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On TikTok, Everyone Wants To Be A “Lucky Girl”

“I just always expect great things to happen to me, and so they do.”

by Kristine Fellizar

Feeling, no believing, that you’re the luckiest person in the world might actually make you the luckiest person in the world, according to the latest manifestation technique that’s all over TikTok. In December 2022, TikToker Laura Galebe, among many other creators, introduced the world to “Lucky Girl Syndrome,” which is a manifestation method that helped her get the “most insane opportunities” thrown at her “out of nowhere.” Galebe’s video currently has 2.8 million views and 461.1K likes on TikTok, and many have commented that they have used the method themselves without fail. But what exactly is “Lucky Girl Syndrome” and how does it work?

According to Sarah Proffitt, a spiritual advisor and psychic, Lucky Girl Syndrome is actually another name for the Law of Assumption. “In true manifesting, it is the combined effort of the person willing to assume that everything is always working out for them and the action taken to make that happen,” Proffitt says. For example, if you truly believe with your entire being that doors just open for you in your career and you take those opportunities when they’re presented to you, there’s a good chance you can manifest the kind of career that you want. Bonus points if you actively state that belief out loud. It really is just that simple.

No matter how you refer to this manifestation practice, it seems the “Lucky Girl” method is having a moment. The hashtag #luckygirlsyndrome has over 72.8 million views on TikTok and is being used on videos that share the sort of luck the mindset may result in. Whether it’s finding a cute shirt at the thrift store, getting a free coffee on the house, or actually copping those coveted Taylor Swift tickets, there are plenty of ways the manifestation method has showed its worth. Read on to learn more about how to implement “Lucky Girl Syndrome” into your own life.

Why The “Lucky Girl Syndrome” Manifestation Technique Works

“Lucky Girl Syndrome” Technique

Similar to any manifestation technique, you have to truly believe that what you’re saying out loud is true. While Galebe recognized in her video that constantly saying “I am so lucky” can come off as “toxic positivity” or “delusional,” she said it actually isn’t. If you believe at your core that everything always goes your way, as it does with Galebe, everything is always going to go your way. That’s just how the Law of Assumption works.

In addition to having a strong belief in yourself and your ability to have what you want, it’s important to back it up with action. For example, talking to others about your goals can be a way to practice the Lucky Girl Syndrome technique.

“Some of the best manifestation techniques are talking with others about the things you desire,” Proffitt says. “With every single person, tell them about your desire and you may find someone willing to help you achieve your dreams. In this case, Lucky Girl Syndrome assumes that everyone you meet can help you.”

User @skyzzolno went viral with a video about how she uses “Lucky Girl Syndrome” in her daily life. The video now has over 779,000 likes.

How To Make The “Lucky Girl Syndrome” Manifestation Technique Work For You

If you want this technique to work for you, or any manifestation technique for that matter, it’s important to focus on what you want to bring into your life. As Kimberly Snyder, a spiritual and meditation teacher, tells Bustle, “What you create in the physical world starts as thoughts and ideas. Therefore it is important to be clear on what you want to create and make sure that your energy is matching that.” When you’re excited, optimistic, and open to good things coming into your life, Snyder says you have a much better chance at making things happen. Doubts, bitterness, and other negativity only cause blockages.

Another thing to keep in mind while trying this method is to “avoid lying to yourself.” According to Snyder, you don’t want to say affirmations that don’t feel authentic. You also want to avoid saying them when you’re just not in the right mood. In a way, you’ll just be letting your effort go to waste. At the end of the day, that will only lead to frustration and self doubt.

“Try saying your affirmations after meditating or when you feel excited or uplifted, so the energy behind them matches the words,” she says. “Be sure to focus on aligning yourself with the intention behind the words.”

It may take some time and practice to get in the right headspace to make this manifestation technique or any technique work for you. Some people find journaling is helpful when they first start out so you can gather your thoughts and lose yourself in your vision for the future.

Whatever you decide to try, just be patient with yourself. As Snyder says, “Consistency is key.”


Sarah Proffitt, spiritual advisor and psychic

Kimberly Snyder, spiritual and meditation teacher and Author of You Are More Than You Think You Are