These Clever Products Are 10x Better Than What You Usually Use Around Your Home

Get ready for a better home — for cheap.

Written by Allison Bolt
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I’m pretty loyal to my cleaning routine, but if someone tells me there’s a fluffy fan duster that’s better than the classic duster in my cleaning closet, I’m 100% swapping mine out. The best part is — this list has that genius duster and a bunch of other household swaps that we should all make ASAP. Why? Because these clever products are 10 times better than what you usually use around your home — so they’re definitely worth the swap.

It’s not just upgraded dusters, either. This list has things like an easy avocado slicer, automatic spice grinders, and a mini garlic crusher to make your favorite weeknight dinners easier. You can even get rid of a bulky laundry room trash can because there’s a magnetic dryer bin for that annoying dryer lint.

I promise, with these clever products, we’ll all be tossing out flimsy dusters, worn-out rugs, and more.


This Adjustable & Super Versatile Measuring Cup

This unique measuring cup has markings for ounces, cups, milliliters, and any other measurement you could need, because you can use this for wet or dry ingredients in numerous increments — just adjust the cup. Plus, the base is sturdy enough to measure liquid ingredients without spills.


A Reinforced Organizer To Tuck Between Hanging Clothes

Swap a few hangers in your closet for this five-shelf hanging organizer to add some extra vertical storage space, perfect for hard-to-hang items like pants, hats, and towels. The shelves are reinforced enough to hold onto whatever doesn’t have a tidy spot in your closet. There are also handy side pockets built into this breathable organizer.


A Heat-Resistant Clip-On Strainer For Easier Pasta Nights

This super sturdy clip-on strainer is so much better than a clunky metal strainer because it frees up space in your sink — and your hands — during meal prep. The heat-resistant silicone can totally handle boiling water when you’re draining pasta, potatoes, and more. This dishwasher-safe strainer even has a handy spout design to avoid spills.


This Sleek Organizer To Fix A Messy Mop & Broom Set Up

No matter what broom and mop organization hacks you’ve tried, this is the broom rack to finally solve everything. There are four durable hanging hooks for dustpans and rags and three extra-grippy holders for your mops and brooms. It has a stainless steel design that doesn’t look too bulky in your closet or garage but can still hold up to 50 pounds.


This Unique Under-Cabinet Jar Opener That Fits A Ton Of Lid Sizes

It’s always easy to find this easy-to-use jar opener because it mounts right under your kitchen cabinet. The unique V-shaped design fits a ton of lid sizes from nail polish bottles to extra-large jam jars, and it even comes in handy for popping open screw-top wine bottles. This non-slip opener also means you save drawer space for jar openers that just don’t work.


This Salt & Pepper Set That Automatically Grinds Your Spices

Pop this salt and pepper grinder set on your countertop instead of the classic pepper grinder and salt dish. Simply flip them over, and they’ll automatically start grinding to quickly season while you cook. These LED-illuminated grinders also have an easy-to-twist knob to control the coarseness of your spices.


This Highly-Rated Magnetic Trash Can That Holds Annoying Dryer Lint

This mini trash can has magnets on the back to stick it on the side of your dryer, giving lint, spare receipts, and other items a space to go as you do your laundry. The lid-free design makes it easy to stick all of that annoying dryer lint in this plastic bin. It also comes with a lint-cleaning brush and a built-in keyhole hanger in case you want to hang it on the wall. It’s a simple yet effective solution, which is why it has a 4.9-star rating on Amazon after 11,000-plus reviews.


A U-Shaped Scrub Brush To Safely & Effectively Hand-Wash Cutlery

This uniquely-shaped scrub brush keeps your hands safe whenever you hand-wash those pricey kitchen knives. The U-shape wraps around cutlery, while the outside has a non-slip texture for extra-safe scrubbing. This compact dish brush is also perfect for quickly cleaning forks, spoons, and more.


These Space-Saving Hangers That Work With The Hangers You Already Own

You don’t have to toss your favorite clothing hangers to use these genius space-saving hangers. Each one has built-in holes to hold up to five of your usual hangers. There are also hooks on each end, so you can hang them horizontally for a clean, evenly-spaced closet, or vertically for more space.


An Easy-To-Use Avocado Slicer, Pitter & Scooper With A Non-Slip Design

Grab this dishwasher-safe avocado slicer anytime you reach for an avocado because this three-in-one device is way easier than using other kitchen tools. It comes with a safe cutting tool, a slicing tool, and even a pit-removing tool built right in, so you only dirty one utensil. Plus, it’s topped off with a non-slip material, so it’s comfortable and safe to use.


These Versatile Reusable Dish Cloths For Easy Cleaning Days

These reusable dishcloths are the perfect swap for cleaning cloths, worn-out dish brushes, and more. They’re basically a super durable cellulose washcloth that’s versatile enough for cleaning all over your home because they work on marble, steel, tile, wood, and your dishes. These machine-washable cloths even have a scrubby texture that’s gentle enough to wipe windows and mirrors.


These Waterproof Shelf Liners To Fix Up A Messy Fridge

Avoid wiping your refrigerator shelves all the time with these durable and non-slip shelf liners. Clean each shelf once, and these waterproof, oil-proof, and dust-proof liners will catch whatever ingredient spills in the fridge — and they’re super easy to wipe clean. These slightly textured and grippy mats are also super colorful, so you can even color-code your fridge.


These Zipper-Close Pillowcases With A Soft Satin Finish

Reach for these satin pillowcases instead of cotton ones the next time you change your sheets. They’re way more cooling, and they won’t absorb all of your skincare or hair treatments — a serious plus that helps prevent frizzy hair and dry skin. This machine-washable set also comes with built-in zippers to keep your pillows looking crisp.


A 2-Tier Lazy Susan With A Trendy Bamboo Finish

This lazy Susan has a 360-degree spinning design, and the rim won’t let anything fall off, so you can honestly use it for whatever pantry ingredients fit. It’s also made of easy-to-clean bamboo that looks so on-trend in a kitchen cabinet or on your counter, all while giving you tiered storage space for all your spices.


This Dish & Hand Soap Dispenser To Organize Your Counter

This soap dispenser is the perfect to set next to your kitchen sink. It has the handiest dish soap dispenser — your sponge sits right on top, and you simply press down on it to get more soap during after-dinner cleanup. There’s also a hand soap dispenser and a ventilated tray to keep this easy-to-refill set tidy.


A Meat Chopper That’s Way More Effective Than A Wooden Spoon

The quirky design of this meat chopper is actually perfect for browning ground beef, crumbling tofu, or even smushing whole tomatoes for pasta sauce. This dishwasher-safe, heat-resistant nylon tool has five sharp pinwheel blades and a sturdy handle, so it’s way easier than using your wooden spoon or a flat spatula.


A Versatile Stain Remover To De-Clutter Your Cleaning Supplies

This pet-safe stain remover can replace a bunch of different stain-removing sprays in your cleaning closet, and it even helps with odors. The super gentle spray works on carpet, furniture, wood, laminate, and even your clothes, so you don’t have to buy a separate stain-remover for your laundry room.


These Reusable K-Cups That Let You Brew Any Coffee Or Tea

Try out whatever local coffee you want with these K-cups because they’re easy to fill and totally reusable. They’re made of BPA-free plastic with fine mesh and a tight rubber seal, so your coffee will be just as free of coffee grounds as it usually is. And, unlike other reusable K-cups, you can stick these right into your brewer without removing any other parts.


These Reusable Microfiber Pads For Easier Mopping

Add these microfiber mop pads to your cleaning closet to make your go-to mop even better. They have a reusable design that works with your mop and can be used wet or dry, so they might even replace your broom. These thick pads are also washable and absorbent enough to clean up serious spills.


This Herb-Chopping Set With Handy Storage Bags

These herb-chopping scissors have five blades stacked right next to each other to make herb prep quicker and easier than chopping with a knife or cutting with classic shears. You also get a scissors cover with a built-in brush to clean the stainless steel blades and two drawstring bags to keep all of your herbs tidy in the fridge — especially those tiny chives.


This Fluffy Fan Duster That’s So Easy To Wash

Swap out your classic duster with this extendable duster anytime you need to clean off your fans or ceilings. It has a circular design to dust an entire fan blade with one quick sweep. It’s also made with a microfiber top that’s grippy (so no dust falls on your head) and easy to take off and wash after cleaning day.


A Compact In-Drawer Knife Block That’s Made Of Bamboo

Replace a bulky countertop knife block with this waterproof in-drawer knife block, so it’s always easy to find the knife you need for prepping dinner. This durable 100% bamboo holder holds six larger knives and eight steak knives and is also a super safe storage option because it has built-in slots to cover up the blades.


These Zig-Zag Hangers To Protect Your Jeans & Trousers

This unique zig-zag hanger set holds onto up to five pairs of pants way better than the classic clothes hangers in your closet. They’re made of stainless steel with non-slip accents to keep even the silkiest on-trend trousers securely on these hangers. They’re also rust-resistant and have a fabric-protecting smooth design.


These Fridge Bins That Let You Toss Produce Bags & Bulky Packaging

These shatter-proof fridge bins let you throw away sparkling water boxes or bulky produce bags that are cluttering up your fridge. They have a versatile transparent design with built-in handles that makes it easy to organize a bunch of ingredients and pull them out as you need them. They’re also BPA-free and easy to clean out if something spills.


These Chic Soap Dishes With An Anti-Mildew Design

Instead those soap dishes that get super grimy, grab this set of waterproof, anti-mildew soap dishes. They’re made of wood, so they look chic next to all of your sinks. Plus, they have built-in drainage slots and non-slip accents to keep them secure on your countertop and cleaner than other dishes.


This Spoon & Lid Holder That Keeps Your Countertop Mess-Free

Pop this stainless steel spoon rest next to your stove for everything that usually ends up on your countertop while you’re cooking. You can save your counter from your sauce-covered spoon and prop up a pot or pan lid. There’s even a small tray to catch water if the lid has condensation on it.


These Cleaning Sponges That Only Need Water To Cut Through Grime

Instead of wasting a bunch of cleaning supplies on frustrating messes, these thick, trimmable cleaning sponges work all on their own. Simply rinse one of these melamine sponges under the sink, and it can handle all kinds of spills, dirt, grime, and grease. They work on all surfaces, even leather or stainless steel.


A Compact, Automatic Can Opener That Works With The Touch Of A Button

This can opener obviously stands out from all of the handheld ones cluttering up your kitchen drawer because it’s electric (but still small enough to tuck into a drawer). There’s an easy button to start and stop this opener, and it even has a magnet to hold onto the lid. It also leaves behind a smooth finish, so you can avoid touching sharp cans or lids.


These Dishwasher-Safe Brushes To Properly Clean Bottles & Straws

With this super slim brush set, you don’t have to smush the bristles of your regular dish brush to clean out your water bottles or just hope a regular sponge does the job well enough. You get plenty of sizes for all of the different bottles in your kitchen, and there’s even one for reusable straws. Plus, all of these rust-resistant stainless steel brushes are totally dishwasher-safe.


This Spooky Little Garlic Crusher That Speeds Up Ingredient Prep

Yes — this BPA-free garlic crusher looks like a miniature vampire hanging out on your countertop. When it’s not on display, this little garlic gadget presses, minces, or crushes one whole clove at a time, saving you from annoying knife work. It works in just seconds, and it’s easier to clean than a traditional garlic press.


A Bamboo Drawer Organizer That Makes Your Foil & Plastic Wrap Tidy

This wrap organizer means you won’t have to pull out the entire box of aluminum foil to prep a sheet pan dinner. This sleek bamboo box has three slots for 12-inch rolls of wraps that otherwise come in bulky cardboard boxes that warp and rip. Plus, each slot on this bamboo organizer has a built-in tool to cut perfect sheets, and there are labels so you know exactly which slot is your parchment paper.


These Organic Wool Dryer Balls That Are Shaped Like Sweet Bumblebees

With that bumble bee-shaped design, it’s obvious why these 100% wool dryer balls are better than plain dryer balls or sheets. — they’re just plain cute. They also make your clothes dry faster, and you can reuse them 1,000 times each, which makes them a budget-friendly option for efficient drying. If you want a fresh scent on your clothes, you can still add essential oils to these organic dryer balls.


This Super Cushioned & Water-Resistant Anti-Fatigue Mat

With nearly half-inch of thick cushioning, this kitchen mat is the obvious replacement for a thin and worn-out kitchen rug. This water-resistant, non-slip mat even has an anti-fatigue design that would also be perfect in front of a standing desk. Wherever you place this mat, it has a non-trip beveled edge and a versatile pattern.


This Reusable Food Storage Bag Set That’s Leakproof

Swap out bulky boxes of plastic baggies for this set of reusable storage bags that comes with three different sizes. They’re completely transparent, just like the disposable ones, so you can see the snacks or ingredients inside. They’re also made of a waterproof and freezer-safe material paired with a leak-proof zipper design.


A Minimalist Suction Cup Sink Splash Guard That Keeps You Dry

Set up this easy-to-use splash guard dinner prep, so you can wash all of your veggies without soaking the kitchen counter and do dishes afterwards without getting all wet. The five silicone suction cups on the bottom keep it securely on your countertop while you run the sink, and the waves on top allow you to comfortable reach into the basin. It even has a unique angled base, so splashing water can’t seep underneath.


A Safer Stain Treater That Works On Clothes, Carpets & More

If your laundry room is cluttered with stain removers that never work, grab this little bottle of biodegradable, universal stain treater. It’s even a good idea to store this water-based and pH-neutral formula all over your home because it works on carpet, furniture upholstery, and even bedding — even if the stains are older or particularly tough.


This 3-Step Knife Sharpener With An Easy-To-Use Design & Comfort Grip

Swap that hard-to-use honing rod that came with your knife set for this super durable knife sharpening tool. It has a three-step design, so it will actually sharpen and polish your go-to dinner prep knives, even if they’re severely damaged. It also has a built-in safety handle and a cut-resistant glove, so it’s much easier to use.


These Matching Pantry Containers For Keeping Snacks Fresh & Organized

These BPA-free pantry containers are perfect for swapping out mismatched food containers or boxes. They come with matching and super durable lids with an airtight design, so your pasta and candy stay fresher for longer. Plus, you get customizable, reusable chalkboard labels with these washable containers.


These Breathable Fabric Drawer Inserts For Tidy Dresser Organization

Clean out your messy sock and underwear drawer, and pop in these flexible fabric drawer organizers. This flexible design and small mesh slots make it way easier to tidy up socks or underwear. These collapsible drawer inserts come in large sizes, too, which are perfect for storing washcloths in the bathroom.


A Set Of Bamboo Charcoal Deodorizers That You Can Pop In The Fridge

These little deodorizing packs are filled with bamboo charcoal to absorb pesky smells in your fridge. Not only do these long-lasting packs help out with smells, but they also keep all of your groceries fresh. Plus, they have a miniature and sleek design that looks nice in your fridge.