Why I Want Kyle Richards From ‘RHOBH’ To Be My Mom

Watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it's natural to envy their lifestyles. Who hasn't fantasized about being a Real Housewife? Then again, they have to deal with a lot of drama and scrutiny. Scratch that. It would be way better to be a Real Family Member. There are many reasons why I want Kyle Richards to adopt me.

Sure, it may be a little late in the game for that since I am a legal adult, but being a part of the Umansky household seems like it comes with a lot of perks. I wouldn't even mind living in the guest room adoption-free.

After watching Kyle Richards help her daughter Portia Umansky get through her morning routine, it's clear that being one of her daughters comes with a lot of support. Not only that, but it seems like her dogs Storm and Romeo are living luxurious lives, too. Even her husband Mauricio Umansky gets pampered by Kyle.

During the RHOBH episode that aired on April 30, Kyle remarked, "As long as my husband is in this house with me, I'll never have an empty nest. My job will never be done." Hello, Kyle. Are you reading this? If having an empty (or near empty) nest is a concern, there are plenty of fans (and this one writer) who wouldn't mind joining the Umansky family.

In her on-camera interview from that episode, the Beverly Hills OG said, "I don't think I'm spoiling Portia. I'm taking care of her. I'm her mother. I've got to wake her up. I've got to get her ready for school. I've got to make her breakfast. It's my job." Who wouldn't want a little help getting ready in the morning?

Kyle explained why she employs what she refers to as "attachment parenting." She declared, "I think it's important for children to know that they are the most important people in your life." Again, becoming an Umansky sounds like an ideal scenario.

Kyle also said, "My world revolves around them. What can I say? I think they like it that way." Who wouldn't? Seriously, Kyle, are you reading this?

Let's recap the highlights from the last episode to hammer this point home: being one of Kyle's children is an ideal situation. Even if this special treatment isn't an every day occurrence, it would be very much welcomed here and there.


She Makes Breakfast For You

Most people want to eat breakfast in the morning, but who wants to cook it up early in the morning? Not only does Kyle make Portia a balanced breakfast every morning with a variety of options, but she arranges it all on a pink, personalized tray.


She Delivers Breakfast To You

Kyle doesn't yell down from the kitchen when breakfast is ready. She actually brings it upstairs to the bedroom. Breakfast in bed on a regular basis? Who wouldn't get used to that?


She Delivers You To Breakfast

If you don't wake up in your own bed, Kyle will bring you to breakfast. She even carried Portia with her eyes covered. She is just that dedicated.


She Will Help With Socks

Everyone is just too tired to get ready once in a while. If you lived with Kyle, she doesn't mind helping you get your socks on here and there.


She Will Assist With Shoes

She also has no qualms being the Prince Charming to your Cinderella and putting on your shoes.


She Can Give A Salon Level Blow Out

Portia got a full-on salon treatment in her own home thanks to Kyle. Who wouldn't take her up on that offer?


She's On Hand For Nail Maintenance

Kyle even stepped up to give her husband a manicure and pedicure. Living with Kyle is a gurantee that your nails will be in tip top shape.


She Has No Problem Bringing In A Makeup Artist

Kyle cannot do every single thing herself. She hired a professional makeup artist to help the family get glammed up before their holiday card photo shoot. She's not a regular mom. She's a cool mom


She Goes All Out For A Christmas Card

Does anyone else just use candid iPhone photos for a holiday card? Look at how glamorous Kyle, Mauricio, and the girls are! There's even an empty spot on the stairs between Alexia and Sophia. Photoshop me in, please.


She Will Take Off Her Heels In A Crisis

There's no logical reason why the family dogs would ever want to leave such a nice property. They have plenty of backyard to roam. Nevertheless, they did escape. Instead of having a staff member wrangle them back in, Kyle took off her heels, ran barefoot, and risked ruining her makeup before the photoshoot.

It's unclear if Kyle pulls out all the stops like this on a daily basis, but getting this treatment every once in a while is a life that I want. Who wouldn't?