46 Ways To Make Your Home MUCH Nicer That You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner

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What items make a home nice? If you ask me, functional organization solutions, modern accents, and items that amp up the cozy factor all refresh your space. I’ve scouted high and low across Amazon to find the best products that make being at home way better. You’ll wish you knew about them sooner — I know I did.

I have to say, adding cozy touches is my favorite way to make my home feel upgraded and nicer all-around. I’ve found all the cozy things including a machine-washable knit blanket with tassels. It comes in trendy warm colors that will make you feel like it’s golden hour all day long.

Snuggling under your new blanket, revel in soothing scents emanating from the handmade, ceramic essential oil diffuser I found. Toss a few of the velvet throw pillow covers from this list onto your favorite fluffy pillows and cuddle up for a night in.

If you could use an organization overhaul, I’ve found tasteful storage solutions that beautify living areas, bathrooms, and kitchens. Sometimes, a small modern addition can make your home look a lot more expensive, like a slim and sleek bidet that easily attaches to your toilet or a polished, aesthetic alarm clock.

Grab a few of these finds — your home will instantly feel nicer, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. You might just come back to this list to grab a few more. Your home will thank you.


This Understated Bidet That’s Under $35

Perhaps the ultimate in bathroom upgrades, this ultra-slim bidet is simple to install, and its slim design doesn’t look bulky on your toilet. It’s only 1/4 inch thick so it doesn’t mess up your toilet seat height, and you can control the water pressure with a dial on the side.


A Bamboo Bath Mat For A Sauna-Like Vibe

This sophisticated bath mat is made of 100% bamboo, and is elevated off the bathroom floor with anti-slip rubber stoppers to keep things neat and secure. It’s covered in a waterproof coating for stamina, and so it’s smooth and comfortable to the touch. It’s quick drying, and can apparently support an SUV without collapsing.


A Space-Saving Magnetic Tool & Utensil Holder

Transform a messy toolbox or kitchen drawer to Martha Stewart-level neatness with this stainless steel magnetic mount. The powerful magnet lets you stick it directly to your refrigerator or stainless steel backsplash without any installation tools, and includes mounting hardware for other spaces. Reviewers are all about this simple upgrade, confirmed by its 4.8-star rating.


This Luxurious Rain Showerhead That’s Rustproof

This rain showerhead packs 90 high-pressure jets across its generous 6-inch diameter. The nozzles are silicone and are easily cleaned with the swipe of a finger. You don’t need tools to switch your showerhead with this one, and it fully swivels so you can tilt at any angle. Plus, it has a water filter and comes in six colors.


This Ultra-Efficient Pantry Organizer For Pots & Pans

Save loads of cabinet space by setting up this snazzy bronze organizer for pans and pots (or even lids). It neatly stores up to five pans, protecting delicate nonstick surfaces. It can be used freestanding or mounted in your pantry with a built-in spot for an included screw. It’s made of durable alloy steel, and also comes in a chrome finish.


This Mega Pack Of Velvet Non-Slip Hangers For Under $25

These slim-profile hangers have a flat design instead of typical rounded plastic, so they save space. They’re made of durable metal covered in non-slip velvet to keep clothes in place. This mega pack of 50 boasts over 105,000 five-star ratings, and there are five color options, including black, ivory, gray, and different metal finishes, to complement any closet.


This Elegant, Handmade Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser

This aesthetically-pleasing essential oil diffuser is complete with a hand-made ceramic cover and a wood-grain base. It has an auto-shut-off and an ambiance-enhancing light option with nine colors to choose from and four timer settings. Plus, you can diffuse your eucalyptus, lavender, or scent of choice for three to five hours at a time.


An Ultra-Organizing Sink Caddy That’s Fingerprint-Proof

Just like with dish drying racks, this compartmented sink caddy has a sloped design so extra water from your sponge or dish brush flows right into your sink. It sits on nonskid feet, and is stainless steel so the entire thing is fingerprint-proof (i.e. always looks clean). All of the compartments come apart should you want to rinse them.


These Mood-Enhancing LED Light Strips That Are Remote Controlled

This LED light strip kit comes with over 6 feet of lights that are super easy to install thanks to their double-sided adhesive backing. You can stick them directly to your TV for a theatre-style, illuminated movie night. Use the remote to control brightness, light effects, and color, for a fully futuristic feel.


A Cleverly Concealing Cord & Power Strip Organizer With Ventilation

Tuck away your mess of cords with this cable management box that can even fit a four-outlet powerstrip. It has a cutout on top for your phone or device chargers, and slots on each side for more cords. Plus, it has ventilation holes on the bottom so your electrical items don’t overheat.


This White Grout Paint Pen For Quick Tile Makeovers

Whether your grout has faded into a grungy gray-brown, or you want to try a bright white look without the major overhaul of laying new tile, grab this long-lasting white grout pen. One paint pen lasts for up to 150 feet of 2-millimeter grout. If the tip gets worn down, flip it over for a fresh sharp angle.


A Tidy Toilet Paper Vanity With Storage & A Shelf

Set up this bathroom storage cabinet for a cleaner look than toilet paper packaging stuffed beside the loo. The top section has a slot to neatly tuck away your TP roll while still having easy access. The PVC material is waterproof, in case you’re an enthusiast of extra-hot showers that fill up the bathroom with steam.


These Easy, Adhesive Subway Tile Sheets

Easily update your backsplash or re-tile your bathroom with this 10-pack of adhesive subway tile sheets. These vinyl tile sheets have a glossy finish, and can withstand heat, water, and humidity. They have over 2,000 five-start ratings, and reviewers love that you can simply cut the tiles to fit your space.


These Insulated Blackout Curtains With Adjustable Hanging Options

These thermal-insulated blackout curtains come in a pack of two panels, and block 85%-95% of light. They’re thick with three layers of woven fabric, and hang in two different ways, depending on your aesthetic — attach them with included rings and clips or slide them onto your curtain rod with a sewn-in pocket.


These Heat-Resistant Burner Covers For A Clean Stove

Stop wiping down your stove every night with these protective stove burner covers that are heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. They’re BPA-free and PFOA-free, and they fit around your stove’s burners to catch oil or food while cooking. After dinner, simply rinse them in the sink or wash them with your plates in the dishwasher.


A Self-Watering Planter To Avoid Root Rot

This glossy and BPA-free self-watering plant pot has hollow legs that dip into a water reservoir so your plant baby can have a drink of water whenever they need it. The base of the pot has holes for aeration to avoid dreaded root rot. It also comes with a removable watering spout so you can fill the reservoir without removing it.


These Voice-Controlled Smart Outlets For Multiple Devices

This four-pack of smart outlets connect to Wi-Fi and are slim and stackable. They pair with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, or work with their own app, to let you control electronics and home devices with timers and schedules, whether you’re home or away. You can also monitor appliance run-times to track and manage energy consumption.


A Convenient Entryway Organizer With Added Wall Hooks

This entryway shelf and organizer comes with all the mounting hardware you need to hang it next to your front door (or anywhere that could use a tidy). It has a white steel shelf with mesh siding to conceal all of your after-work clutter, and five wooden knobs to hang coats or keys.


A Set Of Classic Linen Napkins That Elevate A Dinner Party

This pack of 12 linen napkins comes in 11 colors to match your next dinner party decor, or your everyday table setting. Made of poly-cotton linen fabric, they’re machine-washable so are a durable and environmentally-friendlier napkin option. They have over 5,500 five-star ratings, and reviewers love the sustainability and “bang for one’s buck.”


A Beautifully-Made Charcuterie Board With Utensils & Fruit Tray

This classic charcuterie board has a pull-out drawer with elegant stainless steel serving utensils, two ceramic dip bowls, and slate labels with chalk so your guests can easily identify your appetizers. It even comes with a matching fruit board. Each piece is made of bamboo and has divided sections to make all your goodies look oh-so-appealing.


These Chic, Matching Glass Dispensers

Add a touch of hotel-style swankiness to your home with these reusable glass dispensers. They hold 16 ounces each, and the stainless steel dispenser caps are rustproof, so you can even use them in your shower for shampoo and conditioner. One reviewer raved, “I love these! They look expensive, and they look much better than the regular soap bottles.”


This Coordinated Set Of Airtight Glass Jars

This set of five glass food jars varies in size, from 4 inches to nearly 12 inches tall, so can handle a variety of goods. They’re BPA-free, have bamboo lids ringed with airtight silicone, and the glass bottoms can be washed in the dishwasher. One reviewer raved, “The glass is crystal clear, and the lids fit and seal perfectly.”


These Heavy-Duty, Edison Bulb Outdoor String Lights

These outdoor string lights are water- and weatherproof, with sturdy Edison bulbs that deliver a warm, cozy glow. Each strand is 49 feet long, but the design of their double-insulated wires lets you link strands to each other, so you can fairy-light up the entire backyard should you choose.


A Compact, Convenient, Battery-Operated Fabric Defuzzer

This isn’t your grandma’s fabric defuzzer! This battery-operated version gets rid of messy-looking fuzz and pills on clothes or furniture without accidentally slicing holes (or causing wrist fatigue). It has three shave settings depending on how delicate the fabric is. Reviewers love the results, with one saying this “save[d her] favorite duvet cover” and that depilling has become “a new hobby.”


This Attractive Seagrass Wicker Basket In Three Sizes

This woven wicker basket is handcrafted from entirely of 100% natural seagrass. It’s structured but doesn’t have any metal, so folds flat when you’re not using it. It has sturdy handles and comes in three sizes for a wide variety of uses. Reviewers love using it to hold their plants — it pairs especially well with a fiddle leaf fig.


This Instant-Upgrade Marble Wallpaper That’s Removable

Use this marble wallpaper as a fresh new backsplash without splurging on tile — or even use it to cover furniture. You can change up almost any surface without fear, because it has an easy adhesive backing that removes without leaving glue behind, and it’s trimmable. It has over 20,500 five-star reviews, and one reviewer raved, “$6 for brand new counters!”


This Realistic Peel & Stick Distressed Wood Wallpaper

Use this adhesive faux-wood wallpaper with a distressed design to accentuate rustic home decor or your next party. It has a matte finish and textured surface for a realistic feel, and can be used horizontally or vertically by design. It’s vinyl, comes in plenty of roll sizes, and has over 3,000 five-star ratings.


This Handmade Jute Area Rug That’s An Easy Accent

This 100% jute area rug is hand-woven in India with a classic braided design. Each piece is marked by subtle but individual differences that make it unique. The natural fibers are stylish and durable, making this rug versatile enough to be used au naturel or as a base under other rugs for a trendy layered look.


These Shimmery Velvet Pillowcases With Hidden Zippers

These machine-washable velvety soft pillow covers add a soft and sensual touch to bedroom or living room decor. The zippers are hidden, and reviewers love how they match the fabric, so the pillows look totally seamless. These have nearly 55,000 perfect reviews with comments like, “sooooo soft” and “simply luxurious.”


This Easy Wall-Mounted Broom Organizer For Your Laundry Room

Hang this wall-mounted broom organizer wherever you keep your broom and cleaning supplies, and stop leaning your mop against a wall. With a rolling ball design, it's easy to pop your brooms and mops in and keep them in place. It holds up to 7.5 pounds and five brooms or tools at a time.


A Globe Light With An Elegant, Matte Black Fixture

This indoor matte black globe light is under $45 and is perfect as a vanity or as a bedside lamp. It comes with a G9 LED light bulb, but it’s also compatible with multiple G9 bulbs, including dimmable ones. The glass globe has a frosted white finish and can be installed facing up or down depending on the look you’re after.


This Sophisticated Leather Vase With Hand-Stitched Detail

This vegetable-tanned full-grain leather vase comes in a sleek gift box, even if it’s only a gift for yourself. The leather is hand-stitched together with a visible leather seam. Each one feels understated and upscale, and there are four colors to choose from, including pink, black, cognac, and peach.


This Conveniently Clear Refrigerator Organizing Set

Each of these storage bins is complete with handles to double as extra drawers in your fridge. The clear BPA-free plastic lets you see all your fruits and veggies even if they’re stacked in containers. They’re shatter-proof, and reviewers also love using them in the laundry room to store cleaning supplies.


A Chic Metal End Table With A Removable Tray

This round anti-rust iron side table is complete with non-slip rubber caps on the legs and a removable tray. Once you’re done with your breakfast and coffee, carry the entire tray to the kitchen for quick cleanup. This lightweight table comes in black, pink, yellow, blue, green, or white.


This Entryway Shelf That Doubles As A Shoe Rack And Bench

This sturdy storage rack has three tiers that can be used to neatly store shoes or other small items beneath, and a bench shelf on top for decor items, plants, a holder for your keys, or even a place to sit (it holds up to 220 pounds). Reviewers love the simplicity of this upgrade, remarking that it’s “perfect for a small space.”


This Unique Mirrored Alarm Clock That Also Works As A Small Vanity

This LED alarm clock has an aesthetic mirrored surface that works like a makeup mirror if you turn off the clock display. It’s totally quiet (no ticking), and the clock has three levels of brightness that self-adjust based on how dark your room is. There are also two handy USB ports on the side to charge your devices.


This Sumptuous & Machine-Washable Bubble Knit Throw

With a tactile bubble knit design, this cushy throw blanket adds minimalist texture to your favorite cozy space. It’s lightweight and breathable but is warmer than fleece, and is said to have excellent light fastness should you display it in a sunny window. Complete with tassel fringe, it’s conveniently machine washable. Grab it in one (or maybe two) of the 15 colors, like this trendy warm rust tone.


This Elegant & Versatile Tray With A Marble Look

Pick up a few and use this sleek marble tray as a unique addition to your next dinner party setup, or pop one in the bathroom to neatly arrange your skincare products. Whether a homebase for jewelry or perfume, a display tray, or a small serving platter, this tray is sturdy and made of food-safe glazed ceramic.


This Set Of Striking Square Crystal Wine Glasses

These crystal wine glasses have a unique square shape and come in a sleek and protective gift box. The glasses are hand-crafted with hand-blown crystal, and manage to come in a pack of four for under $50. Reviewers love how modern, sleek, and delicate they look, bestowing them with a rating of 4.7 stars.


This Modern Art Balloon Dog In Rose Gold

Definitely a piece to inspire some statements, this rose gold balloon dog is the perfect size to tuck next to your favorite plant or display by your entryway mirror. But don’t let its balloon appearance fool you — this figurine is durable polyresin with a good weight to it. One reviewer even raved, “It has a nice heavy feel, no cheap or plastic sensation.”


A Modern Geometric File Holder To Stash Your Recent Reads

This structural file holder pleases the eye with a shiny gold finish and a unique triangle design. Neatly stack your files, mail, magazines, or display the books you’re currently reading — to make sure you keep reading them. If the gold is a little too glam, there’s a sleek, high-contrast black option.


A Sleek Wall-Mounted Rack For Towels Or Wine

This towel rack can be used to spruce up your bathroom or kitchen, because it’s the perfect size for rolled-up bath towels or wine bottles (choose your preference). The metal has a rust-resistant coating, and there are two hanging options. It comes with installation supplies if you want to mount it on the wall, or you can simply hang it over a door.


A Cute Coat Rack With Three Adjustable Heights

This handmade coat rack is made of bamboo and poplar wood and has eight durable hooks for all your coats and tote bags. It’s easy to assemble and is comprised of three sections for ultimate height adjustability (for instance, in a kid’s room leave off the top). Three sturdy prong legs support it tripod-style so it doesn’t wobble even when fully loaded.


A Set Of Absorbent Egyptian Cotton Hand Towels

Place a few of these luxurious hand towels in all of your bathrooms and even your kitchen because this 100% Egyptian cotton set comes with six in each pack. Plus, they’re machine washable and quick-drying, so you’ll always have a plush, dry towel when you wash your hands. Instant upgrade.


This Rounded Doormat With A Sunny Design

This rounded front doormat slides right up against your door, thanks to its half-circle shape. Plus, it has a unique and welcoming sunshine design. Reviewers rave that it's super long-lasting, and one wrote, "The rubber backing keeps the mat solidly in place, a key consideration for such a high-traffic, muddy area."


This Elegant And Configurable Faux-Leather Organizer

Accommodate your clutter needs with this handsome organizer tray that has a removable divider. It’s crafted from high-quality faux leather that’s luxurious-looking and durable, so your wallets, watches, keys, and phone can chill safely in style. There are six colors to choose from, including a bright red or sleek white option, to complement any room decor.