You're Making Your Life Harder If You Aren't Doing Any Of These 40 Clever Things Around The House

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by Madison Barber

No matter how hard you work to make sure your life stays easy and orderly, sometimes things can get out of hand. Whether you can’t keep certain rooms in your home organized or your getting-ready routine is always ruined by wrinkles in your shirt or too-smelly shoes, it can be difficult to make things run smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Luckily, there are tons of ways to make your life easier, any of which Amazon can help you to achieve.

But what if you don’t know exactly which products you need to make your life easier and eliminate those silly problems you run into on a regular basis? That’s where I come in with the insight you need to understand what’s making your life harder, and the best tools you need to help you fix these problems — 40 of them to be exact. I’ve scoped out everything you might be looking for, including organization tools like this cable management box or fun items you didn’t know you needed, like this spinning makeup brush cleaner. As if that weren’t good enough, you’ll be glad to know these fixes are affordable — and you can probably have them shipped to you in a few days.


Preventing Coffee Spills With A Drink Carrier

I’m a huge spiller myself, so I know how risky it can be to carry a mug of coffee around from my coffee maker to my desk every morning before I work. Luckily, genius inventions like this drink carrier exist, allowing me to transport a cup or bowl of any drink or food around without spilling it — all you have to do is place your cup or bowl on the surface and hold the carrier by the curved handle.


Keeping Your Bar Soaps Dry With A Self-Draining Soap Tray

If you’re using a traditional soap holder (most likely the one included in your shower), chances are your bar soap melts a lot quicker than you want it to. A self-draining soap tray like these are made from waterproof silicone and allow your bar soap to actually dry, and the grooved surface ensures it won’t slip and slide onto the floor of your tub or shower.


Flipping Your Switches Totally Hands-Free With A Smart Switch Pusher

A smart switch pusher is one of those things you never thought you needed, but wonder how you went your entire life without once you install a few around your house. These switch pushers allow you to turn on your lights, air conditioners, monitors and more without even touching them, just use your Switchbot app or Amazon Alexa or Google Home to shut them on or off or set them on a timer.


Cutting Down Your Window/Floor Cleaning Time With A High-Speed Scrubber

Does anyone really want to get on their knees to scrub their floors or make their hands cramp up from cleaning their windows with a small sponge? I know I don’t, which is why I love this electric spin scrubber tool with a super long handle. This power scrubber has three different brush heads for cleaning windows or floors, and the telescopic handle saves your knees and hands from any stress.


Keeping Your Vino Nearby During A Relaxing Bath With A Wall-Mounted Wine Glass Holder

Need a more efficient way to relax while you’re soaking in the tub? This wall-mounted wine glass holder for your bathroom wall is a must for anyone seeking easier access to a delicious glass of wine while they treat themselves to a bubble bath. Just remove the protective film from the silicone glass holder and stick it wherever’s easiest to reach when you’re soaking in the tub or shower.


Maximizing Your Kitchen Space With An Under-Cabinet Wine Rack

Free up some much-needed cabinet space with this under-cabinet wine glass rack that effectively and safely stores your go-to glasses. With four rows of storage for all different types of stemmed glasses, this rack is a must for wine lovers and frequent dinner party hosts. Plus, it’s easy to install with the included hardware in your order.


Staying As Cozy As Ever On The Couch With A Heated Poncho

Spring weather isn’t officially here yet, so some may need to pull out the big guns to help them survive these last few weeks of chilly temperatures, a.k.a. this heated poncho wrap. This 50-by-64-inch wrap is perfect for keeping you warm (with its three heat levels) while you lounge on the couch or work from home, while still granting you arm mobility for typing on your laptop or flipping through a magazine.


Protecting Your Floors From Scratches With Silicone Chair Leg Covers

Tired of your kitchen chairs scratching up your hardwood floors? Luckily, these silicone chair leg covers exist to protect your floors, all without damaging the bottoms of your chair legs. Plus, these silicone covers are totally transparent, so you won’t even notice them on the bottoms of all the chair legs in your home.


Eliminating Odors From Your Gym Bag With Charcoal Deodorizing Bags

No one likes smelly shoes or gym bags, and it can be inconvenient to throw them in the wash after every trip to the gym. If you’re dealing with this dilemma, try these bamboo charcoal deodorizing bags instead, which can be thrown into anything smelling a little funky to quickly absorb any unpleasant odors.


Preventing Chilly Drafts In Your Home With Under-The-Door Draft Stoppers

Keep annoying drafts from entering your home with an under-door draft stopper. This one has a unique cotton canvas cover that allows your door to easily slide open and closed, and the stopper itself will keep warm or cool air in and prevent any unwelcome outside air from coming in, therefore saving you money on your energy bills in the long run.


Streamlining All Of Your Cords & Cables With A Cable Management Box

If all the cables and cords in your living space are simply taking over, using this cable management box is the easiest way to keep them organized. This chic little box has enough room to contain a power strip and slits on its exterior for the cords to run through, keeping all of your cables perfectly neat and streamlined.


Keeping Your Rugs In Place With Heavy-Duty Carpet Tape

Are your rugs curling up in the corners? Is your hallway rug slipping and sliding more than you want it to? Double-sided rug tape will keep any of your areas rugs in place, and this roll is incredibly durable and won’t leave any sticky residue. It can be used on most floor types, too, including hardwood, concrete, tile, and marble.


Freeing Up Counter Space With A Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack

While dish drying racks are effective for letting your hand-washed dishes air dry, many of them tend to take up way too much counter space. A roll-up dish drying rack will help all of your dishes air dry without dominating all the counter space by the sink. This one can support up to 70 pounds and is made from rust-proof stainless steel. This product is especially ideal for cramped kitchens.


Saving Big Bucks On Paper Towels With A Reusable Alternative

Paper towels are an everyday kitchen necessity for most, but they produce a ton of paper waste. Reusable bamboo paper towels are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to our go-to roll of towels, not to mention a great way to save money. One roll of these super durable and absorbent bamboo towels can replace six months of paper towels, and you can wash and reuse them up to 120 times.


Keeping Food Scraps In The Sink At Bay With A Sink Stopper

Prevent food scraps from slipping into your drain and causing stinky odors with a sink strainer. Just position this little strainer into your sink drain, and all of the food scraps from dinner will collect in the silicone strainer while letting the rest of the water wash down the drain. Plus, you can twist the strainer to close the holes and turn it into a stopper, allowing you to fill your sink basin up with water when needed.


Changing The Lighting To Match Your Mood With A Dimmer

Give any room in your home some mood lighting with a plug-in light dimmer. Just plug your dimmer into the wall, plug your lamp into the dimmer’s outlet, and control your lighting with the attached dimming slider. It works with any halogen or incandescent lightbulbs, and it even has a 6-foot cord that allows you to control your mood lighting from further away.


Eliminating “Tech Neck” With An Ergonomic Laptop Stand

If your work day consists of you staring down at your laptop screen for hours, chances are you suffer from neck, shoulder, and back pain known as “tech neck.” Help alleviate these bothersome aches with an ergonomic laptop stand that raises your computer to eye level and makes your work day way more comfortable. This stand won’t let your laptop fall, and it can fit screens ranging from 10 to 17 inches wide.


Organizing Your Bathroom With This Do-It-All Organizer (That Sticks To The Wall)

Whether your counter or cabinet space is limited in your bathroom, or you simply want a more efficient way to store your everyday toiletries, this wall-mounted toiletry holder is the way to go. This product can do it all — it has an automatic toothpaste dispenser, six toothbrush holders, two cup holders (with included cups!), and space up top to hold everything from skincare to shaving cream.


Improving The Wi-Fi In All Areas Of Your Home With A Wi-Fi Extender

Slow Wi-Fi is one of the most frustrating tech problems ever, especially if you work from home. Installing a Wi-Fi extender is the perfect way to ensure bad Internet connection never slows you, your roommates, or your family down, and luckily this one covers up to 1,500 square feet and can connect to up to 25 devices. Set-up is super simple too, with the smart indicator light that determines where the best location for your extender is in your home.


Replacing The Endless Charging Cables Around Your House With A One-Stop Charging Station

Eliminate the countless charging cables all over your home with a six-cable charging station that’s a perfect addition to your office, living room, or kitchen. This station can comfortably hold and charge any of your Apple smartphone or tablets, and it boasts a way quicker charge time than traditional cables (57% faster they say!).


Reducing Stainless Steel Smudges With Fridge Door Covers

The easy way to prevent fingerprints all over your stainless steel refrigerator doors? Adding these door handle covers to your fridge. These protective plush covers come in a set of two and attach with hook-and-loop closure. Plus, they can even be used on your dishwasher handle, oven, microwave, or wherever else in your kitchen you want to prevent stains from forming.


Cutting Your Meat Defrosting Time In Half With A Special Tray

Did you know you can cut your meat defrosting time in half with a special thawing tray? The essential you didn’t know you needed in your kitchen, this meat defrosting tray will defrost your meat not only in half the time it would normally take, but it does that all without electricity, chemicals, or batteries, and the tray is even dishwasher-safe.


Eliminating Clothing Creases At Home With A Handheld Steamer

If you don’t already have a handheld steamer at home, this is your sign to get one. This portable fabric steamer is an essential in any home, given its ability to quickly and efficiently remove wrinkles and creases from your clothes, bed linens, and even curtains. With an ergonomic handle and fast-heating water tank, you can’t go wrong with this steamer option.


Making Cramped Living Spaces Work With A Sofa Arm Tray Attachment

When lounging on the couch, you typically want things like your phone, cup of coffee, or newspaper by your side, right? Well, what if you don’t have a coffee or side table in your home? Luckily, this sofa arm tray table attachment allows you to keep your everyday essentials nearby on a neat little surface, and it doesn’t require any complicated assembly — just clip it on or off.


Keeping A Water Flosser In Your Bathroom Cabinet For A Better Oral Hygiene Routine

You’l never settle for string floss or plastic flossers again after using this powerful water flosser. With over 2,600 five-star ratings, this water flosser boasts a more effective and gentle way to get rid of the gunk between you teeth. It has three treatment modes (normal, soft, and pulse mode) and comes with four jet tips and a convenient travel bag.


Transforming The Way You Clean Your Makeup Brushes With An Automatic Brush Spinner

Cleaning your makeup brushes just got a whole lot easier with this spinning brush cleaner. This cleaner holds your brushes upside down into a bowl of soapy water and cleans and dries them in under a minute using its spinning technology. This is a must-have product if you find yourself (like many of us) neglecting to clean your brushes more often than you should be.


Taking Bath Time To A Whole New Level With A Bamboo Bath Tray

You’ve haven’t had a true relaxing bath until you’ve added this bathtub tray to your routine. This tray fits in most standard bathtubs (it’s expandable to make a perfect fit) and has allotted compartments for a glass of wine, book or tablet, and soothing candle. And it’s made of water-resistant bamboo, so you won’t have to worry about it deteriorating overtime.


Keeping Your Herbs Fresh For Longer With A Glass Herb Keeper

Nothing’s more frustrating than buying a bunch of herbs from the grocery store, only for them to go bad after just a couple of days. A glass herb keeper is the best way to ensure your herbs actually last — this one can actually keep them fresh for up to three weeks. One five-star reviewer wrote that this product “WILL LITERALLY CHANGE YOUR LIFE!” Speaks for itself!


Lighting Your Candles Efficiently With An Electric Lighter

You’ll never use a traditional butane lighter again after seeing what this small but mighty rechargeable arc lighter can do. This lighter fully charges in less than an hour and is lithium-powered for a flameless and odorless spark. It’s ideal for lighting everything from candles to fire pits, especially because it’s completely wind-resistant.


Revolutionizing Your Bathroom Routine With A Bidet Sprayer

The best way to ensure you’re actually clean after using the bathroom is by installing a bidet sprayer attachment to the toilets in your home. This installs in just 10 minutes, and the water pressure is easy to control with your hand’s pressure on the lever. After using this, you’ll wonder how you went all this time with just toilet paper to keep you clean.


Perfecting Your Homemade Iced Tea With A Teapot & Included Infuser

Tea lovers who love to brew their own cups at home absolutely need this teapot with an included infuser. This 40-ounce teapot can brew enough for up to four cups at once, and it’s microwavable (once you remove the lid and infuser), so you don’t have to boil water separately to brew your favorite loose leaf tea.


Neatening Up Your Toilet Paper Station With A Slender Storage Tower

The best way to prevent being stuck with no toilet paper? Keep a few rolls right next to you when you go with this toilet paper storage stand. Not only does this keep your bathroom’s current roll right at arm’s reach, but it has visible storage underneath for storing up to two more rolls. Plus, there’s space up top for tissues, air freshening spray, or your phone.


Keeping Your Go-To Coats & Accessories Close By With A Coat Rack For Your Entryway

Coat racks are especially perfect if your home doesn’t have the space for a proper mudroom or coat closet, and this wooden one will actually look cute in the entryway of your home. It comes with six sturdy hooks that can comfortably hang your coats, bags, scarves, or whatever else you need to grab when you’re running out the door in the morning.


Combining All Of Your Collected Plastic Grocery Bags In A Mounted Bag Dispenser

If you have that plastic bag under your sink holding all of your other plastic bags, this is your sign to find a better way to store them. This bag saver not only mounts to your wall and holds all of your plastic grocery bags, but it also acts as a dispenser that gives you easy access when you need them.


Organizing Your Everyday Spices With A Two-Tier Lazy Susan For Your Pantry

Lazy Susans are perfect for quick and easy access to things that you need in your kitchen, and this one is even better than the rest due to its two-tier design. Keep it in your pantry or on your counter top for your go-to spices, seasonings, and other ingredients that you need at arm’s reach while you’re cooking or prepping.


Brewing Your Favorite Espresso At Home With A Stovetop Espresso Maker

Would you believe me if I told you you could have amazing, café-like coffee at home? Well, with this stovetop espresso maker, you absolutely can. There’s a reason this particular espresso maker has over 2,500 five-star reviews — it can brew four cups of espresso at a time, it’s incredibly easy to use whenever you need a pick-me-up, and it extracts the entirety of the coffee’s flavors for a delicious taste every time.


Child-Proofing Your Outlets In One Step With An Outlet Cover & Concealed Power Strip

Got a kiddo in the house who goes straight for the outlets? Or do you simply want a cleaner way to plug in your electronics? Either way, this outlet cover and power strip all-in-one is what you may be looking for. This universal size outlet cover conceals your outlets and has an 8-foot-long power cord attached that provides a safer and cleaner way of storing your electronics.


Eliminating Germs & Bacteria On Your Belongings With A UV Sanitizer Box

Because we brings things like our phones, keys, and credit cards almost everywhere, they’re prone to carrying tons of bacteria and germs. This UV light sanitizer box helps to eliminate those germs simply using UV light. Just place whatever you want sanitized in the box, and it’ll be cleaned in just four minutes.


Adding A Few Inches To Your Bed Or Desk With Rubber Furniture Risers

If you need to raise the furniture in your home up a few inches, make sure you’re choosing risers that won’t damage your floors. These risers will raise your bed, desk, couch — whatever you need — up 3 inches, and the rubber exterior ensures that your floors won’t get scratched in the process of lifting.


Regulating The Moisture In Any Room With A Mini Dehumidifier

Maintain the humidity levels on any room easily with an electric dehumidifier. This is ideal for your bedroom, bathroom, basement, or anywhere else that gets a little too steamy for comfort, and the mini size makes it perfect for sitting on a table or counter while it works its magic. Over 25,000 people gave this dehumidifier a five-star rating, so you know this little guy is the real deal.