11 Men Share Secrets They Don't Want Women To Know

Is there anything so mysterious, so utterly incomprehensible, as the inner workings of the male mind? The answer, obviously, is yes. People are people, regardless of gender. But if you lie awake at night wondering what secrets men keep hidden from delicate female sensibilities, the kind users of Reddit are here to demystify things and help cement that gender binary of yours. Now that's what I would call a win.

"What secrets do men not want women to know?" asked one particularly curious Redditor in an Ask Reddit post. For the less-than-savvy readers out there, Ask Reddit is a community for people to, well, ask each other questions about any topic that comes to mind. Most of the time, the answers even appear to be genuine. It's a fun way to waste time, especially around Halloween, when everyone starts bringing up their stories of the strange and unusual.

As you can imagine, though, a fair number of posts deal with gender: Why do women reject nice guys, what should women understand about men, and so on. While it's a reductive approach — personalities make people different, not their gender — it's also true that society treats men and women differently, and this influences how they behave. So if you'd like a peek into the male mind, here are 11 secrets that men don't want women to know, according to Reddit. If that's not enough, you can check out the entire post on Ask Reddit.


Arachnophobia Is No Joke

Literally nobody wants to deal with spiders.


They Have Unique Snack Habits

Don't pretend you aren't going to try this soon.


Men Have Feels, Too

Thank you, patriarchy.


Some Sit To Pee

Am I the only person whose mind was blown by this information?


Imposter Syndrome Is Real

See also: the inner monologue of every twentysomething.


Throw Out The Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are pointless. This is a sentiment I can get behind.


There Are Secret Cuddle Enthusiasts

Regardless of gender, everyone loves a good cuddle.


Folding A Sheet Is Possible

It's a tricky task, but someone has to do it. Or you can just ball the sheet up and call it a day.


There Are No Decorative Towels

Decorative towels are almost as useless as throw pillows.


Providing For A Family Isn't Easy

Here's a fun fact: Women breadwinners are becoming increasingly common.


Everyone Watches Porn

Men! They're just like women. It's almost as if we're the same species.