These 40 Genius Hacks Make Your Home So Much Nicer — & They're Shockingly Easy

Easy tricks for major home upgrades.

Written by Bimini Wright
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Maintaining a beautiful and functional home often seems like an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. However, the truth is you can effortlessly enhance your living space with just a few simple yet genius hacks. For example, something as simple as replacing the handles on your cabinets can really spruce up a kitchen. Or consolidating all your bathroom clutter onto one stylish and functional shelf will make the whole space feel cleaner and more organized.

From deep-cleaning tile grout to organizing your spice rack to tackling stubborn hard-water stains in the bathroom, the hacks on this list require minimal effort while yielding remarkable results. With the products on this list, you can bid farewell to endless house projects and say hello to a beautifully improved home.


Organize Decor In Unused Corner Spaces

Maximize your unused corner space with these two-tier zigzag floating corner shelves. Available in three elegant colors, they provide a perfect finish for your decor and are easy to assemble and mount — making them suitable for displaying photos, collectibles, and decorative items. Whether you install them in your office, bedroom, or dorm room, these shelves add an elegant touch while optimizing your storage.


Create A Clean Kitchen Backsplash Without Spending A Lot Of Money

Revamp your kitchen with these peel-and-stick tiles. They offer a hassle-free solution to create a stunning kitchen backsplash. With their easy installation, you can apply them directly onto smooth surfaces or over existing panels. Designed specifically for kitchen backsplashes, these tiles are heat-resistant, making them perfect for areas near stovetops. They come in three colors, so there’s no excuse to not effortlessly transform your space.


Rely On A Level To Hang Art & Pictures Evenly

Perfect for pictures, mirrors, installing shelves, and more, you can achieve precise and even hanging every time with this laser level. Its 360-degree rotating wall attachment allows you to project a laser line at any angle while the two backlit bubble vials ensure accurate placement. The bubbles are backlit for maximum visibility, so you'll get professional results. It includes a laser level, batteries, and a wall attachment for your convenience.


Hang Cookware On A Wall-Mounted Rail With A Cool Industrial Look

Maximize your kitchen space and keep your cookware within easy reach with this stylish and cool pot and pan rail. This wall-mounted shelf rack features 15 "S-style” hooks for hanging pots and utensils, allowing for efficient organization and storage. It can support weights up to 22 pounds and comes complete with all the mounting hardware and instructions needed, so it's easy to install. Made of durable hand-welded powder-coated iron metal, it will complement any decor with its stylish design.


Give Your Home More Curb Appeal With Magnetic Garage Door Accents

Instantly transform your basic garage door into a stylish carriage house with the classic and charming look created by these decorative magnetic accents. Easy to use, they include two handles and four hinges that attach quickly and securely to steel garage doors with strong magnets, and they're made of durable UV and weather-resistant plastic, so they won't rust or discolor over time. No complicated installation is required; simply place them on your garage door to instantly update your home's exterior.


Illuminate Dark Corners With Puck Lights

Enhance your home's ambiance and functionality with these versatile and convenient puck lights. They emit a warm white glow, perfect for under-cabinet lighting, kitchen illumination, and closet lighting. You can easily turn them on or off with a simple tap of the lens or with a compatible remote control (not included). These lights operate on three AA batteries, lasting up to 100 hours, and are easy to install with screws or adhesive tape.


Stash Items In A Multi-Tasking Storage Ottoman

Put your feet up and experience the ultimate convenience and organization with this multi-purpose storage cube. This tufted, nail-headed ottoman provides ample storage space for clothes, games, toys, and more while adding a touch of elegance to any room. Made of high-quality, waterproof faux leather, it's easy to clean and built to last.


Spruce Up Your Staircase With Stair & Riser Decals

Transform your staircase into a stunning focal point with these elegant stair decals. Made from high-quality vinyl, these peel-and-stick decals are easy to install and remove, ensuring no damage to your stairs. This set come with 10 strips and the pieces can be easily cut to the size you need.


Position Laundry Detergent On A Holder That Ensures It Never Drips

Messy detergent spills are a thing of the past with this angled laundry detergent drip catcher. Designed with a downward slope, it allows soap to pour out easily without the need to tilt or lift the bottle. The rubber feet keep it securely in place, while the molded edge and included strap prevent the measuring cup from sliding off.


Protect Stovetops From Scratches With Silicone Covers

Protect your kitchen stove from scratches, spills, and dirt with this stovetop cover. Made of thick natural rubber, it provides effective protection while also serving as extra counter space in small kitchens. The anti-slip coating ensures stability and the cover comes in multiple colors, so there’s an option to complement any kitchen decor. Cleaning is a breeze with its dishwasher-safe and foldable design, plus it has loops so you can easily hang it out of the way when it’s not in use.


Swap Old-Fashioned Cabinet Pulls For Sleek, Modern Ones

Get a handle on updating your decor with this pack of 30 sleek cabinet pulls. A perfect blend of functionality and elegance, they’re crafted from durable stainless steel, making them strong and able to coordinate well with a range of appliances and accessories. With their simple and timeless look, these handles complement kitchen cabinet doors and drawers in farmhouse, vintage, traditional, and transitional styles. Additionally, they are available in black, brushed brass, and satin nickel, providing options to suit different design preferences.


Hang Shoes In An Organized Way Instead Of Stashing Them By The Door

When it comes to tidying your home, this hanging organizer is a real shoe-in. With 24 pockets, it can accommodate sneakers, flats, slippers, and sandals while occupying minimal space in your closet. The sturdy stainless-steel hooks allow for easy hanging over your door without any tools.


Infuse Your Home With A Warm Amber Glow Courtesy Of These Himalayan Light Bulbs

Don’t be “salty” about boring light fixtures — instead, enhance your home with these Himalayan pink salt light bulbs. A unique and decorative addition to any home or office, these bulbs are encased with the purest natural salt, emitting a beautiful warm amber glow. They work perfectly in standard lighting fixtures and, with their classic and modern design, add a vintage touch and create a calming ambiance. Energy-efficient to boot, this bulb combines functionality with aesthetic appeal.


Protect Hardwood Floors From Furniture Scrapes & Scuffs

Avoid scratching up your beautiful hardwood floors — this pack of furniture pad grippers is designed to prevent any furniture from destructive sliding and scuffing. They combine anti-slip rubber with a solid felt core, ensuring protection for all types of flooring. With no adhesive, nails, or glue required, these pads are easy and fast to use. They also help level furniture on hardwood and carpet surfaces and come in a pack of eight.


Conceal Wires In A Cord-Concealer Box You Can Paint

Get rid of cable clutter and create a neat and organized space with this cord cover kit. With an upgraded snap structure for easy setup, this cord cover makes installation a breeze. Designed with PVC material, these cord hiders are sturdy, unbreakable, and have a high flame retardancy. They can be easily cut and painted to match your wall and blend seamlessly with your decor, creating a safer space for kids and pets while enhancing the overall appearance of your home or office.


Repurpose Attractive Baskets To Be Used As Storage

For stylish storage that you won’t want to hide, experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with these gorgeous woven storage baskets. Made from 100% organic cotton, the durable and recyclable baskets, which come in a set of three, are designed to last. They have reinforced handles and a thick cloth base and can handle heavy loads without tearing. Their versatile design allows them to store everything from blankets to toys, while their modern look and neutral color options make them a perfect match for any interior.


Touch Up Flaws In Walls As They Occur

Regular maintenance is easier (and often less expensive) than repair: so don’t let the scuffs and dings pile up — keep your paint jobs looking fresh with these touch-up paint pens. With their patented design, the pens keep your paint fresh for years, eliminating the need for messy brushes and containers. The kit includes two paint pens and a syringe for easy filling so that you can achieve professional-quality touch-ups easily and quickly, with no drips or mess.


Keep The Focus On Decor, Not Bulky Shelves, With Sleek Acrylic Shelving

Maximize your wall space with these sleek acrylic shelves. Their “invisible” transparency means they’ll fit in with any decor, keeping your room organized and clutter-free. They can hold up to 8.8 pounds and come with easy installation options. They’re a wonderful way to display everything from decorative knick-knacks and books to toiletries and skin care products.


Organize Jewelry Or Makeup On An Ornate Gold Tray

Add a touch of elegance to your home with this stylish gold decorative tray. Made of stainless steel, it's perfect for organizing jewelry, cosmetics, holding keys, or as a candle or food tray. The shiny gold color will light up any room, adding some glitz to your entry table, dresser, footstool, dresser, or coffee table. It’s an ideal home decor piece and also makes a great gift.


Make Your Home Smarter With Color-Changing Lightbubs

Upgrade your lighting experience with these smart light bulbs. With a brightness of 810 lumens and a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours, they offer longevity and a mind-blowing 16 million colors. Control the bulb through voice commands with Alexa or Google Assistant, or use a handy app for convenient scheduling. They even come with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.


Gather Cables & Wires In A Cable Management Box

Tired of tangled and messy cords? This sleek and modern cable management box perfectly organizes and hides unsightly excess cordage and power strips. With double directional outlets and three smaller outlets, it accommodates all your power and USB cord needs. In addition, the wooden-style cover adds a touch of elegance to your home decor. Reclaim lost space and eliminate cord chaos with this anti-skid, high-impact-resistant wire cord hider.


Trim Walls With Elegant Crown Molding

Put some icing on the decor cake and enhance the look of your home with this elegant adhesive wall trim. It’s easy to use: Simply measure, cut, peel off the backing, and stick to any smooth surface. Its high-quality PVC material is durable, flexible, and waterproof, making it perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and more. With strong self-adhesive properties, it stays in place and leaves no residue when removed.


Leave Notes On A Transparent Board That Isn't An Eyesore

For a dry-erase board that is truly note-worthy, get this transparent acrylic note board. With its clear and crease-free design, it adds a modern and stylish touch to your fridge. It easily attaches to steel surfaces with strong magnets, holds magnetic items, and is easily removable. It comes with quick-drying markers and a magnetic pen holder, and it is easy to wipe clean.


Jazz Up Rooms With Low-Maintenance Potted Succulents

The only thing easier to take care of than succulents is this four-piece set of artificial succulents. The set includes an assortment of faux plants, including aloe and string of pearls plants, adding a touch of chic nature and minimalist aesthetic to your home and office. The compact size makes them perfect for limited spaces, and the lifelike appearance requires no watering or maintenance.


Elevate Bedrooms With Satin Sheets

Experience the ultimate comfort and luxury with this satin bed sheets set. With over 18,000 five-star ratings, these silky-soft and luxurious sheets are resistant to fading, staining, shrinking, and wrinkles, providing refreshing sleep every night. The deep-pocket fitted sheet ensures a snug fit on mattresses up to 15 inches thick and comes in 26 colors and five sizes.


Organize Tech Devices In A Contained Wireless Charging Station

Keep your Apple devices organized and fully charged with this three-in-one magnetic wireless charging station. This convenient charger allows you to charge your iPhone, Apple watch, and wireless earbuds simultaneously, eliminating the need for multiple chargers and messy, tangled cables. It charges fast and offers 360-degree rotation.


De-Pill Upholstery So That It Looks New Again

Snags and fuzzies on a beloved sweater can be a real pill. Safely remove fuzz, lint, and pills from various fabrics with this battery-powered fabric shaver. With three depth settings and an ergonomic grip, it rejuvenates sweaters, clothing, and furniture. The large shaving head and detachable lint catcher make cleanup effortless, while its compact, cordless design makes it perfect for travel. Keep your fabrics looking fresh and new with this convenient and innovative garment care device.


Mount Toothbrushes & Cups To Free Up Bathroom Counter Space

No need to drill into your walls if you have this hanging toothbrush holder. Dental hygiene has never been so easy: this space-saving organizer neatly stores toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other bathroom accessories, including three colorful mouthwash cups. The holder is easy to install without damaging the wall, and its dust-proof and waterproof design keeps the items clean and dry. With a strong adhesive strip, it offers excellent durability in humid environments like your bathroom.


Stack Spices In This Adjustable Organizer

With a dash of neatness and a pinch of organization, cooking like a pro has never been easier. This spice bottle organizer is the perfect solution for decluttering the flavorful side of your pantry. Its pull-down drawer design allows for easy access to your spices, while adjustable dividers accommodate different bottle sizes. The included labels ensure quick identification, saving you time while cooking. With its large storage capacity, you'll have your spices neatly consolidated and ready to use in no time.


Cover Up Scratches & Stains In Wood With These Markers

Forgot to put out coasters? Don’t panic: these furniture repair wood markers can take care of those unsightly water stains. This comprehensive kit includes a wax stick sharpener, six paper-wrapped wax sticks, and six color markers ranging from maple to black, so you can effortlessly cover up scuffs, stains, and scratches on all shades of wooden furniture. Easy and quick to use, they can have your surfaces looking good as new.


Get Your Bathroom Sparkling Clean With This Electric Scrubber Brush

If you want a sparkling bathroom but find that regular sponges and brushes aren’t getting the job done, try this electric spin scrubber brush. This powerful tool can help you clean windows, tile, grout, and tubs with less effort — so you can restore surfaces to their former glory with minimal elbow grease.


Give Coffee Mugs A Sweet Spot To Hang That Frees Up Cabinet Space

Eliminate kitchen clutter with this mug-nificent cup holder — the perfect storage solution for organizing your favorite tea or coffee mugs and saving space. It has six hooks for convenient display, is easy to assemble, and features nonslip foam on the bottom for stability. Its simple design comes in four stylish colors.


Protect Cabinet Doors With Transparent Bumpers

Protect furniture (and your ears) from slamming doors with these transparent bumpers. They can be applied to doors, chairs, drawers, and more to reduce impact and noise. By cushioning the closure of doors and drawers, these bumpers help extend the life of your hardware and create a quieter environment. With 100 pieces in each package, you'll have plenty to cover multiple surfaces and protect your cabinets. One five-star reviewer with noisy roommates said they “could cry from joy after buying these.”


Use A Compact Cabinet To Store Toilet Paper & Bathroom Toiletries

Maximize your bathroom storage with this thin, space-saving vanity cabinet. Made from waterproof PVC, it keeps your items dry and promotes air circulation. With three open shelves and a shutter door, it provides ample storage while adding a decorative touch to your bathroom. Assembly is a breeze, and over 17,000 five-star reviews speak for themselves.


Polish Grout With This Pen To Make It Look Like Your Bathroom Has Been Redone

Revitalize your grout and give it a fresh, clean look with this grout pen. It’s perfect for use in bathrooms, kitchens, and any room with tiles. Its long-lasting ink covers up to 150 feet of thin grout, making it ideal for both minor touch-ups and larger projects. Its nontoxic, water-based formula effectively covers stains and restores the appearance of your tiles, making them seem brand new.


Conceal A Worn-Out Sofa Or Chair With This Soft Slipcover

Give your sofa an immediate makeover with this fabric slipcover, which is crafted from soft, durable fleece fabric and safeguards against daily wear and tear. Available in various vibrant colors, it provides a perfect fit that follows the contours of your furniture, staying in place thanks to nonslip foam anchors. Made from a super elastic, tear-resistant fabric, it’s washable and ideal for homes with kids and pets.


Display Decor On Unique Floating Shelves Instead Of Coffee Tables

Add a touch of style and functionality to any room with these decorative and multi-functional floating shelves. The durable shelves are easy to assemble and mount and are perfect for storing and displaying items in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, or office. With a sleek, modern, interlocking cube design, they complement any decor and provide an artistic and practical storage solution.


Remove Pet Hair From All Home Surfaces With A Cult-Favorite Tool

Say goodbye to pet hair on your clothes and furniture with this fur-midable and effective cat and dog hair remover tool. It effortlessly removes fur from couches, clothing, upholstery, and more, and unlike traditional lint rollers, this reusable tool doesn't require sticky tape. It's compact, making it convenient for travel, and has over 100,000 five-star reviews.


Keep Your Sponge Up, Up & Away From Sinks To Prevent Mold & Smells

Soak up the farmhouse charm and functionality of this durable ceramic sponge holder. It keeps your sponge clean, dry, and easily accessible, preventing excess moisture from collecting and causing mildew. It has an impressive 4.7 stars on Amazon, and one happy reviewer wrote, “I have no idea why I haven’t purchased an upright sponge holder before, but I’m so glad I finally did. No more smelly damp sponges! And it’s super cute. It arrived perfectly and looks great next to my sink.[...]”


Fill Holes In Your Walls With A Simple, Affordable Putty

This 3M small hole repair kit will be your go-to solution for professional-grade, DIY wall repairs. With a primer-enhanced spackling compound, a self-adhesive patch, a putty knife, and a sanding pad included, it has everything you need to get the job done.


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