If Your Closets & Cabinets Feel Small AF, These 39 Tricks Instantly Make Them Way Bigger

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Organizing in homes with limited storage can be difficult, to say the least. I’ve spent almost my entire adult life in small spaces, from dorm rooms to tiny apartments. I’m no minimalist, so finding creative ways to make the most of those spaces was a real challenge. I mean, there’s nothing more annoying than finding a storage solution you think will work — only to find when you bring it home, it doesn’t fit or work for your lifestyle. That’s why doing your research and using every design trick in the book is key. Eventually, you’ll come across ways to make your storage spaces feel bigger.

Luckily for you, Amazon has already done the hard part. The site has your back with products to address every possible home organization query. Whether you’re trying to get your laundry under control, tackle your overwhelming wardrobe, or refine your kitchen cabinets, there’s a solution on Amazon. Is your belt collection overflowing? Try this belt holder that will keep them sorted and secure. Or maybe your spice cabinet is giving you grief? Here’s a sliding spice rack that’s easy to install and holds up to 20 bottles.

We’ve rounded up the best organization tools on Amazon that will instantly double your storage — all without sacrificing your favorite items to the donate bin. With a little assistance, you’ll go from Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs to Mary Poppins’ magic bag in no time.


This Handy Hanger That Will Quintuple Your Closet Space

If you have an abundance of clothes and a distinct lack of closet space, try this hanger. It has room for up to five items: Simply place your clothes on a hanger as you normally would, and thread each hangers through the holes. Release one of the hooks so it hangs vertically, and voila — you’ve quintupled your closet space and created a method for organizing like items. Sounds like a win-win to me.


A Zig-Zag Hanger That Holds Multiple Pairs Of Pants At Once

Hangers with clips are the bane of my existence. No matter how many I own, I never seem to have enough. The DOIOWN pants hanger changes everything: Simply fold your pants neatly over each of the non-slip stainless steel loops. There’s room for up to five pairs on each hanger, which come in a pack of five. Reviewers report that these hangers are easy to use and sturdy enough to store heavy-duty clothes. Use it in your linen closet for easy towel and sheet organization, too.


A Full-Length, Adhesive Mirror With Customizable Tiles

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the best small-space solution of them all? These stick-on mirrored tiles, IMO. This set comes with four mirrored squares that can be arranged however you’d like to best suit your space, along with heavy-duty adhesive tape that work on most flat surfaces. When stacked in a line, they’re the same size as your typical full-length mirror — and best of all, they barely take up any space because there’s no frame.


A Closet Organizer Perfect for Hats, Purses, and Other Accessories

For oddly shaped things that can’t be stacked or laid flat like hats, purses, and shoes, this hanging closet organizer is absolutely perfect. It could even work for neatly storing toys and games; the only limit here is your imagination. It holds up to 15 pounds, evenly distributed between the two metal hooks with reinforced stitching to ensure quality. Your special belongings will thank you for not shoving them on a random shelf to be forgotten or damaged.


The Ultra-Small Hanger Holders for Tiny Spaces

Those with extra-cramped closets will love these space-saving hanger holders by CraftyCrocodile. They measure in at just 2-by-10 inches but pack a punch in terms of their storage ability: They can hold up to five hangers and are strong enough to support even heavy duty items like winter coats. Short of giving up your earthly possessions in pursuit of enlightenment, these hanger holders are the next best things for those who literally have no space.


This Hanging Shoe Organizer To Keep Your Kicks In Order

An ultra-narrow hanging shoe organizer could be just the thing you need to get your footwear collection under control. Made with small spaces in mind, this organizer has ten compartments that easily fit a pair of sandals, low-top sneakers or flats. Pro tip: If you own lots of high-tops, boots, or other bulkier shoes, purchase a pair of these organizers so they can hang side-by-side and put one shoe in each slot.


These Organizers That Keep Your Shoes Stacked & Together

If you’re a shoe connoisseur who wants their collection to last a lifetime (and who wouldn’t?), look no further than these shoe slot organizers. They keep your shoes upright so that they won’t be squished or get dirty from sitting on top of each other. Not to mention, they will literally double your storage space, so you can justify buying even more shoes! A set of 10 is less than $20, so this is a small investment with a big payoff.


The Underwear Organizer That Will Help Your Bras Last Longer

In order to preserve the shape of your underwire bras, they should be stored semi-upright with both cups fully expanded (not crumpled or folded into one another, which is easy to do if you’re low on space). Luckily, this closet underwear organizer with built-in dividers makes it easy to maintain this system — and it’s easier to see what you’re working with rather than digging through a jumbled drawer every morning. There’s plenty of room for undies, belts, and other intimates too.


A T Shirt Organizer That Will Make Your Closet Rival Marie Kondo’s

The clothing item that I have the most of by far is T-shirts. Unfortunately, my folding skills leave something to be desired — so finding the exact shirt I want in my crowded dresser can be overwhelming. This stacking T-shirt organizer from BoxLegend is a complete game-changer. It helps you fold your shirts neatly, and they sit on top of each other in slots so you can easily flip through to find the one you’re looking for without disturbing the entire stack.


This Amazon-Approved Closet Storage Organizer

This free-standing fabric closet organizer by Amazon Basics makes for a great multi-purpose storage solution. It has three shelves and two drawers that can hold anything from sheets to clothes and shoes, so it’s perfect for supplementing a small (or nonexistent) closet or dresser. Reviewers report that it’s easy to assemble, and it works well in a bathroom to organize towels and other linens.


A Hanging Laundry Bag To Free Up Precious Floor Space

Floor space is valuable territory in small apartments and houses, so you’ll want to take advantage of every square inch. This hanging laundry hamper bag is perfect for small homes: It includes two adjustable stainless steel hooks to hang over a door, as well as four adhesive hooks that you can attach anywhere. It’s deceptively large and durable, so it holds a lot of dirty laundry. There’s even a zipper at the bottom, so you don’t have to detach it from the wall to empty it; just place your hamper right underneath and unzip.


The Rotating Purse Organizer That Keeps Your Bags Where You Can See Them

Organizing in small spaces means getting creative with every possible area for storage. We love this over-the-door hanging purse organizer, which means you don’t have to waste precious closet space on handbags and totes. It has 12 hooks, and rotates for full access. No more digging around for your favorite bag; all of them will be completely visible!


A Special Hanger for Belts and Accessories

Belts, ties, necklaces, scarves, you name it: Keep them organized on this belt hanger rack holder. It’s about the size of a normal clothes hanger, but it has 11 hooks that could each fit multiple stacked accessories. The hook swivels 360 degrees for easy access from any direction, and it’s sturdy and affordable so you can stock up. Add to cart, please.


A Simple & Sleek Belt Rack That Can Be Mounted Or Hung

For a stylish belt storage method, try the Tenby Living Belt Rack. Simply slide your belts inside the notches so they hang by their buckles; this will fit up to 14 of them. Several reviewers found that the rack worked better when they mounted it to a wall instead of using it as a hanger. If you’re using it as a hanger, be sure to balance the weight out from side to side so that it doesn’t tip over.


This Genius Jewelry Organizer That Hangs In Your Closet

To keep your sparkly stash in order, I can’t recommend this hanging jewelry organizer enough. It hangs easily in your closet and has 80 – yes, 80 – clear pouches that could hold jewelry, hair accessories, small cosmetics, and more. You’ll never lose something or forget what’s in your collection, because this handy organizer keeps everything in plain sight.


A Folding Board That Will Turn Your Closet Into A Department Store

Let’s face it: Despite your mom’s best efforts, not all of us can be expert folders. Enter the product you never knew you needed: a shirt folding board that produces crisp, uniform folds every single time. It’s advertised for shirts, but reviewers have successfully folded blouses, pants, towels, sheets and more with it. You’ll never want to do laundry without it again.


A Storage Box That Will Transform Your Underwear Drawer

If your underwear drawer more closely resembles a hamper than a lingerie display, you need these collapsible mesh storage boxes. Slide them into your intimates drawer to easily separate and sort your bras, underwear, socks, ties, scarves and more. They come in a set of three: a wider box with space for six bras, and two smaller multi-purpose boxes with seven and 11 compartments each.


This Waterproof Broom Holder That Holds Up To 5 Cleaning Tools

No more shoving your cleaning supplies into a random corner, only to watch them fall down five minutes later. This broom holder can hold up to 35 pounds and has five spring-loaded clamps to slide your tools into, plus an additional six hooks for smaller items. You’ll want to stock up on this: It’s waterproof and works great indoors and outdoors, from the laundry room to the garden.


A Rack To Keep Pots & Pans From Toppling Over

That untidy stack of pots and pans hidden in your kitchen cabinet? It simply won’t do. Try this SimpleHouseware pan organizer to keep pots and pans separated, easy to access, and scratch-free. Buy a second rack to keep the corresponding lids organized, too. It can hold up to five pans total.


A Sliding Spice Rack Organizer For Easy Access

Spice up your life — or, um, your spice cabinet — by investing in a sliding pull-out spice rack. It means no more digging around for your favorite seasonings while dinner sizzles on the stove. Reviewers report that this rack is high quality, easy to install, and holds about 20 bottles of spices.


A Kitchen Cabinet Shelf That Will Literally Double Your Storage

Cramped and disorganize kitchen cabinets, begone! A lot of tools claim to double your storage – but adding this stackable kitchen cabinet organizer actually will. Use it to organize dishes, food, spices, condiments, and more. It’s made of durable steel and comes in a variety of colors.


An Adhesive Spice Rack That Sticks To Any Surface

Picture this: You’re in the middle of making a meal when your recipe calls for a spice you know you have, but can’t find anywhere. What’s a home chef to do? Invest in these spice gripper clips from SimpleHouseware to neatly sort your collection. They stick to most surfaces with an ultra-strong adhesive, and will keep all your seasonings in plain sight (Bonus: they’re great for RVs, vans, and other homes on the go.)


The Airtight Food Storage Containers That’ll Tidy Up Your Cabinets

To keep your dry foods fresh for longer, and to banish bugs and germs from your kitchen pantry, look no further than these storage containers set. They can hold just about anything, from spaghetti noodles to flour to nuts and candy. A set comes with 15 containers in various sizes, plus reusable vinyl labels and a chalkboard pen for labeling them.


This Can Organizer for At-A-Glance Pantry Organization

If you like to stock up on canned foods, you absolutely need this can organizer. It holds up to 36 standard-size cans and can accommodate larger cans on the top row. Reviewers have written that it’s sturdy, reliable and easy to assemble. Try stacking one on top of another for even more storage.


A Clear Turntable For 360-Degree Snack Access

This one is for people who are passionate about their snacks. This turntable rotates in a complete circle and is separated into three removable clear compartments, so you can see it all. Use it to keep your granola bars, tea bags, individually-packaged snacks, and more organized and easy to find. You can even try it in your bathroom to organize nail polishes, cotton swabs, tampons, and other small items.


A Tiered Cabinet Organizer You Can Use Just About Anywhere

It’s labeled as a kitchen cabinet organizer, but the possibilities are truly endless with this shelving unit. It has three tiered shelves for sorting spices, condiments, cosmetics, craft supplies, or whatever your heart desires. You’d be surprised what it can do for your space to break up visual clutter.


The Clear Pouch Organizer That Will Save You Precious Pantry Space

If your kitchen pantry feels smaller and smaller by the day, try this clear hanging organizer from SimpleHouseware. They come in a pack of two with 15 pouches each, and they easily hang over most doors with the included hooks. Load it up with frequently used small items, like seasonings, coffee pods, teabags, or even kitchen supplies like sandwich bags. One reviewer even installed it in their bathroom to hold extra beauty supplies and first aid.


A Completely Customizable Under-The-Sink Organizer

Bathroom cupboards pose a unique organization problem: The pipes that hang under the sink often take up too much space to fit traditional shelving units underneath, but you need some kind of system to organize your cleaning supplies. Enter this two-tier expandable shelf with sliding panels to accommodate bathroom hardware. It’s adjustable to your cupboard: At its smallest, the shelf measures 15 inches across — but it expands up to 25 inches. The height of each shelf is also adjustable, so the odds are high that this product will work for you.


This Small Box Organizer With A Big Impact

Gone are the days of disorganized piles of boxes: This organizer from YouCopia is made for keeping boxes of all sizes handy and neat. The shelves are fully adjustable to maximize vertical space and fit your needs, and it assembles in less than a minute with no tools required. The total height is only 9.4 inches, so it’s sure to fit nicely — even in the smallest of spaces.


A Coffee Mug Holder That’ll Make More Room In Your Cabinets

Coffee and tea lovers know the joy of collecting mugs that show off your personality. But if you find yourself running out of space, install this coffee mug rack to keep your favorites handy. It hooks easily over a shelf and has room for up to 10 mugs. Tuck them inside a cabinet or out in the open to double as kitchen decor.


A Wine Glass Holder That’ll Also Make More Room In The Cupboard

Dinner guests will “ooh” and “ahh” when you offer them some chardonnay and pull a glass off of this fancy wine glass holder. Little will they know that you ordered it on Amazon and it set you back less than $15. It holds six to eight glasses — depending on their size — and reviewers have written that it’s stable and easy to install.


A Versatile Metal Rack That Helps Organize Your Closet

Hanging fabric organizers are great — but for bulkier items, you may need an upgrade to something more sturdy. Try this three-tier metal closet organizer. Each basket can be hung together or used on their own, and it’s suitable for hanging in a closet, mounting to a wall, or stacking on the ground. Amazon customers are big fans too; it has a 4.4star rating.


These Vacuum Storage Bags For Bedding, Clothing & More

Invest in these vacuum sealing storage bags to store your seasonal items (or anything taking up too much space in storage). All you need to shrink their size up to 80% is a vacuum with a hose. And since this is a 15-pack, you can use them for anything from blankets to sweaters.


A Set of 10 Garment Bags To Keep Your Outfits Together & Compact

You probably know how to take care of the clothes you wear every day, but what about the items you only pull out on special occasions that gather dust at the back of your closet? These translucent garment bags will keep them fresh and clean for when you’re ready to wear them again. They protect from dust, water, insects and mildew — and best yet, a set of 10 in a variety of sizes will only set you back $23.


This Clip-On Hat Organizer That’s Big Enough To Hold Your Entire Collection

If you own more than a few hats, you probably know what a challenge they are to store efficiently. Allow me to introduce you to the YYST closet hanging cap keeper, which holds 16 hats on gentle but snug clips. It hangs in your closet and can rotate 360 degrees. Reviewers have reported that their hats are secure, but that the clips don’t leave indentations.


This Organizational Boot Rack To Help You Put Your Best Foot Forward

After investing your hard-earned money into your shoe collection, you’ll want to make sure they’ll last for years to come. Say hello to this boot organizer that keeps your tall boots upright, off the ground, and together. Think of it like a mini clothing rack: It holds up to six pairs that clip on with included hangers — and if organizing your boots inspires you to buy more, you can always purchase additional hangers from the same seller.


These Bold Closet Organizers That Come In 3 Colors

These colorful storage bins are an absolute must-have for disorganized closets and cabinets. They come in a pack of three and are perfect for toys, games, hats and gloves, pet accessories, and more. Best of all, they fold up when not in use so they won’t take up precious shelf real estate.


This Hanging Sunglasses Organizer to Keep Your Shades Straight

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I tend to buy new sunglasses every summer and promptly lose them once winter begins. But with this hanging sunglasses organizer, I can keep all my shades together and never lose a pair again. Simply slip your sunnies inside the clear plastic sleeves and hang the organizer wherever you’d like. With the help of a command hook, it could even hang on the inside of a door and stay tucked out of sight.


This Set Of Storage Bags That Holds Up To A King Size Comforter

Storing extra bedding can be a huge pain because of how much space it takes up. Luckily, each of the bags in this Lifewit storage bag set can hold up to 90 liters: That’s equivalent to a king-size comforter, six blankets, or 35 articles of clothing. They come with reinforced handles and a clear vent, so you can see exactly what’s inside without unzipping — and the high quality ventilated fabric will keep them fresh so they’re ready to go as soon as you are.

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