These Extra Halloween Eyeliner Looks Are Better Than An Actual Costume

With Halloween right around the corner, it's time to buckle down and seriously consider how to make the most of these last couple of weeks of spookiness. It's going to be all about pumpkin pies and blanket scarves in a handful of days, so Halloween eyeliner is the answer to all those ghoulish and vampy prayers you have been harboring. While making a razor sharp cat eye in the morning is sufficient, the only problem with that is that it's business as usual. To really feel the spirit for the remainder of the month, ahead are a bevvy of Halloween themed eyeliner tutorials you can try out to really bring out the gore of the holiday.

Some of the looks are pretty extra, so if you can't pull off tarantula-like eyelashes or bleeding eyeliner slashes at work, then consider bookmarking them for the actual holiday. Any costume will get an upgrade with these hot takes.

The best part is that the majority of these looks are pretty easy to pull off at home, meaning that amateur beauty lovers can try them out, too. You don't have to have your own beauty channel on YouTube to be able to draw on a butcher-knife-eye-look.

Check them out below, and make the most of the remainder of the season!


Spider Leg Liner

Give new meaning to "spider lashes" with this creative and creepy take. It looks like you have tarantula legs coming out of your eyes, which is just the level of scariness that October is looking for. Hop over to Mando Verduzco Instagram to see just how he achieved this clever look.


Scatter Of Bats Liner

If you love the look of your razor-sharp cat eye and don't want to mess with it by incorporating different colors or frills, then this alternative could be for you. It's business as usual with your liquid eyeliner, but you can draw a scattering of bats underneath for a Halloween twist.


Bat Eyeliner

For a more literal take on the bat look, draw on some pointy wings at the ends of your liner. You'll look like you're the queen of the vampires with this eerie reiteration. If you want to get even more creative, you can incorporate the traditional holiday colors of orange, purple, and yellow throughout the lid, with a lilac iridescent highlighter underneath. To see exactly what products were used, pop over to Britt Thompson's Instagram.


Blood Soaked Liner

This one isn't for the faint of heart. It looks like the corners of your eyes have made contact with the wrong end of a butcher's knife. If you're all about gore during the Halloween season, then this is a cool way to incorporate it. Pop over to her Instagram to see just how she carved out her angled flicks, and you can try it out yourself at your next costume party.


Spiderweb Liner

Go glam goth this season with this intricate spiderweb eyeliner, complete with diamond accents that act as dew drops. To make it even more impressive, you can complete the look with a smoky eye with shades of black, silver, and grey.


Slasher Liner

For a more clean, carved-in eyeliner look, mimic your favorite cat eye style with synthetic modeling wax. You can still look glam while gory by going over your top eyelid and a portion of your bottom lashes with the fake blood, creating an Audrey Hepburn style eye. It literally looks like you took a knife to your face and had a psycho-beauty-queen moment. To see just how to do it, check out Rebekka Theenaart's IG for products and directions.


Ghost Liner

Bring in poltergeists into your beauty routine by topping off your sleek eyeliner tip with a spooky ghost. It looks like it conjured itself from inside your eyeball and leaked out from the side, which makes it extra creepy.


Butcher Knife Liner

Take the classic horror murder scene literally by drawing on an actual butcher knife onto your eyelid. The handle of the weapon acts as the "flick" of the cateye, and you have the chance to rock some silver metallic liner thanks the the blade. If you want to get even more gruesome, add in a splattering of blood at the edges of your lashes for good measure.


Slime Liner

For those that want to bring out the zombie goo, check out this amazing slime liner tutorial. It gives you a chance to use those green makeup products in your drawer, and outlining the drips in black helps give it a fun, cartoon-like pop.


Bone & Chain Liner

Want to make people think of basement prisoners and bunker torture chambers? Draw on a bone and chain above your eyeliner to tap into the Saw-franchise side of Halloween. You'll have people squirming when they see your rattling-chains inspired makeup.


"Cut" Crease Liner

Cut creases are popular in the beauty world, where you add a line of shadow over your crease to add dimension and really make your smoky eye pop. Take the term literal, though, and gore it up for the sake of October. You'll have people reaching for their eyes in phantom pains seeing your killer eyeshadow job.