10 Vacation Ideas For Couples Who Are Looking For Adventure

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pair of freeriders of snowboarders give five when the helicopter lands

The idea of a couples trip might first bring to mind things like, you know, a vibrating velvet covered bed, simultaneous massages, and wearing robes for a week straight. And while there is certainly nothing wrong with robe time, adventurous trip ideas for couples are not so hard to find if you're ready to challenge yourself and seek a thrill for your special vacation together.

Even if you don't habitually consider yourselves to be extreme or wild and exploratory, sometimes you might want to try something you've never tried before, or confronting a fear, or allowing yourself to say 'yes' when you'd normally say 'no, thanks, y'all.' With that being said, sometimes going full force into the wild together and confronting the elements is the only way to scratch the itch of needing a true blue adventure.

Below, take a look at some ideas for vacations around the world to take with your partner, from naked skydiving in Long Island to running with the bulls in Spain, that will get your hearts pumping and in awe of the world we live in. Who knows? After your first adventurous couples trip, you and your partner may never take a purely relaxing vacation again...


Heli-Skiing In Utah

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What on Earth is heli-skiing, you ask? Well, it's just as James Bond as it sounds. It's downhill skiing on fresh powder terrain that you can only reach by helicopter. No, it's not exactly cheap, but if skiing is your thing and you are in for an extra unique way to the trails, the packages you get, like this one in Utah, usually include a whole itinerary so you don't have to worry about the details. You are truly headed to uncharted ski territory on these journeys, and catchin' some powder no other skiers will touch.


Canyoning In Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken, the tiny city in the Swiss Alps that is placed right between two lakes, Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, is basically mecca for a person looking to experience extreme sporting. While you can skydive and bungee jump, it's also a particularly wonderful place to go canyon jumping. Now, canyon jumping is probably not something you want to try if you are afraid of heights or falls — you are basically dropping into a deep canyon and swinging. But if you're looking for that rush of adrenaline in a breathtakingly gorgeous environment, this is a great option.


Running With The Bulls In Spain

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Ever seen the part in the nineties classic, City Slickers, where Billy Crystal and his pals are running like mad in front of a stampeded of bulls in the streets of Spain? That could be you and your partner! This is just one of the events in the historic Festival of San Fermin in Pamplona, Spain. As described on the official Running Of The Bulls website, the event is an "adrenaline-fueled spectacle of runners pursued by noble fighting beasts." And you will be sharing this experience with a cool million tourists who come to participate or watch. Make sure you have some comfortable shoes.


Naked Skydiving In Long Island

They did this rather wild activity in the last season of The Bachelor, if you recall. Skydiving naked is definitely not something you do everyday.

Hilariously, on the website for The Long Island Skydiving Center (a simple day trip for New Yorkers), they describe that while it is certainly an intimate experience, it's not necessarily erotic, despite being a dual activity where you are naked as the day you arrived on the planet. The adrenaline you get from the fall, and the unique feeling of having the wind right there on your skin, will have you getting right back on the plane and trying again.


Mammoth Cave National Park In Kentucky

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Afraid of being away from skylight? Well, then this isn't for you. What you're doing at Mammoth Cave is traveling underground within 400 miles of both discovered and undiscovered cave systems, the most extensive in the world, in fact. If you're feeling a little less extreme, you can take a very affordable tour for under $10 dollars. But if you want to get a little wilder, there are opportunities for free-climbing and crawls that will make you feel like a true badass.


Cascading At Ciguapa Falls

Cascading is simply climbing up waterfalls of all different size and power and jumping off into them. As you might imagine, this can vary greatly in levels of adventure, from the smaller jumps to the ones that make you feel like you'll be falling forever. A tour, like this one in the Dominican Republic at Ciguapa Falls, will bring you to 12 different jumps during your journey. Just imagine holding your lovers hand while propelling yourself into rushing waters!

A lovely addition to the whole thing? You can travel between jumps on a donkey for 10 bucks. Yee-haw!


Lava Boat Tour in Hawaii

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Yes, this one puts you right up next to molten Earth. No denying Mother Nature is a wonder to behold when encountering that kind of natural heat, amirite? So take a trip to Pahoa, Hawaii, a beautiful beach destination that will absolutely satiate your and your partner's desires for something wild. A bumpy, exciting ride on a boat brings you right to the glowing, melting lava flow. These reviews on Trip Advisor all glow about the tour led by "Captain Gene" and his crew. Sounds pretty delightful, IMO.


Hang Gliding in California

Hang gliding. Perhaps the closest a human being will ever be to flying with their own wings. Just imagine the two of you, gliding in the air Peter Pan-style over Angeles National Forest. Yes, you will have to take a lesson and be paired with a guide, as this is indeed an extreme sport that takes some know-how and practice, but the feeling you get up on high will be worth it, as will finally (kind of) knowing what it's like to be a bird.


Kayaking In Virginia


You know what they say, Virginia is for lovers. And lovers of all kinds. Taking a kayaking tour on the Eastern shore is a wonderful way for you and your lover to have an active experience in nature. It's also thrilling to camp along the way. There are even less intense tours where you can do things like dig clams for your own dinner, if that's more your thing.

After you've spent a few sweaty days traversing the waters, sleeping outdoors, and working those arms like never before, perhaps you can end the whole thing at a nice hotel for an evening of TV and hot baths.


Camino de Santiago, Spain

The Camino de Santiago, which some people just refer to as "the walk" i a series of paths, or "pilgrims ways" towards the shrine of Saint James the Great in Galicia in Spain. It is a popular and powerful destination for many reasons. For some, the walk is considered simply a great, beautiful walking opportunity filled with history. Others embark on the journey for spiritual or religious reasons. If you want to add another layer of connection and meaning to your adventure together, this might be a wonderful option. You can take a tour, or plan your own way.

There you have it — a few ideas that might inspire the trip of a lifetime. A world of adventure awaits you.

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