You're Wasting Money On Your Pets If You Aren't Trying Any Of These Clever Things

Your pet and your bank account will thank you.

Written by Debbie Lee
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Pet ownership can be rewarding, but it requires commitment and hard work — not to mention a well-stocked arsenal of treats, toys, and other supplies. But that last prerequisite can get pretty pricey if you’re not careful. The best purchases for your furry (or hairless) friend combine practical value with an enjoyable experience for you and your pet. To cut to the chase, you're wasting money on your pets if you aren't trying any of these clever things on Amazon — all of which check off both of those boxes.

The list includes a waterless cat shampoo that smells heavenly (and helps keep your hydrophobic kitty calm), a bacon-scented dog toy that holds up to aggressive chewing, and a luxe pet bed that’s machine washable.

Want to put your green thumb to the test? Try a cat grass growing kit and let your kitty feast at harvest time. Or, if you have a pup that loves romps in the mud, a backseat cover for your car will allow them to stretch out on the ride home while your upholstery remains pristine.

Check out these and dozens of other smart pet products that will make your pet feel spoiled while you feel like Fur Parent of the Year.


A Collapsible Dog Bowl That’s Easy To Pack

With an impressive overall rating of 4.8 stars after more than 5,000 reviews, this collapsible pet food bowl is a popular pick on Amazon. The silicone bowl expands and contracts for convenience and portability, making it a smart choice for traveling, outdoor excursions, and any other occasion that calls for an impromptu water or food break. It comes in six colors to fit your taste and three sizes to fit your dog’s appetite.


This Silicone Pet Hair Brush For Both Cats And Dogs

Give your pet a lesson in self-care with this dog and cat massage brush. With soft silicone bristles, it not only keep your furry pal well-groomed but also doubles as a lint brush to remove fur from furniture and clothing. It’s compatible with most long and short-haired cats and dogs and is even dishwasher-safe for easy maintenance.


This Pet Treat Belt For Walks And Dog Training Sessions

Simplify your dog walking routine with this spacious dog treat and training belt. The waist bag design includes a poop bag dispenser, a front mesh pocket, two drawstring treat pockets, two key clips, and a zippered back pocket for storing personal items and essentials. “Perfect for working with dogs!” wrote one enthusiastic Amazon reviewer. “[I]t has plenty of space on the inside, multiple pockets, and sturdy zippers that are great for running a doggy daycare - it carries everything I need...”


These Vest Patches That Communicate Your Dogs Needs To New People

Whether you’re out with a service animal or a pet that prefers not to socialize, these “Do Not Pet” patches will help signal your dog’s needs to others. Multiple Amazon reviewers raved about the durable construction of these patches, which can be sewn to vests and collars for clear visibility. They’re available in three sizes and also come in additional phrases, including “Ask To Pet” and “In Training.”


A Pet Water Fountain With An Advanced Filtration System

This plug-in pet water fountain is a great way to keep animals happy and well-hydrated. A quadruple filtration system provides a consistent, clean stream of H2O, while a transparent window lets you know when it’s time to refill it. “I can't express enough how much my cats love this fountain,” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “They no longer drink from any other bowls... Love this product.”


A Cat Litter Trapper That’s Soft On Your Cat’s Paws

Stray litter is the bane of any cat owner’s existence, but this cat litter trapper mat solves the problem with ease. The mat is made of two layers: a perforated top layer that catches the litter, and a solid bottom layer that makes it easy to pick up and dispose of. The mat has EVA foam material that’s soft on paws, and it comes in various sizes to best suit your cat. “Worth every penny,” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “In the top 3 of purchases I have ever made for make-my-life-easier for my household of 2 dogs and 2 cats.”


A Gel-Based Cat Treat That Helps Calm Your Kitty

Got a frisky cat? These calming cat treats are a great option for taming nervous or aggressive behavior. The chicken-flavored packs are gel-based, so you don’t have to struggle with pills, and they feature active ingredients like tryptophan, theanine, and ashwagandha root. “Without Zen, [my cat] be a wreck,” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “With Zen, she is calm and collected… [it] has worked for her at the groomer, the vet, and during other high-stress situations.” Just check with your vet to make sure they work for your pet’s particular needs.


A Pet Brush With A Clever Self-Cleaning Mechanism

Simplify your pet’s grooming routine with this clever self-cleaning cat brush. Angled bristles help minimize any discomfort as you brush your pet’s coat, and it works on dogs as well as cats. When you’re done brushing, excess fur and debris are released from the brush head with the push of a button. One happy Amazon reviewer wrote, “This [brush] brings the hair all the way above the bristles so there's no fighting to get the hair out of the brush. Legit ‘self cleaning’, and it's my everything.”


A Nutritional Supplement For Dogs That Supports Mobility

If your dog is of a certain age, these canine joint supplements may help provide an improved quality of life. The pork-flavored soft chews are easy to eat, and ingredients like glucosamine and green-lipped mussels are included to support mobility. They are also suitable for dogs as young as six months, according to the brand (but you should check in with your vet before introducing any new supplement). “I don’t even know what this stuff does really, but I can tell you the effects have been obvious,” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “[N]ow… [my dog] wakes up more energetic […] Definitely worth it.“


A Backseat Cover That Protects Your Car From Fur And Pet Stains

If you’ve got an active pup who loves the outdoors, this backseat car protector for pets is a wise investment for your ride. Made of sturdy waterproof cotton, it stays in place with heavy-duty headrest and seat anchors. It traps fur, mud, and any other pet debris, and it’s easy to clean with a simple swipe of a vacuum. It has over 14,000 fans on Amazon, with one reviewer writing, “I can't say enough about this product. Usually car rides are a nightmare as my dog is always trying to climb up into the front seat […] [this] helped her settle down a lot.”


A Feeding Bowl Mat That Protects Your Floors

This extra-large pet feeding mat is a simple solution for protecting your floors while keeping your pet’s kibble and water in one place. It’s made of nonslip waterproof silicone to keep feeding bowls in place and has raised edges to minimize unwanted messes outside of the mat. “This [mat] is just about perfect,” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “The mat is silicone, so it's soft, but I can easily lift it up and carry it to the sink to rinse it off. It's also dishwasher safe and cleans up well on a regular cycle. Fun and practical!”


A Pet Seatbelt For Active Animals

Keep your pets secure on car rides with these adjustable dog seatbelts. They’re made of rip-stop nylon for durability and have an elastic bungee cord so that your dog still has some freedom to move around while your eyes stay on the road (the American Kennel Club recommends securing a seat belt tether to your dog at their back via a padded safety harness, not to a neck collar). It has a universal fit, adjusting between 21 and 31 inches and is compatible with all standard car buckles.


A Stylish-Looking Poop Bag Dispenser That Mounts To Your Wall

Make it easy to pick up after your pets with this wall-mounted poop bag dispenser. Install it near a trash can or mudroom for quick clean-up after a dog walk; or, if you have cats, keep it near the litter box for fast waste disposal. Bags tear off one at a time through a dispenser slot, and the unit comes with eight rolls to get you started.


An Extra-Large Litter Scooper With A Nonstick Design

Scooping poop will always be a chore, but you can make it less unpleasant with this heavy-duty cat litter scooper. Aluminum construction gives it heft and durability, while an ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to hold. The deep-slotted shovel is nonstick for less mess and sifts through litter with ease. You can also take the word of the nearly 25,000 Amazon reviewers who gave it a perfect, five-star rating. “Can see this one is going to be my last [scooper] I purchase,” wrote one satisfied pet owner.


A Cat Food Bowl With A Built-In Cat Grass Planter

Flex your green thumb — and teach your cat about the joys of farm-to-table eating — with this cute cat grass growing kit. It comes with everything you need: a ceramic planter, soil, and a blend of wheat grass, oat, barley, and rye seeds. The grass grows in a bamboo box frame and includes two extra bowls for food and water. “I am not good at growing things but the grass sprouted in about two days [...] my cat seems pleased,” reported one Amazon reviewer.


A Hairball Remedy That’s Chock Full Of Healthy Ingredients

Treat a common feline concern with this holistic hairball remedy. Active ingredients, which include flaxseed and cod liver oil, may aid in expelling hairballs while supporting skin health, and the chicken-flavored, gel-packet form makes it easy to give to your cat (but you’ll want to check in with your vet before trying them out). “Boyfriend’s long haired cat loves it,” one Amazon reviewer wrote. “This product has cleared all the hairballs from her gut and she is no longer coughing or gagging!”


This Allergy Treatment That Can Help Improve Your Cat’s Coat

If your feline suffers from allergies or skin conditions, this allergy treatment for cats may be an effective solution. This blend of homeopathic ingredients comes in the form of small pellets and dissolves easily in food. It’s designed to relieve a wide variety of issues, including cat dandruff, dull coat, and dermatitis (but it’s always a good idea to check with your vet to make sure it’s suitable for your cat). “It took about two weeks before I saw [my cat] scratch less and unbelievably saw the fur start growing back on his legs!!!!!” Wrote one Amazon reviewer. “It actually works.”


These Stuffing-Free Dog Chew Toys That Won’t Make A Mess

Make playtime with your pup a mess-free affair with this stuffless squeaky toy. Aggressive chewers can gnaw at it without the risk of stuffing spilling all over the room, and it has an inside pocket that can hold an empty plastic bottle for a crunching sound that will excite your pet. It comes in three sizes and 29 styles, including a duck, raccoon, and fox.


This Pet Nail Trimmer That Won’t Hurt Your Furry Friend

Avoid unwanted accidents with this stainless steel pet nail clipper. Ultra-sharp blades cut through claws in one pass, and a built-in safety guard will help keep you from cutting nails too short. There is also a hidden file inside the handle to dull pointy nails. The clippers have more than 38,000 five-star reviews and one Amazon reviewer wrote, "Wish I’d have bought them sooner [...] Easy to use and doing it myself helped my pups not be so fearful."


These Dog Grooming Wipes Made With Plant-Based Materials

Use these deodorizing pet wipes on your dog's paws, butt, and body to wipe away messes and freshen their coat. They're made from textured bamboo fiber and infused with skin- and hair-conditioning ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E. "My dog loves it when I use these on her face and neck as a cool down after she is hot after playing hard or on long walks!" Wrote one Amazon reviewer. "I will forever buy these wipes!"


A Deluxe Pet Bed That’s Machine Washable

Give your pet a luxurious place to rest their head with this large, plush pet bed. The soft velvet exterior is durable and cozy in equal measure, while internal padding provides support for pets with joint pain. A nonslip pad keeps it secure on the floor, and the entire bed can be thrown in a washing machine without losing its shape.


These Savory Dog Treats Shaped Like Kabobs

These savory pet kabobs are like the turducken of dog food, combining chicken breast, duck, and chicken liver with pork hide and rawhide. Chewing on these treats can help promote your dog’s dental health while giving them a boost of protein. The kabobs have an overall star rating of 4.8 on Amazon along with 32,000 five-star reviews.


A Pet ID Tag With A Customizable Design

With these customized pet ID tags, your furry friend will look their cutest when they introduce themselves to humans. Choose between multiple sizes, fonts, metal finishes, and designs. The tags have earned a sky-high 4.9-star overall rating on Amazon, and multiple reviewers have written that the tags still look brand new after long periods of wear.


This Litter Scooper Holder That Keeps Things Tidy

With a near-perfect overall rating of 4.9 stars, this cat litter scoop holder is a simple solution for keeping your litter area tidy. A sturdy plastic body holds your scooper in an upright, vertical position, and there’s a silicone insert that’s removable for easy cleaning. It comes in three colors, and one happy Amazon reviewer wrote, "I love how aesthetically pleasing it is and how it isn’t an eyesore."


These Adorable Dog Bandannas In Assorted Trendy Prints

Spiff up your pup with these cute and durable dog bandannas. Each set comes with four bandannas in an assortment of cheerful patterns, like rainbows and flowers. A curved silhouette is designed to fit your dog's neck and they come in three sizes to suit different breeds. “Incredible quality, incredible price, and so durable!” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “They are still in great condition, and they have been on hikes, road trips, they have gotten muddy and dirty, and we just pop them in the washer on delicate and lay out to dry, and they’re like new!”


A Cat Spring Toy That Encourages Movement

Keep your fur baby active with these colorful cat spring toys. The bouncy coils come in a variety of bright colors and will encourage your pet to pounce, kick, and swat with joy. There are 60 in a pack and they've earned a near-perfect overall rating of 4.9 stars on Amazon. "My cats absolutely love these!" wrote one reviewer. "Highly recommended for anyone with high drive cats or cats that need something to get them active."


These Durable Dog Poop Bags With A Mitt Design To Keep Hands Clean

Minimize messes with these extra-durable dog waste pick-up bags. There are 200 in a box and each features 2-ply construction to reduce the chances of unwanted tears. While many Amazon reviewers raved about the thickness and durability of these bags, owners of large dog breeds will also appreciate their generous dimensions. "[They’re] in a league of their own and nothing else even comes close," wrote one reviewer.


A Dog Chew Toy That Smells Like Bacon

This squeaky dog chew toy is proof that everything is better with bacon. The bacon-scented bone is made with a latex exterior for durability and a foam interior for a bit of bounce. "This is the ONLY toy my dog has because he cannot destroy it," wrote one of the more than 7,000 Amazon reviewers to give it a five-star rating. The toy is available in two sizes and is recommended for dogs that weigh less than 20 pounds.


This Waterless Cat Shampoo That’s pH Balanced

This waterless cat shampoo is a fuss-free solution for keeping your feline companion well-groomed. Simply spray it on your cat's coat and brush it through to increase shine and nourish skin. It's made with 99.7% natural ingredients including honey and apple extract, and it's pH balanced to gently cleanse sensitive skin.


This Hands-Free Dog Leash That Straps To Your Waist

This hands-free dog leash makes it easy for you to carry bags, push a stroller, or use your phone as you take your pet for a walk. It secures around your waist with a durable, shock-absorbing bungee cord and has a detachable zippered waist pouch to store waste bags, treats, and personal items. Reflective stripes add a layer of security when dog-walking in the dark, and padded handles give you extra control over your pet as you approach oncoming traffic and pedestrians.


A Pet Doorbell That Streamlines House Training Your Dog

These dog doorbells are a brilliant tool for housebreaking your pup. Three clusters of chrome bells are sewn to a rugged nylon strap and hang on any doorknob so that your pet can alert you when it needs to go outside. “My puppies figured out really quick that if they touched the bells in any way and set them ringing, they would automatically get a 'Good girl!' and a speedily opened door,” wrote one happy Amazon reviewer. “The positive reinforcement is so beneficial to a little one just trying to figure out their new world.”


This Wobble Slow Feeder Bowl That Helps De-Stress Your Dog

Give anxious dogs a sense of calm with this slow feed rubber pet food bowl. The textured surface promotes licking and reduces anxiety while slowing eating, and the rocking motion adds a dimension of fun. One Amazon reviewer wrote, “This thing is a godsend! [...] With some properly-applied peanut butter, this can easily be an hour of fun for either my blue heeler puppy or my middle-aged chihuahua.” Just note that it may not be a good pick for aggressive chewers.


These Lavender-Scented Cat Collars That Can Calm Your Kitty

If your cat is showing signs of stress, these calming cat collars may be worth a try. They're made of durable, waterproof silicone and infused with calming essential oils like lavender and chamomile. There are four collars in a pack and each releases its ingredients for up to 60 days. “We saw immediate results with the collar,” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “Rather than slinking off to sleep by herself, our cat is now willing to sleep within reach of the other cats. She fights less often. She's much calmer.”


A Cat Laser Pointer With Multiple Light Patterns

For less than $10 bucks, this tricked-out laser pointer will keep your cat endlessly entertained. It has three lighting modes — red, white, and UV — and five patterns including stars and smiley faces. The light has a built-in USB connector for charging, and it can even double as an emergency flashlight in a pinch.


An Interactive Dog Puzzle That Dispenses Treats

Give your pet some mental exercise with this dog puzzle and treat dispenser. The brain game encourages animals to use their paws and sense of smell to reveal hidden kibble for a tasty prize. It holds up to a cup of food and is made of dishwasher-safe plastic for easy cleaning. One fan wrote of the toy, “[My dog] immediately loved it and worked hard to get to the treats. [...] It’s well worth the money to give them some mental stimulation.”