11 Halloween Movies You Can Stream On Netflix That Are Perfect For A Spooky October Marathon

Now that it's October, there's probably one thing on anyone's minds: Halloween. Well, OK, maybe people are also thinking a lot about the return of Stranger Things, but that's kind of related, so it still counts as being under the Halloween umbrella. The upcoming holiday and pop culture go hand-in-hand, but more specifically, Halloween and scary movies go hand-in-hand. While most scary movies are likely associated with Halloween, a surprisingly few amount of them actually take place on Halloween. These 11 Halloween movies on Netflix actually do occur on or around Oct. 31, and the best part is that not all of them are completely terrifying.

Sure, it's fun to give yourself a scare every once in a while (or once a year — every Halloween, specifically), but it's also totally possible to get festive without necessarily giving yourself nightmares that last you through Thanksgiving. Plenty of movies, like Mean Girls, for instance, address Halloween without involving creepy serial killers. Others, like the Halloween series, do a perfect job of including both scariness with holiday celebration. Both types of movies can be found on Netflix, but you don't have to search because this list is all you'll need.

These 11 movies are the perfect way to get in the mood for the upcoming holiday, and you don't even have to leave your couch to watch them.

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'Tales Of Halloween'

One town is wrought with Halloween spookiness, and the result is a set of 10 horror shorts that are bound to give you nightmares.


'The Nightmare Before Christmas'

Good luck getting the lyrics, "This is Halloween, this is Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!" out of your head after this festive classic.


'All Hallows' Eve'

This is more of a kids movie, and it will likely transport you back to the Halloweens of your childhood. It's a little bit like Life-size, so you know it'll be fun to watch.


'Donnie Darko' (Coming Oct. 11)

This haunting bunny costume was conceived as a Halloween costume, so it's very Oct. 31 appropriate. The movie will be available on Netflix Oct. 11.


'Boys In Trees'

In this Halloween story, two boys who used to be friends are reunited as they face the haunted forest together.


'Pay The Ghost'

Nicholas Cage plays a frantic father searching for his son who was abducted from a Halloween parade. Think National Treasure but spookified.


'Practical Magic'

Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman avoid witchcraft throughout their lives until it becomes necessary to dip into the dark arts. While only the last scene technically takes place during Halloween, the whole movie is rich with Halloween spirit.



This is a full-on horror movie that's made up of six segments. The last story, naturally, takes place on Halloween, and you'd better have a pillow to hide behind for it.



This is one scary movie that will make you not want to stay home to give candy to trick or treaters.



E.T. dressed up as a ghost using only a sheet has been the inspiration for many last-minute costumes since the 1982 film came out. What a classic.


'The Houses October Built'

Haunted houses are a stable of Halloween season, and this film features a whole lot of them.

There is no better way to celebrate Halloween than watch movies about the autumnal holiday, so make sure to add these to your next spooky marathon list.