50 Unique Things For Your Home That Are So Damn Clever

These home goods will make your home truly good.

Written by Allison Bolt
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Every room in your home deserves to have a clever little product that makes it feel super expensive. You’ve decorated, you keep up with your usual cleaning routine — but these are the things that will make your space feel easier, cooler, and simply more fun to live in.

These 50 unique things for your home are so damn clever, you’re bound to find a ton of upgrades for every room, whether you need ways to keep your food fresh for longer, ways to keep random things organized, or simply want some functional decor. Plus, a few of these finds can save some time or help out with cleaning projects — always a bonus.


This Water-Resistant Knife Block That Fits In Your Kitchen Drawer

Tuck this water-resistant bamboo knife block into a kitchen drawer to instantly declutter your countertop. It comes with two levels of knife storage and slots to neatly store eight large meal prep knives and even eight steak knives for dinner parties. Plus, there’s an easy-to-use spot for your knife sharpener in the middle.


This Magnetic Cord Organizer With A Chic Design

This chic little cable organizer is surprisingly quick and easy to use because it has a built-in magnet. Simply toss your phone or laptop charger on top of this holder, and the magnet will keep them all in place (and easy to find the next time you need them). It’s also covered in a sophisticated fabric that will look nice on any desk or nightstand, and the base isn’t sticky so you can move it to any desk or nightstand when you see fit.


This Popular Rubber Broom To Take Care Of Spills & Pet Fur

The reversible design of this easy-to-use broom is covered in sticky rubber bristles to rake up fur that’s nestled in the carpet on one side, while the other side has a squeegee to sweep up kitchen spills. No matter how many times you have to whip out this fur-cleaning broom, it will never scratch your floors, and the extendable pole makes it comfortable to use.


These Adorable Pastel Food Savers That Fit Over Cut Produce & Open Cans

Not only do these silicone covers keep half-used produce fresh, but they’ll also look way more adorable than plastic bags or plastic wrap in your fridge. They come in a color-coded pastel pack with five different sizes, so you’ll always have one to stretch over a cut avocado or an open can of tomato paste.


An Expandable Bamboo Tray To Organize Your Bubble Bath Essentials

This bamboo bath tray will make it easy to organize all of your relaxing bubble bath essentials. It has a sturdy wine glass slot, phone holder, and even a place to stand up your tablet or book (a must). Of course, this adjustable holder also comes with plenty of room for soap, exfoliating salt scrubs, and more.


An Easy-To-Use Roll Of Reusable, Absorbent & Scrubby Dishcloths

This pack of reusable and biodegradable dishcloths have such a genius design because they come on an easy-to-use roll, just like your usual paper towels, and they’ll fit on a standard paper towel holder. These cellulose-blend cloths are also super absorbent, able to hold up to 22 times their weight in liquid, and finished off with a scrubby texture that will speed up dusting, dish drying, and any other household task.


This Supportive Memory Foam Knee Pillow For A Comfier Sleep

This memory foam knee pillow deserves a spot in your home because it will make sleeping on your side or even lying on the couch after work way comfier. It is dense enough to help with spine alignment and support your legs, but it’s small enough to tuck in your closet when you make the bed in the morning. Plus, it even comes with a bag to take this supportive pillow with you on trips.


A Genius Tool To Quickly Clean Window Screens & Furniture

This genius cleaner is covered in long and durable fibers that will get between the tiny holes in your window screens to clean off any griminess. It has a detachable 12.6-inch handle, so you can reach tall window screens, too. Plus, this budget-friendly cleaning tool will even work on your upholstered furniture or rugs.


This Cold Brew Maker With An Adorable Jar Design

This highly-rated cold brew maker has an adorable mason jar that will look so cute in your fridge as your coffee passively brews. Simply pop the filter in with your favorite coffee grounds and pull it out when your cold brew is perfectly steeped. It also comes with a super versatile lid with a flip cap for pouring your coffee.


A Cleaning & Gardening Tool Holder With 11 Tidy Spots

This easy-to-mount broom holder comes with six hooks and five secure slots to hang up all of those annoying-to-store cleaning supplies, up to 35 pounds. (I’m looking at you — extendable dusters and bulky mops!) It’s even weatherproof and waterproof if outdoor gardening or lawn supplies is the clutter that’s seriously frustrating you at the moment.


This Herb Saver That Also Keeps Veggies Fresh

This herb saver is slim enough to tuck anywhere in your fridge, and it will protect your cilantro or parsley from getting smushed in the produce drawer. Add a bit of water to the bottom, and this easy-to-use holder will even keep veggies like kale or asparagus fresh in the fridge for up to three weeks, which can save you a ton of money.


These Linen Organizers To Neatly Stack Up Your Clothes

These closet organizers are so functional because their 12.6-inch tall design lets you stack up a bunch of clothes without them falling over. You can open the front or the back to easily grab a shirt at the bottom of the stack, all while your clothes sit neatly on the shelf. Plus, these genius clothes holders are made of a chic and breathable linen-like fabric.


A Curvy Oil & Vinegar Dispenser That Looks *So* Expensive

This oil and vinegar dispenser is so quirky and aesthetic that you’ll want to whip it out at every meal. The handblown glass design has a curvy vinegar dispenser seemingly floating inside your favorite olive oil. It’s also topped off with two corks, so you can pour one without spilling the other.


This Drain Cover For Cozy & Super Full Bubble Baths

This drain cover is the easiest way to elevate your calming evening bubble baths because it lets you fill the tub all the way to the top. Simply suction cup it around the overflow drain, and this cover will prevent the water (and your favorite bubble bath) from draining. It also comes with a little emergency drain on top so you can still reach the toggle to drain the tub and fill it with more hot water.


An Electric Frother That’s Durable Enough For A Ton Of Different Drinks

This electric whisk comes with a simple power button on top, so you can easily create a frothy latte no matter how sleepy you are in the morning. The stainless steel whisk has an anti-corrosion and anti-stain design, so you can whisk up matcha, milk for your coffee, or even cocktails, and it will still look new.


These Versatile Stick-On Hooks That Look Surprisingly Adorable

Instead of using classic stick-on hooks around your home, reach for these adorable little thumbs-up-shaped hooks. This colorful stick-on pack is surprisingly versatile because its quirky shape will hold onto toothbrushes, makeup brushes, power cords, and more. You can also turn them sideways to use them like a classic hook for cleaning tools or even your phone charger.


These Elevated Drawer Liners With A Lovely Lavender Scent

Lining your drawers with these pretty lavender-themed liners will instantly elevate your furniture and keep your clothes smelling clean. The waterproof design will cover up any scratches or nicks, and it will even add a calming lavender scent to your drawers. You can also trim this floral-printed roll to perfectly fit in your specific furniture.


These Meat-Shredding Tools To Speed Up Dinner Prep

These extra-durable meat claws will speed up dinner because they make shredding chicken or barbecue super easy. You also won’t have to wait for the meat to cool down before you can finish up dinner because these easy-to-use tools can be used to grab brisket straight from the grill and keep your hands far away from the meat.


These Clear Shelves For Sleek & Clean Skincare Storage

These acrylic shelves are such a sleek option to organize bathroom essentials. They come with quick-to-mount hardware, so you can hang your skincare in an easy-to-reach spot. With their clear design, you can easily see if one of your facial cleanser or your favorite moisturizer spills on these super slim shelves, which are then very easy to wipe clean.


These Reusable Baking Mats That You’ll Use For Everything

This four-pack of reusable baking mats comes with two different sizes, so you can reach for these easy-to-use mats no matter how big your baking or roasting project is. They’re totally nonstick and reusable, saving you from using parchment paper or greasy oils for your sheetpans. Each one comes with macaron-shaped templates printed right on the non-stick silicone material to easily create the perfect-sized macarons, cookies, or biscuits.


These Genius Refillable Pens To Paint Over Scuffed Walls

All you have to do to fix up your walls is carry one of these little refillable paint pens around your home. They come with tools to quickly fill them with the perfect color straight from the can to match your walls or furniture, and they’re topped off with soft and easy-to-use paint brushes on the end so you can quickly touch up scuffs and chips.


A 3-In-1 Vacuum That You Can Use All Over The House

This super versatile little vacuum is convertible, so you can use it three different ways. It comes with a classic, 44-inch handle to roll it around your house, a smaller handle for cleaning furniture, and two attachments that make it great for cleaning crevices and stairs. Despite its versatility, the vacuum only weighs 3 pounds, which makes it easier to carry around the house than other cleaning tools.


These Colorful Silicone Trivets That You Can Fold Up After Dinner

These heat-resistant silicone trivets will look super modern on your countertop with their colorful and slim design. After dinner prep, you can also fold up these sleek trivets to tuck them in a kitchen cabinet next to your pans, which is a huge space-saver. Even with their compact design, they’re still thick enough to keep hot pans off of your counters, and they can handle heat up to 500 degrees.


These Transparent Blockers For Toy-Free Furniture

Tuck these transparent barriers underneath your sofa or furniture, and they’ll honestly blend right in. They come with sturdy adhesive on the bottom, so they’ll stick to your floor to block all of your pup or cat’s toys during playtime without ruining the look of your living room.


A Chic Bedside Lamp With A Speaker & Wireless Phone Charger

This Bluetooth speaker has a curved LED light on top, so it doubles as a chic little lamp in your space. You can tap the top of the sleek LED light bar to control the brightness, and you can even prop up your phone on it. To top it all off — this sophisticated speaker comes with a wireless phone charger, making this a budget-friendly, high-tech addition to your bedroom.


A Witch-Shaped Spoon Holder & Steam Releaser

This silicone spoon holder will add a witchy little touch to your kitchen. The witch-shaped design clips right onto your spoon or spatula like a broomstick, keeping it off the counter. Meanwhile, you can even secure it onto the side of your pot, and her little hat will hold up the lid — perfect for simmering sauces.


These Floating Shelves To Create A Minimalist Bookshelf

These floating bookshelves will completely disappear underneath your stack of books for an aesthetic and minimalist look. Their sturdy white alloy steel design holds up to 15 pounds each, so you can even stack up larger hardback books. You also get easy-to-install hardware, so you can arrange these sleek shelves wherever you want them.


These Bottle Cleaning Brushes With A Sturdy Stand

These water bottle-cleaning brushes simultaneously wash the inside and outside of your drinkware, saving you a ton of time. They twist right onto a stand with suction cups to store them all together in a cabinet or right next to your kitchen sink. If you do put them next to the sink — the stand elevates it a bit, so this easy-to-use bottle-cleaning pack won’t collect water underneath.


An Expensive-Looking Water Carafe That You’ll Use All The Time

This glass water carafe will add such an expensive-looking touch to your home, and it’s such a go-to for holding mouthwash in the bathroom or keeping water by your bed at night. The 17-ounce carafe has an easy-to-use pouring spout, so it’s even perfect for serving cocktails. Of course, it also comes with a chic little glass cup that fits right on top, making this an all-inclusive set.


These Aesthetic Curtain Lights With The Coziest Design

Hang these glowy string lights behind some sheer curtains, and you’ll instantly have the coziest space. They have a curtain-like design, so you can easily drape them across your wall or hang them on a curtain rod. They’re covered in 300 twinkling LEDs, and they come with eight lighting options to customize them to your vibe.


This Diffuser With A Soothing Cloud Design

This diffuser is shaped like an adorable cloud-shaped decor piece, so it will look aesthetic in your home — even when you’re not using it. When you do want to add water and turn on this diffuser, it comes with more than seven calming nightlight colors to choose from. This whisper-quiet cloud will also last for up to 24 soothing hours on low.


These Reusable Covers For Low-Effort Stove Cleanup

Tuck these reusable covers under the grates on your stove, and they’ll keep your stovetop looking sleek and clean. They are made of a durable, double-thick material that’s completely non-stick, so wiping the stove after dinner will be way quicker than usual — if you have to do it at all. You can also trim them for your specific stovetop.


This Sturdy Glasses Stand With An Adorable Maximalist Design

This stand will look like a maximalist and super aesthetic decor piece on your desk, and it’s the perfect spot to place your glasses. The flamingo design is made of 100% wood to make this stand super sturdy (AKA — you won’t have to worry about your glasses falling).


A Pizza Cutter With An Easy-To-Use Handle & Cover

This pizza cutter is compact enough to fit in any kitchen drawer, because the handle is simply a silicone grip on top. The unique design also helps you to evenly put pressure on your pie, so you don’t get a ton of cheese sliding off. You can open up this cover when you’re washing it to make sure there aren’t any pieces of cheese or pepperoni stuck inside — just be sure to pull down the easy-to-use cover before tucking away this stainless steel pizza cutter.


These Soft, Double-Sided Sponges With A Cult Following

These super popular sponges might just be the most clever kitchen add-on you can grab because they have a double-sided design, and both sides are completely odor-resistant. Both the scrubby and the soft sides are scratch-free to protect your pans and countertops, and you can use the center smile to quickly wipe silverware. You can also run these viral sponges under warm water to make them even softer for certain cleaning projects.


These Hanging Fridge Bags For Small Sauces Or Snacks

These mesh bags clip right onto your fridge shelves to free up some space for extra sauces or ingredients. The transparent design makes it easy to see small sauce packets or your favorite bite-sized snacks. Plus, each one comes with two pockets to keep all of your smaller ingredients tidy.


A Pegboard Kit With Aesthetic & Customizable Accessories

This pegboard comes in a super customizable kit with two square-shaped pegboards, seven hooks, and two minimalist little clips to hang up all of your essentials. It also comes with a sleek matching white shelf to really customize this adorable pegboard kit. Plus, it not only looks aesthetic, but this kit can hold up to 20 pounds, which makes it great for offices, bedrooms, and entryways.


This Leakproof Shaker For Seriously Easy Salad Dressing

This airtight, watertight shaker is honestly so genius because it makes trying out salad dressing recipes so quick and easy. It comes with measurements on the side, so you can add in all of your oil and vinegar without getting any measuring cups dirty. When you finish up your recipe, simply shake this leakproof shaker until it’s perfectly mixed and ready to pour over your greens.


An Expensive-Looking Picture Light That’s So Easy To Style

This gold-tone adjustable picture light will instantly look chic no matter where you hang it. It’s the perfect shape to elevate a piece of wall art or even a mirror, and you can even dim the LED with the included remote. It creates a warm white glow, so this stylized picture light will also add a cozy touch to your space.


A Parrot-Shaped Bottle & Wine Opener That’s Easy To Use

This parrot-shaped bottle opener will add a colorful and trendy touch to your wine rack. Not only is it adorable enough to display in your kitchen, but this corkscrew is also super easy to use. Simply pull down the wings to quickly remove a wine cork. As a bonus, you can use the metallic beak to pop off bottle caps.


These Minimalist Trays For Longer-Lasting Sponges & Soap

These soap and sponge dishes have a minimalist design that look tidy and clean next to your sink. Each one is made of a durable silicone material with raised ridges to prevent melty soap or moldy sponges. Of course, they also come with a built-in spout for the soapy water to drain back into the sink.


An Extra-Tidy Box For All Of Your Tea Essentials

With this bamboo box, you’ll have a perfectly organized station to make your morning tea even more satisfying. It comes with 10 tidy compartments to neatly stack tea bags or tuck away your favorite sugar packets. You also get a clear acrylic window on top, so you can peek in and see if you’re running low on tea before your grocery run.


These Pastel Pop-Up Hooks With An Adorable Animal Design

When you hang your tote bag or keys on these hooks, an adorable animal will peek out of the little pastel cubes on top, which will make your entryway infinitely more fun. Each one comes with durable multi-surface adhesive on the back, so you can even use these quirky hooks as towel hangers in the bathroom or a coat hanger in the bedroom — each little box can hold up to 5 pounds.


A Pancake Dispenser To Keep Your Countertop Clean

This pancake-making tool with helpful measurements on the side is way better than trying to pour batter out of a mixing bowl. Instead of spilling extra batter on the side of the bowl or on the countertop, simply press the handle on this easy-to-clean dispenser to create the perfect pancakes or even to fill up cupcake tins.


This Propagation Vase That Looks So Stylish

This propagation vase is the one to grab because it looks like a sleek decor piece — even when you’re not using it for flowers or a house plant clipping. The light bulb-shaped vase comes with a sturdy metal stand and an adorable little bird detail on top.


A Mini Trash Can That Folds Up When You Don’t Need It

It’s so worth hanging this collapsible trash can in your kitchen because you can sweep spills or veggie scraps into it during dinner prep. You even get a built-in scraper to make cleaning off the counter even easier. With the small hooks on the back, you can quickly secure this trash can to your kitchen cabinets and even move it around the kitchen.


These Memory Foam Floor Pillows For Cozy Seating

These quilted floor cushions are filled with shredded memory foam, which makes them so soft and supportive, you and your guests won’t even notice that you’re technically on the floor. The covers are made of a soft corduroy, and they come in over two dozen colors and shapes to mix and match around the coffee table for game night.


A Pretty Cherry Blossom Decor Piece To Illuminate Your Space

Covered in dainty illuminated cherry blossoms, this faux bonsai tree will add a ton of cozy lighting to your space. There are 48 warm white LEDs hidden in the center of each bloom, so this whimsical and sturdy piece is bright enough to use as a little accent lamp.


This Elevated Candle Warmer With 2 Cozy Options

This candle warmer will look chic and way more expensive than simply styling a candle. Simply add your candle on top, or use the included bowl to melt your favorite scented wax on top. This elevated warmer comes in about a dozen different designs, each of which has a 3-foot cord to make it super versatile.


This Stylized Toilet Paper Holder To Remember To Restock

This tic-tac-toe toilet paper holder might just be the easiest (and most stylish) way to remember to restock the toilet paper. It comes with three X pieces, so you can fill the other slots with toilet paper rolls, and it will look way better than simply stacking them up behind the toilet in their bags.