42 Things You Didn't Know Could Make Your Home Look So Much Better

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Finding new pieces for your home can be tough. There are factors like price, quality, necessity, and more that make the search for new decor or furniture nothing short of complicated. With so many things to consider, waltzing into just any home store and picking something out in a flash just isn’t an option. But if you’re currently enduring this dilemma (or you’re planning to redecorate your home in the future), don’t stress. This list is full of Amazon products that can help make your home look even better.

Here, you’ll find items from Amazon that’ll look fantastic in any home — whether it’s a spicy decor piece that’s guaranteed to wow both you and your guests, simple storage that won’t ruin the aesthetic of the room it’s in, or little tools that’ll give the furniture items you already have the touch-ups they desperately need (no need to call someone to do these improvements for you).

Out of all the products in this list, you’ll probably find at least a few things that catch your eye — and you’ll want to instantly add to your cart. There are your everyday essentials — like bedsheets, soap dispensers, and even a funky wine bottle display and peel-and-stick wallpaper — all of which your home could benefit from. You’ll never know what you want until you scroll.


The Woven Nesting Baskets That Can Hold Anything & Everything

If you ask me, any space in your home could always benefit from some storage baskets — like this set that comes with three which are woven from natural, plant-based material. They look great in any room and can seamlessly store any small, medium, and large items within them, leaving your bathroom, bedroom, or living room ultimately clutter-free.


These Chic Rustic Hanging Shelves For Wall Decor

You don’t have to settle for standard shelves when you can add these cool hanging shelves to your cart instead. These will give your space a rustic vibe all while keeping plants, books, picture frames, or whatever else you want displayed safely stored on the wall. They’re even easy to hang, according to tons of five-star reviewers.


This Himalayan Salt Lamp That’ll Give Your Room A Cozy Vibe

If you’re looking to transform the ambience of your room, you might need this beautiful Himalayan salt lamp. Not only does it emit a warm glow that will make you feel cozy, but it’ll also allow you to sit back, relax, and have your worries melt away with its calming aura. It’s even secured on a sleek wooden base.


This Bamboo Charcuterie Serving Board That’ll Wow Your Guests

Your guests will want to know how you got your charcuterie setup looking so lavish after using this bamboo set. It not only comes with a board to perfectly position your meats, fruits, and cheeses on, but also a hidden sliding drawer that holds four cheese cutters and buffet tags that you can customize to make your charcuterie night a success.


A Wireless Charging Station That Does It All

If you have a ton of devices in your household, this three-in-one wireless charging gadget will become your new best friend. The charging station has a platform for charging your smart phone (it’s compatible with most Samsung and Apple products), one for your smart watch, and another for your wireless headphones. This is perfect for any home or office space.


This Window Cover That Helps Keep The Rays Out

If you ask me, there are few things worse than waking up before your alarm because of the sunrise shining through your window unannounced, which is why this window cover is perfect for those who want more ZZZs. This simple, easy-to-install cover instantly dims the room, and it’s available in black and white.


A Fancy Display For Your Favorite Bottles Of Wine

Who needs a wine bottle organizer when you can have this fun, red stiletto display? This piece is guaranteed to spice up your kitchen and is the perfect way to store your favorite standard-size bottle for dinner parties or wine nights with your friends. And, it’s made with a heavy-duty resin that’ll help ensure your piece doesn’t wear over time.


This Intricate Area Rug That Looks Amazing In Any Space

If you’re in the market for a new rug that won’t break the bank, this beautiful area rug just might do the trick. At under 30 dollars, this rectangle rug looks great and is easy to maintain (with basic cleaning procedures), even with all of the feet that might walk across it each day.


These String Lights That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Patio

These outdoor string lights are perfect for sprucing up big backyards and small terraces alike. This pack comes with 25 feet of string lights that are durable and weather-resistant, so you shouldn’t need to worry about the rain ruining your new favorite outdoor decor piece.


A Pretty Faux Plant You Don’t Have To Take Care Of

If you love how plants look but don’t love how much maintenance is required to take care of them, then you’ll probably want this faux eucalyptus plant. This works as a wonderful centerpiece, or you can buy a bunch to spruce up a whole room. You can even move the branches around any way you want to achieve any desired look.


The Cushiony Mats That’ll Help Keep Your Feet Comfy In The Kitchen

If you’re constantly standing up in the kitchen prepping, cooking, and cleaning, these mats will make the space a lot more comfortable. They provide comfy support for your feet when you’re at the counter or sink, and they’re even nonslip as well as water-resistant (ideal for when you’re washing dishes).


This Set Of Gorgeous Ceramic Vases That Are Available In Different Colors

If you ask me, these vases are the perfect upgrades to the glass vases in your home. They have a beautiful rustic look — especially once you add flowers or other plants to them. They’re also made from 100% ceramic and are amazing quality despite the low price point.


These Luxe-Feeling Velvety Throw Pillow Covers

Spruce up your living room with these gorgeous velvet throw pillow covers. This pack of two comes in various different sizes and hues, so you can put them on all of the couches or beds in your home. The velvet material is super soft, too, so you’ll want to do everything from take your afternoon nap to curl up with a good book with your head against these pillows.


These Grippers That’ll Help Keep Your Rugs From Curling

If you’re tired of the rugs in your home slipping and curling up at the corners, you might need these rug grippers in your life. Just adhere them to the corners of your rug, and the porous sides will suction to your floor to help keep it in place. What’s even better? They shouldn’t cause any damage to your floors.


A Box That Keeps All Your Cables In Check

This cable management box hides and organizes your cables, and its sleek appearance helps it blend into the decor. The 12-inch-long compartment can hold a power strip that’s less than 1 foot, and its little slots allow cords coming out of the box to stay streamlined and easy to identify.


An Outlet Cover That Eliminates Clunky Cords

If you want more tricks to keep your cords from becoming major eyesores in your space, this outlet cover is another great option. This super-thin and discrete outlet cover comes with an 8-foot-long cord that connects to a three-outlet power strip, allowing you to use all your devices without the look of clunky cables.


A Fleece Blanket That Will Keep You Cozy All Winter

This lightweight fleece blanket is the perfect addition to your couch or bedroom (or both!), and it comes in 26 amazing colors as well as five different sizes. And after you’ve snuggled yourself up in it day in and day out, you can throw it in the washing machine for a quick and gentle clean.


These Lovely Curtains That Will Brighten Any Room

These pretty sheer curtains are perfect for any room, as they can offer privacy for your home without making it too dark (all due to the natural light that the curtains allow). These come in various different sizes, too, so you’re sure to find the right ones for your home.


This Pack Of Futuristic Color-Changing Smart Bulbs

If you’re looking for a new way to upgrade up your home, these color-changing smart bulbs will surely do the trick. These bulbs can be controlled at your fingertips via the phone app or with your voice-controlled Alexa or Google Home. You can schedule them to turn on when you’re not home or in the morning when you need another way to wake up — the options are endless.


This Easy-To-Apply Marble Contact Paper That’s So Realistic

This peel-and-stick marble paper is a simple and effective way to liven up your home and transform any room’s aesthetic. This self-adhesive paper easily sticks onto any surface — from your desk, to your coffee table, to your kitchen island — without the necessity for tools or glue. It’s super glossy and is the perfect way to make tired furniture look brand-new.


This Faux Brick Wallpaper That Will Give Your Home A Modern Look

If you want a more modern, industrial-chic look, this faux brick wallpaper is a great choice. It comes with 10 sheets of large, self-adhesive wall stickers that look just like real white brick, instantly transforming any room. It’s also easy to keep clean, which is a major plus when it comes to maintaining the wallpaper.


A Repair Kit To Restore Your Upholstery Or Carpet

If the fabric items in your home are in desperate need of a touch-up, this fabric and carpet repair kit is here to help solve your problems. It comes with everything you need to fix up pesky stains on your carpet or repair tears in your upholstery, from fabric glue to a mixing jar that helps you match your fabric’s colors to make the damages look like they were never there.


These Unique, Ceramic Flower Pots To Display Your Succulents

The second you look at these ceramic flower pots, you’re probably going to need them all in your cart. These mini pots come in a pack of six, and they’re so adorable and beautifully painted that they’ll help make your succulents or herbs look incredible all around the house. So many customers wrote that they’re “good quality,” too.


A Sleek Floor Lamp You Can Turn On From Anywhere

You can control this sleek floor lamp remotely, making it the perfect option for combining style and utility. The lamp is slender enough to fit in even cramped areas, and you can control its on-and-off switch as well as brightness functions all within 49 feet of it. Plus, it’s available in four shades: brushed nickel, glossy black, matte black, and silver.


These Food Organizers With Chalkboard Labels

If you have a ton of dry food stored in your pantry that you just can’t seem to get organized, these containers can help. They can store all kinds of dry foods — from pasta, to cereal, to beans — keeping them secure and preventing them from going bad quicker. They come with 24 labels, too, so organization will be a breeze.


These Simple Flameless Candles That Really Set The Mood

If you don’t want burning flames around your house or get bothered by the fragrance of real candles, you could add these flameless candles to your cart. These are decorative and will help make your home feel cozy and warm. They come with a remote control that allows you to turn them on or off, adjust their brightness, or set them on a timer.


A Slender Storage Cabinet That’s Perfect For Bathrooms

This versatile storage cabinet is a must in any bathroom, even for ones on the smaller side. It’s tall and narrow, allowing it to fit in cramped spaces, and comes with a designated tissue slot. The two shelves inside the cabinet are perfect for storing toilet paper, soap bottles, or whatever else your bathroom may need.


These Mason Jar Accessories To Store Your Toiletries

If you ask me, a mason jar is always a great decor piece for any room — and these mason jar accessories are great for bathroom storage. This pack of four comes with a soap dispenser, a toothbrush holder, and two apothecary jars, all of which will look beautiful on your countertops (especially with that gorgeous bronze finish).


These Beautiful Geode Agate Bookends That’ll Make Guests Stop & Stare

Whether you’re a bookworm or have a few coffee table books around for decor, you’ll be obsessed with these geode agate bookends. These unique pieces are sure to add a beautiful pop of color to any room and keep all of your beloved books secure and looking good on a shelf or tabletop.


These Vanity Lights That’ll Make Getting Ready Fun

You’re sure to feel like a movie star getting ready with these vanity mirror lights. This pack comes with 10 feet of strip lights that you can seamlessly stick onto any mirror in your home (meaning no wiring or difficult installation is needed). You can also make them dimmer or brighter with the smart touch dimmer feature.


This Leather Organizer That Keeps Your Entryway Clutter-Free

Give your entryway a whole new look with this leather hanging storage organizer. This organizer can hold everything from your junk mail to your car keys with its three pockets — one large and two small — and four hooks. It’s super easy to hang on your wall, so you’ll be organizing your entryway in no time.


A Soft & Simple Ottoman That Ties Together Any Room

If you’re looking for a simple accent piece to tie together your living room or bedroom, this ottoman can help. This super soft ottoman comes in 13 cool colors and two different sizes; not to mention, it couldn’t be easier to install (you’ll just need a screwdriver).


A Set Of LED Lights To Upgrade Your TV Viewing

These LED strip lights will transform any movie night. Just attach them onto the back of your TV, change the color to whichever you want (there’s 16 to choose from), and make them brighter or dimmer depending on your preference. You’ll instantly feel like you’re a luxurious home theater once you turn these on.


These Flameless Candlesticks That Transform Your Home’s Ambience

These flameless candlesticks are battery-operated, but they look super authentic (thanks to the light that flickers like a real candle). They can be turned on or off, set on a timer, and made brighter or dimmer. Plus, you can change them to a non-flicker mode via a remote control.


A Chic Container For Your Makeup Brushes

If your makeup brush collection is taking up too much space in your makeup bag, this brush holder can help organize them. Its durable alloy steel construction shines in chic rose gold, and its compact size (3.15 by 4.13 inches) makes it perfect for your vanity or countercoup. It can even be kept on your desk as a pen holder.


This Set Of Modern Marble Coasters

You’ll have no problem convincing your guests to use these coasters when they’re this cute. These 4-inch-wide coasters are made from real marble and are decorated with gold-hued stripes. And, each of them has a soft backing on the bottom that will help protect whichever surface it’s on.


These Easy-To-Use Furniture Repair Markers

Furniture repairs have never been so easy with these repair markers. This kit comes with six repair markers and six paper-wrapped wax sticks that mimic different shades of wood, as well as a wax sharpener — all of which can help fix scratches, scuff marks, discoloration, and more on your furniture.


The Couch Insert That Gives Your Old Cushions More Support

If your couch cushions could use some refreshing, you can spruce them up again with this cushions saver that easily slips under your cushions and returns them back to their original shape. It fits most standard couches, loveseats, and armchairs.


These Bed Sheets For Sweatier Sleepers

If you’re on the market for quality sheets that won’t make your wallet cry for help, you’ll love these bed sheets. This sheet set is not only wrinkle-, fade-, and stain-resistant, but also made of microfiber that allows your skin to breathe and feel cool all throughout the night. They’re also available in various colors.


A Dainty Side Table That Keeps Your Paper And Coffee Nearby

This side table is perfect for many reasons: First, it’s easy to put together (no special tools are required). Second, it’s small and lightweight, making it great for cramped spaces. This could be an essential in your living room or bedroom so your morning cup of coffee and paper are always close by. It’s available in five different colors.


A Romantic Table Runner That’ll Make You Feel Fancier Than Ever

This fabulous, 10-foot-long table runner is perfect for any party or special event. It even comes in six beautiful colors, all of which are made with polyester chiffon fabric. Plus, this decorative dining accessory has a 4.7-star rating, with many customers writing that it’s “great quality.”


These Gold-Colored Frames To Display Your Memories

If you ask me, framed photographs truly never go out of style — and this set of lovely gold-colored frames could be used to display your memories. This pack comes with seven different-sized frames that you can hang horizontally or vertically.