These SUPER Clever Things Under $20 Are Taking The Internet By Storm

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There’s just one place where going “viral” is a good thing — and that’s online. Well, that adjective can easily be applied to all the super clever things on this list, all of which are beloved by the internet and cost-effective, too.

You’ll find clever, interesting upgrades for so many areas of your life here. Start with this milk frother that will make your morning coffee just like your barista does, without you having to run down to the corner cafe. Then finish the evening with this wine aerator that releases the full flavor and aroma profile as you pour it into your glass.

There are also a number of beloved personal care items you can take advantage of, including this detangling brush that won’t cause breakage and this foot peel mask that gives you baby soft skin.

The whole list is full of internet favorites, all under $20, so you don’t have to feel guilty about doing a little retail therapy.


The Travel Mug That Lets You Brew Pour-Over Coffee On The Go

Equipped with its own stainless steel filter, this travel mug lets you brew pour-over coffee on the go — and loose leaf tea, too. Made with vacuum-insulated stainless steel, the mug is designed to keep your beverages at the right temperature for hours, and the leakproof, locking lid makes for drip-free sipping.

  • Available colors: 4


A Brush That Detangles Without Pulling Or Breakage

If your hair is prone to knotting, this detangling brush is a must-have. The secret is the cone-shaped bristles that separate the hair horizontally instead of vertically, so you can work strands without yanking, tugging, or breakage. Choose from pretty colors like lavender, turquoise, and coral.

  • Available colors: 6


This Kitchen Sink Splash Guard That Keeps Countertops Dry

Say goodbye to slimy, dirty, and constantly wet countertops with this kitchen sink splash guard that costs a mere $11. It fits snugly around the base of your sink faucet to protect the surface area around it from water and other debris. It’s made of flexible, food-grade silicone and even includes a self-draining feature.


These Silicone Straws That Are Endlessly Reusable

Help turn the tide on the plastic we put into the oceans every year by picking up these stylish reusable straws. Made from BPA-free silicone, these straws are extra long, so they can be used in your favorite travel mug, and they can be washed right in the dishwasher — although you’ll also get a scrubbing brush for detailed cleaning.


The Foot Peel Masks That Will Give You Baby-Soft Skin Again

Treat your feet to these peel masks and enjoy soft, callus-free and crack-free skin again. Infused with a blend of botanicals and fruit acids, the masks can be slipped on like socks and worn for about an hour. Then, over the next two weeks, the dead skin will gently slough off of your feet, leaving them restored and revitalized.

  • Available scents: 4


A Splash Guard That Keeps You Dry While You Wash

If you’re not a fan of getting that just-dry-cleaned blouse soaking wet from doing the dishes, you will love this silicone splash guard that sits at the edge of your sink to block water splashes. It attaches using five suction cups to the edge closest to you and will stay securely in place no matter the type of surface from marble to tile to laminate. The shape resembles a wave which gives your arms ample space to get to work.


These Silicone Mats That Turn Out More Consistent Baking Results

If you don’t have silicone baking mats yet, now is the time to invest in this four-piece set that’ll revolutionize your time in the kitchen. Use the mats under your cookies or cakes to promote even baking and more evenly browned bottoms. You can also use them to roast veggies, make meatloaf, and so much more. They’re nonstick and dishwasher-safe.


A Wireless Doorbell With A 1,000-Foot Range

If you don’t want to miss any important deliveries, this wireless doorbell comes with two receivers that have 1,000-foot ranges, so you’ll be alerted, even if you’re on the other side of the house. It installs quickly with the included adhesive, and features 52 different chime sounds.


A Clever Bamboo Bag Organizer That Sits In Your Drawer

Forget reaching into that drawer of doom to try to extract snack bags from somewhere within. This ingenious bag organizer sits neatly in your drawer to provide you with four bag slots for different-sized bags, all in a chic, minimalist bamboo design. Convenient labels are included to denote which bag is where so you can easily reach for your snack, quart, or gallon bag without a second wasted.


This Posture Corrector That Helps You Stand Up Straight

Want to improve your posture? Get a little help in the form of this posture corrector that’s soft and easy to wear either under or over your clothing. Suitable for chests between 27 and 43 inches, the size-adjustable corrector will train you to pull your shoulders back and help keep your spine in proper alignment.


These Under-Bed Storage Boxes For Storing Extensive Shoe Collections

These two under-bed shoe organizers are perfect for carefully storing your prized shoe collection. One organizer holds up to 16 pairs of shoes while the other is designed to hold four pairs of boots. They’re made from a breathable yet durable material and topped with clear vinyl windows that let you see exactly what you have inside. The strong handles make it easy to slide them out from under your bed when needed.

  • Available colors: 2


The Milk Frother That Lets You Whip Up Coffee Drinks Just Like A Barista

Skip your trip to the corner cafe and be your own barista with this milk frother that lets you make cappuccinos, lattes, and macchiatos right at home. This frother features a stainless steel whisk and a comfortable handle made with ergonomic silicone to enhance ease of use. You’ll enjoy making not only coffee drinks, but also protein shakes, fun cocktails, and even milkshakes with this powerful and effective gadget.

  • Available colors: 4


These Stair Lights That Offer Illumination In Tricky Places

Stairs can be tricky to navigate, especially in the dark, but these motion-sensor step lights provide illumination just where you need it. These bright, long-lasting LEDs detect motion up to 10 feet away, then turn off automatically after inactivity. They can also be used as lighting under your kitchen cabinets or bookshelves.


The Vacuum Storage Bags That Compress Items For Suitcases & Storage

Tired of arriving to your travel destination with everything popping out of your suitcase like Pillsbury biscuits popping out of a tube? Get these vacuum storage bags to compress items for more efficient packing. This set of varying sizes lets you organize your clothing by type (shirts, pants, etc.), and enables you to even pack something like a puffer coat, should you need one at your destination. The best part? You can use these for at-home storage, too.

  • Available sets: 8


A Snap-On Strainer That Makes It Easy To Drain Pasta & Veggies

Your giant colander takes up so much room in your kitchen cabinet, and it can be clunky to use when you’re preparing foods in your kitchen. This genius snap-on strainer makes it easy to drain your pasta, potatoes, or veggies by attaching to the rim of your pot and allowing you to strain out the water hands-free. Made from heat-resistant, BPA-free silicone, it’s designed to fit almost any pot or pan.

  • Available colors: 5


The Stain Remover That Clears Up Even The Toughest Spots

Cleverly packaged to look like a miniature wine bottle, this stain remover gets red wine stains out of just about any surface, but also removes other tough stains like dark chocolate, blood, rust, and more. The commercial-grade formulation works without using peroxide, chlorine, phosphates, sulphates or parabens, and is pH-neutral and completely biodegradable, too.


A Dishwasher Magnet That Answers The Age-Old Question: Clean Or Dirty?

Answer that age old-question — are the dishes clean or dirty? — for everyone in your household with this stylish reversible dishwasher magnet that goes right on your machine. Designed so that it will adhere even to stainless steel dishwashers, this magnet stays where you put it and won’t slide around. It’s peel-proof and waterproof.

  • Available colors: 2


This Splatter Screen That Keeps Grease In The Pan

Frying food wreaks havoc on your stove, walls, and other surfaces, as the oil splatter can get all over the place. Crafted from fine stainless steel mesh, this splatter screen keeps your stove and its surroundings clean while you cook, while the handle keeps your hand away from the heat.

  • Available sizes: 4


The Popcorn Popper That Goes In The Microwave

Now you can control the amount of oil and salt in your popcorn — and avoid additives in popcorn packets — by using traditional kernels in this microwave popcorn popper. Made from BPA-free silicone, this dishwasher-safe popper makes up to 15 cups at a time, then collapses for compact storage.

  • Available colors: 12


These Felt Furniture Pads That Protect Your Floors

When you have hardwood floors, furniture can easily scratch and mar those delicate surfaces. Protect your floors with these furniture grippers that can be cut to size. The rubber backing grips your furniture legs to ensure the pads stay securely in place, even if you place them on frequently used chairs that are always being moved around.


These Smart Plugs That Let You Control Electronics & Appliances From Anywhere

Set lighting timers, schedule your coffee maker to switch on, and turn appliances on and off while you’re on vacation to throw burglars off the track — all this and more is possible with these smart plugs that can be controlled with an app on your phone. Plus, these plugs can also be operated using voice commands if you have an Amazon Alexa or Google Home assistant.


A Fabric Shaver To Keep Your Clothes & Upholstery Looking Sharp

Don’t put your favorite sweater in the giveaway pile when it gets covered with pills — get this fabric shaver instead and restore it to a like-new appearance. Battery-operated, it features a wide 2-inch head to get the job done quickly and easily, and works equally well on delicate materials like cashmere as it does on thick fabrics like your upholstered sofa.

  • Available colors: 6


The Cleaning Goo That Gets Dust & Grime Out Of Tight Spaces

It’s really hard to reach the dust in tight spaces like your computer keyboard or your car’s dash, but now you can with this cleaning gel. Simply apply the gel to whatever needs to be cleaned, and it’ll form to the shape of the space and pick up any dirt and debris with its sticky texture. It can be used again and again for detailing your car and cleaning up those delicate electronics.


This Bottle With A Built-In Infuser For Flavoring Your Water

Enjoy flavored water just like at the spa with this infuser water bottle. Made from durable, shatterproof Tritan, the 32-ounce bottle features a built-in infuser and a lid fitted with leakproof silicone seal to prevent spills and dripping.

  • Available colors: 6


This Spoon Rest With Room For Multiple Utensils

Designed to hold up to four spatulas, spoons, or whisks, this utensil rest makes room for all your cooking implements. It’s made from BPA-free silicone that’s heat-resistant, and grease and sauce wipes off easily. The dishwasher-safe rest even has a drip tray on one side to catch the mess from your utensils.

  • Available colors: 30


An Aerator To Enhance The Flavor Of Your Wine While You Pour

With a large aerating chamber, this wine aerator pourer is a must-have for any aficionado, working to infuse oxygen as you pour, so you get the full flavor profile. The pour spout is tapered and slanted for ergonomically efficient use, and the rubber stopper provides an airtight seal to prevent dripping. Buy a couple — this aerator makes a great gift, too.


The Putty That Repairs Wall Holes Quickly & Easily

Perfect for repairing cracks or filling those nail holes left behind by picture frames, this drywall repair putty will make your wall look brand new again. It can be used not only on drywall but also on plaster and wood, and won’t shrink or crack after it sets. Plus, it won’t dry out in the tube, so it’s long-lasting in your toolbox for many seasons of use.


This Selfie Ring Light With 3 Lighting Modes

This extremely affordable selfie ring light can transform you from an obscured figure to a glamorous influencer ready for their closeup. It gives you the option of selecting from three lighting modes (white, daylight, and warm white) so as to give you flexibility during different times of days or in different environments. It costs only $9 and can be used with any of your devices from your phone to tablet to computer monitor.


A Compost Bin That Hangs Over Your Cabinet Door

This compost bin makes it easy to incorporate more eco-friendly practices at home with its ability to conveniently hang right over your cabinet door. Use the provided over-the-door hook for your cabinets or the adhesive hook to set it up against any surface you’d like. A cleverly built-in scraper allows you to easily shepherd food scraps straight from the counter into the bin and, most importantly, the lid seals securely to prevent smells and odors from escaping.


This Broom & Dustpan Set That Can Self-Clean

If you love a clean floor but hate the way brooms accumulate so much debris you will revel in this broom and dustpan set that has a self-cleaning design. The dustpan cleverly includes teeth to comb through the broom bristles, removing whatever it may have picked up during its cleaning journey. The set features an extendable pole and comes available in three colors.


The Over-The-Sink Colander That Makes Washing Produce A Breeze

Adjustable to fit a wide variety of sinks, this over-the-sink colander is the perfect kitchen tool for cleaning and rinsing your fruits and vegetables, as well as draining pasta, potatoes, and more. The BPA-free colander is heat-resistant, and works great for thawing and draining frozen foods as well.

  • Available colors: 10


These Satin Pillowcases That Are Gentle On Skin & Hair

These satin pillowcases reduce friction between your pillow, skin, and hair, which helps prevent hair breakage and frizz, as well as pillow creases on your face. They feature envelope closures for a tailored look, and can be thrown in the wash for a refresh any time. The best part? They’ve earned 180,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

  • Available colors: 22


The Mesh Laundry Bags That Will Revolutionize The Way You Wash Your Delicates

Give your delicates a little TLC with these mesh laundry bags that will prevent them from undergoing all the wear and tear that they would have encountered in the regular laundry. The mesh construction allows them to get thoroughly clean with soap and water, and they’re finished with rustproof zippers, so everything inside stays put.


A Food Scale To Give You Insight Into Your Nutrition Plan

With a large digital display that gives you a readout in your choice of grams, ounces, milliliters, or pounds, you’ll find that this food scale is a valuable ally in configuring your nutrition plan — and it’s also helpful if you’re ready to take on complicated baking recipes. Boasting a 4.6-star overall rating after 100,000 reviews, it has a sleek, simple design that’ll be at home in any kitchen.

  • Available colors: 7


The Dish Drying Rack That Rolls Up For Compact Storage

This clever dish drying rack goes over your sink so that your dishes can drain without taking up a bunch of space on your counter. Then, it rolls up for convenient, compact storage once they’re dry. Made from stainless steel, it features silicone gripper edges so that it stays put. It can support more than 30 pounds, and is also great for washing produce.


The Toilet Night Light That Guides You To The Bathroom In The Dark

This toilet night light is the key to navigating to your bathroom in the dark — it glows like a beacon to guide you. It clips on easily to the side of the toilet (no tools are needed), and you can choose from one of eight colors, or cycle through them all. This three-pack enables you to install one in multiple bathrooms in your house.


The Self-Draining Soap Dishes That Extend The Life Of Your Bar Soap

Bar soap is so much more eco-friendly than liquid soap that comes in plastic bottles, but there’s just one problem: It has a tendency to melt in the standing water that accumulates around it. These self-draining soap dishes eliminate that problem. Made from silicone, they’re specially designed to allow water to roll off and into the sink, giving your bar soap a chance to dry. Each pack comes with three.


The Refrigerator Liners That Keep Your Fridge Shelves Clean

Keep your fridge so clean, it’ll be ready for the health inspector any moment of the day with these refrigerator liners made from BPA- and EVA-free foam. Not only do they keep your refrigerator tidy, but they also help air circulate around your fresh foods so that they last longer and you have less food waste. They’re easy to trim to size with scissors, and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.


These Shower Drain Hair Catchers That Prevent Clogs

Catch all the hair in your shower before it goes down your drain to form a clog with one of these shower drain hair catchers. Made from durable, flexible rubber, they’re easy to clean — simply pull the hair out and dispose of it in the trash.


A Door Draft Stopper That Will Help Lower Your HVAC Bills

Don’t lose your expensive heat or air conditioning to the space between your door and the floor — get this draft stopper that ensures that the temperature stays what it’s supposed to be. It works on doors made from all materials and attaches quickly and easily with the self-adhesive. The draft stopper also blocks odors, noise, and light.

  • Available colors: 4

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