidy sink area like a grimy soap dispenser can. Enter this farmhouse soap dispenser. It’s charming and practical; the ideal combo for a busy area of your home. Made of white ceramic and featuring chrome silver accents, it promises not to rust and it holds up to 13 ounces of liquid soap.

Positive Review: “This soap dispenser is like the cutest, nicest thing I’ve gotten for the money I’ve spent [...] So worth it! Perfect bathroom size too!!”


These Cooling Racks That Will Transform The Way You Bake & Cook

Don’t be misled by the name cooling rack — these are no one-trick pony. They’re versatile, multi-tasking wonders. Not only are they perfect for, yes, cooling baked goods that are fresh from the oven, they can also go in the oven to elevate food as it cooks. Your bacon is about to be perfectly crispy going forward. The racks come in three practical sizes, and they’re dishwasher-safe and rustproof, too.

Positive Review: “Very high quality! I bought to air-fry French Fries in a toaster convection oven, and these Checkered Chef grid wire racks are perfect. I'm impressed with the construction and price.”


This Non-Slip Bath Tub Mat That’s Machine-Washable

Not only is this bath tub mat sleek and attractive, but it’s a safety boost for your tub, too. With 149 suction cups on the bottom and 128 drain holes, it’s durable and sturdy. Subtle texture ensures that it doesn’t get too slippery when wet, and seven available colors make it easy to select the perfect style to match your space. Plus, it’s conveniently machine-washable.

Positive Review: “Very happy with my purchase! The price for this bath mat is very reasonable and fits my bathtub perfectly. Very comfortable on my feet.”


These Clever Drawer Organizers With Thousands Of 5-Star Ratings

Imagine opening up your dresser drawer and discovering rows and rows of perfectly organized socks. The dream could be your reality with these drawer organizers that are enthusiastically backed by five-star ratings from 40,000 shoppers. Each set comes with four unique bins with different designs to help you maximize your space. Choose from seven solid colors.

Positive Review: “These organizers are a dream. My underwear drawer was a mess before I got these [...] All in all, this is absolutely worth the price in my opinion. I’m planning on ordering more soon.”


A Sleek Set Of Bathroom Hardware For A Coordinated Vibe

Knobs and pulls are a bit like jewelry for your home — they add a pop of shine and style. Case in point is this bathroom hardware set, which comes with five pieces; a towel bar, toilet paper holder, and three hooks. Six colors are available, including a two-tone black and gold option.

Positive Review: “Really excellent quality for the price. Super solid!”


This Cabinet Basket Designed For Hair Tools

Finally, a solution to the age-old question of how to store your hair-dryer and curling wand. Available in two sizes and three colors (bronze, gold, and satin nickel, this styling station basket hooks over your cabinet or cupboard of choice and provides a sturdy and stable alternative to that mess of cords under your sink.

Positive Review: “ThIs is the best thing I have purchased from amazon ! It is holding two brushes, blow dryer, and 4 other heating tools! [...]”


A Rotating Kitchen Tool Holder With A Near-Perfect Rating

If you currently have a cluttered drawer of kitchen tools that barely closes, you should know there’s a better way. This stainless steel kitchen utensil holder has room for all your necessary tools, and it even includes a removable divider to keep it all organized. But the best part? It rotates for easy access. Choose from six elegant colors. This pick maintains a whopping 4.8-star rating on Amazon after over 8,000 reviews.

Positive Review: “Highly recommend, glides like a dream, stays put, holds many utensils [...] excellent product and price point.”


These LED Lights That Illuminate Stairs

What’s better than wireless stair lights that help you stay safe in the dark? Motion sensor wireless stair lights that help you stay safe in the dark. They come with both screws and mounting tape for easy installation, and they only require three AA batteries apiece to work. They also double as closet or cupboard lights, too.

Positive Review: “Overall, absolutely love these and it’s a great, cost effective way to solve the problem of a dark set of stairs. Super easy to install and such a great purchase.”


These Sturdy Silicone Spatulas That Are Heat Resistant & Dishwasher-Safe

Not only are these silicone spatulas attractive and bright, but they’re durable, too. Made of heat-resistant silicone that can endure a whopping 600 degrees Fahrenheit, they come in six fun colors, and they’re dishwasher-safe to boot. Four unique tools come in each set to cover all your cooking and baking needs.

Positive Review: “I am very pleasantly surprised by these spatulas. [...] I like everything about them. The shapes are great for working on different surfaces and the sizes fit my hands better than my expensive set. I’m going to be adding another set of these soon.”


An Outlet Extender That Will Completely Revamp Your Charging Station

If you have power strips and charging cords snaking around your home, you might want to sit down for this one. This simple yet brilliant outlet extender gives you five electrical outlets and four USB ports (including one USB-C) for less than $20. And they’re spaced so that you can easily use multiple at once. They have a near-perfect 4.8-star rating with nearly 30,000 reviews. Heads up: you may need one in every room.

Positive Review: “For the price, amount of options, quality and sturdiness, you can’t beat it!”


These Organizers That Fit Your Most Awkward Kitchen Tools (Yep, Even Muffin Tins)

That cluttered cabinet that makes a ton of noise when you dig through it? You can solve that chaos with these bakeware organizers. With room for cutting boards, baking sheets, muffin tins, and more, they work well in cabinets or cupboards on on counters, too. Choose between sleek bronze and silver styles.

Positive Review: “These are really nicely put together. Thick wire, good coating, nice look, great little feet to keep them in place. And a good price! I am impressed and very pleased.”


A Slim Storage Cart With Room For All Your Essentials

This versatile four-tier storage cart has a slim footprint, so you can roll and store it in tight corners of your home. It’s great for crafts, art supplies, cleaning essentials, personal care products and more. Outer hooks also give you hanging options, too. It’s available in white, grey, or black.

Positive Review: “I used this in my bathroom. I have a small space in between my vanity and wall and this fits perfectly! It's sturdy and works perfect for me to store my make-up. Definitely worth the buy!”


These Super Comfy Microfiber Pillowcases That Look As Nice As They Feel — For $10

Part form and function, these microfiber pillowcases are simple and sophisticated. They’ll look elegant on your bed, they’ll contribute to a comfy night of sleep, and their machine washable — what more could you ask for? They come in two sizes (standard/Queen and King), and 12 solid colors.

Positive Review: “One of my all-time favorite Amazon purchases. 10/10 recommend. I think I wasn't expecting much because of the low price point but, they are wonderful! I was very pleasantly surprised!”


An Over-The-Door Organizer That Holds 12 Pairs Of Shoes

While it’s technically made for shoes, this over-the-door organizer can hold nearly anything shoe-sized (or water bottle-sized) that you set your mind to. It has an extensive set of 24 mesh pockets, giving you room for 12 pairs of regular, adult-sized shoes. Choose between black, brown, or white styles (the white version offers plastic pockets).

Positive Review: “Brilliant organizer! I was worried the hooks would be too large for my door but it has little stoppers on the hooks so it's perfect. Holds everything from flip flops to heels and is quite sturdy. Great for the price.”


These Silicone Baking Mats With Included Measurements

Instead of sprays, oils, or even parchment, try these reusable baking mats. With four mats in three different sizes in each set, you’ll love being able to use their design to evenly space cookies and biscuits and other treats. They’re also easy to maintain in between uses, too — you can even pop them in the dishwasher for clean-up.

Positive Review: “I absolutely love these mats and the price is great! I've had them for around 4-5 w[ee]ks and use them constantly for baking or cooking and they are great!”


A Rainfall Shower Head For A Spa-Like Experience That’s Less Than $25

Why use a regular old shower head when you can use a rainfall shower head? It offers high pressure spray, an adjustable angle, and subtle silicone jets that are easy to clean. Plus, it’s easy to install as multiple buyers attest. It comes in an elegant chrome finish.

Positive Review: “Easy to install and felt like a luxurious shower. Quick and affordable update to make the shower look nicer/newer.”


This Squishy & Soft Memory Foam Bath Mat With 56,000 Reviews

The feeling of a soothing shower can be gone in an instant when you have to step onto a cold, hard, and slippery floor. Slip this memory foam bath mat into place and enjoy a comfortable and stylish stepping spot. It’s available in eight different sizes and a rainbow of colors and prints to match any bathroom.

Positive Review: “This is one great bath mat for the price! This mat is also very, very soft and plush. It feels like your feet are walking on silk.”


A Set Of Sleek Apothecary Jars For Your Bathroom Counter

These apothecary jars are the answer to the age-old question of where to store your loose bathroom accessories. Perfect for cotton rounds, swabs, and other small essentials, they’re made of acrylic that looks just as nice as glass, but proves to be more durable. Labels and lids are included, too, and you can choose between four colors and five sets.

Positive Review: “These are exactly what I expected them to be, they look nice, and fit perfectly on the open shelf of my medicine cabinet. If you are looking for something reasonably priced and looks good, not cheap then these are the canisters you are looking for.”


This Woven Storage Basket With Handles & Tons Of Room

All storage baskets should have handles like this extra large woven basket, imho. The natural two-toned color scheme, versatile size, and durable construction will have you considering one for every room. Multiple sizes and styles are available too — you’ll love them for laundry, blankets, books, or even hiding planters.

Positive Review: “Very attractive and sturdy basket holds all my blankets in style. [...] It really makes my basement den look tidier and more pulled together, and the price is unbeatable.”


This Tape That Keeps Your Rugs Safe & Secure

Not only are wrinkly rugs an eyesore, they can be dangerous, too. This rug tape is just the solution if you’re looking for an easy, convenient, and inexpensive way to keep them in place. Plus, they promise not to leave residue or damage your floor. Choose from black or white tape and packages of 12 or 16 pieces.

Positive Review: “Before I purchased these strips the floor mat seemed to walk around the entire foyer each time I went in and out of the front door. Since installing these strips the mat has not moved a fraction of an inch. Definitely worth the price.”


An $8 Organizer That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Silverware Drawer

Life’s too short to have a chaotic silverware drawer. This best-selling no-slip silverware organizer from Rubbermaid is a tried-and-true way to keep yours neat and tidy. It has five parallel slots for utensils, plus one perpendicular compartment for larger pieces and a no-slip base that prevents slipping and sliding as you open and close your drawer.

Positive Review: “This was the perfect option for our kitchen. Very good quality. [...] I would definitely recommend. The price is well worth the product.


A $15 Wall-Mount Broom Holder With 36,000 Reviews

Yep, your cleaning supplies can be clean and tidy, too. Keep your mops, brooms, tools, and sports equipment organized and off the floor with this mop and broom holder. It features five sturdy clamps and six versatile hooks, so a total of 11 tools or items can be stored in it. All necessary pieces for installation are included, too.

Positive Review: “I’ve never seen anything that comes close to this great little rack in quality, uselfulness and price. Highly recommend.”


This Popular Drain Cover That Prevents Plumbing Issues Before They Start

The small purchase of a drain protector can not only save you from the unpleasant task of snaking your drain, but it can also cut the need for future plumber visits, too. From OXO, this choice features a domed shape that allows you to cover either flat or lifted drains, and silicone edges that catch hair and stay in place. Over 27,000 shoppers give this pick five stars.

Positive Review: “Worth every penny! It fit perfectly over my oddly sized drain stop and caught an amazing amount of hair. Easy to remove the hair from and clean. Definitely worth the price.”


These Elegant, Sheer Curtains For An Instant Window Transformation

When you want to spruce up your space and still let in natural light, these sheer rod pocket curtains are a great and budget-friendly choice. With 17 elegant color choices and 12 available sizes, you’ll be able to find the exact look for your home and easily hang them.

Positive Review: “The price, sheerness, and softness actually made this a great deal.”


This Set Of Organizer Bins That Will Make Your Kitchen Feel Like A Pro Organized It

Those dreamy refrigerators in home design magazines? That could be yours with a set of fridge organizer bins, and this one has a near-perfect Amazon rating. Available in sets of six or 12, and with both regular bins and egg-holders included, you’ll love the transparent construction that looks tidy and ensures contents are visible. Built-in handles add to their ease of use, too.

Positive Review: “These are amazing and worth every penny. I was able to organize my fridge and pantry with these. They were easy to clean and the sizes are perfect. Everything looked so nice and organized, I could cry of happiness!”


A Simple & Sleek Sink Caddy To Store Your Sponge & Brush

There’s no excuse for a sponge lingering in the bottom of your sink, especially when practical sink caddies like this stainless steel one are available. It’s sized for both a sponge and a scrub brush, and mounts with adhesive hooks that last longer than suction cups, but still doesn’t require drilling or screws.

Positive Review: “I’ve been looking for the perfect product to keep my sponges and dish wand out of the way......this met all of my expectations! It’s sleek, sturdy, easy to install, and a great price!”


These Motion-Activated Solar Lights With The Perfect Angle

Unlike other common outdoor lights that stake into the ground, these waterproof outdoor solar lights can be mounted to your exterior for targeted illumination. Plus, they’re motion-activated, offering you safety and security, and they boast a lifespan of up to 5,000 hours. With four to a pack, you can install them throughout your property.

Positive Review: “I love these. [...] The cost and quality make this a great buy. I will purchase more for the rest of the yard.”


A Stylish Door Mat That Spruces Up Your Interior

Part form, part function, this indoor door mat is a stylish piece that also serves as a purpose by helping keep your floors clean, too. It comes in five versatile sizes, and there are six neutral prints and patterns to enhance most decor styles. Plus, it has non-slip backing, and a low profile so your door can glide over the top.

Positive Review: “Nice, neutral color. Simple, yet elegant pattern. Best of all? Great price for great quality!”


This Acrylic Holder For Up To 27 Lip Products

Have you ever wanted your bathroom to feel like a Sephora counter? If so, today is your lucky day. This clear acrylic organizer has nine rows of three slots for up to 27 lip glosses, saving you space and time when you need to search for one. A coordinating palette organizer is available, too, so you can create the vanity display of your dreams.

Positive Review: “The spaces and slots and long and good size for your lipsticks to fit ! Very nice and worth the price!”


An Extendable Arm That Takes Your Shower To The Next Level

Adjust the height of your shower, turn your current shower head into one that rivals a rainfall, or simply streamline your space with this adjustable shower arm extender. It adds up to 11 inches to your shower head, and promises to be sturdy and durable, too. Plus, according to buyers, it’s a breeze to install.

Positive Review: “I can't say enough that this product performs perfectly at a great price point.”