11 Harry Potter Beach Accessories Every Muggle Needs This Summer

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Summer may be winding down, and although there aren't any real Time-Turners to help you slow the passing of the season, there are plenty of Harry Potter beach accessories that can help make whatever time is left feel as magical as possible.

Ever since the release of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone in 1998, my summers have been defined by the beloved fantasy franchise. For years, it was the season that gifted me (and Potterheads everywhere) a new book in the series, as well as an excuse to marathon-read all of the old ones. I still have vivid memories of laying on the beach, hardcover in hand, lost in a world of magic and wonder, while my siblings splashed in the water nearby, yelling at me to just "put the book down already." As if that were possible.

Now, 20 years after the publication of the first book and 11 years after the publication of the last, I still use summer to honor my obsession. July 31 is Harry Potter's birthday, after all, and what kind of fan would I be if I didn't celebrate? Every year, I try to attend at least one Harry Potter book event (of which there are many), marathon-watch the excellent film adaptations that gave us the perfect Hermione Granger, and yes, I still bring a Harry Potter book or two to the beach, because what is summer without a little dose of magic?

If you, like me, aren't over your Hogwarts obsession and never will be, then here are 13 Harry Potter-themed beach accessories every muggle needs. There may not be any new books coming out to read this summer, but that doesn't mean you can't add a little magic to your every day.

A Hogwarts House-themed towel for beach reading

It can be hard to keep track of your spot on a crowded beach, but a Hogwarts House-themed towel like this one can make it a little easier.

Gryffindor Beach Towel, $39, Society6

A pouch to keep your belongings from getting sandy

While there is no magic spell that will keep sand off of your belongings at the beach, there are Harry Potter-themed accessories like this adorable Luna Lovegood pouch that can help.

Luna Lovegood Carry-All Pouch, $16, Society6

A pair of pull-on Hogwarts shorts to wear over your bathingsuit

Why wear the same-old beach wrap over your bathing suit when you can toss on a pair of Hogwarts shorts and feel like you're a member of Dumbledore's Army?

Harry Potter Plus Size Hogwarts Pull-On Shorts, $17, Target

A baseball hat to keep the sun out of your eyes while you read

Keep the pesky sun from burning your face and obscuring your vision while you read with this adorable hat embroidered with two of the most iconic symbols from the series, Harry Potter's glasses and his lightning shaped scar.

Embroidered Soft Cotton Adjustable Cap, $17, Amazon

A Quidditch racerback tank top for sporty Potterheads

Are you the kind of muggle who likes to use their time at the beach to play a summer sport? Then make sure you toss on this Quidditch tank top before hitting the volleyball court.

Harry Potter Plus Size Quidditch Racerback Graphic Tank Top, $15, Target

A book sleeve to keep your current read protected

Keep the sand out of your beach read with the help of a Hogwarts House-themed sleeve that is not only practical, but incredibly cute.

Harry Potter Inspired Book Sleeve, $11, Etsy

A tote bag to carry all your beach reads

Every bookworm needs a big tote bag to carry their beach reads in, and this unique Harry Potter-themed one is perfect for lugging around J.K. Rowling's entire series.

Hogwarts Stack of Wizardly Books Tote Bag, $21, Society6

A water bottle to keep you hydrated when you're up to no good

It's important to stay hydrated at the beach, and since you've yet to master the Aguamenti Spell, you should probably make sure to bring this Harry Potter-themed water bottle with you.

Harry Potter Water Bottle, $20, Target

An umbrella to give you shade on the sunniest of days

If you've ever tried to read a book in the blinding sun, you know how challenging it can be. That's why this umbrella is the perfect accessory for the beach: it makes it easier to binge-read the Harry Potter series, no matter how little cloud cover there is.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Panel Umbrella, $12, Amazon

A pair of board shorts for when the water gets rough

For those Potterheads who occasionally leave their books on the shore to have fun in the waves, these themed board shorts are the perfect accessory to keep your legs protected from whatever lurks beneath the surface.

Harry Potter All Over Print Board Shorts, $23, Target

A pair of fun flip flops so your feet won't burn on the sand

Ever try walking across the sand on a hot summer day? Take it from someone who has, it isn't fun, but these Deathly Hallows flip flops can make it a whole lot easier.

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Unisex Flip Flops, $7, Amazon