You Can Save Up To 40% Off On TikTok’s Favorite Products This Black Friday

You’ve definitely seen these on your FYP.

by Kristine Fellizar and Alexis Morillo
The best TikTok-viral product deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022
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Perhaps you’re unsure what to purchase this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You’ve already updated all of your electronics recently and have put the must-have fashion finds of the season on your wishlist, but you still want to buy something during the biggest sale day of the year. Here’s a suggestion: Check your TikTok FYP for some inspiration.

TikTok is often the origin of viral beauty, home, and food trends. Remember when you first heard of slugging? Or cottagecore? Or even whipped coffee? The platform’s elusive algorithm makes it possible for the most seemingly outlandish ideas to become a full-on phenomenon and thankfully, the app often has tutorials to show you how to make every recipe or use every product you might be curious about.

Take Black Friday or Cyber Monday as your opportunity to buy something you’ve come across on TikTok that you maybe wouldn’t buy otherwise. Better yet, use “It’s technically research” as your excuse for scrolling for a few hours leading up to Nov. 25. Whether you’re looking for hacky products for your kitchen, a new step for your beauty routine, or anything in between, here are the can’t-miss Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on viral TikTok products.

Revlon One-Step Volumizer — 25% Off

Revlon’s One-Step Volumizer has been the subject of many a TikTok hair tutorial and is a top-selling product on Amazon with over 261,000 five-star reviews. Shoppers say it “exceeds expectations,” and really saves you time on blow drying and styling. During Black Friday, you can get it on sale for 25% off.

Waterproof Shower Bluetooth Speaker — 33% Off

If you or someone you know loves singing their heart out in the shower, you don’t want to miss this great deal on a best-selling waterproof speaker with over 17,900 five-star reviews. According to the description, it can be “fully immersed” underwater for up to 30 minutes. It can even connect to a device via Bluetooth that’s up to 66 feet away. Right now it’s on sale for just under $25.

White Cloud Magnetic Key Holder – 30% Off

Looking for a good stocking stuffer idea? Here’s one you should definitely consider. This magnetic key holder is cute, practical, and easily attachable to your wall so you’ll always know where your keys are. Plus, it’s such a good deal at just $7, which is the lowest price it’s been in 30 days, and TikTok users have been loving it for months.

Maybelline Sky High Mascara – 23% Off

Why spend over $20 on mascara when you can snag a top-quality option for just $10? Maybelline’s Sky High Waterproof Mascara has over 74,000 five-star reviews, with hundreds of shoppers calling it the “best mascara” they’ve ever tried.

Some even mention trying it because it went viral, like one review that says “I recently came across this mascara on TikTok, it has been sold out in stores near me for months and I had to try out the hype for myself. I really do love this mascara, you can put many, many coats of it on top of one another to create more volume.”

Rechargeable Electric Lighter – 13% Off

Users on TikTok have shown off their rechargeable lighters and how easy this sleek design is for using candles that have been burned down to the wick. It’s only $13 at the moment so you should go ahead and press purchase now, just choose between rose gold, black, silver, and bright blue.

Cloud Slippers – 33% Off

Cloud slippers have been the house shoe of choice for many over the last year or so. They have a super thick sole so your foot is cushioned when wearing them and can be slipped on and off when you have to run a quick errand or want an effortless look. These are available in brown, black, navy, yellow, olive, pink, red, gray, white, and purple.

Snail Mucin Repairing Essence – 23% Off

Snail mucin has been a talked about skincare ingredient for several years but has seen a renaissance on TikTok. Users are sharing how this product from COSRX specifically is helping with their acne scars and when to use it in your skincare routine which, FYI, should be after cleansing and before moisturizing.

Bala Bangles – 20% Off

The viral Hot Girl Walk has transformed how some people view personal fitness. On TikTok, Bala Bangles (which are small weights that can be strapped around wrists or ankles) are one way to upgrade your workout strut for a little more resistance.

Vegetable Chopper – 40% Off

You’ve seen the videos of home cooks using vegetable choppers to finely dice onions or slice zucchini, so it’s time you finally hop on the bandwagon. User @sophia.panella swears it will change your life in the kitchen especially if you have long nails or find it hard to grip whatever you’re cutting. This Fullstar chopper even has attachments for making veggie ribbons or different-sized slices.

Baggy Rack Holders – 20% Off

The Ruibo Baggy Racks will come in handy this winter season as you store holiday leftovers and soup to eat another time. No need to fuss over the kitchen sink and pray you don’t spill — these hold a plastic bag wide open with tiny clips to keep it steady for pouring.

5-in-1 Jar Opener – 18% Off

Never struggle to open your jar of pickles or a pesky twist-off bottle again with this 5-in-1 Opener. It works like a charm and fits different sizes of bottles and jars so you can open them with ease and get to your snack ASAP.

Saucemoto Dip Clip – 16% Off

Have a road trip planned for the new year? This Saucemoto Dip Clip needs to be added to your cart before you hit the road. It clips right into your car’s air vents and can hold a typical fast food sauce so you can dip and drive without a mess.