40 Weird But Genius Hacks That Make Your Home Look Better With Almost No Effort

You can literally just walk around and make your home cleaner!

Written by Allison Bolt
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Keeping your home nice and making it look better than it normally does sounds like the kind of thing that’ll cost you a ton of money and a lot of time. But, honestly, making your living space cuter and more functional can be really easy. For example, placing a faux-leather tray on a table or counter is pretty much zero effort, and you can stick all of the countertop clutter in one neat little spot. This tip also isn’t the only one that’s super easy either, because this list has 40 more weird but genius hacks to make your home look better.

This list has products that help you deep-clean your tile grout, organize a pantry, and fix grease stains in the kitchen, and they’re all still super low-effort. There’s even a pumice stone toilet bowl cleaner that makes that chore way less gross, and it lets you toss the grimy toilet brush.

Grab any of the products on this list, and you won’t be stuck working on a house project all day — and your home will be better in the meantime.


Wear These Mop Slippers While You Do Other Chores

Pull on these microfiber mop slippers before you walk around the house doing other chores. The plush dust-catching fabric takes care of your floors while you wipe down furniture or do laundry. These machine-washable slippers with a secure elastic band also fit right on top of small mops.


Stuff Messy Sheets & Linens In These Under-Bed Bags

These under-bed storage bags are just 6 inches high, so you don’t have to cram them under your bed frame — no matter how many extra linens you pack in their wide, long design. There’s a reinforced handle to pull these out without tearing the bag and a super durable clear lid to let you see each and every sheet set inside.


Hide Messy Cords With This Sleek Cable Management Kit

This cable management kit is an easy way to hide tangled-up cords and bulky power strips for an organized decor moment. Those previously annoying cords will fade into the background, because the three plastic cable bins have a neutral matte and wood-tone finish. There are also a bunch of clips, charger holders, and colorful cord ties to keep your wires from getting tangled together and keep them secure in the box.


Slide These Fridge Organizing Bins Onto Messy Shelves

These organizer bins slide right onto the shelves in your fridge to keep messy jars or stray fruits and veggies from moving into the back of your fridge, turning the whole thing into an unorganized mess. They have handles on both ends, so they’re easy to grab from the fridge no matter which way they’re facing. These shatter-proof bins are even helpful in kitchen cabinets with their BPA-free and completely transparent design.


Mount These Stick-On Lights Above Dimly Lit Kitchen Counters

These stick-on LED lights with optional screws are the perfect shape and size for underneath kitchen cabinets. These lights with timer settings are even slim enough to tuck into a shadowy pantry or closet. There are also dimmer options on the remotes, so your aesthetic under counter lighting isn’t too bright.


Reach For This Laser Level To Perfectly Hang Decor The First Time

With this budget-friendly laser level, there’s no more checking if a picture frame is straight after you hang it. Simply set up this tool, choose from three level styles, and the laser casts a perfectly straight line (or crosshair) to help out with picture hanging. Plus, it also gives you an 8-foot measuring tape, a ruler, and classic levels on top.


Add These Stretchy Straps To Keep Annoying Fitted Sheets Taut

It’s super easy to clip these triangle-shaped straps onto the fitted bed sheet when making the bed. The stretchy design keeps sheets looking extra-crisp, but most importantly, it means the fitted sheet won’t pop off the corner of your mattress. These durable nylon straps are also adjustable, so your sheets fit perfectly.


Clip This Breathable & Extra-Tidy Shoe Organizer On A Closet Door

Not only does this hanging organizer give you spots for your shoes, but it also turns the back of your closet door into functional storage. This durable organizer gives each shoe its own slot, so it looks extra tidy and keeps them off the floor. Plus, each of the 24 shoe pockets is made with a lightweight mesh fabric for super-breathable storage.


Clean The Toilet With This Unique Pumice Stone Cleaner

This pumice stone toilet cleaner is the perfect swap for that worn-out and grimy toilet brush. The durable pumice stone is totally free of brush bristles that tend to get bent up and super gross, but it has a naturally abrasive design that gives your toilet a deep clean — even stubborn rings. It also has a slim design with an extra-long handle to keep your hand far away from the bowl.


Slide This Easy-To-Arrange Pan Organizer In A Cabinet

This pot and pan organizer has an eight-shelf design, so it’s easy to pull out a single pan without rearranging a bunch of others. You can move around the shelves on this durable iron organizer to fit your unique cookware and lids. It can even sit horizontally to slide cutting boards and more into the slots.


Stick This Sleek Bag Dispenser In Your Cleaning Closet

This sleek little dispenser for your cleaning closet stores up to 30 plastic shopping bags, so they look tidy. There’s a handy opening on top to tuck bags inside after a grocery run. Plus there’s an easy-to-use slot on the front to quickly pull bags out of this stainless steel holder to use them for dog poop or trash can liners.


Attach This Mood-Setting LED Strip To Your TV

This LED light strip comes with plenty of 3M adhesive to easily stick these mood-setting lights onto the back of your TV or computer monitor. On the end of this flexible strip, there’s a simple USB that plugs right into your TV. Plus, you can cut off any excess, so your TV mood lighting isn’t too bright.


Organize Devices In This USB Charging Dock With Illuminated Dividers

You won’t want to cover up this USB charging station when guests come over because it honestly looks so sleek on a desk or countertop. There are transparent dividers, so all of your devices neatly and securely stack next to each other, and you don’t have to run around the house looking for your phone or tablet. These dividers even have an illuminated LED that stop glowing when your phone is charged.


Hang Up This Versatile Holder For Cleaning Supplies

This broom holder tidies up a bunch of cleaning tools without you actually having to organize them in your closet. Basically, just stick this five-slot organizer onto the wall, and you instantly have spots for up to 35 pounds of tools or supplies that otherwise clutter up your closet. There are also six hooks that fold up when you’re not using them for dustpans or cleaning cloths.


Clean Up Your Shower With This Zero-Effort Scrubber

Grab this lightweight and cordless scrubber instead of spending a bunch of time on your hands and knees cleaning grimy grout with your usual shower brush. It’s water-resistant, so you can use as much water as you want with this spinning brush. It’s great for grout, slim spaces like behind the sink, and even grill grates.


Cover Up Outdated Surfaces With This Sleek Steel Contact Paper

Instead of trying to fix rusted stainless steel or a stained countertop, pop this sleek vinyl contact paper on top of whatever eyesore you’re tired of. After applying this adhesive-back paper, your countertops or appliances will have a new water-proof, oil-proof, and super cleanable stainless-steel finish.


Put Your Utensils In An Oversized, Easy-To-Clean Holder That Rotates

This utensil holder is 7 inches wide and 7.5 inches tall, so it can fit tons of spatulas, spoons, and whisks instead of having those things crowd your drawers or countertops. This organizer comes with a removable divider so you can really organize your stuff, and it also rotates so you can find what you need quickly. It if gets grimy, this stainless steel holder can be cleaned by hand.


Slide Cluttered Notebooks In This Chic File Organizer

This rose gold file organizer easily fits in with the rest of the trendy decor on your desk. It gives you nine triangle-shaped slots to tidy up stray notebooks, paperwork, and planners. This chic geometric organizer is also made of durable iron, so it can even hold onto tall books or magazines.


Dust With This Slim Duster Instead Of Moving Furniture

This extendable, extra-slim duster means you can totally avoid pulling the couch away from the wall or moving the fridge when you dust. It’s flexible enough to bend and slide between whatever furniture or shelf is the most annoying to clean. It also has a machine-washable microfiber cloth on top that works just like your other dusters.


Hide Cluttered Bags Of Bread In This Trendy Bread Box

Instantly make your kitchen look better by taking all of the bags of bread on the countertop and tucking them in this bread box. The oversized design will fit a two bags or extra-large loaves, and it even comes with small carrying handles on each side. Plus, it’s easy to clean in between grocery runs.


Erase Gross & Greasy Kitchen Stains With These Magical Foam Sponges

Keep these magical sponge erasers around to quickly take care of those grimy grease stains in the kitchen, so you don’t have to scrub them for too long. These reusable melamine resin sponges are also super thick, so you don’t even have to touch the dirt, grease, or whatever spill you’re cleaning — whether it’s old or new or on counters, cookware, metal, glass, or almost any other surface type.


Pour Dish & Hand Soap Into This Handy Dispenser Set

Avoid cleaning up leaking soap or having unattractive plastic bottles by your sink with this unique soap dispenser set. The dish soap dispenser has a unique and drip-proof top-dispensing design where you can keep your sponge, so you simply press it down with your sponge and start washing. This set also comes with a matching hand soap dispenser and a silicone tray in case you do spill some soap.


Put This Storage Ottoman Next To A Cluttered Dresser

This stylish velvet storage ottoman is compact enough to fit right next to whatever dresser, coffee table, or bookshelf is overflowing and way too cluttered. There’s enough space in this collapsible cube to fit anything that doesn’t have a tidy spot to go. It’s also topped off with a tufted lid that works as a footrest or bench — up to 350 pounds.


Cover Old Couches & Beds With A Textured Sherpa Throw Blanket

This lightweight blanket has a reversible design that gives you two trendy texture options depending on your living room decor. It has a classic fluffy sherpa on one side and a plush side with a striped texture on the other. It’s also machine-washable and easy to keep clean, so it’s an obvious solution for covering up old furniture — and a snuggly one, at that.


Cover Outdated Floors In These Trendy, Grout-Free Peel & Stick Tiles

This set of patterned peel-and-stick tiles fixes whatever floor you’re tired of in your home — all without the use of tools or professionals. They have a water-resistant, easy-to-clean design, so they can even add a trendy refresh to your bathroom floor. They’re also totally grout-free to make this permanent floor fix even easier.


Put These Wireless Lights In Dim Areas Of Your Home

These long-lasting LED puck lights are completely wireless, so you can stick them in whatever spot in your home needs a bit more lighting. Simply touch each one to turn them on, and they’ll illuminate small closets, bookshelves, cabinets, and more with a warm white light.


Add These Super Compact Clips To Your Cord Organization Setup

Even if your cord organization is simply cluttering them all together on your desk, this pack of cable clips can help out. It comes with a bunch of bendable and stick-on clips with sizes to fit all over your home, like by your computer, on your bedstand, by the TV, or in the kitchen. Plus, some of these adhesive clips can even hold up to five chargers at a time, which makes them ideal for offices and gaming setups.


Pour Pantry Ingredients Into These Easy-To-Label Bins

It’s super quick and easy to label these food storage bins because they come with reusable labels and a chalkboard pen. Pour your rice, pasta, snacks, and more into these airtight containers after every grocery run, and these containers will keep your food fresh and prevent spills in your pantry. Basically, you can totally clean out your pantry less often with these BPA-free bins.


Quickly Clean Up Tables, Counters & Desks With This Tiny Vacuum

Instead of grabbing a paper towel during dinner cleanup, use this USB-rechargeable handheld vacuum on your kitchen countertops. It has a 360-degree design, so you can freely move it all over the countertop to pick up crumbs. It also has built-in bristles to help with other small cleanups, like pencil shavings, paper scraps, and other lightweight things.


Hang These U-Shaped Shelves For Bulky Decor Pieces

This set of durable wood-tone floating shelves takes care of those random decor pieces that look cluttered wherever you try to display them, and you can hang them up quickly with the included hardware. These lightweight floating shelves are slim enough to look sleek, but the unique shape holds onto whatever items don’t have a tidy spot, up to 17.5 pounds.


Sanitize Annoying-To-Clean Surfaces With This Steam Cleaner

This steam cleaner works on every surface that’s super annoying to clean — like the dreaded stove. This natural cleaning tool actually sanitizes and eliminates over 99% of germs with the easy-to-use steam design. It also has a seven different attachments that work on different surfaces like tile grout and even the frustrating oven.


Tuck This Woven Storage Basket In A Messy Room Or Closet

This cotton storage basket has an oversized design that’s perfect for hiding a bunch of clutter. Simply tuck this collapsible basket in your living room or in a messy closet to use it as a laundry hamper, blanket basket, or toy chest. It even has built-in carrying handles that blend right in with the rest of the chic woven cotton design.


Add These Thin & Grippy Velvet Hangers To An Over-Packed Closet

The slim design of these hangers make your closet look a little sleeker, and it means you can pack more clothes in more closet. This thin design also won’t stop you from hanging up to 10 pounds of heavy coats on them. They’re also finished off with a grippy velvet texture, so they feel chicer than the classic plastic options, all while keeping your clothes securely hung up.


Display A Faux Leather Catch-All Tray On A Cluttered Entryway Table

The faux leather finish on this tray is versatile enough to fit on any cluttered countertop or entryway table, so you have a designated spot for your keys, wallet, and other essentials. It even has a soft lining, and it’s water-resistant, so it’s perfect for a kitchen counter. With metallic snaps on the corners, this tray is as attractive as it is functional.


Hang Up This Chic Mirror That Won’t Scratch Your Wall

This circle-shaped mirror is a chic decor add-on that won’t scratch up your wall because it has a velvet finish on the back. Mirrors are known for making a small space appear bigger, and this one is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, or entryways. It also has a matching chain on top for a trendy look that’s also super easy to hang.


Slide This Can Organizer Onto An Unorganized Pantry Shelf

Change up your canned goods setup with this durable organizer that fits up to 36 cans in a small space. Your broths, veggies, and tomatoes will be super easy to grab with the slanted shelf design. This stackable organizer also comes with adjustable dividers, so you can fit oversized cans and other pantry essentials, like plastic wrap, on this rack.


Use This Adjustable Coat Rack To Avoid Organizing Jackets

With this simple coat rack, you won’t have to spend time organizing and putting away cluttered coats at the end of every day — or just keep tossing them on a bench. The unique wooden design has six hooks and three different height options, so it’s easy change up how tall it is, making it suitable for kids too.


Fix Up A Messy Bathroom Counter With This Spinning Makeup Organizer

To tidy up a drawer or countertop that’s cluttered with makeup and covered in spilled foundation, grab this 360-degree rotating cosmetics organizer. It gets all of your products out of that messy drawer and onto seven adjustable and cleanable shelves. There are also a few cutouts on the lid to hold onto makeup brushes, so this organizer can hold everything you need.


Add Storage To Your Desk With These Easy-To-Arrange Wooden Shelves

This minimalist set of shelves is completely adjustable, so it works on whatever desk or countertop you need it on. It comes in two parts, so you can flip and slide together these wood-tone shelves in a bunch of different arrangements. It’s also super lightweight, so it’s even easy to rearrange when you change up your desk setup.


Organize Your Entryway Essentials With This Mail Holder

This mail organizer adds two storage shelves and five helpful hooks to your entryway for all of your essentials — and you can even separate outgoing mail from incoming mail and hang up dog leashes on this. The durable woven plastic design gives this mail organizer a trendy rattan-like finish, hides all of the messy mail, and is easy to wipe down.