You've Probably Never Heard Of These Strange Products That Make Life SO Much Better

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You know those things you get that may seem a little odd, but once you have them you have no idea how you ever lived without them? This list is full of those slightly strange products that make life SO much better. Maybe they make a task faster or help you get more organized, or they just bring you joy, which frankly, is just as important. One reviewer raved about this sleek outlet shelf, saying, “They say it's the little things in life and this is one of those little things that really brings me joy.”

Our list includes beauty routine products like this ice roller that you’ll be ever so grateful for on mornings when your puffy eyes and tired skin could use a little boost, or these reusable makeup remover pads that are not just super soft and gentle on your skin but also reduce waste. Good for your skincare routine and the environment — we call that a win-win.

There’s also a water bottle organizer to hold all those cute bottles you keep buying in the name of hydration and a selfie ring light that’ll make you look like you’re in the middle of a magazine shoot when really, you’re just in your dark little home office. Now all you’ve gotta do is keep scrolling.


This Heat-Resistant Mat To Protect Your Counter From Heat Styling Tool Damage

If you reach for your flat iron or curling wand every morning, this heat-resistant mat is for you. It’s made from elastic silicone that can withstand heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can place it on your countertop and rest your heat styling tools on it without the surface getting those dreaded burn marks. Roll it up for easy storage, and if you’re traveling, wrap it around your curling wand to protect it in your suitcase.


These Reusable Food Storage Bags To Replace Single-Use Bags

Cut down on single-use plastic and replace disposable bags with these reusable food storage bags that are perfect for packing your lunch or storing leftover chopped vegetables. The set includes two gallon, four sandwich and four snack bags that are leakproof and each bag has a pinch-lock seal that keeps them airtight. The bags are freezer safe and easy to keep clean — just hand wash and air dry them and they’re ready to be used again.


A Pour-Over Coffee Travel Mug That’ll Keep Your Beverage Hot For Six Hours

Make that long morning commute a little more bearable with a steaming hot mug of your favorite brew. This stainless steel thermal travel mug comes with a mesh filter so you can actually make your coffee directly in it, cutting down on single-use paper filters. The layered insulation will keep your drink hot for six hours or cold for 20, and the locking lid ensures it won’t leak all over your bag.


This Genius Over-The-Sink Strainer To Rinse Fruit Or Drain Pasta Easily

This over-the-sink strainer is one of those products that will make you wonder how you ever lived without it. Instead of trying to maneuver a colander in one hand and a boiling-hot pot of pasta in the other, place this heat-resistant, expandable strainer over your sink and drain the water quickly and easily. It’s available in nine colors and can also be used for rinsing fruits and vegetables or even drying dishes.


An Ice Roller To Relieve Puffy Eyes & Rejuvenate Your Skin

Enjoy an at-home facial and incorporate this $9 ice roller into your skincare routine to help relieve puffiness, promote blood circulation and rejuvenate your tired skin. The cold stainless steel surface isn’t just refreshing, it calms and soothes irritated skin and redness; reviewers report it even helps relieve headaches and sore muscles. For best results, use it in a circular motion above your eyebrows and along your cheekbones and jawline.


A Calming Rescue Balm To Soothe Skin After A Pimple Or Blemish

Restore your skin after a painful blemish with the help of this gentle rescue balm that’s safe to use whether you have dry, oily or combination skin. With over 3,000 five-star reviews, this cult favorite soaks into your skin while the antioxidants and peptides help relieve redness, dryness and uneven texture. Dab a small amount of the balm on a pimple that was just popped or patched once or twice a day until the blemish has healed.


These Reusable Makeup Remover Pads For a Zero-Waste Option

Remove your makeup and do your part in protecting the planet at the same time with these reusable pads that are made from bamboo and organic cotton for ultimate softness. The 20-pack includes a storage container and a drawstring laundry bag so you can easily throw them in the wash. Each of the pads is double-sided and made up of multiple layers that make it highly absorbent and incredibly soft, so it’s safe to use for all skin types.


These Remote-Operated Puck Lights So You Can Have Under-Cabinet Lighting Without Any Wiring

Skip the call to the electrician and install these remote-operated puck lights under your cabinets for sleek lighting without any wiring. They are battery-operated and can be installed in seconds and they have a dimmer button on the remote that allows you to easily control the brightness level. The lights are slim so they can be discreetly installed under kitchen cabinets, in a closet, or on a staircase.


An Airtight Glass Container That Will Keep Your Guac Fresh For Longer

Never have one of those disappointing guac-gone-brown moments again thanks to this glass container with an airtight lid that’ll keep it fresh for longer. It holds four cups which is about four to five avocados worth of guacamole, but could of course be used for other dips or sauces.


This Exfoliating Brush That Cleanses & Prevents Razor Bumps Or Ingrown Hairs

Get this non-chemical exfoliating brush and use it before spray tans, waxing or shaving to prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps. It has an easy-to-grip handle and works best when light pressure is applied in straight lines against the hair’s grain. Use it twice a day on wet or dry skin and watch it deep clean, unclog pores, and remove dead cells for an energized glow.


An Electric Wine Opener To Make Uncorking Fast & Effortless

If you’ve struggled to open a bottle of wine only to have broken pieces of cork floating in your glass, this electric opener will be a total game-changer. Besides looking super sleek, it makes opening a bottle incredibly quick and easy — just use the foil cutter to cut through the seal, then place the opener on top of the cork, press a button and viola. The cork is released and you can pour yourself that well-deserved glass of red.


This Skincare Derma Roller For An At-Home Facial

Give your skin a luxurious spa-like treatment with this needle roller that exfoliates dead skin cells to revive your complexion’s glow. Microneedling at a spa can be seriously pricey, so this $15 at-home tool is a total steal. One of the best ways to use it is right before applying your favorite serum, so your skin can fully absorb it. You could also use the roller on your scalp to stimulate hair growth.


A Cable Management Box To Hide Unsightly Cables

Are you sick and tired of cords and cables taking over literally every inch of your home? Yeah, we are too. This cable management box is a great way to hide and organize them in a stylish way. It’s large enough to hold a power strip up to 12 inches long and has outlets on multiple sides for convenient use. It’ll also keep the cables hidden from pets and small children, making your home not just tidier but also a little safer.


These Silk Scrunchies That Prevent Breakage & Those Annoying Hair Kinks

Throw your hair in a ponytail or a loose bun using these silk scrunchies that won’t give your hair those annoying hair kinks. Whether you have thick or thin hair, they protect it from breakage and frizz and slide through without any snagging. Oh, and they look super cute, too, and come in a bunch of colors, patterns, and sizes for you to choose from.


A Strainer That Snaps Onto Any Pot For Easy Draining

Forget trying to juggle a strainer and a large pot without getting burned and get this nifty snap-on strainer that easily attaches to any sized pot or pan using silicone clips. It’s heat-resistant and has a built-in spout that makes draining water easier and prevents food from slipping out. If you’re worried about yet another gadget to clutter your already full kitchen, fear not — it collapses for easy storage and takes up way less space than a traditional colander.


A Travel Organizer To Keep Your Jewelry From Becoming A Tangled Mess

Keep your dainty necklaces and funky hoop earrings safe and organized in this foldable jewelry case while you travel. It has an earring grid, a clear and hidden zipper bag, two ring rolls and four necklace clips, and it’s all secured with a magnetic closure that keeps the case securely shut. The case comes in this light pink quilted material as well as seven other styles and two sizes.


These Reusable Food Saver Sheets That Keep Fruits & Vegetables Fresh For Up To Twice As Long

If you just opened your fridge only to find yet another bag of wilted lettuce, get these reusable food saver sheets and keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for twice as long. Just pop one of these sheets in the salad bag, fruit bowl or fridge drawer and reuse them for up to 30 days. They’re infused with organic spices that prolong the life of produce to help fight waste, and they’ll save you money in the long run as well.


A Makeup Brush Cleaner That’ll Remove So Much Oil, Dirt & Old Makeup You Won’t Believe It

Cleaning your makeup brushes can be such a chore, which is why this cleaner will totally revolutionize your makeup routine and make sure you’re not using a dirty brush on your freshly washed face. The kit includes a bowl, spinner and eight brush collars, as well as a cleaning solution and charging cable. You’ll be amazed (and slightly horrified) at how much dirt, oil and old makeup it removes and how clean your brushes will look within minutes.


These 24K Gold Under-Eye Masks To Relieve Puffiness & Dark Circles

Sure, last night may have been fun, but if you were up late your face may feel a bit puffy in the morning. Keep these fancy-looking 24K gold eye masks in your emergency recovery kit to refresh and revitalize your under-eye area. The pairs come individually packed, so just position them, keep them on for 20 minutes and feel the castor oil and hyaluronic acid restore moisture. Use the masks regularly three to four times a week for long-lasting results.


This Set Of Nail Clips That Help Take Off Gel Polish Easily

Instead of picking at your nails (guilty here), remove acrylic and gel polish in 10 to 15 minutes using this $5 set of nail clips. Simply open the clip, insert a cotton pad soaked with nail polish remover, put it on your finger and let it soak for the recommended time. Forget wrapping foil around your fingertips; this is so much easier. More than 17,000 shoppers have given these a five-star rating and say they work like a charm.


This Magnetic Screen Door To Keep The Fresh Air In & The Bugs Out

There’s nothing like a fresh breeze coming in through an open door, and this magnetic screen door lets all the fresh air in while keeping all the bugs out. It’s made from a heavy-duty mesh and can easily be attached to your door frame using thumbtacks. The middle seam is lined with 26 magnets that allow for hands-free opening (for both humans and pets) and then automatically close the screen again.


An Over-The-Door Purse Organizer That Saves Space And Keeps Your Favorite Accessories In Pristine Condition

Every handbag lover needs one of these handy over-the-door organizers that will keep your precious purchases in pristine condition. It has four large and two smaller pockets that all have clear fronts so you can see what’s inside, as well as reinforced stitching for extra support. Maximize your storage space and get your bags off the ground or out of a crammed drawer and into this space-saving organizer.


A Microfiber Headband To Keep Your Hair Out Of Your Face

Wear this cute spa headband to keep your hair out of your face while applying makeup, doing your evening skincare routine, or washing your face. It’s adjustable for the perfect fit, accommodates all hair lengths and even has a spot for a pony tie in the back. It comes in nine cool designs, including this colorful palm print and a muted tie dye headband, all of which would be super fun for a weekend away with friends or everyday use at home.


These Reusable Silicone Baking Mats So You Can Ditch The Parchment Paper & Foil

Get these reusable silicone mats and take your baking to the next level. With an overall 4.8-star rating from more than 15,000 reviewers, they’re an Amazon fave for good reason; they’re easy to wipe down and clean, don’t need to be buttered or oiled, and can be quickly rolled up and stored away. Replace your parchment paper and foil with these professional grade silicone mats, and you’ll never look back.


A Milk Frother For A Barista-Style Cup Of Coffee At Home

Save money on your daily caffeine run and make a barista-style cup of coffee at home with the help of this easy-to-use frother. It only takes 15 seconds to get that perfectly creamy, foamy texture that’ll keep you going all day — or at least until your next cup. The frother is available in four colors and comes with a stainless steel stand for easy storage.


This Vented Food Cover To Keep Your Microwave Splatter-Free

Your microwave doesn’t need to display your weekly menu and this collapsible food cover will keep Tuesday’s pasta sauce and Friday’s chili on your plate and off the microwave walls. The cover is vented so steam can escape, and it’s collapsible so it doesn’t take up much storage space. It’s made from BPA-free plastic and a silicone top for safe use, and it is dishwasher-safe for hassle-free cleaning.


These Reusable Kitchen Towels Made From 100% Organic Cotton

For anyone looking for ways to reduce waste in their home, add these reusable 100% organic cotton kitchen towels to your list. Just one of these towels can replace a whopping 130 rolls of paper towels, saving not just the environment, but your wallet, too. The super-soft cotton is unbleached and has a waffled texture for increased absorbency.


A Set Of Reusable Silicone Lids That Stretch To Fit The Size Of Your Container

Cut down on food waste by storing food properly in containers that have airtight lids such as these leakproof silicone ones that stretch to fit your bowl or pot. Each of the lids can stretch by a couple of inches, which makes them super versatile, and because they are clear, you can see exactly what’s inside the container. The seven lids come with a mesh bag, so you can keep them together when they’re not being used.


This Glass Teapot With A Built-In Fine Mesh Infuser

Skip the flimsy strainer that always seems to leave a bunch of floating tea leaves in your cup and get this glass teapot that has a fine mesh strainer already built-in. The glass pot is stovetop-friendly if you want to boil water directly in it, in which case you can remove the stainless steel infuser and insert it once the water has boiled. The teapot comes with blooming tea, which is basically tea in dried flower form that opens up and “blooms” as it steeps.


A Magnetic Spice Rack You Can Stick On The Side Of Your Fridge

If your kitchen cabinets and pantry are bursting at the seams and you have nowhere to store all those spices you just picked up at the farmer’s market, get this magnetic spice rack. You can stick it on the side of the fridge or any other magnetic surface, and it’ll hold up to 10 pounds of jars and bottles. The steel racks come in a set of two and are available in black and white.


This Splatter Screen To Keep Your Stove Clean & Hands From Burning

Save yourself the hassle of scrubbing a splatter-covered stove by using this heavy-duty stainless steel screen to cover your frying pan. The extra-fine mesh allows steam to escape the pan while catching 99% of the oil splatter while the heat-resistant handle protects your hand. It comes in four standard pan sizes, so there’s one to fit your needs whether you’re frying up a big batch of pepper and onions or just a couple strips of Sunday morning bacon.


A Round Dry Brush That Sloughs Off Dead Skin Cells

Incorporate this round dry brush into your daily routine if you want to smooth rough texture and encourage your body’s lymphatic system. The two-in-one brush is made up of boar bristles and massagers, so it’ll exfoliate your skin. Use it daily before taking a shower, gently brushing upwards on your legs and massaging your arms, back and stomach in a circular motion. End the routine with your favorite body moisturizer.


A Pair Of Cut-Resistant Gloves To Protect Your Hands In The Kitchen

Protect your hands from those painful cuts while slicing potatoes, shredding cheese or using a mandoline slicer by wearing these cut-resistant gloves. They are soft and elastic, yet four times as strong as leather, so they’ll give you a high level of protection. The gloves are food-safe and machine-washable, so if you just used them to de-bone a chicken, simply throw them in the wash and they’ll be good to go again. They’re also ambidextrous so you can wear them on either hand, and come in four sizes, from small to extra large.


This Scalp Massager That Can Stimulate Hair Growth & Help Remove Dandruff

Use this scalp massager to increase blood flow, which can stimulate hair growth, and to remove dead skin cells (as in dandruff). It works on both dry or wet hair and comes with two heads — one that can be used to remove dandruff while shampooing your hair, and another to stimulate your scalp. Reviewers love the brush for how easy it is to use and how well it cleans their scalp without causing irritation.


A Bamboo Sofa Arm Table So You Barely Have To Move To Grab Your Drink

Lounging around on the couch is about to get even comfier — get this sofa arm tray table and you won’t even have to reach to the coffee table to grab your drink. It’s made from bamboo and has a flexible shape so it’ll form to the shape of your sofa arm. The tray table is available in nine different designs, including one with a slot for your phone and pockets to hold remotes and other electronics.


A Reusable Pet Hair Remover So You Don’t Have To Constantly Stock Up On Disposable Lint Rollers

If you’re constantly purchasing lint rollers to get your furry best friend’s hair off your sofa, chair and bed, get this reusable remover instead. Use it as you would a regular lint roller — the difference is that the hair collects in an inner compartment that you can easily empty at the end. It’s super fast and easy to use and doesn’t snag or damage the upholstery.


These Packing Cubes That’ll Keep Your Clothes Organized & Wrinkle-Free

There’s nothing worse than opening your suitcase and realizing everything is a tangled mess and you don’t have one shirt that’s not completely wrinkled. This set of packing cubes includes two large and two medium cubes as well as three zip bags to help you stay organized while you pack and travel. The cubes have handles so you can easily carry them around and a mesh top so you can immediately see what’s inside them.


An Adjustable Water Bottle Organizer To Maximize Vertical Space In Your Cabinets

Staying hydrated is super important, especially during the hot summer months, but you may be running out of space to store all those cute water bottles you keep buying. This adjustable organizer maximizes vertical space and allows you to store bottles horizontally instead of vertically. It can accommodate bottles of various sizes and it’s super easy to set up — just insert the wire legs into the nonslip base and snap on the shelves.


This Winged Eyeliner Stamp With Over 18,000 5-Star Reviews

Get that perfect cat eye every time with this highly pigmented winged eyeliner stamp. It has two ends: one that’s a stamp to use in the corner of your eye and another that’s a fine tip to line the rest of the eye. It’s waterproof and smudge-proof, which makes it perfect for hot summer days because it won’t budge no matter how hard you sweat. More than 18,000 reviewers have given it five stars and for under $15, it’s a total bargain.


A Sleek Outlet Shelf Perfect For Adding Storage In Any Small Space

If you have nowhere to plug in and place your toothbrush or phone while they’re charging, this sleek outlet shelf will provide the perfect spot. It’s compatible with a duplex or decorator wall plate and can hold up to 10 pounds. To install it, just remove the wall plate and install this shelf over the outlet instead. It’s a small update, but it’ll make such a difference as this reviewer wrote; “They say it's the little things in life and this is one of those little things that really brings me joy.”


This Double-Sided Tape To Keep Clothes in Place

Keep straps in place with this double-sided tape that won’t snag your clothing or make any lumpy marks in it. The adhesive used on the strips is safe for your skin and won’t leave any residue on your body or clothes. And if you’re in a pinch, you can also use the tape to quickly hem a pair of pants or a skirt.


A Selfie Ring Light For Well-Lit Zoom Calls Or FaceTimes

Brighten up your Zoom calls or a FaceTime with this selfie ring light you can attach to your phone, tablet, or computer. It has three color modes, from sunkissed warm to pearly white light, and 10 light intensity levels so that you can get the perfect lighting every time. The ring light stays charged for up to two hours or can be plugged in for those meetings that just never end.


This Ionic Brush That Detangles Hair And Minimizes Frizz

Brushing your hair doesn’t have to be a painful affair if you get this ionic hair brush that’ll detangle your dry or wet hair pain-free. It’s infused with ions to help smooth out hair as you brush, and the sectioning tip at the end makes styling easier.


A Phone Wallet So There’s One Less Thing To Put In Your Already Packed Bag

Whether you’re taking a cute little clutch to dinner or carry a Mary Poppins-sized bag to work every day, save space with this compact cell phone wallet. It has three card slots and an ID slot, and it easily attaches to the back of your phone, not blocking any buttons or ports. The wallet is available in five designs and is compatible with most smart phones.


A Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper That Pops Every Kernel With Or Without Butter

Enjoy delicious popcorn with minimal effort thanks to this silicone microwave popcorn popper that makes perfect popcorn every time without burning any kernels. You don’t need to add any oil or butter, just fill the bottom with kernels, microwave on high for up to three minutes and you’ll have up to 15 cups of freshly popped popcorn ready for your movie night. If all this sounds great but you just don’t want another big item to store, know that it collapses for compact storage. Win-win.

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