Lotus Biscoff Does A Biscuit-Chocolate Hybrid Now

And here’s how to get your hands on it.

Where To Buy Lotus Biscoff’s Milk Chocolate Biscoff Cream Bar In The UK
Lotus Biscoff

Is there a simpler pleasure in this life than gently dunking a biscuit into a cup of tea? Spoiler: no reader, there is not. The only real dilemma is which direction to head in with your dunkable medium of choice: should you keep things simple with something like a Lotus Biscoff, or go completely rogue and dunk in a bar of chocolate? Personally, I find myself leaning towards the former. They remind me of getting a little tiny coffee on holiday, and therefore exude a kind of classiness, but still, it’s hard not to miss the chocolate fix.

Well, now morally torn confectionary lovers are in luck because there’s now a new Biscoff hybrid that fuses all of the biscuit’s malty charm with the heft of a choccy bar. Encasing a bite of Biscoff cream inside a milk chocolate shell, Lotus Biscoff’s Milk Chocolate Biscoff Cream will be available in 500 Co-Op stores from Aug. 15, with more flavours apparently on the way.

“A chocolate bar with a twist, the Lotus Biscoff bar features the iconic smooth Lotus Biscoff spread encased within a creamy Belgian milk chocolate shell that is speckled with crunchy Lotus Biscoff biscuit pieces,” reads a press release. “What’s not to love about a delicious Belgian chocolate bar with the unique caramelised taste and crunchiness of the iconic little red Lotus Biscoff biscuit?” And indeed, it’s hard to find fault with the idea.

A fix of Lotus Biscoff’s new Milk Chocolate Biscoff Cream will set you back £2.80 for an 180 g bar, and anyone in the UK should be able to track one down in their local Co-Op store. Sounds delicious, TBH.