11 Literary Gifts For The Men In Your Life Who Love To Read

by Kerri Jarema
Peg and Awl

I have spent the entirety of my life surrounded by women. From my matriarchal family to my all-girls high school, to my adult best friends and co-workers...yeah, all women. So, I am pretty great at picking out the great gifts for all of the awesome gals in my life. But those few male family members and friends I need to shop for every year? Not so much. Maybe you, avid Bustle reader, are in the same boat as me when it comes to finding gifts for men. So, how are we going to get over this male-centric gift-getting hump before the holidays rear its festive head? Well, I'm thinking bookish gifts.

For those of us who are lucky to have a bunch of avid readers in our lives, nothing is more gratifying than finding the perfect book or bookish gift for each of them. And it's definitely the way to tackle shopping for all the guys in your life. Below are 11 picks that range in price and in style from small tokens to bigger "gifty gifts" so you have everyone covered, from best friends to that co-worker Secret Santa, and all of the special guys in your life. The best part? All of these gifts are unisex, too, so you might even get a couple of great ideas for anyone who loves books as much as you do.

For The Reader Who Tends To Buy More Books Than Clothing Essentials

'Books Turn Muggles Into Wizards' Socks, $10, Out Of Print

We all know that one person who just can't seem to find the time to get their laundry done and are constantly buying new socks and underwear in between trips to the laundromat. So help them out by slipping a cozy, and cute, pair of bookish socks into their stocking this holiday.

For The Reader Who Likes To Imbibe As They Turn The Pages

Tequila Mockingbird Set, $51, Bitters and Bottles

Tim Federle's collection of bookish cocktails, Tequila Mockingbird, has been a holiday gifting favorite ever since it was published back in 2013. But you can up the ante for the cocktail loving reader in your life this year with the Bitters and Bottles exclusive set, that pairs the book with a bottle of Cabeza Blanco tequila. They'll be mixing all the best bookish drinks in no time.

For The Reader Who Is Obsessed With That Old Book Smell

Commodity 'Book' Cologne, $105, Sephora

"Book smell" is a known obsession of readers worldwide, and this gorgeous unisex cologne tips its hat to all of us. Made with woodsy notes of sandalwood, bergamot, and cypress, this eau de parfum replicates that intoxicating scent of old, dry paper, and fresh air.

For The Reader Who Really Needs To Stop Wearing Those Ratty Sweatpants To Bed

JÓLABÓKAFLÓÐ Shirt, $20, Out of Print | JÓLABÓKAFLÓÐ Pants, $22, Out Of Print

Penguin Random House has teamed up with Out of Print to bring the Icelandic holiday tradition Jolabokaflod (literally: Holiday Book Flood) to the U.S. It’s a tradition of exchanging many books with your loved ones, then spending the holiday reading. Pretty ideal, right? So foster that bookish spirit by gifting this perfect wintery pajama set. Flood of books sold separately.

For The Reader Who Needs A Little Help Staying Organized

From the Library of Book Stamp, $20, Etsy

We've all lent out a book or two that never got returned, so help your fellow book-lovers out with this stamp that marks their bookish territory once and for all. Now no matter how many copies of their favorite reads they pass around to friends and family, they'll be sure to get them back safe and sound.

For The Reader Who Needs Something To Carry All Their Stuff In

Olde Book Backpack, $25, Think Geek

I am still shocked every time I see a guy on the train with nothing more than a phone is his pocket. Where do they keep all of their stuff? I can't leave the house without half a pharmacy, two books, and my keychain-laden house keys on me at all times. Let's encourage the readers in our lives to be more prepared with this super-cool book shaped backpack, shall we?

For The Reader Who Requires Caffeine While They Text Recap 'Game Of Thrones'

Personalized Game of Thrones Mug, $10, Etsy

This ideal gift for any Game of Thrones superfan, especially the ones who stay up way too late on Sunday night rehashing and recapping every single episode with their friends. Personalize the mug with their name for that extra special holiday gifting touch.

For The Reader Who Wants To Write Down All Of Their Bookish Plans

Large Leather Journal, $88, Peg And Awl

Nothing says you're serious about your TBR than writing it down in a super fancy leather journal. The special reader/writer in your life will love to display this in their home or at the office. The thick drawing paper is perfect for writing, doodling and recording all of their most important book-related thoughts.

For The Reader Who Wants To Display Their Favorite Fantasy Reads

The Lord of the Rings Handmade Bookends, $39, Etsy

We all have our favorite series or edition of books that we prize more than the others. These LOTR bookends are the coolest way to display them, especially if they just so happen to be Tolkien or classic fantasy related. Geekdom never looked so chic.

For The Reader Who Knows The Force Is Always With Them

Star Wars Book Art Prints, $35.20 for set of four, Etsy

If you've got a Star Wars lover on your gift list (and really, who among us doesn't?) then these bookish prints will be the ideal present to put under the tree. Just think about how cool these will look in a guy's office, bedroom or even living room. Each image is printed onto a vintage dictionary page, making each one totally unique. Especially perfect for any chic dresser in your life who heavily dabbles in fandom on the side.

For The Reader Who Is Always Looking For The Right Page

Compass Rose Bookmark, $10, Cogworks

Take those subway receipts and gum wrappers out of the equation and grab him a beautiful wooden bookmark to hold the pages of his favorite books. There are tons of styles to choose from, along with different wooden finishes, so you're bound to find just the right one for every reader in your life.