11 Halloween-Adjacent Makeup Ideas For People Who Don't Do Costumes

by Erin Mayer

Every year, no matter what I tell myself, I end up with nothing to wear on Halloween. My last really solid costume was two years ago, when I dressed as The Log Lady from Twin Peaks. I love the holiday and the movie-watching and candy-eating opportunities it provides, but I don't always have the energy to plan ahead. If you're anything like me, you might spend the hour before a party searching for generic Halloween makeup you can wear if you don't have a costume.

I'm not talking about looks that require next-level MUA skills and give you the illusion of a floating head or whatever, but rather makeup you can do with that matte black eyeshadow you never touch but comes in every. single palette.

In short, these are simple looks that shouldn't require much more than what is already in your collection. The bare minimum that you can do so that you only get lightly teased when you show up at the annual Halloween Spooktacular Bonanza hosted by your best friend and her five roommates in their apartment (but now with Party City streamers!) having put no effort into your outfit. Halloween makeup for the least spirited among us.

1. Black & Orange

The most advanced part of tutorial is the pumpkin, which is optional but does take the look to another level. Jasmine Brown uses an orange liquid lipstick for the body of the pumpkin and traces the outline with a black liquid liner.

2. Date-Appropriate

From afar, this looks like a regular dark smoky eye and red lipstick, but get closer and you'll notice the fun Halloween details, like the orange glitter eyelid.

3. '90s Witch Vibe

I pretty much want to channel The Craft 24/7/365, so I see no reason why you have to wait for Oct. 31 to copy this one.

4. Playing With Color

A tutorial to help you be as purple and glittery as a Halloween decoration you'd find at Michael's.

5. Black Spiderweb

I'm not confident that I wouldn't smear eyeliner all over my face attempting to draw that spiderweb on, but if you have steadier hands you should definitely try it.

6. Simple & Witchy

Add a hat and bam! you're in costume.

7. Galaxy Eyes

This is a gorgeous eye look for anyone trying to take advantage of the opportunity Halloween provides to go "all out."

8. Mixing Themes

The bats are kind of a random touch, but so much of Halloween makeup seems to revolve around the concept of "throw as many holiday-appropriate illustrations on your face and you're good" so I think it works.

9. Green Spiderweb

Make a gorgeous green smoky eye costume party friendly with some more of that web eyeliner.

10. Basic But Still Pretty

This is about as simple as it gets, but it's still festive, and you can easily switch out the lipstick, as she does here, to change the effect.

11. Color Blocked

If you want to get the Halloween spirit but didn't have the energy to plan out a costume this year, this makeup look will save you.

So yeah, you're lazy, but that doesn't mean you won't have a killer makeup look this Halloween. And the best part? No one cares what you're wearing if your eyeshadow looks this good.