11 Reviews Of The Fenty Galaxy Palette To Help You Decide Whether To Drop The $59

It's fact: Rihanna is taking over the world. There's nothing the singer and actress can't do, and she's especially proving that in the beauty realm with Fenty Beauty. Now Rihanna's Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection has officially debuted for the holidays. If you thought the hype was real for the initial launch, there's just as much excitement for this glitzy collection. But are those shimmering lippies or that stunning glitter palette really worth it? Thankfully, beauty gurus are giving you the low down on the collection to help you make an informed decision on whether to shop

The new group of Fenty holiday products dropped on Oct. 13 for the shopping season. Fenty's first round of products was almost exclusively complexion based, but the Galaxy Collection changes things up. With this release, fans are treated to an eyeshadow palette, lip glosses, lip sticks, and eyeliners. It's a total departure from her last collection. While these items are all limited edition, they show that Rihanna and her team have been developing more than just complexion products.

What does this mean for the future? You can bank on more Fenty Beauty goodies certainly coming down the pipeline.

For now, however, the Galaxy Collection is out and gorgeous in aesthetics. But how does it apply? Is it worth your hard earned cash? These 11 reviews will let you know if purchasing parts of the collection — or the entire thing — is a good call.

1. Tati

If you want the lowdown on the price versus quality of product, Tati's totally honest review will be your go-to for sure.

2. Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina pulls no punches in her review. She talks about the wearability of the collection, the texture of the shadows, and the shades of the lippies.

3. Alissa Ashley

If you're seeking live swatches, Alissa Ashley's got you. Plus, if you're curious about how the palette works on hooded eyes, she's the perfect guru to check out.

4. Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright sticks solely to the lip products for her review. But if these products are where your heart is, she's the vlogger to check out.

5. Babs Beauty

If you love to apply your shadows with your fingers, Babs Beauty shows you how Fenty's Galaxy Palette works without a brush. She'll also show you how the products interact with different bases.

6. Desi Perkins

Desi Perkins is the queen of teaching you techniques while she reviews, and that's no different with Fenty Beauty. Should you do your eye look first? Use an adhesive? Perkins has you covered.

7. Missy Lynn

Missy Lynn breaks down the uses of the shadows, the textures, and how they can be used with other shades. Plus, she tests out some of the lippies for good measure.

8. Nikkia Joy

Like others, Nikkia Joy is upfront about needing other transition shade from different palettes. Despite this, she still has a fantastic review of the palette, liners, and the lippies.

9. Kasey Rayton

While Rayton didn't try the eyeliners, she did test out the palette and the lippies. She asserts that everyone can use the Fenty Beauty Galaxy Palette.

10. Jasmine Brown

Jasmine Brown's review features a stunning green eye look that really shows how well the Galaxy Palette performs.

11. Andrea Renee

Glitter may not be Andrea Renee's thing, but that didn't stop her from liking both the palette and loving the lippies.

While the reviews are mixed on the Fenty Galaxy Collection, everything comes down to personal preference. If you love glitter and stunning colors, this collection could be for you. One thing for sure? Rihanna is steadily taking over the beauty game.