Turn Your Bedroom Into A Winter Wonderland With These 15 Decor Ideas

A few chic tweaks will ensure your space doesn't wind up looking like Santa's workshop.

by Jessica Goodman
Originally Published: 
Room To Improve
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There’s a slight chill in the air and the holiday decorations are already lining shelves at all your favorite big box stores, which means that it’s finally time to activate your wintry mix mode at home. Sure, you can futz around with your living room and entryway spaces, but if you’re holed up with roommates who may not be down with all your holiday cheer in your communal spaces — or want to bring the snowy season into every single room in your home — decorating your bedroom with winter in mind can be the best way to get cozy in the cold.

Try adding extra string lights or switching up your bedding, says Sarah Jacobson, a home decor expert. “As soon as it gets cold here in New York, I add a velvet channel tufted quilt to my bed as an extra layer and swap out the throw pillow I use as an accent for a warmer, moodier velvet one,” she says. Or pick out a few key areas to highlight with tasteful snowy moments or pine-scented candles. Ahead, some items that help turn your small bedroom into a winter wonderland.

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