11 Ugly Christmas Sweaters That Book-Lovers Won't Be Able To Resist

by Kerri Jarema

I love a good Christmas sweater. Ugly or not, come November I am dying to wrap myself up in cozy, warm layers for everything I do... whether that's cooking a holiday meal, wrapping presents or just snuggling up with a good book. And I am definitely not alone. Christmas sweaters have been the thing to wear for the holidays for the past few years (we can probably thank the hispters for that) and tons of companies from indie stores to the big boxes have more than risen to the challenge. From Stranger Things to Harry Potter and so much more, pop culture Christmas sweaters have been popping up everywhere, and they are an incredibly fun way to get your festive comfort dressing on.

And, as can be expected, I am all about the literary Christmas sweater. Below are 11 picks that are ideal for any reader out there, whether you're looking for something pop culture inspired (think Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings) or something decidedly bookish (an adorable dino reading 'Twas The Night Before Christmas anyone?) there is definitely a sweater or two on the list that you just won't be able to keep out of your shopping cart.

For Readers Who Like A Little Magic In Their Christmas Wear

No bookish list would be complete without a little Harry Potter magic, but this sweatshirt is definitely a unique pick. Straying away from the book quotes and sticking to a simple 'Happy Christmas' and classic red and gold design, any Gryffindor will be thrilled to wear this one all season long.

Harry Potter 'Happy Christmas' Sweater, $29.40, Etsy

For Readers Who Are All About The Classics

For me, no Christmas is complete without Dr. Seuss' Grinch grumping up my TV screen. And if you feel the same way, you can't get more classic Christmas (and classic Ugly Christmas sweater) than this one right here.

The Grinch Ugly Christmas Sweater, $56.99, TV Store Online

For Readers Who Just Want To Read

If this Elf inspired sweater isn't the ultimate Christmas gear for all of us book lover's out there, I just don't know what is. It's going to be hard to keep from buying this in every color.

I Just Like To Read Ugly Christmas Sweater, $39.99, Awesome Librarians

For Readers Who Don't Mind Thinking Outside The Box

Sure, you could go the BBC Sherlock Christmas sweater route and get some tasteful silhouettes and classy festive prints...or you could just go with this snowman Sherlock and Watson investigating a winter murder scene. It's totally your call.

Sherlock Holmes Snowman Christmas Sweater, $39.99, Etsy

For Readers Who Just Can't Wait To Open Up All Their New Books On Christmas Morning

When you imagine Santa on his way, does he have lots of books and literary goodies on his sleigh? If all you want for Christmas is books, this is definitely the sweater for you.

Ugly Christmas Sweater For Book Lovers, $39.99, Awesome Librarians

For Readers Who Consider Finding The Perfect Christmas Sweater The Ultimate Quest

Lord of the Rings fans will go mad over this Gondor-inspired sweater...and it's just subtle enough that you'll find other super fans nodding their quiet approval across the room during your festive bar crawl.

Gondor Ugly Christmas Sweater, $36, Etsy

For Readers Who Dig Some Ironic Holiday Cheer

There's one in every crew, and if the Scrooge is you, you need this sweatshirt in your life. It's just enough festive and just enough bookish without being over the top, keeping you and your lights and tinsel sweater wearing friends happy.

'Bah Humbug' Sweatshirt, $39.59, Etsy

For Readers Who Have Been Preparing For Their Holiday Feasts Since Last Year

From Thanksgiving dinner to New Year's Day brunch, food plays a big role in the holiday season. And if you've been preparing to snag that perfectly buttered dinner roll and last piece of pumpkin pie before your cousins, this sweatshirt will be the added motivation you need.

Hunger Games Ugly Christmas Sweater, $29.99, Gnarly Tee's

For Readers Who Spend All Of December Diving Into Holiday Stories

If all you want to do during December is hunker down with some sweet holiday reads, from the classics to those YA contemporaries, you're probably going to want to do it in this adorable dinosaur sweatshirt.

Dinosaur Christmas Sweater, $24.99, Etsy

For Readers Who Are Still Scrambling To Meet Their Yearly Bookish Goals

Inspire yourself to fly through the last 10 books on your yearly reading list by donning this cute sweatshirt and comitting to some serious cozy reading time. The books on your bedside table, and the tea in your cupboards, will be done in no time.

Dashing Through The BooksUgly Christmas Sweater, $39.99, Awesome Librarians

For Readers Who Know Winter's On Its Way

Winter is coming. You're going to need to invest in some warm layers. Why not make them Game of Thrones inspired layers? After all if anyone can teach you a thing or two about surviving in a blizzard its Jon Snow.

Game Of Thrones Ugly Christmas Sweater, $29.99, Gnarly Tee's