43 Ways To Make Your Home & Backyard MUCH Nicer For Under $30

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There’s never been a better to time to make your home an oasis, and if you’re lucky enough to have an indoor living space and an outdoor space, it’s worth investing a few bucks to enjoy them both. Luckily, there are tons of ways to make your home nicer, and your backyard, too. You can start by adding some cool lighting to your al fresco dining routine with this LED light that attaches to a patio umbrella, and then you can add some English garden-style greenery with a few faux plants, which are perfect if you haven’t got any kind of green thumb whatsoever.

And whether you want to cozy up indoors or out, you can do it with a super cute buffalo plaid throw blanket (which just so happens to match the buffalo plaid doormat on this list). Plus adding this area rug to any space will add a pop of color and some texture. The best part? It looks good enough for indoor use, but is durable enough for the great outdoors, too.

There are so many cool and clever items on Amazon that make it easy to bloom where you’re planted, and — to make things budget-friendly — you don’t have to spend more than $30 for any of them.


The Cafe Lights That Add A Festive Touch Outdoors

Make your outdoor space so much more special, with these hanging café lights that are solar-powered for the ultimate in convenience and energy savings. They’re attached to a solar panel that stakes into the ground and powers up the lights for up to 14 hours of continuous operation on a full charge.


The Outdoor Pillow Covers That Are Water-Resistant

Great for switching out color schemes from season to season, these outdoor pillow covers are an easy way to add a pop of design to your patio. Made from durable canvas, they’re waterproof and fade-resistant, so they’ll last for years to come. They’re available in more than 20 colors and six size variations, making it easy to find a pair that fits your existing pillow inserts.

  • Available sizes: 6
  • Available colors: 21


This Checkered Blanket That’s Cozy & Cute

Add a cozy accent to your living room or backyard by draping this throw on your chaise lounge or favorite chair. Available in six colors (I even used the red and black one as the basis of my Christmas table setting one year), it’s machine-washable and gives any space a rustic-chic look.


The Solar Pump That Turns A Birdbath Into A Fountain

Designed to float in a minimum of 2 inches of water, this pump transforms any old birdbath or pond into a water feature with the help of solar energy. It’s height-adjustable and features six different nozzles that allow you to customize your display. Plus, the panels store energy so efficiently that the fountain will run on even cloudy days.


These Fence Lights That Are So Solar-Powered

Add lighting to your deck, driveway, or stairs with these lights that are solar-powered for eco-friendly convenience. They’re weather-resistant and designed to withstand the toughest conditions that nature can dish out. Mount them using the included screws to any flat surface, and they’ll provide up to eight hours of illumination on a full charge.


The Cushion Slipcovers That Repel Moisture

Whether it’s inclement weather outside or a spilled drink inside, it can be hard to keep your couch cushions in good condition. Protect them with these water-repellent slipcovers. Made from a durable polyester-spandex blend that stretches to a perfect fit, they’re available in more than a dozen color choices and three sizes.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 15


This 84-Foot Ivy Garland You Can Use So Many Ways

Bring a touch of green into your home with this silk ivy garland that can be used so many ways. Wind it around an umbrella pole, hang it from a gazebo or your living room wall, or use it to create an arch for a party. Incredibly lifelike, this garland is the perfect maintenance-free choice for adding some English garden-style greenery anywhere.


These Pathway “Stones” Made From Recycled Materials

Ultra-lightweight yet so realistic-looking, these stepping stones are made from all recycled materials. With their slate appearance, they’re perfect for use on the side of your house or as a winding path to your garden. They resist moss and mildew, install in just minutes, and are skid-resistant for sure footing.


This Magnetic Screen Door That’s So Convenient

With a magnetic closure that makes hands-free opening and closing possible, this screen door adds real convenience to indoor-outdoor living. Super easy to install using the included thumbtacks and hook-and-loop tape, it goes up in just minutes and gives you a way to keep pests out while letting conversation, music, and most of all — fresh air — in. It’s adjustable and crafted from heavy-duty mesh.


A Set Of Unbreakable Wine Glasses That Are Outdoor-Friendly

Crafted from shatter-proof tritan plastic, these unbreakable wine glasses are the perfect way to enjoy your favorite beverage when you’re headed outside. The set comes with four glasses that can be washed in the dishwasher for the ultimate convenience. Pro tip: If you’ll be drinking something chilled, put them in the freezer when they’re a little damp, and you’ll enjoy the perfect ice-cold glass.


The Hanging Planters That Are Eco-Friendly

Available in three colors, these hanging planters are ideal for ferns, ivy, or petunias, and they feature a clean, modern design that looks good in any space. Made from recyclable materials, they have drainage holes to guard from overwatering, and the hanging height is adjustable via their heavy-duty ropes.


A Buffalo Plaid Area Rug That Doubles As A Doormat

Whether you use it as a doormat or accent piece, this rug adds classic style to any space, and since it’s washable, upkeep is a breeze. The stylish buffalo plaid is available in four color choices and a myriad of sizes, meaning that one is sure to be perfect for your front porch, back deck, or entryway.

  • Available sizes: 8
  • Available colors: 4


The Inflatable Ottoman For Extra Seating In A Hurry

Invest in a couple of these inflatable ottomans, and you’ll have extra seating any time you need it. With a fabric finish that’s available in 21 patterns (think: pinstripes and palm fronds), it’s as stylish as it is convenient, and comes with a foot pump that makes it a breeze to blow up. It’s great for parties and would make the perfect finishing touch for your Airbnb.

  • Available colors and styles: 21


The Patio Canopy That Blocks UV Rays

With this backyard canopy, you’re now you’re liberated from hiding under your patio umbrella to get some shade. The heavy-duty canopy is just breathable enough to keep the air flowing, but it blocks 95% of UV rays. Choose from four colors in a variety of shapes and sizes for every need.

  • Available sizes: 13
  • Available colors: 4


This Side Table That Folds Up For Storage

Okay, seriously, how cute is this little side table? It’s the perfect size for hors d’oeuvres or small plates, and can double as a plant stand, too. The weatherproof table is even lightweight enough to throw in the car and tote along when you’re going on a picnic or camping.


A Little Fence For Your Garden Patch

If you’ve ever wanted a white picket fence, here’s your chance to do it with this garden border fence that’s surprisingly budget-friendly. Also available in black and brown, the fence is strung with solar-powered bulbs for a little nighttime atmosphere. This set includes four panels with a total of 6 feet of fencing — enough for a good-sized bed.


These Coasters For Wine Glasses & Wine Bottles

Protect your furniture from rings left by glasses and bottles by using these silicone coasters. Available in black and gray, they have a slip-resistant surface to keep glasses from sliding around, and they’re dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. The best part? The set comes with a coaster for your bottle of white wine or rosé.


This Device That Keeps Pesky Mosquitos Away

Who likes sitting outside when you’re literally getting dined on by squadrons of mosquitos? Seize control of your deck again with this mosquito repeller that fends off pests with heat-activated, plant-based materials. Battery-powered, it gives you a 15-foot zone of protection and even comes in 11 colors, so it will blend in with your outdoor decor.


A Plate That Gives You Grill-To-Table Convenience

Great for outdoor dinners, this grilling plate from trusted brand Nordic Ware combines a stainless steel plate with an insulated base that’s ideal for keeping cooked foods warm until you’re ready to eat. Plus, the stainless steel plate slides right out, so you can use it as cookware when grilling or broiling.


The Patio Umbrella Light For Outdoor Dinners

With three brightness levels and 28 energy-saving LED bulbs, this lighting disc that attaches to your patio umbrella is just what you need so you can enjoy outdoor living all night long. Great for use on a tent pole while camping as well, it attaches quickly and easily without tools — simply clamp it around the pole or hang with the two included hooks.


These Curtains That Add A Touch Of Elegance To Your Patio

Crafted from sheer polyester voile, these sheer curtains add a touch of chic privacy to your outdoor living space while also filtering the sun’s bright rays. Finished with corrosion-proof grommets, the curtain is ideal for making your outdoor setup feel a little more “fine dining” and a little less “hot dogs and chips” — even if you’re eating hot dogs and chips.

  • Available sizes: 10


These Faux Flowers That Add So Much Color

Available in eight colors and styles, these faux flowers will add a pop of color to any outdoor setting without the worry of investing your hard-earned cash in plants that you may not be able to maintain (no judgment, not-so-green thumbs). Made from UV-resistant plastic, you won’t have to water them when you’re away from home, and they don’t require time-consuming upkeep.


A Durable Glass Pitcher For Indoor-Outdoor Use

Crafted from ultra-durable, break-resistant borosilicate glass, this pitcher is the ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor use. Plus, since it’s heat-resistant, you can pour boiling water right into it if you’re making tea. The 75-ounce capacity gives you plenty to serve several guests without having to constantly run back inside for refills.


This Ladder For Blankets, Towels & More

Whether you use it for towels in the bathroom, blankets in the living room, or jackets and purses in the front entryway, this ladder rack is a design element you can’t pass up. Made from sturdy steel, it has six rungs and can be mounted to the wall.


These Amber Bulbs That Repel Bugs

Designed to give your porch or deck a pleasant amber glow while keeping all the bugs away, these bulbs are made with yellow LEDs that repel insects. As a bonus, their soft amber glow can help signal to your body that it’s time to go to sleep — helpful since the blue light of our electronic devices are constantly doing the opposite.


The Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker With Sky-High Ratings

Boasting a 4.7-star overall rating after more than 60,000 reviews, this waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a true fan-favorite. Capable of cranking out deep bass with no distortion, it deliver stereo-quality tunes outdoors, indoors, and on the go. Available in three colors, it delivers up to 24 hours of use on a single full charge.


A Bartender’s Secret To Cracking Open Bottles

Mount these bottle openers to your wall, and you’ll feel like an authentic bartender when you’re serving up beers or ice-cold sodas. Made from stainless steel, it’s corrosion-proof and comes with all of the hardware you need in order to install both pieces. They’ll mount to any vertical surface, and since they come in a set of two, you can mount one inside and one on your deck.


This Hammock Swing That’s So Relaxing

A great way to add stylish and fun seating to any space, this hammock chair is suitable for use both indoors and out. Choose from two neutral colors — white and gray — then hang it on a beam inside your house or on a tree — either way, you’re guaranteed to take a nap in it.


These Outdoor Path Lights That Are Solar-Powered

Outdoor lighting adds a lot of atmosphere, but until recently, it could be really expensive and time-consuming to install. These solar path lights make it so easy and budget-friendly to add quality lighting to your property, whether you use them as a driveway or sidewalk accent. (You can even place them around your favorite tree.) Spikes anchor them into the ground, and six hours of sunlight charging during the day will give you up to 10 hours of illumination after dark.


A Portable Fan That Mounts Anywhere

Rechargeable and designed to offer up to 72 hours of operation on a single full charge, this fan is personal-sized and features bendable legs that enable you to mount it anywhere — like your patio umbrella, beach chair, golf cart, or baby stroller... the uses are endless. Switch between its three whisper-quiet wind speeds with convenient one-touch operation. The fan is available in four colors and charges conveniently via USB.


A Marshmallow Skewer That Rotates Automatically

If having to rotate that marshmallow skewer while sitting by the campfire is just too darn demanding, what you clearly need is this motorized rotating skewer that helps you roast your marshmallow to uniform perfection (with almost no effort on your part). The 27-inch skewer is battery-powered and has a faux wood handle.


This Durable Indoor-Outdoor Rug In Tons Of Shades

Made from super-tough polypropylene, this rug can stand up to both the elements outdoors and your most highly-trafficked areas indoors. The braided weave adds texture wherever you put it, and since it’s available in 10 designer hues (and multiple sizes and shapes), you’re sure to find one you love.

  • Available colors: 10


These Hanging Faux Plants That Are So Lush

Made from glossy, translucent fabric that looks just like the real thing, these hanging plants are so natural-looking, they’re sure to fool your guests. A no-maintenance alternative to bringing all-seasons green into your environment, they’re fade-resistant and hang on flexible wires, so you can shape them any way you like.


The Outdoor Furniture Spray That Repels Sun & Water

Since 1952, Scotchgard has been helping us protect our furniture from spills and stains. Now, you can guard your outdoor furniture too with this spray that blocks sun and water. It dries odorless, and is perfect for seat cushions, umbrellas, grill covers, and more.


The Bird Feeder That Looks Like An Antique Mason Jar

Your feathered friends deserve this Mason jar-style bird feeder that’ll look so cute hanging outside your kitchen window. It features a blue water jar with a bird embossed on the side and a metal perch. The 32-ounce capacity gives the birds plenty to sip on while adding a vintage-inspired touch to your landscape.


This Table Runner For Both Indoor & Outdoor Use

Made with machine-washable polyester for easy care, this table runner has a subtle farmhouse feel that makes it the perfect complement to your patio table or indoor dining room. It features a classic lattice design and comes in three colors — stone, French blue, and artichoke — as well as a wide variety of shapes and sizes.


A Weighted Holder That Keeps Napkins From Blowing Away

Crafted from sturdy steel with an attractive brushed nickel coating, this weighted napkin holder keeps napkins securely in place, no matter how windy it gets outside. Designed to hold cocktail and standard-size napkins, it has an arm that swings up for easy loading.


This Waterproof Power Strip That’s Great For Outdoor Use

Here’s a power strip that’s weatherproof and waterproof for outdoor use, so you can rest assured everything will be safe and sound, even if it starts to sprinkle. It has a 6-foot power cord and five outlets for stereos, Christmas lights, or anything else you’d like to plug in.


The Plant Hanger Bracket That’s As Pretty As It Is Functional

Decorated with an elegant butterfly on its arched top, this plant hanger adds a touch of whimsy to your outdoor setup. Crafted from hand-forged iron, it’s capable of holding even the heaviest baskets when mounted to your wall, fence, or other flat vertical surface with the included matching black screws. Use it for one large plant or for several smaller ones.


A Portable Grill For Outdoor Cooking Anywhere

Want that charcoal taste but need a grill you can use at the park or while camping? Cuisinart has you covered with this petite grill that offers you big flavor and plenty of space for four burgers or a couple of steaks. The grill weighs just 2 pounds, making it perfect for your next tailgate, and it features a dual venting system, an enamel-coated firebox, and a convenient ash catcher.


This 2-Tier Stand For Small Plants

Display your small houseplants (and make sure they get plenty of sun, too), by placing them on this two-tier plant stand that’s perfect for desks, counters, and bay windows. Made from sustainable bamboo, it boasts clean, modern lines that suit just about any kind of decor.


A Retro Wall Light For A Nostalgic Touch To Your Front Porch

Reminiscent of the outdoor lights you might’ve grown up with, this porch light is commonly referred to as a “jelly jar” and it add a rustic, nostalgic touch to any exterior. With a black powder finish, this one provides a soft glow with just enough light for entry — no overpowering glare. It comes hard-wired for easy, one-tool installation.


The Condiment Tray For Your At-Home Mixology Game

Tap into your inner mixologist when you have this condiment tray that lets you garnish your cocktails and other iced drinks with herbs, olives, and citrus wedges. Made from sturdy plastic, it features a main compartment for ice and five smaller, removable compartments that hold up to 2 cups of garnishes each.

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